StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Fox's Past Problem ( Chapter 18 )

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Andross had been rather quiet for the past week, though we weren't sure why… but that didn't mean our patrols were canceled. In fact, today we were orbiting and searching around the planet Papetoon… Fox's birth-planet… where a report of strange and disturbing signals were detected…
Peppy, and Slippy were in orbit around the planet, and everything seemed fine from their view. As for the rest of the team, we each broke into groups of two and searched the planet in the Arwings…
Donny and Erin…
Falco and I…
And Fox stayed with Krystal… mostly because they also wanted some time alone together
Still… we all had been circling around different sectors of the planet, and so far we had nothing to report. No disturbances… nothing unusual… not even anything close to the source of any signal.
“Well that about wraps things up here…” Krystal said. “Once again, nothing to report...”
Fox however was not convinced, “Those signals we monitored… they must've come from somewhere.” He convinced Krystal to stay with him a while longer on patrol, and then they'd gather up the rest of the team and return to the ship.
They suddenly found themselves flying over a lake, one that Fox remembered whereas his father used to take him fishing when he was younger, before the calls of duty made things difficult… but Fox was nearly speechless at what he had seen. “Will you take a look at that…!”
There was an entire village just a small walk near the lake. A village that seemed to be run by Fox-like creatures just like Fox himself. Most of which were families too. Fox was amazed… but soon he wasn't surprised. It had been a while since he had actually been to his birth-planet, and a lot must have changed over the years since his father died.
“Maybe we ought to check it out?” Krystal suggested. Fox couldn't disagree with her, so they set their Arwings down in an area away from the village, but upon their setting foot within the village grounds… they found everyone was gone, back into their huts.
“What goes on around here?” Fox asked. “First there's a whole village of people and then nothing… like a ghost town.”
Just then, the ground began to quake, and tremble. “Whoa! Hey!”
“A very rumbling ghost town!” cried Krystal.
As they took a few more steps forward under the stress of the quaking, they realized, “It's coming from by the lake.” said Fox. They dashed over to take a closer look, and they saw the lake was bubbling like boiling water, and swirling as if something was going to emerge.
Fox and Krystal readied their weapons, but just then they heard the sound of someone chanting, “Oh great spirit of the lake…”
Fox and Krystal turned and could see an old Fox knelling down at a shrine just by the lakes edge. “Please Great Spirit… forgive the delay… we promise you shall have what you desire in due time. Please spare our village.”
The rumbling and the lake quieted down, and all was at peace once more. “Okay… what was all that about?” Fox asked, and that's when the Old-Fox turned round, and gasped, “Master Fox McCloud… is it truly you?”
Fox then recognized the Old-Fox, as one of his father's old friends, “Grey… Grey-White
Grey confirmed, “It really is you…” he cried, “Master Fox… have you come to meet your promise and marry my daughter, Sagwa?”
Fox's eyes bulged to the size of tennis-balls, and his jaw dropped wide-open, “W-what…?”
As for Krystal, she heard every word, “Fox… What is he talking about?” she asked.
A while later… Fox signaled for the rest of the team to come to the village, and upon our arrival, we could see the villagers bustling about crying for joy, “Master Fox McCloud has returned…”
“Begin the preparations.”
We all were gathered at Grey's house, which the largest one as he was the richest one in the village, and the headman. “Fox… what's this all about?” I asked.
“And why are all these creatures so happy you've returned?” added Erin.
Just then… a pretty young white-vixen came up to the doorway, “Fox McCloud! I can't believe it's really you.”
Fox took one good look at the girl, “Oh, Sagwa… uh… it's great to see you again.” He said as he gently kissed her hand, but he began to feel a chill run up his spine as he could sense that Krystal was already starting to feel numb inside… and indeed… she was!
Even though she a normal expression on her face, Krystal really felt her insides starting to churn…
Regardless, Grey, and his wife Ginger, explained to us everything of what had happened.
Years back, when Fox was only a little cub, and living with his family in their den on Papetoon, Fox and Sagwa were playmates. Always going for swims, sharing their toys and snacks…
James McCloud and Grey then had an idea that perhaps it would be nice if maybe one day Fox and Sagwa would marry. Their families really looked up to that idea, and it was what kept their hopes and spirits alive when Andross first began his war on the Lylat-system.
Sagwa though she was so little, she already understood what was going on right from the start. She gazed at Fox with a twinkle in her eyes and her hands folded. “For many years I dreamed of the day that Fox would return… and now at last my prayers have been answered.”
