Star Ocean (All Series) Fan Fiction ❯ Attel Academy ❯ Hell- I mean School ( Chapter 1 )

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There is a all male school known in these Airyglph parts, this Academy's school has the worlds top students in the many fields of military, cooking, alchemy, synthesizing and so on. But many secrets are as well created in the dark halls of Attel Academy.
Walking along the dirt path I could only pout my pale-ish pink lips, a sigh escaping and playing with the few strands of short slightly dark blue hair. That just conveniently hung in front of my midnight blue eyes. Of course I felt embarrassed in my standard black school uniform, kicking innocent by standing rocks to the side, I could only huff once more in annoyance. “Why do I have to go to this Academy, I was on a vacation from my old school.” Finishing my sentence I only blushed at how loud I was talking to myself. Cowering I walked onward to the Academy that was so famed about much I knew already. Oh, sorry, hello, my name is Fayt Leingod, I'm nineteen and about to enter hell- I mean Attel Academy.
Whistling, I gawked at this castle of a school. “Tch, no wonder many secrets are made in the halls of this place.” Unfortunately once I opened the large wooden doors to this castle like school I sold my soul to it. I kind of have a flaw with my attitude, I would follow these rules and work hard to achieve ultimate success, and so, here I come. Stepping through the doors I felt myself being lured into the architecture given to create this haven of a study. From far I could hear the clatter of metal against metal; I knew that one day I would be the one making that sound in that room. Finding a door labeled “Writing.” I walked in clearing my throat, obviously the teacher, I mean professor as they are called here. Was deeply involved in his lesson he jumped causing his fragile glasses to slide down his nose, ironically he seemed young. But, to my knowledge no professor here is younger than twenty-nine.
A small grin could only creep upon my lips as I could think of which animal his voice reminded me most of. Goat, his voice was shaky in being brought back to earth with my presence, “A-ah, you must be Fayt Leingod!” Gazing at the males in the classroom I could only note that only a few students seemed interested. One particular male seemed utterly un amused in this subject of learning aided by the professors annoyed warning of having him wake up. Cliff Fittir was his name, this guy was tall, he seemed to be about twenty or so, and he was blonde and very well built. “Ack!” blushing I found myself profiling him by his appearance, gathering myself together I sat down behind him as the professor had instructed me to do. Sitting up he yawned stretching, I was surprised when I heard his powerful but gentle voice, I expected to hear a heavy gruff voice. Well, I was wrong, though I don't think he was much of a rule follower, he wore a different outfit then what as to be standard school uniform, though it was black. It fit his body snug. “Uh, are you bored with this class?” I had to ask. “Huh? Who are you?” his grey-ish blue eyes studied me in the most intense manor, I could feel my face burn from embarrassment though the look he gave me as well seemed to be an expression of remembrance. “I'm Fayt Leingod.” “Cliff Fittir” he only shrugged folding his arms behind his head “And no, I am not a big fan of writing.”
This guy was like me, except he actually showed his rebel streak whereas I followed rules for good order. As the bell then tolled once my next class would become my passion, combat. Fitting into my known outfit from my travels (that outfit he wears through out the game ¬_¬; I'm too lazy to describe it.) I walked into the chamber with my trustee sword, the Holy sword (hey, that sword was my friend for a while in the game ¬_¬;) Cliff of course was dressed in his version of the standard male school uniform, “I suppose that's your combat outfit and not something you just wear.” Stoically my voice came.
“Yeah, I wear it.” Smirking he flexed his arm ready and waiting for class to begin.
Off in the distance a crowd had gathered around a male student who had short spiky blonde hair about shoulder length and two long braids. He too fitted the common age group here, well, by looks at least, and he wore a rather revealing outfit. As well he carried a sword though his eyes were slender they seemed a bit..dangerous. “Albel is really awesome!” “Albel” …hm, nice name for a guy like that.
“That guy is trouble, he just posses around, jerk.” Cliff scoffed at Albels presence. Though, I must admit when his slender eyes gazed upon me, my heart skipped a beat. Now from either fear or something else, I will never know. Well, perhaps but right now, my only friend was Cliff he was my only haven in this new world.
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