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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Eight: Perfect Shot
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
Albel paced around the conference room of what used to be Clair's mansion. As he paced around he stared out the window at the guards outside and fettled with the ropes restraining his wrists. Nel sat in a corner of the room staring at the floor. She hadn't moved from the corner since they were put in the room. Cliff was leaning against the wall looking over at her with a worried expression on his face. He glanced over at Albel who had stopped pacing and was now standing next to the window staring out it. His attention slowly went to Arzei who was sitting in one of the chairs by the large table. Cliff sighed and walked over to Nel and kneeled down next to her.
“Hey sweetie… Are you alright?” Cliff looked worried. Nel looked up with tears steaming down her cheeks. Albel turned around and looked in their direction.
“She's gone.” Nel said calmly. Cliff moved a little closer and leaned forward until their chests were touching each other's.
“It's okay… I'd hug you but it's hard with your hands tied behind your back.” Cliff said. Nel rested her head into his chest and cried some more. Arzei looked over and stared with sad eyes.
“I apologize for this.” Arzei said calmly. “I should have taken care of Vox earlier.”
“What… When you were injured.” Arzei looked over at Albel as he turned and looked out the window. “I'll take care of Vox.”
“And how do you intend to do that?” Cliff leaned back away from Nel and looked over at him.
“Easy… I know exactly how to pull his strings.” Albel said calmly.
“Then you have a plan?” Cliff raised a brow.
“That's right. I do.” Albel turned and looked at him.
“Well I'm glad one of us does.” Arzei smiled slightly.
“Just leave it to me. I can guarantee we'll be out of here in a few hours.” Albel looked back out the window. “It just depends on how long it will take Vox to pay us a visit.”
“I hope Mirage is okay. I haven't seen her since just before this started.” Cliff sat down and leaned back against the wall.
“I wonder if she was caught.” Albel mumbled to himself as he turned slowly and walked over to Cliff. “Do me a favor.”
“What?” Cliff looked up at him.
“Turn around and unbuckle this clap holding my cloak on.” Albel kneeled down. “It will just be in my way.”
“Sure.” Cliff turned around and stood slightly and carefully unbuckled the clap.
“Thanks.” Albel stood and the red cloak fell off him and onto the floor. Cliff turned back around and leaned against the wall. Arzei watched Albel and wondered what he was doing as he bent over and let his hat fall off his head and his hair hit the floor. As Albel stood back up he flip his head back letting his hair fall down his back. As he looked at both Cliff and Arzei he spotted the strange look on their faces.
“That was an interesting way to undress.” Cliff commented.
“Oh shut up.” Albel glared and looked down at his two-piece purple outfit. “Well I'm lucky I didn't put my hair back before we got here. Having it out will be to my advantage.”
“How so?” Cliff looked confused.
“Never mind.” Albel rolled his eyes and felt dizzy suddenly. He fell to his knees and stared at the floor.
“Albel?” Cliff pushed off the wall and went to his side. “You okay?”
“I just felt dizzy.” Albel looked back at Cliff.
“You still need help.” Nel looked over at him with a worried face.
“What do you mean?” Arzei looked at her.
“He's not well.” Nel looked over at the former king. Arzei stood and walked over to Albel. He knelt down and looked at his pale skin.
“You do look a little pale.” Arzei looked him over and noticed some whip lashings on his stomach. Arzei looked back into Albel's crimson eyes and almost asked the question.
“If we don't do something and get to safe ground so Albel can rest for a few days this is going to be problematic.” Cliff said as he stood up. Albel pushed himself up and looked at Cliff.
“I'll be fine.” Albel glared.
“Would you quit lying?” Cliff looked at him. “We all know how injured you are. It's amazing your still walking.” Cliff leaned back against the wall.
“It's because he's stubborn. That's why he's still standing.” Nel shook her head.
“I wish you two would quit fretting over me.” Albel glared and walked back over to the window. Arzei watched him with his eyes and noticed how off balance Albel seemed to be when he walked.
“We can't because were worried.” Cliff said calmly.
“Why the hell are you worried about me for…” Albel turned around and the door suddenly opened. Albel's attention went to the door and he glared at his nemesis as he walked into the room. “It's about time.”
“You were waiting?” Vox looked at him curiously.
“Yes I was and you know how much I hate having to wait.” Albel glared.
“Too bad pretty boy.” Vox smirked and looked over and Cliff and Nel. “You two will be happy to know that you will be leaving here soon.”
“I'm sure.” Cliff glared.
“Vox this is getting ridiculous. Let us go.” Arzei glared at his uncle.
“I'm afraid Arzei that I just can't do that. I have other plans.” Vox smirked. Albel tossed his head slightly so some of his hair fell over his shoulder. He walked up to Vox and stared him in the eyes.
“And what might those plans be?” Albel tilted his head slightly to the side.
“Like I would tell you Nox.” Vox snapped with a glare.