Fox felt like he was going to hurl.
“Fox…! What's the matter with you?” Falco snapped. “How could you let this happen…?”
Fox didn't have to answer as we could tell from the expression on his face that it was obviously a silly arrangement by his father, when he was still so little that he obviously didn't know any better of what was going on.
That made Krystal feel slightly less irritated, but now her sour expression was worse than ever. “It's all right…” she sighed softly, “It all happened in the past… Right Fox?” she hinted while squeezing his tail hard.
“Oh… I'm really in hot water now.” he groaned.
“Water…?” Donny asked, “Say that reminds me… didn't you say something about a monster being in the lake?”
“Yes… unfortunately it's true.” said Grey.
He explained how a year back a large monster had appeared in the lake, and did help keep the village a safe place from Andross' forces, but in exchange… it was demanded that Sagwa become his wife.
We all gasped in shock, “Whoa! Talk about a major demand…!” muttered Erin.
Ginger dabbed her eyes with the sleeve on her robe. “It's horrible… simply horrible. We tried to refuse the demand, but our master is intent on having our Sagwa for his own.”
Sagwa suddenly threw herself into Fox's arm sobbing in fear. “Oh, Fox… I'm so frightened!”
Fox didn't know why, but he patted her back tried to ease her fears, much to Krystal's annoyance. “I tried to tell him that I am betrothed… but, he simply refuses to believe.” said Sagwa.
“You're already engaged…?” Fox asked stupidly, “To whom…?”
All of us looked embarrassed, “That'd be you, lover-boy.” Falco said sounding low.
“Master Fox please… you must help us.” Grey said, “If we do not do something and quickly, the monster of the lake plans to destroy our village as his ultimatum.”
Realizing that we couldn't let this happen, and the village being peaceful and not as powerful as Corneria, or the other plane, it would be crushed for sure if that monster was as powerful as it was said to be…
“All right… I'll help you.” Fox finally said.
The rest of us agreed… we always had to do our duties, no matter how much we'd dislike a mission concept.
Grey, his wife, and Sagwa were overjoyed, “Attention everyone… Fox McCloud has agreed to help us. Begin preparations for the ceremony.” Then all three of them ran off, leaving Fox confused, “Ceremony…?”
“What are they talking about…?” I said, “I thought they only wanted us to deal with the monster in the lake.”
“It looks like that's only part of the arrangement…” said Erin.
That night
While Fox was in the house trying to sort everything out, the rest of us were all outside, guarding the perimeter. It was a little chilly, but Krystal and I used our staffs to light bonfires to help keep everyone warm. Still… Krystal's expression hadn't changed ever since she had found out about Fox and Sagwa. It almost was as if he was cheating on her…
“Hey, do you think Fox can actually straighten this out…?” Donny asked.
“Well he'd better…” snapped Erin, “He already promised to marry Krystal, remember?”
Falco just let out a yawn, “Wouldn't surprise me if things turned out ugly for Fox.”
As I passed by, and flicked by fingers across his head, “Ow! Hey…! What was that for?”
“Take a guess…” I said, “Imagine how Krystal must feel about this.”
Krystal's expression still hadn't changed one bit, she knew deep down that Fox loved her, and he had no idea bout the arrangement with Sagwa. What was really eating her inside was what if Fox had no other option…?
Inside, Grey was doing all that he could to convince Fox to marry Sagwa in the shortest possible time, “The fewer delays, the better for our safety.”
Sagwa held Fox's hands, “Please… do as my father says, and make me your wife. I can't bear to think what would happen if the monster in the lake were to take me.”
Fox suddenly realized something, “But wait… if this monster or whatever it is really wants Sagwa that bad… then the odds are he'll still go after her even if she were married.”
“No… you don't understand…” replied Grey, “The master wishes to have a virgin as his wife. We feel that if we hold a marriage ceremony he most likely won't go after Sagwa.”
Fox really didn't know what to do now, he couldn't just let Sagwa get pulled into such a fate, but what would he do about Krystal… the one he truly loved.
Just then, the earthquakes began to start up again, and they were now more violent than ever. “It's the monster…!” cried Grey. “He is emerging from the lake as we speak.”
Just then, they heard Erin screaming outside…
“What… what is that?” Donny cried.
“Fox… get out here!” I called.
Fox dashed outside quickly, and saw a giant spider-like machine being driven by a small aquatic creature. “That's the monster of the lake?” Fox asked in near disbelief.
