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Chapter 3: Old Faces
Ayumu glanced around the spacious interior of the large private jet, taking note of the lone-child that was seated towards the back of the plane. His presence threw Ayumu off balance as questions shot through his mind. `Who is this boy? Why is he unaccompanied by an adult? He looks… familiar somehow…' He glanced over at his children. Ayame, babbling about never having been on a plane before, had selected a seat in a row near the middle of the plane, and Hikari slid into the row behind her brother, oversized suitcase in tow. Ayumu's gaze returned to the blonde boy in the back. He turned to ask Hiyono if she recognized the boy when realization struck him- the boy looked like Sayoko.
Hiyono cast a concerned look at her husband as their jet took off. “What is it?”
“Is it just me… or does that boy look a lot like Sayoko?” Ayumu frowned.
“Hmm… Now that you mention it…” Hiyono leaned over to get a better look as the child in question leaned back in his seat, a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth as he closed his turquoise eyes. “He looks just like Sayoko. But why would she let him come here alone? I mean… she never really had a connection to the other Blade Children.”
Ayumu did not reply, his attention drawn, instead, to his son. Ayame had unbuckled his seatbelt and was approaching the mysterious boy.
“Hi! I'm Ayame!” He smiled brightly.
The boy opened his eyes and blinked at the shock of bright green hair that greeted his eyes. He quickly recovered and held out his hand with a smirk. “Kohaku Shiranagatani.”
Ayame shook the boy's hand hesitantly. “Nice to meetcha!”
“The pleasure is all mine, I'm sure,” the boy returned, his eyes sliding closed once again.
The fasten seatbelts sign lit up with a “bing” and Ayame hurriedly took the seat next to Kohaku, buckling up.
Hiyono looked out the window as the plane landed and blinked. “We're in Tokyo…?”
Ayumu nodded absently and looked at the entrance to the plane's cabin, wondering who the jet was picking up. He felt alarm jolt though him as a familiar figure appeared in the doorway.
Kousuke's green eyes burned into Ayumu. “Little Narumi…”
Hiyono smiled cheerfully. “Fancy meeting you here, Kousuke.”
“Hyoko! Hi!” The red-head waved and moved away from the entrance, allowing others to board.
“My name is Hiyono!” She looked annoyed, until she saw who was with Kousuke. “Ryoko…?”
“Hey.” Ryoko smiled and glanced behind herself at the tall teenaged boy hurrying on after her. She returned her eyes to Hiyono and Ayumu. “So, you two got hitched?” She winked.
Hiyono smiled softly. “Indeed we did. As did you and Kousuke?”
Ryoko nodded as she moved away from the door and sat down, tucking her bag away.
“Yue! Wait up!” A second teenaged boy boarded the plane and tackled the boy who had followed Kyoko onto the plane.
The other boy, Yue, looked over his shoulder with a sigh. “Nikkou.”
Ayame looked closely at the two boys. They were obviously related. Their mismatched eyes were mirrored in each other's features, Yue's right eye red while Nikkou's green, and vise versa.
Yue pulled away from his brother and took the seat that was across the isle from Hikari's.
Nikkou followed his older brother and slid past to take the seat next to his. “So cold…”
Hikari glanced over at the pair, curious.
Yue turned at the same time, his unmatched eyes meeting hers almost as if on cue.
Hikari bit back a gasp as their eyes met and looked down into her lap quickly, blushing self-consciously.
Ayame blinked at the new arrivals from his position by Kohaku and launched himself at the backs of their seats. “Hey! Who're you guys?”
Ryoko laughed to herself, reminded of a younger, more hyperactive Hiyono.
Nikkou turned around in his seat so he could view his green-haired attacker. “Yo.”
“Hey!” Ayame repeated. “I'm Ayame Narumi!”
Yue ignored the hyperactive boy as Nikkou returned the greeting. “I'm Nikkou Asazuki. And this sourpuss...” He poked Yue. “Is my older brother, Yue.”
Yue nodded, only giving Ayame a short glance - until he realized that the green-haired boy had the same face as the girl across for him, except masculine.
Ayame tilted his head at Yue's double take. “Huh?”