“Oh how terrible.” Albel looked away. His skirt moved slightly exposing his left leg. Vox eyed him for a moment and then looked back at the youth's face. Vox walked up to him and grabbed a single strand of hair and ran his fingers threw it. Albel looked back at him with emotionless eyes. Vox moved closer till his ear was next to Albel's ear.
“Why do you always tease me?” Vox whispered and touched Albel's leg. Anger flashed in Albel's red eyes for a moment and then quickly went away and he whispered back.
“Because it makes you mad when you can't get what you want.” Albel stepped back and looked him in the eyes. Vox stared at him with an almost angry face.
“Well guess what. You're trapped. So watch me.” Vox said calmly. Albel stared at him with no emotions in his eyes whatsoever. Cliff exchanged a strange looked with Arzei who was wondering what Vox was talking about.
“Just keep praying Vox.” Albel said sinisterly. Vox walked over to one of the guards and whispered to him for a moment and then walked back over.
“Fine then.” Vox said as the guard grabbed Albel. “I'll just have to teach you a lesson.”
“What are you doing?” Cliff jumped up.
“Relax blonde. He'll come back.” Vox glared at Cliff and walked out of the room followed by the guard and Albel. As they exited the room the guard shut the door behind him and locked it.
“Shit!” Cliff leaned back against the wall. “Just what we all want. To be split up more.”
As Albel was led down the long hallway he spotted the communicator on the nightstand table. He narrowed his eyes and watched it carefully. Vox walked up the staircase forcing Albel to take his mind off the object for now. As they reached the top of the stairs Vox walked down the hallway and opened a door. He gestured for the guard to put Albel in the room. After the guard had done his duty Vox excused him and walked into the room himself. He eyed Albel carefully as he walked up to him.
“I don't like being teased Nox. It makes me less nice.” Vox stopped right in front of Albel and glared.
“Try me.” Albel back up into the desk that was behind him. Albel glanced slight down to the desk and then back at Vox.
“What's the matter? Find you can't back up any more?” Vox sneered and placed his hand on Albel's thigh again. Albel secretly cringed he didn't want to give his captor the satisfaction of freaking him out. Albel glared harshly at Vox who continued to grin. “I always get what I want.” Vox leaned forward and kissed Albel forcefully. Albel resisted the urge to push Vox away; after all he had to make his moves carefully. Albel moved his hands along the desk until his found a stone statuette on the tabletop. Grabbing the statuette with his right hand he struck Vox in the back of the head knocking him out. Albel breathed heavily and spit at the ground.
“Idiot.” Albel rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand and looked at the letter opener he had pulled out of the desk drawer. “I'm keeping this.” He pocketed the letter opener and set the statuette back on the desk. Albel glanced around the room and realized they were in Clair's room. “Thanks Clair.” Albel whisper as he snuck out the door and slowly made his way down the stairs. As Albel reached the bottom of the stairs he glanced around the corner at the guards that were standing next to the conference room. Albel glared slightly and looked at the communicator on the tabletop on to other side of the hall. Albel leaned back against the stairwell wall and sighed. “Hey you guys down the hall!” The guards looked down the hall. “Could you help me over here! I'm trying to get this box up the stairs.” The guards looked strangely at each other and then walked down the hall. As soon as the came around the corner Albel grabbed them both and banged their heads together. They fell to the floor unconscious with a loud thump. Albel jumped over them and picked the communicator up of the table. “Maria if you can hear this. Were in trouble. Were trapped in Arias and it would be useful if you got your ass over here and teleported us outta here.” Albel said into the communicator and the put it away. “Stupid woman.” Albel stalked down the hall and looked at another table. He raised a brow as he picked up his claw and katana. “He's more of an idiot than I thought.” He quickly rearmed himself and picked up Nel's daggers and Cliff's knuckles. He saw another set of knuckles and wondered to whom they belonged too. Shrugging it off he walked to the conference room door and rolled his eyes. Grumbling to himself he walked back over to the two guards and stole the keys off of them. “Thank you morons.” Albel snapped as he kicked the knocked out guards a few times before walking back down the hall. He unlocked the conference room door and walked in gracefully. Arzei stood up from the table and Cliff stopped leaning against the wall. Nel looked up. All three of them looked dumbfounded back at Albel. “What?”
“What the hell?” Cliff looked out the door and down the hall. “How did you?”
“Hold still.” Albel turned him around and used the letter opener to cut the ropes.
“So that's how.” Cliff said as he turned back around and rubbed his wrists. Albel shoved his set of knuckles at him and walked over to Arzei. After quickly cutting his ropes he looked over at Nel.
“Move it Zelpher.” Albel snapped as he walked over to her.
“Give her a break.” Cliff glared at him. Once Nel was free he handed her the set of twin daggers she always wore.
“Thanks.” Nel said sadly.
“Hey.” Cliff walked over and hugged her. “That's what I wanted to do earlier.”
“So what do we do now to get out of here?” Arzei asked. “I'm sure he's closed off all the gates.”
“I hadn't planned that far.” Albel looked out the window.
“We could always fight our way out.” Cliff punched his hand.