“Yes… unfortunately it is…” cried Grey.
The creature looked down at everyone, and spoke in rhyme…
“People of this village that which I see…”
“I wish to possess a lovely bride-to-be.”
“If not what I get, then what I shall take.”
“Such mess of this village I shall make.”
He was demanding that Sagwa be handed over to him, or he'd use his machine to destroy the village. “Hand her over, my anger is gushing.”
“Or the village with my machine I'll be crushing.”
Falco was growing annoyed with all his rhyming, “Well anyone got any suggestions?” he asked.
Fox had one, and he marched straight up towards the machine, “Listen here pal… you can't have Sagwa, and that's all there is too it, and if you try to destroy the village you'll be sorry.”
The creature simply laughed…
“My, my… feisty aren't we?”
“But what makes you believe you can stand up to me…?”
He gave us all a demonstration of how powerful his machine was by firing a huge beam of plasma-energy at a far off mountain, completely destroying it so not even any dust was left.
“WHOA…!” we all cried out. It was amazing how much power that machine of his had. Fox however was still not willing to give in. “Big figures… you still won't get what you want by destroying the village.” he said.
The creature agreed with him, “Yes… perhaps that is true…”
“But there is something else, and it concerns you.”
He pulled on a lever to reveal, “Krystal…!” cried Fox. She was being held hostage, and the creature warned us all that if we didn't hand Sagwa over… the village would not be the only thing he would crush.
The creature gazed up at the moon…
“I shall be here at the first stroke of dawn…”
“Either meet my demands or the village and girl will be gone!”
He then pulled on his controls and began to head for the lake taking Krystal with him. “Fox…!” she cried.
“No! Krystal…!” Fox shouted, but the monster had already vanished with his machine and Krystal below the water's surface. Fox fell to his knees and roared loudly ad he pounded the ground with his fists.
Sagwa and her family were starting to wonder if maybe Fox had feelings for that girl that was just taken away.
The monster had taken Krystal to a cave under the lake were he stored his machine and served as his base of operations, and home. Krystal was chained to the walls, and she was struggling to try and break free.
“Struggle and strive you'll not escape yet.”
“The more you do, tighter do the chains get.”
Krystal sneered at him, “You can't leave me trapped here like this.”
The monster admitted that he had no intention to, he was simply using her as a bargaining chip to get Sagwa… However… he was going to live up to his ultimatum…
“If my demands they refuse to comply…”
“I'm afraid you , my friend, are doomed to die”
Krystal gulped hard, and continued to struggle while the monster laughed at her. “You'll never get away with this!: Krystal growled, “Someone on my team will rescue me…”
The creature didn't believe that would be happening…
“Rescue you, they will not dare…”
“My machine is to powerful, as you saw up there.”
“Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah…!”
Up on the surface, we contacted Peppy and Slippy in the Great-Fox, and we asked them to do a scan of the machine our communicator camera's recorded. “Well from what you've picked up… it seems that creature's got one a power source.” said Peppy.
“We know that already…” I said to him, “But what can we do to stop it?”
Peppy was sad to admit that he didn't have any information as the machine seemed a little advanced for anything he had seen. “The best advice I can give you is to outsmart him. Peppy out
We all sighed irritably, “Thanks for nothing…” Falco muttered.
Fox and Falco hadn't the slightest idea of how to outsmart the monster with his machine, but as for me and my siblings, “I think we got an idea…” I said. “Listen…”
We all huddled together and whispered the plan, part of which involved us handing Sagwa over, “But then what we do is--”
We continued to whisper the plan, and Fox actually liked it, “Not bad… it might just even things up.”
With nothing much to do except wait for dawn to break, we all decided to get some rest.
When the sun began to rise, everything was ready, and the monster was well on his way. His machine emerged from the lake and stomped its way into the village, with Krystal dangling from her chains.
“Fox flipped up his communicator, “Okay… he's coming. Everybody ready…?”
This was it… “Showtime...”
The machine stopped in front of Fox, and the creature looked down upon him from the driver's seat. “The time I have given you has now passed…”
“Do I get my bride, or aside the town I'll cast?”
Fox held up his hand, “Whoa… take it easy… We'll give her to you.”
The monster's eyes lit up and twinkled, “Oh, hoo… what luck and joy.”
“I am very pleased young boy.”
“Sagwa and I, so happy we shall be…”
“But hand her over first, before I set this one free.”
