Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Trailing Love ( Chapter 5 )

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The next day, Omar took Foxbeast into the city with him, to help her find a job. With his influence, smooth talking, and determination to help, it didn't take them long.

They finally found her one at a book store, and he also helped her lease an apartment as well. It wasn't the fact that she didn't like staying with them, it was that she couldn't stand the way her brother acted towards her.

When she had left that morning and said goodbye, he hadn't done anything to recognize her words, just like the day before. It had hurt her, and when they had left she had told the green hedgehog. It was he who suggested she get a place of her own, and that it might make him realize how she felt.

Omar paid for her deposit, and bought her some furniture. When Foxbeast asked him where all this money was coming from, he just smirked and laughed. They arranged everything together, then had lunch.

Finally, at the end of the day when Omar went to leave, they stood in the doorway and began kissing again.

She trembled violently as he put his arms around her and held her close. Foxy could feel his heart beating against hers, and wondered at all the strange hedgehog had done for her. Feeling the tip of his tongue against her lips, she opened her mouth and he slid it inside. He purred softly as their french kiss continued, and she discovered that he had taken his tongue piercing out. His love was so passionate.

After a couple minutes more, Omar slowly pulled away, and with a wink sped off out of sight.


Shadow watched as Omar came back, alone. "Where is she?" He asked.

"Hunh?" The green hedgehog said, looking up.

"Don't act stupid. You know what I mean. Where's Foxbeast?" The ebon demanded again. Omar thought for a moment, then shook his head.

"She's livin' in the city now. After the way ya acted this mornin' I think she was afraid ta come back." He said as he started to walk out of the room. Shadow grabbed the neck of his friend's jacket and pulled him close.

"You helped her leave, didn't you? She doesn't have any money, you wen into your savings, right? She's not safe alone!" He yelled at him.

"Yeah, well least I'm showin' her I care! She feels like ya hate her, now let go a me!" Shadow released him, and the slightly smaller hedgehog readjusted his jacket before going to his room.

Shade didn't move from his spot on the couch as his father stormed out of the house, knowing exactly what would happen all would be fine, his father wasn't a psycho after all. He had found his 'aunt' kind to him, and he liked her. Surely Shadow would reconcile with her.

When Shadow left, Omar knew better then to follow him. He knew that the black hedgehog wouldn't physically harm the little hedge-fox, but was afraid of what he would say.

The green hedgehog laid down on his bed, understanding that he would have to wait it out. From the moment he had seen Foxy he had loved her, she was beautiful to him, so caring. But she was so afraid, so easily frightened, she needed someone to protect her, as powerful as she was. The kisses they had shared, they still had his mind reeling. He felt as if she were holding him captive with her love.

The black hedgehog didn't know where to look of course, but scoured the city until he saw his sister walking down a back street.

At first, he kept himself hidden, she was carrying groceries and struggling with their weight. As he watched, she lost her balance and began to drop them.

Shadow rushed up and caught the bags, lifting them easily. Foxbeast stared at him beginning to quiver when he met her eyes.

"Tell me where you're staying and I'll drop them off." He said, starting to walk off without her. She didn't say anything for a moment. "Or you can just show me, it's not like I have anything better to do." Shadow suddenly put the groceries down and hugged her close, he knew he had hurt her again by being so blunt.

"I'm sorry. I'm just not used to showing my emotions, I do care about you. I shouldn't have ever tried to harm you, in any way. From now on, I'll make sure you're safe, always." The purple hedge-fox hugged him back, sobbing in his arms.

"I know..." She said quietly, after she had calmed down. Shadow let go of her, then picked her bags back up.

"Now, where do you live?" He asked. She sniffed, then led him onward.

It took Foxy hours to convince her brother that she would be alright, living alone. She also had to ask him not to watch her all the time, had to make him swear to it. The hedge-fox wanted to spend more time with Omar, but of course didn't tell Shadow that.

A week went by, with Omar coming over nearly every other day, then it began with every singe day. They were becoming closer and closer, doing so much together, but the green hedgehog still hadn't dared to ask her yet, even after months had rolled by. I

It was also getting difficult to keep their relationship a secret from her brother, as he would sometimes randomly appear on her doorstep to check on her.