Spiral Fan Fiction ❯ Only one moment. ❯ Chapter 1

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Only one moment.
Hiyono was sitting in her room and was staring at the duck what she got from Ayumu. Drops were trickled at the window.
“Will you ever listen to me?
Will you ever look at me?
Will you ever smile at me?” she thought and looked out from the window and on her face appeared sad smile.
Ayumu was going in to the elevator in Hiyono's house. He reached floor, where was her flat. He stopped in front of the door and ringed. Hiyono opened and looked at him. His hair and clothes were wet and he looked like he was running all the way. “Can I come in?” he whispered. She just withdrew from the door and he came in. “Why did you come?” she thought, but didn't say anything.She turned away from him and went to the bathroom and came back with towel. She gave it to him, but he didn't take it. He caught her hand into his. “I'm sorry. Really sorry, I didn't think about what I'm saying. I” Hiyono hushed him with finger on his lips. “I don't want to hear it. It doesn't matter now. You are here, no? I just want from you that you will listen to me, look at me. Net every time be away from me somewhere in your mind, just for one moment don't think about your new strategy how to win. I don't want so much, just throw away the logic, throw away the cold. She looked away and tried to go away from him, but he was still holding her hand. He reached out hand to her face and turned her head back to him. ”Did I really hurt you? Am I still hurting you? ”She smiled. “I know how to live. I'm not hiding in shell like you.” He inclined to her. “I'm doing something crazy . ”His lips touched tender her's and covered it.
“Are you going out from your shell? Only for once, yes once is now enough.” she thought. “Only one moment in life like this. I'll remember it and no one will take it away from it.” he thought.