Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Shadow's Sister ( Chapter 4 )

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So many years pass, and when the next portal opens, a strange creature that shouldn't exist comes to life, brings forth the darkness, but has yet to be discovered... New friends and foes appear, but the product of the future is still unknown. What is this race, that has the darkness and evil bred into their hearts?
Continue on throught the years, and a new ultimate lifeform appears, and Shadow discovered her... But like him, her purpose is unknown...

The purple hedge-fox leapt clumsily aside, still feeling the heat wave from the Chaos Blast as she dodged it. She landed in the next room, and quickly found the controls, sealing the door shut. She stood there, trembling, trying to decide what to do before the black hedgehog broke through the steel barrier.

She was terrified, for she was Foxbeast, sister of Shadow, the one who was trying to kill her now. She had lived out her life unaware of this until recently when he found her, accusing her of being the reason for Maria's death. Fleeing him, she had come to the ARK for answers.

Opening her eyes to a loud bang, she saw a large dent in the door. It was reinforced so that even Shadow would have a difficult time with it, but she new that he would break in soon.

Turning, she saw three doors, and went through the second one. It closed automatically behind her, and the hedge-fox gasped at the room she had entered now. It was a data entry room, but looked like a private office.

Listening with an ear to the door, she heard her brother go through the first door. Sighing, she slid into the chair at the desk, and began typing at the computer. Maybe this would give her some answers. There was a picture of a blonde girl and an elder man on the desk, a professor?

She ignored it, then adjusted her black halter-top a bit and went back to typing. A screen came up, and Foxbeast was shocked at what she found.

She was able to read for only a minute, and turned back as the door caved in. An arm curled around the fox creature's neck and another around her waist to keep her from escaping. Foxbeast struggled, but was unable to break his hold as he started suffocating her. He isn't going to let me live, he's killing me, she thought as her eyesight began to blur and go black.

"Mercy... Please!" She gasped just before she went unconscious. Shadow kept his grip on her, trying to push her lst words out of his mind. He turned to the computer screen, curious about what she had been looking at.

"Project Foxbeast... With the blood of the alien calling himself Black Doom... My daughter... What?!" The black hedgehog glanced at the dying fox in his graps, then back to the screen one more time, then dropped her.

Kneeling down next to her as she gasped for breath, he watched as she backed away in fear. Foxbeast's eyes widening in terror as he walked closer, he still couldn't decide whether to kill her or not. She froze, closing her eyes and starting to cry as he put a hand around her neck and pulled her up to face hiim.

"So tell me, in this file that I seemed to have missed, the Professor cares deeply about you, how is it that you ran from him? why did you leave, abandon him and Maria, for your own selfish desires?!" He asked harshly, squeezing her throat until she started to answer.

"I didn't... I didn't know... Why... Please... Maria...!" She gasped, he was tightening his fingers with every word she managed to say. They loosened however, at the last. The ebon hedgehog let go, and she fell facedown on his shoes, choking and trembling. He kicked her off and walked to the door, sealing it shut and destroying the controls.

Shadow went back to the computer, glaring at her. "This shall determine your fate, we shall see whether you are guilty or not."

As Shadow read the data, Foxbeast was rubbing her neck and wondering if she was going to feel his fingers there again. "I didn't know why he made me you know." She tried. He ignored her, not so much as twitching an ear. "He never told me. I left because..." The black hedgehog turned to the hedge-fox with a dark look in his eyes.

"If you don't shut up, I won't wait to finish reading this to kill you!" He said, silencing her again.

I thought Shadow was a kind-hearted being from what I heard, she wondered, I guess that proves you can never believe what you hear.

She stood up, waiting a second to see if he cared. Nothing. Foxbeast walked over to the damaged door. Still nothing. Then, she took out the Chaos Emeral she had been hiding in her pocket. I hope this works, she thought. Using Chaos Control, she teleported out to the hallway. Pressing her ear to the door, silence. He hadn't realized it. The hedge-fox quickly ran for it, down the hall and towards the shuttle bay.


