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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Two: Kirlsa Training Facility
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
Nel rode her horse down the twisted road to the Kirlsa Training Facility. She purposely wore a cloak around herself to conceal who she was since she was in Airyglyph territory. Under normal circumstances there would be no need for it, but just as long a Greeton's forces were running around she didn't feel save being noticed. As she rode down the road she looked at the scenery around her. She could see some of the black brigade soldiers ducking behind rocks. She knew they were trying to figure out who she was. She stopped the horse and looked up at one of the ledges.
“It's okay! I'm not from Greeton!” She shouted. When no response came she continued on her way. When she reached the large gated doors she knew it was time to prove her innocence.
“Who's there!” Shouted one of the guards from up on the gate. Nel pulled back her hood and looked up at him.
“Nel Zelpher. I'm here to speak with Albel.” Nel replied briskly without worry. The guard whispered to another and a few minutes later and man with a few guards stepped outside the gates. Nel frowned when she realized who was approaching, not to mention with an arsenal of men. It was a nobleman from Airyglyph that was also known as the captain of the storm brigade. He smiled lightly at her as he approached. He was an older man in his sixties with his age speaking out in his black eyes. And of what hair he had it had long gone gray.
“Nel. What a pleasant surprise. Are you alone?” The man said holding off the guards.
“Yes.” Nel backed her horse up. She wasn't sure how to take the sudden onslaught of soldiers.
“Your all dismissed.” The man looked at the soldiers who nodded and retreated back into the facility. “Please come in. Make yourself at home.”
“What was with the armored guard?” Nel asked still not getting off her horse.
“Just making sure you hadn't been followed or something worse caught and being forced to work for them.” The man smiled.
“Don't be silly.” Nel said as she stepped off her horse and walked into the facility. “I do believe I asked to see Albel not you Woltar.”
“Yes indeed you did.” Woltar frowned. “I hate to inform you that Albel is not here.”
“What… But I thought for sure with how the facility was holding up he was here.” Nel looked disappointed.
“Unfortunately the late captain of the black brigade was captured in Airyglyph.” Woltar sighed.
“When did that happen?” Nel looked shocked.
“Months ago when they took over the castle.” Woltar smiled. “He was caught while we were getting the king out. If he hadn't been the king would be dead.”
“He did it for the king of Airyglyph?” Nel looked a little surprised.
“Yes he definitely proved his loyalty to the kingdom that day.” Woltar said as they turned one of the corners. “The only problem is the king feels guilty.”
“For what? It was Albel's duty.” Nel asked.
“Because he had listened to an accusation of treason against Albel three years ago. As you remember we made him prove his loyalty after Vox's death in order to spare his own life.” Woltar looked at her. “He feels the utmost guilt about it now. Not to mention he had to work hard to get Albel's trust back.”
“I'm sure he did.” Nel looked at the ground. “Do you think Albel is dead?”
“It's been months. They have probably executed him by now.” Woltar frowned. “In fact he was probably executed the day he was caught.”
“What about the king?” Nel asked.
“He's still recovering from injuries. Would you like to speak to him?” Woltar looked at her. Nel met his stare. She did not believe it was wise for the king to be in such an obvious place.
“Yes.” Was all she said while biting her tongue.
“Very well. Follow me.” Woltar said as he led her down the corridor and into one of the rooms. King Arzei stood by the window looking out over the mountains seemingly unaware of the storm brigade's captain entrance let alone Nel's. “Your majesty. Lady Nel is here to speak with you?”
“Hmm?” Arzei turned to look at them. He smiled lightly at Nel and walked over and gave her a hug. “I am glad you see you're well.”
“Same to you your majesty.” Nel bowed.
“How is Romeria holding up?” Arzei asked.
“She is holding up well. We are currently planning a counterassault on the Greeton troops.” Nel answered.
“Good. She will need it.” Arzei frowned.
“Your majesty if I may. What were the circumstances in which Airyglyph was taken? With all you soldiers I figured it would be difficult.” Nel worded her question carefully.
“Nel… There was an insider, someone who knew the castle well and was leading them on. That's how it happened.” Arzei answered.
“Who?” Nel looked confused.
“Nel I am going to ask you a favor. When I tell you who it is I want you to carry out this favor for me. Will you?” Arzei looked at her seriously.
“Just as long as it doesn't go against my kingdom.” Nel answered.
“Does saving a former comrade count?”
“There's no way in or out…” Cliff muttered as he stared at the stats of Landon III.
“Are you getting frustrated?” Mirage asked as she walked over to him.
“Yeah… What are we supposed to do? We can't get to Fayt. Nel needs help and I can't be in both places at once.” Cliff sighed.
“I have an idea.” Maria walked up. Cliff and Mirage looked at her. “I will stay here with my team and retrieve Fayt while you go help Nel. That way we kill two birds with one stone and were helping everyone.”
“Are you sure Maria?” Cliff asked.
“Yeah.” She nodded. “Besides it looks like this is going to take a while.”
“We might not have a while.” Cliff answered. “Fayt could be in trouble.”
“Yeah but we don't know that for sure. And we know Nel definitely is, so you should get your ass over there and help her. It's the gentlemanly thing to do. And besides I know your itching to see her.” Maria put her hands on her hips. “So stop arguing with me and do it. If something happens I'll contact you.”
“Okay boss. You forget I'm a captain now too.” Cliff sneered.
“Okay then what do you suggest Captain?” Maria stared at him. Cliff stared at her for a long moment and then sighed.