“Yes that would be smart. Trying to kill all of fifty guards that are lurking around here.” Albel said sarcastically.
“Well what would Fayt do?” Nel asked.
“Fayt would probably try and talk his way out. Then kill them when they didn't agree.” Albel said calmly. “But I don't think that will work this time.”
“So what happened to Vox?” Cliff asked.
“I hit him over the head with a elephant statue. After I stole the letter opener from the desk drawer.” Albel replied. Cliff and Nel exchanged looks while Arzei let a grin come to his face.
“We need to find Mirage. Before we leave.” Cliff pointed out.
“I get the feeling she's not here.” Albel commented and turned away from the window. He walked over to his hat and cloak and picked them up off the floor.
“We also need to find the communicator.” Cliff looked in one of the drawers.
“I have it.” Albel said as he put his cloak back on and his hat. “What we need is a distraction. If we can get the guards to flock to the north or east gates we could easily sneak out the south gate.”
“But how are we going to cause that kind of distraction? And what if Vox wakes up before we figure it out.” Nel asked.
“Then I'll just have to knock him out again.” Albel looked at her.
“I doubt he would fall for the same thing twice.” Nel folded her arms.
“You'd be surprised how stupid he is.” Albel raised a brow.
“It doesn't matter. We still need to figure a way out of here.” Nel said calmly. Albel thought for a moment and then walked into the hall. He picked up Mirages bag and dug through it. He pulled out a yellow rubber ducky and set it on the table. He turned quickly and headed back into the conference room. He ran to the other side of the conference table.
“Cliff help me.” Albel said as he went to push the table on its side. Cliff walked over and started pushing. Soon Nel and Arzei started to help. The table fell over easily a few minutes later and Albel ducked behind it. After he made sure everyone was behind it he pushed a button on a controller and the duck blew up. They heard the table in the hall crack and a window break. Soon after that they could hear guards running in. Albel ran over and shut and locked the conference room door. “Come on!” Albel ran to the back door and unlocked it. As they ran out into the street they ducked behind some buildings and boxes. He led them over to the south gate only to find the gate was closed.
“Now what genius?” Nel looked at Albel.
“Hang on.” Albel said as he walked over to a wooden door in the side of the wall next to the gate. He ripped open the door and quickly killed the guards. He started to spin the wooden crank to open the large double wooden doors. As he pushed the gate started to open.
“Hurry up!” Nel shouted as she became paranoid of the guards.
“Look! They're escaping!” One of the guards yelled.
“Shit! Albel!” Nel yelled. Cliff ran into the little room and grabbed the crank. With one hard push the crank started spinning around quickly. When the gate was open enough for a person to go through Nel grabbed Arzei and ran a crossed the stone bridge. Albel and Cliff followed in close pursuit behind them.
“Go into the forest!” Albel yelled. Nel and Arzei ran for the forest followed by Cliff. With the guards a few feet behind them as they continued on. When the reached the forest they all seemed to split up. Nel and Arzei ran until they reached the edge of the Sanmite Mountain.
“You okay?” She looked over at Arzei who nodded.
“Nel!” Cliff came out of the forest a few feet away. Nel and Arzei ran over to him.
“Where's Albel?” Nel huffed.
“I don't know he ran the opposite way from me.” Cliff shrugged.
“Shit. First Mirage now Albel.” Nel cursed.
“Do you think they're still chasing after us?” Cliff asked.
“I don't know. Do you have the communicator?” Nel looked at him.
“No… Albel does…”
“Cliff…” Albel stopped dead as he heard something from under his cloak. He pulled out the communicator and looked at it. “Cliff do you copy?”
“Maria?” Albel said into the communicator.
“Who's this?” Maria asked.
“It's Albel.”
“Albel? What's going on where's Cliff?” Maria sounded concerned.
“We got split up somewhere.” Albel looked around but could see nobody around.
“Where are you?” Maria asked.
“I'm in the Duggus Forest.” Albel kept looking around.
“I'm almost there. I got worried when I didn't hear from Cliff.” Maria said calmly.
“Yeah we had a bit of a problem getting out of the mountains and we aren't out of trouble yet. We lost Mirage back in Arias and now I've lost Arzei, Cliff, and Nel in this damn forest.” Albel walked down one of the paths. “What's the news with Fayt?” For a moment there was silence. “Maria?”
“About Fayt… I think I should discuss it with you all when I get there.” Maria sounded sad.
“What's going on woman?” Albel stopped his voice sounding agitated. “Is he okay?”
“To tell you the truth I don't know I have to…”
“Maria hang on a second I heard something.” Albel turned as he heard a twig snap. He glanced around narrowing his catlike eyes and staring around at the never-ending forest. “It must have been… Aw…” Albel's fell backwards as something smacked him in the chest. He landed on his back and pain shot through his chest like a burn. Albel reached his hand up and felt a smooth long round object with a featherlike tip. He knew what it was and his breathing slowed. His hand slipped off and arrow and fell to his side. He closed his eyes and his head fell to the side. The last thing he heard was Maria shouting over the communicator.
End Chapter Eight