Spirited Away Fan Fiction / Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction / Shinzo Fan Fiction ❯ Oh Sister, Spare me ❯ It Begins ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"Soon, my dear, we will know. We will know the truth..." A voice came over the intercom all over the school.
"Digi, I will prove that which you will not tell!" Continued the voice, which caught Digi's attention.
'Great, another idiot trying to prove the impossible....' Thought Digi while she sat in her chair, very bord-like.
"To prove how serious I am Digi, I will tell EVERYONE what you sleep with!"
Digi didn't know who it was on that intercom, but if he told, he'd be a dead man for sure.
"Everyone, Digi, the negative, unfriendly, grumpy girl, sleeps with a Cloud doll! She also dresses it in nighties!" Okay, this person was going to be in a whole new world, one filled with hurt for centuries on end.
Everyone looked over at Digi, almost immediately, their were murmmers.
"You all, SHUT UP!" Digi said with such a foil look, that anyone near felt as if she would kill them.
"D... Digi.... Please calm down...." Bridge said in hopes to change her mood.
"OKAY, WISE GUY! IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS, WE WILL!" Digi left in the foilist mood that anyone had ever seen.
"Digi! Wait!" Bridge ran after her in rush to stop her.
"Oh my gosh, your sister actually sleeps with a Cloud doll!?" Kila's friends immiediately took avantage of this sort of thing.
"You know, if Digi hears you talking about that, you're as good as dead." Kila put lightly.
"Aww! But Kila, it's so juicy!" They all whinned to her.
"Sorry, but my twin wouldn't take mercy upon you right now." Kila returned, strongly.
"Mushra? Where are you?" Yukumo asked vigerously for her boyfriend.
She hadn't seen him since 1st period, so she was worried.
"Mushra..." Before she finished she was grabbed.
Haku took notice of the fact that Yukumo, Ichigo, and Chihero weren't around.
"Maybe this has something to do with that voice... I better find Digi." Haku hated to say that, but she would know what to do, and where to look.
"Digi, please calm down. I think it's very feminen for you to sleep with a Cloud doll. It's cute, like you." Bridge smoothly said to her giving her a hug.
"Bridge, thank you... I really like you... I've always had a problem expressing my feelings.
People always call me negative, so I became what they thought I was...
This way of living doesn't commend the respect of others, it is their fear, and that makes me hate them.
You Bridge, you're different, you care, even though I am a negative, unfriendly person.
That's why I like you, you understand.
As far as that doll goes, it was a present from the only other friend I had, my brother." Digi paused, it seemed to Bridge she was hurting, alot.
Bridge started to swept his hand over her back to comfort her.
"My brother... he died when I was 6. He bought that doll cause I was starting to like anime.
He said, 'Digi, when you need a friend and me and Kila aren't here, talk to this!
It's like a mini me!
Haha, I'll always be with you with this!'
Shortly after, my dad and mom were acting funny, I noticed that my 18 year old brother, Jake, hadn't been home in awhile.
Finally, I asked them, 'Where's my big brother?'
My mom started to cry, my dad held her. He took her into the next room, then he called me and Kila.
'I... Digi, I know that you and Jake were close, I don't know how to tell you this but, he won't be coming home.'
My father had started, being 6, I did not fully grasp what was going on.
At that moment I thought, 'did he move?'
I asked my dad that, he started to cry along with my mom.
'No sweetie, he didn't, he... he died in a car accident.'
At that moment is when I fully grasped the meaning of it all.
That is when I started to act like I do.
Kila didn't quiet understand, her young mind wasn't as quick as mine."
Bridge could now fully understand Digi.
She wasn't really the way she acts, that was a barrier, she was that girl he knew she really was.
He knew the reason she wouldn't let anyone in was because of that, but he somehow managed to.
"Digi, come here." He said to her, oh so softly.
Digi and Bridge came close together at that moment.
Bridge then kissed Digi.
Haku watched as he came out the door to Digi and Bridge's kiss.
"Did I come at a bad time?" Haku said walking up to them.
"Haku! Uh no, what do you want?" Digi said to him blushing.
"We need to find out where the girl anime characters are." Haku put bluntly.