Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Mary Jane Trial by Fire ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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Mary Jane entered a room where Peter was wearing a blue suit black vest and a red tie. Mary Jane felt he was cute in a geeky kind of way. Judging by the look on her face Peter thought she was gorgeous. "You mean that's Mary Jane?" Peter said in complete shock.
She smiled and replied, "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot."
MJ awoke with a start her heart pounding as she heard the sounds of battle. Morlun was facing off against two ugly giant warriors. Their skin was grey as there teeth were large fangs coming down light a walrus. Morlun knocked one down before throwing the other over his shoulder smashing it into the ground before slamming his fist into the giant's chest destroying it. The first giant walked over to Morlun raising his fist. "Look out!" MJ screamed in terror. Morlun turned around catching the fist before knocking the giant into the wall ending it's terror.
"Mephisto is desperate. But he has also under estimated me. A mistake he won't make again." Morlun said looking at the to casualties from his battle while dusting his suit off. "We had better continue. Be on your guard."
The two walked through the opening continuing further into the trial. MJ remained silent as she looked at Morlun beginning to feel nervous around him. She felt she knew him but not in a good way. Something about his attitude seemed feel familiar. She searched her memories but nothing came up. MJ decided to dismiss the feeling and proceed. About five minutes down the hall were three different tunnels.
"Mrs. Parker which direction should we take?" Morlun asked awaiting for her decision.
"I don't know?" MJ replied a little nervous.
"What does your heart tell you?"
MJ took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she listened to the beat of her heart. After a minute she opened her eyes. "We go left." Morlun followed MJ's path then turned looking around. They were being watched.
Mephisto looked through a sphere watching the events unfold. Mary Jane was moving better than expected. Of course that creature had been helping her. The demonic ruler glared at Morlun curious at his intensions. Why was he helping the woman? What was his motive? The creature had agreed to stay out of trial but not out of the extra attacks. The next trial was coming up and Mephisto needed a plan to end this trial or face her himself.
"We should be coming to the next trial." Morlun said. "Be on your guard. As I said I cannot help you during the official trial."
"MJ! What are you doing here?" A voice called. MJ and Morlun looked ahead to see Spider-man. Morlun's fist clenched tightly as his eyes narrowed. Carefully the man stepped into the shadows not wanting to be seen.
"Peter?" MJ asked confused. "What are you doing here?"
"I asked you first." Peter's voice was cold and angry.
"I am trying to get our marriage back. The time we lost back."
"And endanger Aunt May." Peter cut in. "Is that what you want? You ended our marriage to save her. Even if you beat his trial do you actually think Mephisto would let it slide." His voice got louder. "You have risked my aunt's life for you selfishness!"
MJ shrank back. "P-Peter please I was doing it for us."
"For us? For yourself you mean. I thought you were better than this. To give me my aunt then take her away. You betrayed me!"
Tears started to form in MJ's eyes, "Please don't say that. I love you. I would never hurt you."
"Yeah right. I used to believe that now I see you for what you really are. A treacherous vixen." MJ slumped to her knees in defeat as Peter walked closer to her. "I can't believe all those years I spent with your selfishness. While I was constantly out fighting for my life your were off flirting with other men." The comment stung MJ not sure how she was to respond she was just silent. Peter pulled out a dagger ready to strike the red haired woman. "I should have gone with Gwen when I had the chance."
MJ looked up with fury in her eyes as she saw the blade come down. MJ rolled back before striking Peter in the chest. "Your are not my husband. I know Peter and he loved me." MJ answered through her clenched teeth. A black demon appeared in Peter's place as it fell to its death. Mj looked at the demon and thought about what just happened. Suddenly without warning she started to cry furiously.
"We had better get moving. The trial is almost at its end. Their should be only two more left." Morlun said walking over to the sobbing woman.
"I...I just need a minute." MJ whispered silently.
"As you wish." Morlun replied looking around waiting for any attacks. Hearing a scratching noise from above Morlun looked up seeing pale creatures crawling through the ground. One began to fall toward MJ as Morlun charged knocking the creature away from her. "Time to fight!" Morlun called. MJ looked forward seeing the pale creatures charging forward. Enraged at the false Peter, MJ let out a loud battle cry before cutting down any creature in her path. After cutting through five of her attackers, the creatures turned and retreated. "Usually I'm the one who chases the threats away." Morlun said in surprise.
"I'm tired. It has been one thing after another and after cutting down what looked like my husband I am not in the mood to be messed with. I am now more than ever determined to get back what I lost."

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