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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Dantson POV

I could have been more than satisfied with getting detention a few days ago. As I walked the halls of the great Tallmadge High, I was almost praised by everyone who had math class with Mr. Ganaba. I couldnt walk five feet without someone saying nice job or good work.

I finally make it to my locker. I open it to find card with my name on them. Some were really artistic, some were less than artistic. As I read one, I feel small tender hands push me softly as an act to scare me.

Dantson: Hay Charlie.

I didnt bother to look behind me as I already know she is disappointed that she didnt scare me.

Charlie: aww, why didnt you jump?

Dantson: because youve been doing this since we were in third grade.

I put the card back in my locker and close it. Turning around to see Charlie. She had short Jet black hair, and always wears a some sort of leather jacket mixed with slightly ripped jeans.

Charlie: everyone is talking about something you did in Ganabas a few days ago, what happened.

Dantson: Everyone knows how he has a VERY strict no phone policy, right. So, in the middle of class, someones phone goes off in their bag. Now, keep in mind that everyones bags are scattered across the room. When the Phone goes off, Ganaba immediately stops talking, and freezes.

Charlie: whos phone was it?

Dantson: I dont know. Ganaba just started going through everyones bags and started grabbing phones.

A look of shock crosses Charlie as her mouth drops open open.

Charlie: He just took people's phones out of their bags?

Dantson: Yup. So, after hes done with the bags. He takes out the brief case that everyone was taking bets on what was in it. As he opens it, we saw that filled with black foam with Phone shaped cuts in it. He starts placing everyones phone in the pockets, closes it, and, I kid you not, throws it at the door.

Charlie: ohhh, thats what the loud bang was across the hall.

Dantson: I could have sworn I heard Jesse squeak. He picks up the case, and opens it, revealing that the phones were unharmed. It was his way of saying that the phones were safe. After that he starts going around peoples desk and starts asking for them.

Charlie: are you kidding me?

Dantson: Nope. He eventually gets to me, and I just stare at him with my arms crossed, and his hand held out. He said if I dont give him my phone, its a detention. I replied, and I Quote: If you dont move your hand, you wont be able to write down a detention.

Charlie: is that it?

She seemed disappointed.

Dantson: thats it. He moved his hand, and wrote me a detention.

Charlie: then why are people praising you?

Dantson: Because I A: stood up to the strictest teacher in the school that everybody hates. And B: I stole the briefcase, and burnt.

Charlie: you did what?

Dantson: you heard nothing. Lets just get on the bus ok?

*Time skip*

As I walk off the bus. I put in my headphones and listen to music. As I turn the corner to my house, I notice a car had pulled up into my driveway. Thing thing is, I dont recognize it. I take a look, and see Nathan, and three of his friends from school are gathered around it talking. Without fear, I keep walking until they notice me as I walk past my Neighbors house.

Nathen: Well, if it isnt Dump-man

He and his friends all laugh

Dantson: The names Dantson. Do I have to beat it into you four again?

I stop at the edge of my driveway.

Julian: You got lucky last time, Dump-man.

I drop my backpack onto the ground, and stand tall, because I know I can beat them again.

Nathan: Lets see if luck is with you this time, shall we?

I smile, then crack my knuckles. As soon as Im done, Nathan charges.

I rollover him on his back, it was easy considering they tried to grab me by the waste. One of them tries to punch me in the face. I quickly duck, and punch the air out of him, sending him crumpling to the ground, trying to catch his breath. I am still nealed, so I tornado-kick the one behind me, causing him to fall, and uppercut the one my leg didnt reach. They are all now on the ground in pain. I let out a small chuckle.

Dantson: luck has nothing to do with it. Its a little something called: skill.

But I didnt see Nathan get up. He bear hugs me from behind, the one I kicked get up, and was about to beat me to a pulp. But I took advantage of his knee, it was forward, I quickly put one foot on his knee, and jump, sending Nathan to the ground, with me on top of him. Sadly, his grip is was so strong, he rolled us over, not he was on top of me. The others get up, and strap me to the ground as Nathan gets off me. I cant see anything behind me, but I do hear the sound of a switch blade.

Nathen: You like to joke around, obviously.So Im gonna give you a smile.

He was just as out of breath as everyone else. As he starts putting the blade to my mouth, the amount of fear takes control, and I faint.

I wake up to the sun almost setting. I quickly check my face for any cut, and there weren't any, thankfully, But Nathan and the other jerks are gone, and a broken switch blade was on the concrete. I then a female voice

???:Good, youre awake

I look around quickly, and see nothing.

Dantson:Who are you?

There is a pause, and then I hear something land in the grass. I turn, but couldnt see anything in the shadow that is my neighbor's porch.

Dantson: did you follow me home again, Charlie?

???: No, Charlie didnt punch Ironwood trees to train herself to feel nothing, just as I dont

It was obviously Charlie, she knew I watched Kung Fu Panda when I was a kid. A shadowy figure appears, and I see a tiger on two legs. Confirmed it was Charlie because she was huge on cosplay.

Dantson: Ok, officially the BEST cosplay I have ever seen you make. I didnt know you watched Kung fu Panda, too.

Suddenly, I see a Green glow from behind her, and a portal opens.

???: I can explain everything if you enter.

The portal looked like a ground bridge from Transformers prime. Tigress then goes through the green portal, and disappears like in the show. If this is a prank, it was a pretty damn good one.