Spriggan Fan Fiction ❯ Comrades ❯ Comrades ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Title: Comrades
Author: Jan
Pairings: None


Rustling through the underbrush caused Jean to flinch. Not from the noise, but from moving to pick up his gun. Moments later, Yu appeared at the tree line, trotted up to the other man and dropped to his knees. The pack on his back swung in a graceful arc to land on the ground.

“I contacted HQ, they are sending a retrieval team at 1300.” Yu glanced at his watch before he started to dig, his face indicating success when he found the medical kit. “I didn’t see any signs of guerilla activity. Think we got them all.”

Jean watched the younger man open the first aid kit and gestured to him with a twirling finger. Getting the message, he turned around, albeit stiffly, lifting his shirt to expose his back.

“This is going to hurt," Yu said.

Jean nodded and braced himself for the pain, although it couldn’t possibly hurt more than sustaining the injury, or the wounding to his pride.

The guerilla band they surprised were a particularly tenacious lot. They didn’t give ground quickly or easily. It was a fierce battle for possession of an otherwise innocuous looking cave. However, within that cave were hieroglyphics - a translation key, specifically.

6 months prior, an archeological team in Northern Africa unearthed what appeared to be ancient blueprints. Speculations included a prototype for an ancient hydroelectric plant.

The ARCAM Foundation caught wind of it and moved into action to secure the plans and the site. Their mission, as with all archeological finds of that nature, was to ensure it never fell into nefarious hands. While Foundation scientists worked to catalogue, rumors surfaced concerning the discovery of a secondary site in Peru - one that possibly held the ability to translate the blueprints.

Spriggan were dispatched to secure the area until a remote scientific team could be flown in. Unfortunately, the local drug lord also caught wind of the rumor and pegged it to be a potential moneymaker, sending his men out to secure the site -first-.

Although the guerilla team had the home court advantage, they held nothing on the experience of the trained Spriggan. Slow and sure, Yu and Jean whittled away at their numbers until there was no more resistance. No guarantees the young men got them all, it would still take time before the guerilla commander could get reinforcements out. By that time, ARCAM would have a firm foothold and could easily defend their position.

It was during the last melee, ammo supplies low for both sides, Jean pulled his knife to take on one of the remaining soldiers in hand-to-hand. In the ensuing fight, they grappled. Jean’s foot hit a felled tree and it ended with them both landing heavily on the ground. Pinned as his knife found its way beneath the man’s sternum, an exposed tree root pierced his own shoulder.

Not a particular dignified way to sustain an injury. It took a bit of painful wiggling before Jean could shove the still bleeding, but very dead, body off and un-impale himself from the root.

Jean winced. He felt the sting of antiseptic as Yu worked. “The damage isn’t crippling. Until we can get this medical attention I’m just cleaning and covering. The bleeding has slowed.” Yu leaned around and smiled. “Must be your ability to heal at work.” Pressure against his back indicated Yu had finished and Jean let his shirt fall once the other man pulled away.

“Thank you, Ominae,” Jean leaned back against the tree again, his eyes sliding closed. His shoulder throbbed now, but the pain was starting to numb as endorphins undoubtedly pumped through his system.

He felt warmth to his right. Through slit eyes he saw Yu sitting against the tree with him, working on a piece of equipment. “What is that you have there?”

Yu shrugged. “Looks like a locator of some description, I’ve never seen one like it before. Figured ARCAM might be able to use it.” His fingers fiddled over the device, flipping switches and tugging at knobs. “I’m not even sure it works, but I don’t think it does.”

Jean smiled, a deep breath pulled on his shoulder and caused it to hitch in his chest. “You and your gadgets. Lugging that around will slow us down.”

“If it does, I’ll ditch it.” Yu’s hand shielded his eyes to look into the distance. “Pick up will occur over that small ridge,” he pointed. “It’s closer than it looks. There is a oxen path, so travel will be easy.” He gave Jean a questioning look. “You <I>will</I> be able to travel?”

With a snort, Jean closed his eyes again. “I won’t dignify that with a response.”

“Just don’t make me miss my ride.” Yu laughed, his head shaking.

“I won’t, if you won’t.”

Comfortable silence before Yu spoke again, his voice soft. “I’m glad I got to work with you again, Jean.”

“Me too, Ominae.” Jean rolled his head to look at the younger man and smile. “Me too.”