Fox actually then convinced him to let go a Krystal first, and so he did. Fox helped Krystal out of her chains, and she hugged him hard. “Oh, Fox…” she cried, “I knew you'd save me.”
Fox smiled at his fiancée, and then instructed the monster, “Go over there… into the woods… there's a big ceremony waiting for you and Sagwa.”
The monsters face seemed happier than ever and he immediately headed off towards the woods. “Fox…? How could you do that to him?” Krystal asked, as she was still unaware of our plan…
Fox just smirked at her, “That monster may be strong… but he isn't that smart.”
The monster continued to stomp his machine across the land, and he could see the forest up ahead. “Sagwa my sweet, it I your love…”
“Please tell me where you are my sweet little dove.”
Suddenly the shrubs near the tress began to rustle. The monster assumed it was her, but,”Surprise lover-boy!” Falco shouted as he drove a land-master through, and caught him by surprise.
The monster gasped, and realizing he had been set up, he quickly leapt his machine out of the way, and his features hardened to sheer anger. “I have been fooled, so it would seem.”
“Now I'll destroy you all, with my machine!”
“Wanna' bet…?” Erin called as she flew overhead in her Arwing.
“Not while we're here…!” added Donny as he flew alongside her.
“Get him!” I finally jumped in as I leapt from the bushes with my staff at the ready.
The monster realized he was caught in an ambush, but he wasn't willing to go down without a fight. “One, two, and then comes three…”
“Take this you, straight from me!” and he fired his plasma-beams right at me, and it looked as though I had had it as smoke blew everywhere, but I had really used my staff's barrier to trick the monster, “HI-YA…!” and I leapt through the smoke and shot at his machine's legs with my fire-element attack. It did do some damage but not enough to stop him…
Still… now he was intend on getting back at me for tricking him once again. I ran and rolled out of the way of his machine that was chasing me, and even shot at him again, “I'll make you wish you hadn't done that…!”
“Look at you running like a cowardly cat!”
But Falco saw this as his que, to get ready with his missile-gun, he waited for my signal, which was once I put up my barrier… and he fired.
Major damage was done to the machine, while I was still not even scratched. “Take that you little spunk!” Falco sneered at him. To him that shot felt really good, because he was fed up to the teeth with all his rhyming. “He just does it every time…”
“It's always rhyme, rhyme, rhyme…”
He gasped, and pounded the controls, “Now he's got me doing it!”
Donny and Erin sighed, but keeping up with my idea… we continued to outsmart the monsters, until finally his Machine had taken so many beatings, that it fell to bits on the scene, Leaving the monster a horrible wreck, and I held at pinpoint with my staff, “Freeze!” I snapped at him, “Don't move…!”
The rest of the team huddled in close completely surrounding the creature.
It turned out that the monster was really just a lonely creature from Aquis, he ran away seeking a new home as no one on Aquis treated with any respect, even his ingenious inventions that could help make life easier, and he was laughed at and turned away…
So he moved to Papetoon and lived under the lake near the Fox-Village, but living all alone at the bottom of a lake can be quite sad, and irritable. That was the main reason he wanted Sagwa… and he only made threats because he was desperate.
The village was willing enough to forgive him and graciously allowing him to live with them in peace, under the circumstances that he only uses his technology to protect the village, and in time… share and teach things that he knew to those who had an interest in advanced technology.
With our mission successfully completed, all of us, even Fox returned back to the ship. Even though Sagwa would miss Fox dearly, she began to realize that Fox was in love with Krystal. “I guess it was just a case of unrequited love…” she decided, but she got over it instantly.
The Great-Fox left its orbit, and headed back out into space…
I was in the lounge with an ice-bag on my head. All that rolling around and dodging that I did gave me one heck of a headache; it was well worth it knowing another mission was completed.
“At least Fox and Krystal managed to patch things up.” I said. “Can you imagine if he actually had to marry Sagwa just like that?”
The others had a feeling they knew what would happen… Sagwa would probably be smothering him day and night, and making him feel that he couldn't step outside without her worrying about him.
“Say… where are Fox and Krystal anyway?” Slippy asked.
“I think I know where they are…” Erin smirked.
They were on the observatory-deck, with the lights turned out, and they were slowly doing the Fox-Trot to the music over the speakers, and their dance ended with them sharing a soft kiss together…
Still… not one of us noticed that the planets were almost in the strangest of positions that Andross was secretly waiting. “It will not be long now… heh-heh-heh…!”