“Okay… Okay you win. Geez.” Cliff sighed. “Beaten by a girl again.”
“Mirage can go with you.” Maria said as she walked out the door.
“Well?” Cliff looked at Mirage.
“Let's go?” Mirage tilted her head.
“Yeah.” Cliff got up and the two walked out of the room.
Nel raced back to Aquios on her horse. She had already pasted Kirlsa and was now heading right for Arias. She had something she had to do not to mention the hope back in her heart. Seeing Arzei brought her some good news and a little bit of bad but it didn't matter because she was going to take care of it. As she came up to the gate she yelled.
“Clair open the gate!” She shouted up at the top of the door. A moment later the gate opened and Nel rode in.
“Nel what's going on?” A woman with dark gray hair and dark eyes asked as she quickly went to the other side of town.
“I have a mission and important news to tell Romeria. I will be back shortly to explain everything!” Nel yelled as she rode out the other gate and headed for Peterny.
“She seems happier for some reason.” A tall man with short brown hair and a strong build said as he stood next to his daughter Clair.
“I wonder what she found?” Clair looked confused. “I thought she was coming back with Lord Albel.”
“That is what she said.” The man said calmly fixing his brown eyes on Nel in the distance. Nel quickly rode around Peterny trying not to catch any attention. And continued in the direction of Surferio. Just when she crossed the bridge to head south to Surferio she turned right and crossed the river. She headed towards the aqua gardens and past them. When she hit the stone road to Aquios she quickly headed to the moonlit bridge. She had been traveling the road for three days and finally she was going to report her findings to Romeria. She crossed the bridge and yelled out to everyone of her arrival. When she reached the castle she jumped off the horse and ran up the stairs. When she entered the great white hall and started heading to her room she heard a voice behind her.
“Lady Nel!” Nel turned to see Tynave running up to her.
“Tynave…” Nel looked at her.
“The queen wishes to see you in her chambers immediately.” Tynave said quickly.
“Tell her I will have an audience with her in a minute. I promise not to keep her waiting long.” Nel bowed and then quickly jogged to her room. A few minutes later she stood in front of double doors to the throne room she pushed open the doors and stepped inside.
“Your majesty you wished an…” Nel stopped short as she saw a tall blonde turn and smile at her. She blinked in disbelieve for a moment and her heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be.
“Hey.” Cliff smiled widely at her. Mirage stood next to him also smiling. Nel stared for a moment dumbfounded and then she smiled.
“Cliff.” She ran over to him and gave him a big hug. “I missed you so much. I didn't think you would come.”
“Hey isn't that what friends are for?” Cliff smiled as she pulled away and looked up at him.
“Hello Mirage.” Nel looked at Mirage.
“Hi.” Mirage smiled.
“Where's Fayt?” Nel looked up at Cliff.
“Uh… Yeah about that…” Cliff rubbed the back of his head.
“Cliff has offered his assistance and says more is on the way.” Romeria said calmly.
“Please forgive my rudeness your majesty.” Nel bowed apologetically.
“It is quite alright Nel. I understand. Did you speak with Lord Albel?” Romeria asked.
“I did not your majesty. It seems that he has been captured by the Greeton forces.” Nel finished. Cliff looked at her along with Mirage. They obviously wanted an explanation.
“I am sorry to hear that.” Romeria said without a hint of emotion.
“Your majesty may I.” Nel looked at her.
“Yes.” Romeria nodded.
“I spoke with King Arzei and he told me who was leading the Greeton forces in Airyglyph. It was his former captain of the dragon brigade.” Nel glared.
“Impossible. He died in the war three years ago.” Romeria looked surprised.
“Apparently he didn't because Arzei said that was the reason Airyglyph fell so quickly.” Nel stared at her.
“This is disturbing news. So Duke Vox is now in control of Airyglyph… This is not good.” Romeria looked worried.
“That isn't all your majesty. Arzei has reason to believe Lord Albel is still alive and is being held prisoner there as we speak. He has asked me to retrieve him as a favor.” Nel said solemnly.
“Do you wish to save him?” Romeria asked.
“Yes. He is my friend and a former comrade. He would be an asset on our side if I bring him back. Much like Fayt and Cliff.” Nel finished. Romeria seemed to ponder this.
“I suppose it will do me no good to tell you no. You seem determined to bring him back. And I would hate for you to break a promise. You have my permission to do what you will.” Romeria nodded.
“Thank you. Your majesty.” Nel bowed again.
“You are dismissed.” Romeria said with a nod of her head. Nel got to her feet and walked out the door. Cliff and Mirage following in her wake.
“Nel. Albel's been captured?” Cliff asked.
“Yeah and Vox is alive.” Nel sighed.
“Just great…” Cliff punched his hand. “This situation is just getting worse.”
“Why isn't Fayt with you?” Nel turned and looked at him.
“We can't get to Fayt right now. He was in hiding on Landon III. Something happened there and now we can't get to it. I can't even contact Fayt to see if he's okay. So Maria is going to get him as soon as she can and then come here. So it might be a while before reinforcements come.” Cliff answered.
“I hope Fayt's okay.” Nel looked concerned.
“Me too.” Cliff looked at the ground.
“So are you coming with me to save Albel?” Nel asked.
“Are we? Of course we are! He's our friend too.” Cliff looked insulted.
“Alright then lets not waste any time.” Nel turned and started to run down the hall followed by Cliff and Mirage.
End Chapter Two
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