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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this work of fiction. This is just what my mind coughed up after seeing so many Super Smash Bros. Brawl character rosters, so beware.
Dante, from Devil May Cry is in this story, even though I know little to nothing about him. (I'll do research later)
Cloud, from Final Fantasy is in this story; I know fairly enough about him.
Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy is in this story; I know enough about him as well.
Master Chief, from Halo is in this story; I know a lot about him, and plus he's cool.
Mega-Man X, Zero, AND Axl are in this story. I'm a Mega-Man fanatic, so I had to put them in this. SSBB is a Crossover game, after all.
And lastly, Ryu Hayabusa, from Ninja Gaiden, is most definitely in this story. You have to admit, he's the only DOA character that has his own game that's extremely good, and one anyone cares about.
Sora and Riku, from Kingdom Hearts, may appear in this story. It depends on how I feel at the time; I've gotten tired of KH.
Okay, now that I've specified all of the Non-smasher characters in the info above, you won't be surprised, or spamming (they're not in the game, retard!) when I put them in. I'm warning you now. You don't like it? Kick rocks.
Now, let's begin…
Every five years or so, there is a Tournament held for the universe's greatest fighters (Excluding DBZ *cough*). This tournament was created to determine the universe's most capable and skilled warrior.
All of the contestants participating in this tournament all have to do battle with one another sooner or later, over or on any chosen stage by two Tournament Heads, the Hands.
Each contestant is given a total of 15 stocks each, and each player is scattered across the chosen planet for the event: Planet Earth. It is up to these fighters, or Smashers - as they are preferably called - to find other contestants around the planet, and do battle with them. A stock is removed, or lost each time a Smasher is either killed, or knocked off a stage (Depending if the stage is suspended in mid-air or not).
Smashers are given the option to retreat and re-group if, A) Their stock count is in the red zone, or B) if their chosen partner for said match is defeated and the Smasher is unmatched and has no chance to win.
This is the third Smasher Tournament scheduled, and like its predecessor, new members are scouted out, receive an invitation and participate in the Tournament. The Tournament will last as long as there are two or more fighters remaining.
This is the Ultimate Test for the Universe's greatest warriors. Do you think you can handle it? If so, let's get started, shall we?
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament has begun. Seek out your opponents, and defeat them with your advanced skill and power! You will recognize a fellow Smasher if they have the Tournament's symbol - or logo - emblazoned upon their person. Good luck, and have a smashing time!
Master Hand and Crazy Hand
“So, I guess I'm invited, then.” Ryu Hayabusa said aloud, after having just finished reading the letter that was sent to him from a mysterious duo of… Hands. Weird. He balled the neatly written letter up in his glove fist, a smirk gracing his lips behind his mask.
He stood up from his sitting position in his small hut on the outskirts of the long-since abandoned Hayabusa Village. “I guess I'm up for swinging this thing around again.” He muttered, drawing his long, legendary blade from its dark sheath. He looked at the True Dragon Blade, staring at every inch of the sacred sword before returning it to the sheath on his back.
He slowly made his way outside of his small home; wincing slightly as his eye made sight of the Morning Sun. Ryu stretched quickly, before performing a quick set of hand-seals, and as quickly as he'd performed them, the ninja had taken flight in the form of his clan's spirit animal: The Falcon…
Hunting down and defeating every one of his opponents would be a challenge that he could say he'd accomplished once this Tournament was over.
Little did the experienced ninja know, he was about to be in for the time of his life…
The setting is DK's Jungle. The sun was shining, and all was currently silent in the small, peaceful jungle. If one paid enough attention, they could hear the engine of a small car passing through the jungle, and the sound of tires kicking up soil and gravel.
But, unbeknownst to nearly everyone in the Jungle, the car was carrying a cargo that the driver would soon regret stealing. The Koopa's driving became slightly sloppier when he heard the rustling of the trees in the cliffs above him. He shifted gears, trying to pass through the Jungle, as fast as possible, but with all the bananas tied down to his ride, he'd have to drive carefully; lest his cargo be lost.
A primal roar suddenly echoed through the previously silent jungle, followed by the sound of rustling leaves and a heavy pounding against the Jungle floor. The Koopa nearly jumped in fear, whispering to himself in his mind that he was imagining the strange, yet familiar sounds he was hearing.
His thoughts were abruptly interrupted when a large, insanely buff figure burst through the thick trees and revealed itself on the cliff-tops above him, releasing another roar of anger. A slightly smaller version of the angry ape appeared beside his angered uncle, armed with his Coconut Pistols and Jetpack.
