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Fayt Leingod here and it is still day one, I'm 19 and my parents transferred me to the renowned Attel Academy, an all male school with “secrets” in every hallway. Here I met Cliff Fittir they guy next to me who will be my roommate and another male known as Albel Nox, who seems to have a lot of unwanted attention given to him. Though to me Albel scares me just a bit heheheh, well that's the story just up to about now. “Fayt, hey you daydreaming?” Cliff nudged me with his fist against my shoulder. “..Yeah, er- I mean NO! No, I was not.” That fist kind of hurt, some nudge that was next time he should just throw me on the ground and see if I will stop daydreaming better. “Hahahah you are one odd kid.” Lately today, I feel like Cliff's entertainment then anything else; I make him laugh too much.
Sighing in defeat of Cliff's laughter I dragged myself towards uh, room 365 great, I am the third floor. Of course seeing me walk away towards the room my tour guide had to inform me of the history of this particular room, “365 familiar number?”
“Yeah, that's how many days are within a year.” I knew that much of 365 unless there was another meaning I did not know about.
“Correct, they call that room `A day within a year'.” There's nothing odd about it though, so no sweat, and just be prepared to be called the boy of the year.” The expression on Cliffs face revealed that he was put through the horrible torture of lousy puns. Well now he had someone to share the pain with, fun.
Upon entering the dormitory I gazed upon the old wood, almost antique feel of the housing complex, over to the north side of the wall was a very large fireplace giving that orange glow of warmth and comfort. Along the walls were various paintings of landscape, portraits, war, and fantasy; this place was so relaxing the large velvet chairs embellished random spots on the floor. Accompanied by two rather large Persian rugs, yes, I must say, this was a very relaxing environment. Smiling contently I walked towards the stairs that would lead me to the third floor, Cliff must of saw my relaxed expression because too did smile. Walking up the stairs the first thing that came into my mind was, yes, my legs would get a great workout from climbing up and down this.
Finally reaching the third floor Cliff stepped ahead of me to show the rooms door, standing beside the door for me to arrive he smirked at how oddly I was breathing from the staircase walk. Opening the door I just shrugged past him and collapsed on the bed that seemed less occupied or decorated. “Heh that tired huh?” Leaning against the wall arms folded across his chest he watched as I turned over in my bed, sitting up I nodded.
“Yes, but how are you not even bothered by much of the days worth?” I had to ask, he wasn't as tired as I was, I am sure it's because he fell asleep in class.
Pushing off the wall Cliff walked towards his bed which was parallel to mine, sitting down he leaned his left elbow on his left knee supporting his hand that his cheek took rest upon. His right arm just settled on his right knee comfortably, lucky. “ I'm a Klausian, we aren't bothered by much activities or better said we have much endurance and our senses are more keen than a earthlings.”
“Oh, well, that explains a lot.” It sure did, now I know why his breathing is calm and how he can hear or smell certain things then I can and how well toned his body is, gah! What am I thinking!?
Flustered I shook my head clenching my eyes shut tight.
Wrong move for me, taking note at my sudden expression and red upon my face Cliff stood up leaning down close to my face, these people really need to learn about giving space! Leaning back I smiled nervously fighting that horrid red colour on my face, it was like osmosis! I just spread along my face so rapidly, I felt my cheeks burning, turning my head away I tried to act cool. “Are you okay kid?” That worry-laced voice of his was asking if I was fine, No! I am not fine! I am turning into a red thing! “Y-yes.” Well, that was complete opposite of what I really thought.
“Well maybe you should get some rest kid, uh, I'll go get us something to eat maybe you are having a hunger headache, I'll be back soon.” Closing the door, he gave me one last look then the door shut. Sighing I sat up, running my fingers through my short blue locks of hair I gazed at the shut door before standing up. Standing up I headed towards it hoping Cliff didn't really leave or get too far at least, one I wanted to pay him back the money for getting me some food because yeah, I am kind of hungry, and two I do not know what they have here that's edible.
Pausing for a moment, I glanced at my bed before shaking my head in disappointment, man what is wrong with me.
Oh well, turning my attention back to the door I was reaching for the doorknob when suddenly I heard a knock, it must be Cliff, he probably forgot something. “Coming.” Turning the knob I expected to see Cliff but instead before me was Albel. “Oh, Albel, why are you here? Is there something you need?” What did he want knocking on my door?
“I am here because I reside on this floor.” Lifting his head he looked at my door number before gazing back down at me, a smirk appearing upon his face. “I see you are in this room, my mistake, I thought it was mine.”
“Are you and your roommate going to create some secrets?” That playful tone in his voice was given loud and clearly along with that smug smile.
“What are you talking about?” What was this guy ranting on?
“Oh, I see, well here let me share a secret with you, C'mere.” Stepping close to him so he could whisper it into my ear, I was very curious to know.
Placing his hand against my cheek to keep me there, I panicked a little; I guess it was a serious secret if he did not want me to move away. “Fayt, you might be the cause of many secrets to be created in this Academy, you are they key to many desires.” Shuddering, I became very worried, my eyes were wide with worry and puzzlement, why would I create many secrets?! And if so are they bad or good? Chuckling at my reaction to his words Albel pushing his lips a little closer to my ears causing them to brush against me with each word he spoke. “Worried?”
“Leave him alone Albel.” Cliff! That strong voice, it was Cliff! My savior! At that moment I just wanted to hug him and grovel before him kissing his shoes. But instead I was let go gently by Albel and tugged by my arm against Cliff's body, I felt like a damn rag doll.
“Go mess with one of the other male students who bend in every direction for you.” Cliff was indeed a good friend.
“Well, I suppose I better get to my room then hm?” Turning away he took a few steps forward reaching for the doorknob. At that moment I thought he was just toying with us, to believe he would be so close.
“Quit playing around Albel, go to your real room.” This annoyed me; I really wanted food right now.
“Who said I was toying around? I am your Neighbor.” Death struck cold against my body, I am sure he was near by.
With the perfect timing Cliff and I both yelled in surprise “Neighbor?!”
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Well Chapter 4 comes rolling along and with it comes a Festival! Yay!!! The guys at the Academy decide to make a dare and get it approved by the head of the school too! What will happen to our dear Fayt when a contest for Best actor or better said actress is made to convince someone to go on a date with her, but wait, isn't this an all male school?!
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