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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A tall dark hooded figure appeared out of the air like smoke. He stood in front of a missives black gate on ether side stood tall towers. The whole of the gates were between two lager towering sharp mountains. The skies above was filled and covered with black ash that came from far beyond the gates. Moments after the dark figure appeared 17 other dark hooded masked figures appeared behind him. The gates began to open, a tall man on a horse came from beyond the gates. The hooded Figure and its 17 followers walked closer. As they moved closer the man on the horse they could see that the man wore black robes and on his head a tall metal helmet that covers his entire face except for his mouth. His mother was large and disfigured, his teeth were yellow and black, he was a most disgusting looking man if he was in deed a man at all.

“Name yourself the dark lord demands its!” said the man on the horse, the masked figures laughed looking from one another. The tall dark hood figure raised a hand in it hold a wooden wand pointed at the man on the horse “Avada Kedavra” the man on the horse was hit and thrown by a jet of bright green light. With a wave of the wand the black gates were blasted opened. Before the hooded man and his 17 followers was a bare land, a plain of rocks and smoke. Far within, a black tower as high as the sky stood, at the up most top of it sat an eye, an eye made of flames. On just the to right of the tower there was volcano, black ahs blow from its top filling the skies. The hood man laughed his vice high and cold “yes, yes this will do nicely, this land will be MY DOMINION!” like comets of black smoke he and his followers shot high in to the air. Below them across the Plaines was a vast army of thousands and thousands of orcs and other unpleased things. They flew to the top of the tower into its highest windows.

A man setting in a tell grand thrown at the end of a grand black room. The man was tell much teller then a normal man. The man was dress in overly long black robes, his face covered under his long hood. The only part of him that was visible were his black thin hands. The tall hooded man standing lowered his hood to revel himself. He was thin and hairless, his skin was peal white, his nose was flat like a snake’s two slits for nostrils. His yes were livid scarlet and wide, pupils slit like a cat’s. He step forward away from his followers, they did not follow, some even back away a step or two. “The dark lord Sauron” the man whispered as he came to a stop, his wand held tight in his hand, pure joy in his red eyes. “You dear to speck my name? Fool you do you not know Fea-” before the man setting down could finish he was hit by a jet of green light that illuminate the black large thrown room. He was jerked back in his thrown as he was hit. The other man stood there with his wand pointed at Sauron, his head tilted to one side with the look of curiosity on his snake like face. Laughter came from Sauron “you can not kill me!” the man standing raised his head “It matters not. I am Lord Voldemort….and there can only be one Dark Lord!” far down below across the rocky Plaines of Mordor the vast army of Sauron’s watch up at the tower of the great eyes as from its most top, lights of Green and black shot and blasted forth. Then All of Mordor was bath in bright greenish glow, a glow that mixed with the fierier red flames from Mt.Doom.