The Koopa had a panic attack almost instantly; pressing a button on his panel, his released a trio of heat-seeking Chomper Missiles into the sky, aimed directly for the two apes.
Diddy Kong - the smaller of the two - took the time to take action, rocketing into the sky with his Jetpack. By aiming his Pistols, he expertly and flawlessly disposed of the missiles before they got too close to him and his Uncle.
Donkey Kong released another roar of rage; hanging over the cliff-side he was perched on, terrifying the banana-thief to no end. He beat on his chest like a stereotypical gorilla for a shocking after-effect: The Koopa began swerving out of control, too scared out of his mind by the two primates to concentrate on his driving.
His vehicle screeched throughout the Jungle, rooting up plants and kicking up soil and more gravel. Still unsatisfied with the condition of his eating stock, he turned to his airborne nephew, giving him a nod of order before finding himself a way down to the Jungle's base below.
Diddy took the nod as an order given, and dropped down to the ground, before giving chase to the banana-clad vehicle.
“I could've sworn he came this way…” Diddy trailed off as he wandered into a clearance in the Jungle. He found himself at the lake. Looking around, he began to search for clues until the Lake's condition sparked his attention.
“What happened here?” He asked no one in particular, eyeing the fallen vehicle that seemed to have crash-landed in the Jungle. Its crash had kicked up a great deal of soil and gravel, so much so that the vehicle was practically buried in it. The small ape wandered over to the alien vehicle, examining it briefly.
From what he could tell, it had been shot down, but by what, he hadn't a clue.
Diddy froze in place upon hearing the suppressed roar. He slowly turned, facing the lake as bubbles began inhabiting its surface. His eyes widened in horror as he witnessed the giant beast tear itself from under the surface of the water, and releasing a roar so loud, he swore that it knocked trees over.
The giant green dragon-type thing eventually spotted him, eyeing him in curiosity. In seconds, the Rayquaza that was previously slumbering under the lake snatched Diddy up. It skimmed the water, returning to the lake before turning to its prey. It roared again, and Diddy nearly wet his fur, holding up his furry paws in defense.
Rayquaza responded by attacking the ship it shot down with a Hyper Beam, setting it ablaze. Diddy's face paled, and he nearly fainted at the sight. He silently hoped whatever that was in that ship was okay, but he was a bit more concerned about himself at the moment.
“Someone… Help me…” He whimpered to himself, closing his eyes and waiting for the inevitable.
As if on cue, the protective glass of the grounded ship was kicked open and a new figure graced the air; the sun's rays shadowed him from sight, but as quickly as he revealed himself, he acted, striking the Rayquaza's stubby arm. It screamed in pain, releasing the small ape as the clever individual predicted.
The furry individual snatched Diddy up and helped him to shore, eyeing the Rayquaza after the simple task was done. The giant legendary monster roared, before firing another Hyper Beam towards the individual, aiming to erase him from existence.
But this time, the defender was prepared…
In the nick of time, he pressed the button of a metallic spherical structure clipped onto his brown belt, producing a blue plasma shield half a millisecond later. The blast of energy hit the shield, and bounced back like a pinball, before striking the beast in the neck; it collapsed into the lake once more, gurgling in pain as it sunk.
Fox McCloud smirked triumphantly, before turning to the smaller ape beside him. He looked Diddy up and down, before beckoning to him with his gloved paw. Diddy nodded, and proceeded to follow the strange fox.
“Where are we going?” Diddy asked after a half an hour walk of silence. “We're going to the Smash House,” Fox replied; he glanced back to the smaller one, but he didn't stop walking. “We have to register for the Tournament before the Hands cast us out.” Fox explained shortly after. “Tournament…? Oh yeah! Uncle DK has been telling about this Smash Tournament, I think. When I received an invitation, he was overjoyed and offered to guide me to the Smash House, but we were separated.” Diddy told him.
“Ah,” Fox nodded in acknowledgement, “I take it you're a newcomer. You'll fit in just fine with the other Smashers. I'm sure you'll have quite a bit of fun, too.” Fox chuckled.
“So… how long have you been participating?” The ape asked, looking up at Fox. “This is my third year being invited. I've participated in all three Tournaments so far, and I even almost won the first one, until they upped the roster in the second.” Fox explained shortly.
“Ah,” Diddy nodded in comprehension….
The two continued their trek in complete silence…
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