StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Sunny Days ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A few days ago, the Cornerian forces were launching a most intriguing project ever. “Project-Solar”
The Lylat-System's sun, Solar… was a red dwarf-star. Much smaller, and not as hot compared to the sun we knew on Earth. Still… it was interesting to study, and this project was going to make a break through in all of the Lylat-System's history.
Three volunteers from Corneria: Commander. Mozart Catseye. Lt. Fuzzy Bearo, and Lt. Sora Raven All three of them were selected amongst all others to fly in a specially fitted ship all the way to Solar.
The objective of the project to gather fragments of matter that Solar blew out within its flares; In other words the objective of the mission was collect a piece of the star itself. All precautions into making the Solar-Ship were seen to it which would guard the three solarnauts against Solar's heat, and radiation.
The same materials that kept the Arwings safe were the same coating of the hull of the ship, and it had powerful rockets strong enough to break free of its powerful gravity. If all went according to plan… and the mission a success… Corneria would be the very first planet in the system to obtain of piece of Solar.
The day the ship was launched was truly a thing to honor… Onboard the Great-Fox somewhere else in the Lylat-System, all of us were watching the images of the ship being launched from a few days ago… except for Slippy and ROB.
“You know… a ship launching never fails to give me a kick.” Fox said.
“You and me both, Fox…” I said, “Just think… a ship to the very star itself.” It amazed me and siblings that such technology ever existed in the universe. Too bad we didn't have the stuff to look at our sun that way…
“Say… where's Slippy…?” asked Erin, “Doesn't he want to watch this?”
Peppy chuckled, “You know how Slippy is when he's working on something big…” he told us, “He doesn't like to be disturbed, not for anything.”
Slippy was in his cabin working on upgrading ROB's systems. “No, no… that won't do at all.” he muttered to himself. “At this rate, I'll never find a way to get these systems upgraded.”
Just then there was a knock at the door, “Enter…!” Slippy called. Donny walked in, “Gee, you sure look busy.” he said as he noted the scattering of his tools. “Still trying to give ROB his upgrade?”
Slippy nodded, “I just don't get what I'm doing wrong. He still takes a long time to answer, and he can barley make any accurate calculations at all.”
Donny asked Slippy if he wanted to come watch the Solar-Project, “They'll be going into orbit in five minutes.”
“…Four and one-quarter minutes to be exact.” Slippy corrected him. Donny was amazed; Slippy seemed to know ever calculation of the project by heart as if he designed it.
Andross, who was well aware of the Solar-project, had an idea. He clicked a switch to show him that strange glowing power generator. The power level was much higher than ever now, but whatever it was going to be used for, Andross was still not convinced it was ready. It needed more power…
“Perhaps the Solar-Project will come in handy to me.” he said to himself. In his years of science-experiments even he himself knew how to make good use of star-rays, the only problem was, he couldn't allow Corneria to have the first real sample of Solar-fragments.
Luckily he had built a device that was able to help him carry out this mission to stop the Solar-Ship, “TOBOR…!” he shouted.
Tobor rushed to him at once, “You called my lord…?”
Andross nodded and presented him with his next task, “You know what to do, and no mistakes, or else!”
Tobor bowed to his master, “I swear to you sire… I will not fail.” and he was off, leaving Andross to chuckle maliciously to himself.
The three solarnauts, Mozart, Fuzzy, and Sora were now preparing for the final phases in their mission. “It's amazing…” Sora said, “Our instruments are reducing the heat and glare of Solar millions of times.”
“Yeah… and it's still pretty powerful.” added Fuzzy. Regardless, they were all being very brave and completely trusting in the precautions built into their ship. “Temperature, nearing 120-degress....” Sora said.
“Increase refrigeration, two marks.” Mozart said.
A small unit was built into the ship's cabin too keep the insides nice and cool. The three solarnauts sighed heavenly. “Just think… without all these gadgets we'd have melted away hours ago.” Fuzzy said.
Now came the tricky bit… calculating the angle and proximities to go into correct orbit. “That is the tricky bit...” Fuzzy said, “If we miss the orbit we could wind up heading straight for Solar.”
Commander Mozart however was more than confident they were going to be okay. “Remember… if anything goes wrong we have the power to break free.”
They all checked their controls, “Stand-by to fire retros.” replied Mozart. “Ten seconds. Check radiation and temperature levels.”
“Temperature, A-okay.” said Sora.
“Radiation, A-okay.” added Fuzzy.
“Five seconds… four, three, two, one… Retros…!”
The rockets fired and the ship began to steer into position. “Perfect! We're on correct orbit.” Mozart said. “Now, let's check the systems and prepare for fragment obtaining.”
