Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Mary Jane Trial by Fire ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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New York City, It had been a while since he had visited. His hunger told him he should have moved faster but he was still recuperating from his last battle with Spiderman. He had hoped he wasn't too late but if there was any truth to the statement, 'True love conquers all,' then time would be no problem. What he was doing was no doubt life threatening but from all he had experienced this could be the the legendary power of love he heard but never seen. A fire red haired woman with emerald green eyes came out of a hotel on her way to meet old friends, along with her former husband, Peter Parker.
"Mary Jane Watson?" The man called in a cold hollow voice before stepping into the light of a dented street lamp.
Mary Jane jumped back in fear as she looked at a tall man wearing a purple jacket, black pants connected to brown european boots. His hair was waist long and looked like new black steel."Do I know you?" She asked nervously.
The man smiled mischievously replying, "We had a brief encounter. But I'm afraid we have more important things to discuss then how we met."
MJ watched the man nervously as he slowly moved closer to her. "Like what?"
"Like how to get your marriage back." He answered.
MJ step back with fear her eyes widening at the statement, "How do you know about that?"
"I'm magic but the real question is how do you know about that? Your memories were suppose to be erased just like your husbands. Yet you hold fragments. You know who Mr. Parker is and you know why your not together. What else do you remember?"
"Just that Peter and I were once married and that he is Spiderman. But I don't know why where not together." MJ replied cautiously.
"You don't know why you are no longer together and yet you haven't confronted him?" The man asked raising an eyebrow.
"I would sound like a whacko. Imagine what he would do if I just up and went, 'Hey Tiger I want to tell you I know your Spiderman and we were once married,' He would think I was crazy." MJ snapped.
The man smirked, "I suppose that's true. Although someone like you doesn't seem to shy away from crazy. Your marriage ended with a deal to demon in order to heal his Aunt from a fatal gun shot. Now I am here to offer you a chance to get that which you lost."
MJ was silent for a moment as she looked at the man. She had missed being close to Peter missed her life and marriage. Taking a deep breath she asked, "What do I have to do?"
A dark smile appeared on the stranger's face before he replied, "You must face a series of tests. All of them life threatening. If you survive you and your husband will get your memories back."
MJ shook when she heard the details, "Why me? I mean in case you haven't noticed Peter is the super-hero.
The Man smirked again replying, "In case you haven't noticed you still retain some of your memories. It's you and no one else. If your marriage isn't that important to you I understand I mean after you can barely remember it. So why should it be worth dying for?"
MJ enraged at the statement shouted, "How dare you make such an accusation! Do you have any idea how it feels when I am around him? To know that we once shared something and yet have it all taken away. I would over come any obstacle to get back what I lost. What I gave up! I would even face the devil himself."
The man smiled mischievously, "Now that is what I wanted to hear. My name is Morlun and I shall be your guide on this quest."