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Chapter 4: Thorns
Kanone stood, feet apart, arms crossed, at the foot of the narrow staircase that led into a small jet. “Are you ready, Eyes?”
“If we must join you, Kanone, I'm as ready as I could ever be. I've let Jasmine know that Laurel and I will be in America for an undecided amount of time. She was most displeased to discover that we would be with you.” Eyes sighed and glanced at his daughter. “Are you ready, Laurel?”
The girl glared icy daggers at Kanone before turning her gaze to her father. “Must I go as well?”
With a sigh, Kanone shifted his weight. “Now why would you ask that?”
“I should be in school right now. And, besides that, you don't play fair.”
The golden-eyed man laughed. “So it would seem.”
Laurel blinked at him, and then turned to stare at her father in disbelief. “And you trust him?”
Eyes glanced at Kanone. “We grew up together… so, even if our opinions on certain issues differ greatly, yes. To a certain extent, I do trust him.” He replied cautiously.
Kanone shrugged. “Enough said. Shall we go now?”
A soft sigh escaped Laurel's lips as she gave Kanone a level gaze. “It seems that I have little choice.” She turned away from the two men and boarded the jet.
A small, victorious, but impressed, laugh escaped Kanone as he smirked at Eyes. “Quite the daughter you have. Am I repeating myself? She's an awful lot like you Eyes.”
“Is that so?”
Kanone simply laughed again and slipped his hands into his pockets. “Shall we follow her lead?”
Eyes nodded silently, thoughtfully, as he turned and boarded the jet.
Their abductor followed Eyes onto the jet. Once they entered the spacious, custom designed cabin Kanone stepped into the cockpit, reemerging after a few minutes. He seated himself on the plush, couch-like bench facing the Rutherford's.
Eyes pulled out a book, flipped it open to the bookmarked page and began reading.
Laurel glanced at Kanone before turning her gaze to the view out the window, as the jet started down the runway.
Kanone crossed his arms and studied his childhood friend. “So… Enjoying your book? What's it about?”
The lavender haired man raised his gaze from the book he'd been reading. “It's rather difficult, Kanone, to enjoy a book if you're talking to me.”
Kanone frowned. “I'm sorry, Eyes. It's just rather quiet and boring, you know?
Eyes nodded silently and returned to reading his book.
Kanone's frown deepened. Eyes was not interested in starting a conversation. He turned to Laurel. “So, ever been on a plane before?”
“What's it to you?” the girl returned sharply, her eyes still glued on the view out the window. She sighed, and turned her head slightly, watching Kanone out the corner of her eye. “I've traveled with my father before, yes.”
Kanone nodded. “I see. How interesting. Where'd you go?”
“Wherever our talents were wanted.” Her voice developed a dangerous edge.
“So you got talent, do you?”
Laurel turned fully and narrowed her gaze on the golden-eyed man. “I play the piano.” `Maybe, if things were different I would have played for you.'
Kanone returned the look. “So does your father.”
Laurel smiled lazily at the man across from her, not relaxing her stance. He was messing with her. Testing her somehow. Well, two could play that game. “Really? I never would have guessed, what with all the publicity surrounding him and all.”
Kanone laughed. “Ever been to America before?”
“No. My mother felt that I would encounter a bad influence if I were to travel there, and my father respected her wishes.” She looked regretful for a second.
Kanone just stared at her. “Where all have you been?”
“All over Europe.”
The older man raised an eyebrow. “So that makes me the winner.”
“You're also over twice my age.”
He nodded. “Indeed. By the way, how are your grades?”
“I'd say, right now, I'd give you a `D'. You're not all that bad, but I'd still hate to be stuck somewhere with you.” `And as for school… as if mother would accept anything less than perfect. And that's still not enough.'
Kanone laughed. Then, his cell phone rang. “Excuse me, please.” He stood and went into the cockpit.
Laurel watched him go, then touched her father's arm. “Interesting friend you've got there.” `And so different from how I imagined.'
Eyes sighed. “Indeed.”
A few minutes later Kanone returned, made his way to the small bar, and poured himself a shot of tequila. “Either of you thirsty?”
Eyes glanced over at the other man before returning his gaze to his book. “Thank you, but no.
Laurel folded her arms across her chest, a small frown turning down the corners of her mouth. “I don't drink.”
Kanone smirked. “I wasn't referring to alcohol, my dear.” He motioned toward the shot he was holding. “It's extremely damaging to your insides when you're on a plane.”
Laurel raised an eyebrow. She'd never heard that before. “And what are you doing, then?”
He continued smirking and downed the shot. “Nothing that concerns you.”
“Ooooh….” Laurel glared at him before turning, once more, to the window.
Eyes looked up and raised a questioning eyebrow at his friend.
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Endnotes: Well, there you have it. And as for drinking alcohol on a plane…I really don't know. I agree more with Laurel on that. In any case… if you're interested, some art of the original characters can now be found on deviant art by either looking up me, Ryuaku, or searching for Blachi files. This was a fun chapter, and hopefully I'll be able to get out the next one before I die. >.< Until next time.