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After admiring much of Cliff's skill with his fists we had all headed towards the showers. Hygiene was a factor, getting undressed I turned my back to Cliff who just stripped with ease, truly amazing. He had more pride than I did or less moral then me, wrapping a towel around my waist I headed towards an empty shower. “Hey Fayt!” Cliff was beckoning me towards him; thankfully he had some mind to cover himself up. “You might want to watch out, some guys here like to play tricks on newbies.”
“Oh, thanks for the warning.” Thank god or whatever I had a friend like Cliff here who was very knowledgeable.
Stepping in the small titled corner called a shower I let the steam and hot water works its clean magic upon my body. Nothing like a warm shower to relax the muscles, finishing my relaxing shower I walked out to see Cliff in his backside glory. “…” I could only freeze and pray he would not turn around and see a blushing idiot shocked to see a butt. Shaking my head I furrowed my eyebrows looking rather angry, stomping past him I began changing with my back facing him again, I could hear Cliff laughing at me as well as a familiar stare that sent shivers down my spine, Albel.
Feeling a strong arm pat my back before hanging around my neck, I felt like a mule suddenly as Cliff was leaning on me. Amazingly I was able to secure my boxers on me, standing there with an amused look apparently to Cliff's laughing. I folded my arms across my chest leaning my head back to meet those lighthearted eyes or better-said laughter filled eyes.
“Something funny Cliff?” I had to ask it was really annoying.
“Yeah, you, why are you afraid to show what you've got?” Such pride set into those words, I wonder if the pride can backup the package, Heh.
“Maybe” Okay, I had a good reason to be annoyed; at this time I took notice to a certain tattoo on his neck. Slowly my right hand upon unconscious reaction rose up towards this skin art, my fingers gently touched his tattoo with the most curious and tender care. Parting my lips I could only run my fingers along the lines of art, as I was transfixed. “Hm?” pausing in his laughter Cliff lowered his gaze down confusion masking his face “Fayt.” How his voice sounded with inquiry as he said my name, blinking I blushed once again “Oh, sorry Cliff. I never knew you had a tattoo.”
Taking his arm from around my neck he patted my head like I was a dog. “You okay there kid? The steam I think is getting to ya.” Walking past me he glanced some towards my way before disappearing back into the combat chambers. Dressing myself once more I felt comfortable, as I was fully dressed back into the standard uniform. Walking towards the exit from the humid showers, I felt eyes burning into my back once again. Turning around, I saw crimson eyes gazing intently at me. “Albel right?” I had expected to receive a yes or a no but instead I had a grin which might I add worried me quite a bit. “Uh, I'll take that as a yes.” As if on cue Albel began his graceful stride towards me, mimicking my movements towards Cliff. In the back of my mind I was praying to any god out there that he would step on a soap bar and fall over. Sadly, it did not happen; Albel had brought his right hand to my cheek. Tickling my skin gently with his fingertips he spoke softly, his voice was alluring but like over things about him, dangerous. Backing up away from him a frown crept upon my face, I did not like this guy he is trying to get close, too close. I know I kind of got close to Cliff but this guy was close with intention…that's bad.
“Fayt Leingod.” So he knew my name. “Yes?”
“Welcome to the Attel Academy.” Following Cliff's path he then left the locker room. Sighing from the heavy tension following that man I finally made it out back into the combat facility. With a worried expression but one with annoyance as well Cliff came to my view, looking down at me he studied if there was anything wrong with me “You okay there?” I could hear the concern in his voice, “Yeah, I'm fine.” Knowing almost all responses I was sure to hear “Are you sure?” and I did.
“Yes Cliff, I'm fine.” I was starting to kind of feel bothered. “Well what happened, you seem out of it.” He folded his arms across his chest signifying that he will get his answer from me no matter what.
“He gave me this weird look and touched my cheek as well he got too close for my comfort.” It's true, don't these people know anything about entering `the bubble'.
“Well I warned you about some people here being weird.” Well I knew that well now. “But enough f that, where are you registered to sleep?” Sleep? Registered? Oh Shiz!
“No!” my eyes were big from the fact that I had no place to sleep; of course this made Cliff laugh.
“Then lets get you situated.” Placing his arm around my shoulders he pilled me along with him to the administration office.
Upon entering the office I was greeted by a rather elven looking man, he had fiery red hair, I could detect stubble growing on his chin. With tired eyes he glanced between Cliff and I before giving a sigh. “Yes?” inquiring with a gruff voice I tried to give power in my own. “I need to register for a room.” “Hm, Fayt Leingod?” “Yeah that's me.” How people know me, I suppose news travels fast here, that or he newbie thing Cliff said gets around quick. “Your parents have you arranged to room with another student.” Slamming his hands down rather roughly Cliff demanded that he and I room together. I had no problem at all with that; I know that Cliff and I would get along quite well. Perhaps.
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