“Nothing.” Yue turned away and pulled his carry-on bag into his lap.
Ayame tapped his foot, soon huffing over being brushed aside and the fact that his sister had failed to introduce herself. He rushed across the aisle to stand next to her. “And thiiis is my twin sis, Hikari!” His arm wrapped around her shoulders as he pressed his cheek against hers and winked, grinning.
“Ayame!” Hikari turned red as she squeezed her eyes shut.
Ayame groaned. “Hikari…”
Yue blinked at the twins. `She's friendly, I see…' He thought sarcastically, not daring to voice his thought out loud.
Towards the front of the plane Hiyono raised an eyebrow and Ayumu sighed, both wondering what their son was up to.
Hikari recovered quickly from her embarrassment, her cheeks still slightly pink, and smiled at the brothers. “Nice to meet you.”
Yue looked up from the book that he had produced from his carry-on. “Like wise.
Ayame pouted silently, `he said less to me!'
Hikari blushed once again and became thoroughly engaged in digging for something in her backpack; the boys' eyes were unnerving.
“Hey. What do you have in there --?” Some sudden turbulence cut Ayame short and, thrown off balance, he crashed down on Hikari's large suitcase.
Hikari let out an ear piercing shriek and Ayame looked up at her, the shock on his face mostly from the girly scream. He slowly and clumsily got off the bag.
Yue, Nikkou, Kohaku, Ryoko, and Kousuke all glanced quickly in Hikari's direction. Ayumu sighed, wondering what Ayame had done now, and Hiyono twisted in her seat, peering down the aisle at her children.
“My apologies.” Hikari stood and smiled sweetly at her fellow passengers. “My brother landed on my foot rather hard. I shall work on containing myself.” She righted her suitcase and resumed her seat.
“I did?” Ayame blinked.
Kohaku closed his eyes, Kousuke smirked as he returned to facing forward in his seat, Ryoko turned as well, closing her eyes for a nap, Nikkou stared out the window, Hiyono exchanged glances with Ayumu, and Yue returned to his book.
Ayame squeezed into the seat next to his sister. “Are you hurt?”
“No. No. I'm fine.”
“Ah?” Ayame's face fell. “You sure have long feet!”
Hikari smiled dangerously. “Oh, really?”
Ayame blinked and knew not to dig further. His left hand flew to the back of his head. “Ahahaha…so, uh, later! He hurried back to his seat.
Almost immediately after Ayame had sat down the “fasten seatbelt” lights flashed on and the pilot's voice crackled over the speakers, flooding the cabin with the sound. “Preparing for landing. Please take your seats and make sure that seatbelts are securely fastened.”
Ayame groaned as he re-buckled his seatbelt.
Hikari absently tugged on hers to make sure it was secure and glanced over at Yue. The boy had put his book away and was leaning back in his seat, almost looking bothered.
Ayumu stared out the window as the plane neared the ground, his mind on Kanone and the subway incident.
The humming of the plane grew and its wheels hit pavement, causing Yue to swallow as his face paled. Ayame cheered happily, and Ayumu hushed him.
Hikari blinked curiously at Yue as Nikkou gripped his brother's shoulder. “Are you okay?” They asked simultaneously.
Yue thought he was hearing double. He looked at Nikkou, then Hikari, before staring at his lap. “I think… I'll be okay, thank you…”
Finally the plane's movement stopped and the speakers crackled to life once more. “Please do not disembark at this time. This is only a pickup stop.” The captain's voice informed them.
A stewardess assisted the newcomers onto the plane and the silver eyes of the youngest Blade Child gazed into the cabin filled with both familiar and new faces. She smiled. “Why, hello!”
“Rio!” Hiyono unbuckled and jumped up. “It's great to see you! How have you been?”
“Rio.” Kousuke offered a small smile and a trademark, “yo.”
“It's good to see all of you too. I've been well.” She motioned to the two people who had followed her into the plane. “This is my husband Yuki.” Rio motioned to the man with black hair and eyes who stood a little taller than she. “And my daughter Hana.” She rested a hand on the shoulder of the young teen.
The girl shyly raised golden-red eyes and gave a small nod, tucking a strand of her back-streaked silver hair behind one ear.