Shadow finally finished reading the script on the computer, and decided to question her one more time to be sure of his decision. Turning, he saw that she had disappeared. Confused, he checked the controls to the door, they were still broken. The only way she could have escaped, was Chaos Control, he realized, she has an emerald. Using Chaos Blast, he destroyed the door, and raced out to find her.

The fox by now had made it down to the earth, and was trying to decide where the last place the hedgehog would look for her was. She decided on Central City, after all, it was filled with so many people, even if he did manage to spot her here he would easily lose sight of her again. What Foxbeast didn't know, was that he had already found her, and was watching her every movement.

By the end of the day, she still had not found a place to live, and decided that there ws no other choice. The black hedgehog kept his eyes on her as she walked downtown into the slums of the city, and entered a club.

He followed, and even though he kept his distance, he never lost her. She seemed to be talking to the manager, who laughed darkly at her.

"Hey, this hot little fox doesn't have anywhere to stay and wants a job serving tables! I have a better idea, how would one of you boys like to take her home tonight?! " He shouted to the crowd.

Instantly the hedge-fox began to back away, there were quite a few males staring in her direction. She went to head for the door to find one behind her, then in front and to her sides, she couldn't get away.

"Heya, I got a big place, it's real nice!"

"Oh you are pretty..." They started.

The purple fox reached into her pocket, and found it empty, the fear in her eyes grew.

Shadow blinked, what would she do if she didn't have this, he thought. He had stolen the emerald out of her pocket when she had been pushing through the place to get to the manager. Foxbeast began whimpering, the different animals coming even closer and starting to touch her. Shadow suddenly did a double take as another hedgehog stepped up.

"Just relax..." He whispered gently in her ear as he pulled her close to his body and started kissing her neck. Foxbeast trembled for a moment, then embraced the furry green hedgehog back.

The other males groaned in disappointment and started walking away as she appeared to enjoy his sensual touching, her hands slipping around his waist under his leather jacket. After a minute, he stopped, and lead her out of the building.

She smiled, this one was different. He hadn't really been defiling her, in fact, the only thing that she had felt was his hands on her shoulders and warm breath on her face when he had muttered, "Chaos Illusion." Her new friend pulled out a Chaos Emeral and spun it on the tip of his finger.

"I only come for the food really, the girls, the dancin', it's only fund ta watch sometimes. Didn't like the way they was lookin' at ya." He said, scratching his quills.

"Thank you, I didn't like it either." She said gratefully.

"Ya really should be more careful at who ya askin' for a job." The green hedgehog told her.

The hedge-fox sat down on the ground and began to cry silently. Now she really had no where to go, and she was vulnerable without her emerald for protection. Her strange friend sat down next to her.

"Hey, now. If ya give up hope then what's the point in livin'? Keep ya chin up, girl. Now, if ya really don't have anywheres ta stay..." She looked up at him, what was he saying?

"Then I guess ya can stay at my place. If ya want ta, and if ya can stand two other guy hedgies." Foxbeast stared into his lavender eyes, trying to detect any untruth in them, but finding none.

"I...I... You wouldn't hurt me or anything?" She asked nervously, she had met him in a club after all.

"Naw. I ain't that kind o' guy, I get to know a girl first. And the other two, they mostly stay out and about, hell, neither of them have ever been to a club, and they certainly don't know I've been goin'. I'm Omar by the way." He reassured her, holding out his hand to her. Foxbeast thought for a minute, then stood taking the offer.

"I'm Foxbeast, but people call me Foxy." She said with a smile as she started following him.

Shadow watched them walk on, shocked again. Omar ws going to bring her home, right to him. He raced ahead to get there before them, and as he walked up the porch steps, he wondered why Omar never did tell him about his going to clubs.

"Ya like piercin' eh?" Foxy looked to the green hedgehog. "Hunh?" She asked, confused.