The others nodded and got straight to work…
Except for Slippy, the rest of us had just received reports that the solar-ship was safely locked into orbit, and it was only a matter time before the matter fragments of Solar would be gathered.
“The tension here on Corneria is mounting.” The reporter said. “But all signs show the solarnauts are in excellent condition.”
Krystal felt like she had butterflies in her stomach. “Ooh… this is so exciting.” She said, “Surely Slippy won't want to miss this.”
“Forget it…” Donny said, “I already tried… and he's got no interest.”
Fox sighed, “When is Slippy going to learn that ROB's just fine as he is. Why upgrade him?”
Tobor was hovering through space in one of Andross' newest creations, Jam-a-matic; aver powerful machine that could jam certain signals or controls half a system away at least.
“Heh, heh, heh… target locked. He chuckled to himself in the cockpit. “Shame… to see such a fine ship go to waste.” then he activated it's beams, and all he had to do now was wait…
It was time…
Solar-Ship's tractor-beams were armed and poised directly at Solar. “Stand by to fire.” Commanded Mozart, “Five, four, three, two, one… NOW…!”
The beams fired and began to gather the fragments of matter off the flares. “It's working…” Sora cried, “Supply tanks filling up, at five-percent per minute.”
“Temperature and radiation still in the green.” added Fuzzy.
A few moments later, “There…! That's it!” cried Sora, “All tanks filled at one-hundred percent.”
“We've done it!” cried Mozart. “Let's do a final equipment check.”
“And then… back to Corneria.” added Fuzzy.
The reports had come in that entire mission was successful, “The fragments have been collected and are now safely stored within the Solar-Ship.”
“Gee… I got to hand it to those guys… they sure know what their doing.” Falco said.
“And here we thought something was going to go wrong.” added Fox, but then suddenly…
“Hold it folks… something's gone wrong.” cried the reporter. “For reasons seemly unknown, the solar-ship has seemed to have lost ability to change it's course. The tracking stations report that the ship is on a direct collision course with Solar. Stay-tuned in for further reports on this story…!”
“You just had to open your big mouth, didn't you?” Falco mocked at Fox.
“I don't understand…” I said, “What could've gone wrong? All the equipment was in perfect working order.”
Peppy had a strong hunch, “There's only one answer. Something must be jamming their ship's controls.”
We all suddenly began to believe he was right; no other explanation would be accurate enough. “It's Andross' doing. I just know it!” Fox growled.
This was terrible, the solarnauts were heading to crash into Solar, and they couldn't fire the retros to break away.
“Hold on a minute…!” Erin cut in. “If those guys in there are being jammed, can't Corneria just send a radio beam to fire the rockets by remote-control?”
Peppy had thought of that too, “In fact, I'd dare that their probably trying it now… its just that I doubt that the technology that they have is strong enough to make it that far, or even withstand the radiation of solar at such a close distance.”
Just then the reported on the TV explained that the station was now going to General Pepper for an urgent bulletin.
Pepper was standing behind a podium, “All efforts to alter solar-ship's course by radio-beam have failed. Now I have a vital request to make… Star-Fox team… X-Team… if you are indeed watching this telecast… please contact me at once.”
“I repeat; this is an emergency. Star-Fox… X-team… contact me at once.”
“Now how did I know that was going happen?” Fox said as he contacted the General, and agreed to for us to attempt a rescue-mission… but this was going to be a tough one. Nevertheless, we changed our course and began to head off towards Solar.
The solar-ship continued along in its decaying orbit, and the three solarnauts were still unable to fire the retros. “It's no use… it's not working!” cried Mozart. “They're just not working.”
The temperature was rising fast again, so the refrigeration was increased again, but that didn't stop the ship from falling towards Solar. “Whatever's jamming us… it's got a tight grip.” said Sora. “Were getting way to close to the star....”
“And getting closer every minute!” cried Fuzzy. “I hate to say this, guys, but I'm scared.”
The other two didn't want to admit it, but they were beginning to feel scared too…
On our way to rendezvous with Solar, we all discussed rescue plans… the best thing we could come up with was make an attempt to fire the retros on the ship by our own radio beams.
“Well… we could try and take the Arwings out there…” I suggested, “They can withstand the heat and radiation of Solar…”
“But Mykan… the transmitter-beams on the Arwings isn't strong enough.” Erin said. “And even if we could it would drain our shields and protection against the heat. I think the Great-Fox's transmitter would be a much safer choice.”
Donny disagreed with her there, as the Great-Fox's shields weren't tough enough to withstand the heat of a star. “We wouldn't be able to get close enough. I think Mykan's way in using the Arwings would prove much more effective.”