Hiyono beamed happily at Rio's family. “That's wonderful. You already know Ayumu. And those two are our children. Ayame and Hikari.” She motioned to each in turn.
Rio nodded with a smile before Ryoko stood and pulled her into a tight hug. “It's so great to see you. I see that I'm still taller than you,” the older woman grinned. “And of course Kousuke's here, along with our two sons, Yue and Nikkou.” She pointed at the two auburn heads about midway down the plane's cabin.
“Hey!” Nikkou unbuckled and stood. “I'm Nikkou.” He pointed to the boy sitting next to him. “Mister strong and silent here is Yue.”
Rio laughed. “Wow. They look just like you guys.”
Hana shyly nodded at the new round of introductions with a muted, “hello.”
Hikari gave Hana a friendly smile and lightly kicked the back of her brother's seat with a hissed, “invite her to sit with you.” She sighed softly. `If I didn't have this huge suitcase I'd ask her myself…'
Ayame blinked back at his sister. “Huh? Uh… okay.” He waved at Hana to come sit by him.
Hana blushed lightly and looked to her mother who nudged her forward and found her own seat next to Yuki. The girl still hesitated, until the pilot spoke. “Prepare for takeoff!” Hana took the seat next to Ayame and he grinned, happily striking up a conversation with the shy girl.
Seeing that Hana and Ayame were getting along Hikari glanced over at Yue with curiosity. It seemed like his brother constantly did all the talking for the both of them. “Does he ever talk?” she wondered out loud.
A sweat drop rolled from Yue's temple as a blush ran across his face.
Hikari blushed as well and ducked her head when she realized that Yue had heard her comment.
Nikkou grinned mischievously and poked his older brother in the arm. “Still not going to say anything to the pretty girl?” He whispered in Yue's ear with a smirk.
“Fine.” Yue unbuckled, stood, and, straightening his collar, stepped into the aisle. He softly cleared his throat and slid into the seat next to Hikari, careful not to kick the suitcase. “Hikari, was it? It seems my brother has developed quite the lil' crush on you.”
Hikari stared at Yue, wide-eyed. “..Wha…?”
Nikkou was across the aisle immediately. He leaned in close to Hikari and Yue so he wouldn't be overheard by others. “You are adorable, Hikari. But, you see… I'm afraid that Yue is the one with the crush on you. He's just so used to me doing all the talking that he tends to get us confused.” The younger boy smirked apologetically.
Had they been alone, Yue would have tackled Nikkou. Instead, his mismatched glare dug into the younger teen.
Ayame peered over the top of his seat, wondering what the brothers were talking to Hikari about.
Nikkou just grinned in response to Yue's glare. `You asked for it.' He looked over at Hikari. “I'll leave you two to sort this out.” He shoved Ayame's head down (“Hey!” the green-haired boy squawked) and returned to his seat, leaving behind a livid Yue and a confused Hikari.
Yue had the urge to jump up after Nikkou and strangle him. He turned to Hikari and gave her an innocent smile that was almost apologetic.
Hikari frowned at him. “What are you two trying to pull? …If you're just messing with me…” He eyes clouded with tears and she looked away, out the window. `Why gang up on me.' she whispered to herself, as another part of her whispered that perhaps she was the one with the crush.
Yue gently rested a hand on Hikari's shoulder. “I'm sorry.” He murmured. “Please don't be hurt…”
The girl bit her lip and refused to look at the boy. `Go away.'
Yue's fingers slowly slid off Hikari's shoulder and he got up to returned to his seat. As he entered the aisle his father caught his eye with a stern look that promised a lecture after they had reached their destination. Yue looked away, embarrassed to have messed up and reclaimed his seat.
Ayame's head popped back up over the back of his seat. “What'd they say to you Hikari?” He was frowning.
“Nothing… They said nothing.” Hikari whispered back softly. She rested her head against the window and her hair swung forward to cover her face as a tear spilled down her cheek.
Ayame saw it; she could never hide it from him. He glared over at the brothers before turning and resuming his position, thinking about what his next move would be.
Nikkou fidgeted in his seat. “Yue…”
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