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Sensei no Seito
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A quiet knock sounded before the door was opened and the dark figure stepped in. The original occupant of the room lay on the bed, only glancing at the new comer before returning their gaze to the misty rain outside of the window.
“Lai said you were brooding.” Hartia looked away from the window once again and sat up slowly, looking up to meet the deep blue eyes before him.
“I was thinking...”
“About Krylancelo.” The response wasn't a question, and needed no affirmation. Hartia nodded with a sigh before standing up and walking over to the window, opening the glass pains and becoming immediately drenched. “You torture yourself with these thoughts Hartia.”
Hartia looked up, feeling the water trickle down beneath his collar. “I don't understand why you won't tell him Sensei. He hates you.”
Childman walked over and shut the window, looking down to Hartia. He had grown quite a bit from when he was a child; He'd grown taller and handsome where he had once been childish. He couldn't help but notice the freckles that were sprinkled across his cheeks. They had always been a part of the boy, now man before him.
“I've told you my reasons Hartia. Don't make me repeat myself.”
Hartia looked down, his hands clenching into a fist. “As you wish, Sensei.”
The silence that followed was deafening, the only sound in the room was the rain slamming against the window. Hartia looked down, staring at the desolate scenery around the tower of fangs. “You must love him quite a bit... to suffer his hate if only to keep him safe.”
Childman looked down to his pupil, studding him thoroughly before replying. “Ah.”
Hartia sighed quietly and looked out of the window once again.
Childman placed a reassuring hand on Hartia's shoulder, turning him around gently. “Just as much as you do, Black Tiger.” Hartia could feel his cheeks heat into a blush. “Did you think I had forgot, Hartia? You protect him just as much as I am trying to.”
Hartia nodded slowly. “He was, is, my best friend, Sensei.” Childman nodded. Thunder crashed outside as the rain began to attack with a vengeance. Hartia turned to the window again without pulling from the elder Sorcerer's hold. “He's probably traveling again, after saving Sun Lake.”
The sound of the beating rain was starting to drive him insane but Childman's hand was still on his arm, preventing him from leaving his own room. Hartia stared into the rivulets running down the window, feeling his heart match the rhythm of the rain.
It hurt, his heart, and he didn't know why. The thought of his Master, Childman, loving Krylancelo made him both resentful, and guilty for that hatred. He was even more jealous by the simple fact that Krylancelo, or Orphen, was completely oblivious to that love.
Childman watched as a variety of emotions danced across his pupil's eyes as he continued to stare out into the rain. Slowly he released his hold on Hartia's arm, and took a step away from him. “I will be leaving on the night of the full moon.”
“To Azali.”
Hartia felt as if his heart was going to crumble into a million pieces. She to possessed his Master's love. She possessed Krylancelo's as well and appreciated neither. How much would he give, to have his love returned by either his friend or his Master the way she possessed it. His medallion, his status, his powers; all of these he would gladly give up for just a glimpse of that love.
“How much do you love her, Sensei?”
Childman watched Hartia carefully, watching as his apprentice reached up and touched the place just above his heart. He looked like he was in pain. “There are different types of love Hartia. Love for family, love of a lover, love of a friend and even love for a pupil.”
Hartia looked down, closing his eyes. “Which love does she possess?”
Childman frowned quietly. Where is this leading? “She would have the love of a pupil, or a child. The same goes for Krylancelo.” Hartia nodded slowly before turning back to the window.
“I'm sorry to have slacked off in my duties... I'll make sure to catch up on everything in the morning.” Childman's frown deepened, disapproving of the dismissal.
“What is the reason for your pensive mood, Hartia?”
“I'm worried about Krylanc-“
“Lying does not become you, Hartia.”
Hartia's eyes widened and he turned to Childman, unable to meet his eyes however. “I am worried about him...”
Childman nodded slowly. “What else then?”
A thunderhead moved to the top of the tower, causing the stones to shake with the rumbling sounds. Each thunderclap made Hartia's heart jump and caused him to flinch occasionally. He couldn't explain his pain, his fear, and his wants. Azali had tried; he was there when she'd proclaimed her love. He couldn't bear to be turned down. It was better to want, right?
“What else is there, Hartia?”
Slowly Hartia looked up to meet Childman's eyes and was instantly trapped. To his Sensei, he could never hide anything. “And where do I stand...Sensei?”