A few other disagreements followed, “Let's face it…” Slippy finally said. “Both ideas have equal chance of success or failure. I say… how about we gamble on either one paying off.”
Fox agreed we were going to launch a two-pronged mission. Fox, Krystal, I and Donny would take the Arwings, while Erin would stay onboard the ship with the others and try it that way.
With all that settled, the Arwings were launched, and the fate of the three solarnauts rested on our shoulders.
The refrigeration unit was at full-power, and the shields were still draining. “Just twenty-four hours to go.” Mozart pointed out.
“To crash into a star…?!” cried Fuzzy. “It's like a nightmare…”
“Yeah… one I've had many times over.” added Sora. “Why doesn't anyone help us?”
Just then, the radio began to receive a transmission. “Do you guys hear the radio...?” Sora asked. Mozart and Fuzzy leaned in closer. “Come in Solar-Ship. This is the Star-Fox team…”
The solarnauts could not have been happier than to hear that name.
“Commander Mozart to Fox McCloud… where are you? Can you help us.”
“We hope so…” Fox answered, “We're going to try and fire your retros from space.”
We were now too hours away from our calculated area. “Be careful when using your beams…” Krystal warned us, “Every second you use them you'll drain the heat-resistant shield around your ship.”
“Copy-Cat…” Donny said, “How about we try and fire them now while we're still far away…?”
The rest of us agreed with the idea, “At least we'll know how short we are.” I said, and with that, we fired all our safety-beams at once… the four beams joined together and began to slowly stretch out trying to hit the target. It got no closer than halfway across when it stopped. “Negative…” I said, “We're four hours short.”
“Four hours…?” cried Donny. “But that means we'll to go much closer to Solar than was estimated.”
“Sure looks that way…” Fox said, “Let's just hope our heat shields can hold out that distance.”
The Great-Fox remained in free float where it was. It could go no closer or the radiation and heat of Solar would damage the ship. “Radio-beams nearly charged…” Erin said, “Target locking.”
“Do you think we have a chance…?”
Peppy wasn't sure, “We won't know until we try.” he said, “Get ready to fire…!”
“Firing beams now…” Slippy said, and the ship began to fire a very powerful safety-beam towards the Solar-Ship. The bad news was that it just wasn't powerful enough to get at it… “We'll have to try again…” Peppy said, “But this time we'll need to use more power.”
Erin nodded, and began to recharge the systems. She also hoped that those of us in the Arwings were holding out fine…
“If I know Fox… he's been through worse.” Falco said.
A few hours later, we in the Arwings tried our safety-beams again, but we were still another two hours before we were in range, and our heat shields were dropping slowly now. Still, we weren't willing to give up…
Especially seeing as how the Solar-Ship's outer hull was starting to melt and burn. Inside, the Solarnauts were beginning to lose consciousness. “I can't… stand the heat.” Groaned Mozart, “It's… so… hot…!”
Fuzzy was sweating a lot because of his fur, “Are—are you sure you… can't get anymore out of the refrigeration unit?”
“No! Nothing's… working anymore.” answered Mozart.
Sora was so tired she could barely speak, “Where's that team of ships?” she cried, “It's been over four hours since our last contact.”
Fox, Krystal, Donny and I weren't too far behind, but we ourselves were starting to feel hot and sweaty. We had used the safety-beams so many times that “Our heat-shields can't take anymore.” I groaned.
Donny wiped his brow, “Hey, let's try it again….!”
Fox agreed with us, “Did you get that Krystal?” he asked. “Krystal…? Krystal! Did you get that…?”
Krystal struggled to keep her eyes open, “Yes…” she cried. “Try the… signal again…!”
It was a mighty struggle but we all managed to activate our beams. They came close, closer, and closer… and they faded again. “GRR… They're still short!” Fox growled, “Isn't there anything we can do to increase the power…?”
“We can… over run the system to about point five.” Krystal told us.
“All right… lets do that.” I said, “We just can't go any closer!”
We activated more power, and fire the beams again. This time… we had contact, and the rockets on the other ship began to fire.
Sora, and Fuzzy were already passed out, and Mozart. He felt the ship quaking, “This is it…” he peeped, “The ship's breaking up. I figured I'd be dead before it happened. I guess it won't be long now…”
The ship was turning around, and the glare of the star began to dim out. Mozart suddenly began to feel it getting cooler. “Hey…! Why am I still alive? Why isn't the ship melting?” he wondered. “Say… that noise! It-- It's the rockets, they've fired!”
The ship finally broke out of orbit and was on its way to safety. “Sora…! Fuzzy! We're leaving Solar! We're going to live…”
Sad to say Tobor wasn't impressed, “Ooh… that wretched Star-Fox team! They always have to mess everything up!” he growled, “Well… this time will be the last. I may have lost the Solar-Ship… but I can still eliminate them. Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!” and he began to recharge his jamming-beams and fire them at our Arwings.