"Ya ears. Ya got one of em' in there." He said, motioning to her right ear. The purple hedge-fox laughed, he was talking about earrings?

"Yeah. Hey, so do you." She said, noticing his own facial piercings, on his eyebrows, ears, and quills. He stuck his tongue out at her showing off a small gold stud in it.

"How do you eat with that in?" Foxy asked him.

They were coming up to a small house in the woods, it had taken them a long while to walk to it. "I don't, I take it out before I eat. Put it back in when I'm done. Think I'm gonna stop wearin' it all together though. In and out all the time is gettin' annoyin'." He said with a smile as he opened the door for her.

She stepped in and froze. Shadow was sitting on the couch in the front room, staring directly at her. Omar came in and blew a raspberry at him.

"Ya back already, Cool Black? Jeez, thought four days ta get us pizza was enough. We had ta go out ta eat ourselves ya were takin' so long. Next time I'm askin' Shade, not ya." The green hedgehog said as he started to pull the hedge-fox into another room.

"She isn't leaving the room just yet, Omar." Shadow said as he stood up. Omar's smile fell when he saw his new friend trembling in terror and Shadow's serious look.

"Hunh?" He muttered, confused.

"I wanted to apologize. I didn't realize the professor had given you a memory wipe after sending you to the earth or that he kept your purpose a secret." The black hedgehog told her before he left the house. The door slammed behind him, and Omar let out a low whistle.

"Damn, he's pissed. Oh well. I didn't know ya knew him. Did ya already meet Shade too?" He asked.

"Who?" Foxy asked, still quivering.


After telling Shade about his father being angry, in which the nearly identical hedgehog rolled his eyes and snorted, Omar took Foxy to a bedroom. "Now, usually I sleep in here, Shade shares a room with Shadow, though he sleeps on the couch, but ya can have it for a while."

The green hedgehog turned and left her alone. Moving to the window, she saw him lay down outside in the grass. He's sleeping outside so that I can have a bed, she wondered.

Foxbeast turned off her lights and was about to go to sleep when she noticed Shadow approaching Omar. She could hardly see them it was so dark out, but the moonlight was enough.

The hedge-fox pushed the window up just enough so that she could hear them speaking.

"Why ya actin' so weird with that girl? And what was that apology for anyway?" The green hedgehog asked him carefully.

"She's my sister. She was the first experiment, though by maturity and mental age I'm her elder. I nearly killed her a couple days ago, when I should have done research first. And that's more then you need to know." The ebon one said, going past him and into the house.

Foxbeast leapt into the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin, pretending to be asleep in case he came into the room. But he didn't. Instead she heard him flop onto the couch again, sighing.

"Why do I always judge so quickly...? It is tru she didn't do anything wrong. In my promise to Maria, she had meant it to include her, and so it will." She heard him say to himself. Does that mean he cares about me, Foxy wondered in surprise.


When she awoke the next day, she went into the living room. Shadow was just leaving, and didn't look at her, nor did he say goodbye. He just left, when he knew she was there. She sat on the couch, beginning to cry. Omar came into the room and sat next to her.

"Shadow still won't even look at me." She said softly.

"Well, I think he cares about ya, but after almost killin' ya, he's ashamed o' himself." Omar sighed.

Foxbeast sat up, looking at him. "I just want him to be nice to me... Shade is, and so are you. But he won't even say a word to me."

Omar could tell she was about ready to cry, and decided that he would express his feelings to her. She was close to him, so close. He put a hand gently to her face and she leaned against it as he moved nearer. The hedge-fox was so beautiful to him, and soft. The green hedgehog ever so slowly pressed his lips to hers, giving her the softest and most tender kiss he could.

Foxy trembled and closed her eyes, then gave it back to him. After a couple minutes he backed away, giving her a small smile. "He will in time." He said.

She began crying again, and rested her head against his chest as she sobbed. The green hedgehog shushed her and held her close, trying to give her comfort.