Childman's eyes widened slightly, caught unaware by the pain filled question. The silence reigned over the room once again as Childman fought for the right answer. Hartia looked down, staring at his feet. You blew it, his mind taunted. However, the part of his mind that took over when he was dressed like the Black Tiger encouraged him to take action, to fight against the self-pity that had led to Azali's undoing.
Hartia nodded to himself, confusing Childman before his pupil looked up in one instant and kissed him in the next. Childman's eyes were wide open in shock as Hartia's lips pressed against his own, his arms wrapping around Childman's shoulders.
The contact lasted only a few seconds before Hartia pulled back, once again studying the intricacies of his shoelaces. “For me, Sensei... my love for you is of the strongest. It is the love for a lover.”
Childman frowned, crossing his arms. “I think it best that we don't pursue this, Hartia.”
Hartia could feel his heart break in two as he looked up to Childman. “As you wish, Sensei.” The red haired sorcerer turned and began walking towards his door. Childman watched him walked away, a sense of foreboding possessing him to reach out and take Hartia's arm again.
“I'm leaving Hartia, and there is not guarantee of my return. I won't leave you with a false hope, incase the worst is to happen.” Hartia stared at Childman, searching his eyes.
“You feel guilty...about Azali. That's why you'll risk your life for her.” Childman nodded, looking away form Hartia and clenching his hand into a fist. Hartia frowned and took a step closer to his mentor. “You will die for the her...yet you punish me for the same mistake.”
“You're mistaken Hartia.” Childman released his arm and start to walk towards the door just a few feet away. Hartia watched him, on step, two, three and he was at the door. A tan hand descended on the knob and began to turn it.
“Where does your love for me lay, Childman?”
Escape had been so very close, but the quiet question stopped him as nothing else could. Hartia was right; he was refusing to acknowledge his feelings for the quiet youth, worried that the same depression would take him as it had Azali if he failed to return.
Where did his love for the red head lye?
“Beside your own.”
The words had left him before he'd fully thought them through. Hartia looked up, reaching towards the sorcerer. In the next minute Hartia was kissing Childman with abandon, his arms wrapped around the broader shoulders. Childman returned the kiss, running his hands down the red strands, down his back and resting on his waist.
With trembling fingers Hartia began to work at Childman's robes, accepting the probing tongue into his mouth. He was in heaven.
When they were both wearing only their pants the fell onto Hartia's bed. Childman left Hartia's bruised lips to begin kissing and nipping down the redhead's throat. Hartia gasped, his hands knotting in the dark hair above him. Childman smirked and continued his descent smiling at the moan that escaped his pupil when he took his nipple into his mouth.
Childman looked down into Hartia's hazel eyes, brushing a thumb over Hartia's bruised lip. “Childman. I am not your Master here, Hartia.” Hartia nodded slowly before leaning up to kiss Childman gently.
Childman's hand began working at Hartia's pants as he deepened the kiss. I love you, Hartia.
“Please tell him the truth Sensei. He'll understand.” Childman turned to look at Hartia, looking him up and down. For just a few days they had been lovers and he had memorized the redhead's form. He even knew how many freckles that graced Hartia's cheeks.
And he was now leaving on a venture to save Azali, his wayward student. One who had also professed their love for him, but couldn't compare to the fiery emotions Hartia inspired. He smiled gently at the youth. “Walk with me.”
Hartia nodded and walked beside the elder man, keeping quiet so that his master could think over his plea. He'd learned in the past couple days how much he loved Childman, Krylancelo and even Lai. He couldn't bring himself to say that he loved Azali, as she was the primary thought of everyone he cared for and that meant painful jealousy on his behalf.
Once the walked into the transport room Hartia found himself pressed against the wall as a hungry mouth devoured his own. Moaning quietly he wrapped his arms around Childman's neck and melted into the kiss. After several minutes Childman pulled back, chuckling at the dazed expression in Hartia's eyes before he walked to the middle of the pentagram.
“Hartia, if I come back from this journey, I will tell him then.” Hartia's smile brightened the normally gloomy room.
“Thank you, Sensei.”
Childman did not turn to see the smile he could hear. “There is no need to thank me.” With a flash of blue light Childman disappeared. Hartia smiled and touched his lips wistfully before turning and walking towards his room. He didn't notice the shadowed intruder who had watched that private moment, nor did he see the tear that trickled down a pale cheek.
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