“Okay…” Donny said in barely more than a tone. “The ship's out of danger. Let's get out of here.”
“Just in time I guess…” I said, “I can't stand much more of this heat.”
We shut off our safety-beams and tried to fire the retros, but something wasn't going right. “Come on… fire you stupid things, it's GETTING UNBEARABLE !!” Fox growled.
We kept trying, “The retros!” cried Krystal. “They're not working!”
“Uh, guys…” cried Donny, “I hate to say this but… you're aware… THAT WE'RE STILL ON A COLLISON COURSE WITH THE STAR!”
Tobor was quite amused, and obviously aware that his pan was succeeding, “And to make doubly sure they perish… I believe the Great-Fox will do for a multi-shot. Heh, heh, heh…
The beams were still being charged on the Great-Fox, when suddenly reports had come through that the Solar-ship was no out of danger. The others sighed a huge heave of relief… but then noticed that the Arwings were nowhere in sight. “I don't get it… where are they?” asked Falco.
“Wait folks, here is more news…” the reporter said. “This is disastrous. It can't be true! According to the tracking stations… the Arwings have not altered course, and a reported to be heading straight for Solar.
Everyone gasped. “I don't get it… what happened?” cried Erin.
Peppy did some calculations, “Hey! Something's jamming their ship controls.” he snapped. “We've got to un-jam them and fast before they burn-up.”
They all got down tot heir controls, but suddenly they all went dead. “Now what?” snapped Falco.
Slippy wasn't sure, but he had a hunch, “Whatever jamming the Arwings must have just hit us as well.” he said, “We don't have any control. What are we going to do…?”
The Arwings were still flying helplessly in their decaying orbit, and all four of us had finally passed out from the heat, and with no way to get ourselves out…!
“Mykan....! Donny…!” cried Erin. “There's got to be something we can do…”
But Peppy shook his head, “We could try and make repairs and upgrades, but that would take too long, and we don't have time.”
This was too much to bare… all they could do was to sit and wait for us to die… until Slippy had an idea. “Hey, What about ROB?”
“ROB?” asked Erin, “Slippy this is no time to be worrying about your project.” But Slippy insisted that his project was the point. He explained that one of the upgrades he had been trying perfect into ROB's systems was an ultra-jammer… “If I hook ROB up into the systems, maybe he can un-jam the controls and we can save the Arwings.”
“Well don't just stand there… get him in here!” Falco practically yelled with excitement. Slippy dashed out and brought ROB back at once. “Well… here goes…” he said as he turned ROB on.
“Okay ROB…” Slippy said. “I need to calculate a special formula-code to help un-jam the systems.”
“Now then ROB… What is the square-route to the power of 29 of the trigonometric amplitude of 87… divided by the quantitative hydraxis of 956 to the power of 77?”
ROB began to calculate the formula-code, but he sure was taking his precious time. “Come on, ROB! Come on…!”
Finally… ROB answered, “45,979. Downloading now…”
“It's working!” cried Erin. “Slippy, you did it!”
“Way to go, Slip!” added Falco.
The retros on the Arwings finally fired, and we moved away from Solar, and slowly regained consciousness. Much to Tobor's frustration, “No! I won't them get away this time!” he growled, but when he tried to jam our equipment again, “What's happening? My controls are not responding.”
Then suddenly a message appeared on his radar-screen. “You can go tell Andross that you failed again this time, Tobor.”
“Erin McClain.”
“PS: Speaking of time… 5… 4… 3…”
Tobor looked up and could see a shot of laser beams fired from the Great-Fox and coming right at him, “AAAH… I'm Out of here!” and he vanished just in time as his machine was completely destroyed!
Andross was FURIOUS!
“That bumbling fool!” he thundered, “He's let the Star-Fox team and X-team beat us again!” and he vowed to get us someday… and no mistakes would be made.
Back on the Great-Fox… Fox, Krystal, Donny, and I were in the sick back. We all had caught terrible fevers from being that close to a star, and were being treated well. “How's your fever, bros?” Erin asked.
Donny and I removed the cloths from our heads, “Needs more cold…” Donny said.
Fox was just glad everyone made it, “I'm really proud of my team and teammates today.” he said.
Krystal smiled at him, and Fox began to blush, but he denied it once again and said it was his fever.
“Sure it is, Fox…” Falco said and then shot him a wink.
Though Fox still didn't want to admit it… he was just relieved that anther mission was completed. “Once again we're all safe, to fight you another day, Andross.”