StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Apprehending Andross: Part one ( Chapter 19 )

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This was the beginning…
This was the day…
Andross was gazing out at the Lylat-System's planets as they continued to fall into place. “The time has come…” he sniggered. “The planets are nearly in place. Soon they shall align… and my power will begin to increase with Solar's rays.”
His power core, generator was now at ninety-percent. His evil laugh seemed to echo throughout all of Venom.
Another day aboard the Great-Fox meant another day patrolling in space. All of us had finished our breakfasted, donned on our uniforms, and reported to the bridge for duty.
We also seemed a little bored because lately Andross hadn't been showing himself very much, or launching any attacks. Still… that was no reason not to go on patrol.
Some of us thought that maybe Andross had given up on us, but like always the rest of us assumed that Andross was up to something really big, which would account for him being so quiet.
Just then, we all noticed that Slippy seemed a little tired, as if he either woke up early, or didn't get much sleep last night. His big face was glued in front of his computer-scanner, and a confused expression was on his face.
“Uh… Slippy…?” Fox asked, but Slippy didn't respond. “It just doesn't make sense…” he did however say.
Erin looked over Slippy's shoulder at his screen, and she became as confused as he was, “That's weird…” she said. “The planets are falling into a very rare alignment...”
She moved out of the way so that everyone could see, and it was determined that the planets would be aligned with half the planets on one side of Solar, the other half on another end, and Venom would be getting the most of Solar's rays standing all by itself at the top.
Donny suddenly got a feeling, “You think… this is what Andross has been waiting for, do you?”
A brief moment of silence had begun, and Peppy whipped out his history book about the Lylat-System. It was a special book that could explain all about the system and all the events that could happen, including the planets current alignment.
“Ah… here it is…” he said. He explained to us when the planets were aligned, with Venom standing all on its own, as the closest one to Solar, Solar's rays would shine for the first time on Venom in hundreds of years, and they would also be strong enough o actually pierce through the pollution and make its way to the ground.
“Cut through the pollution… is that even possible?” I asked.
Peppy then explained how the pollution consisted primarily of vapor which contained poisonous materials such as toxins and burnt fuel. “When vapor is warmed by a source of light and heat, it evaporates…”
What he was trying to say was, when Solar would be shining on Venom, a large section of the pollution would be shoved out of the way not be as dangerous and corrosive. “You don't think… we'd be able to actually head into Venom would you?” Krystal asked.
Even ROB calculated that the chances of a safe entry into Venom would be possible, “However… the possibilities of a no safe return journey are also possible.”
Another moment of silence occurred, and then Donny asked, “How long until the alignment is complete?”
Even Fox agreed with what Donny was thinking. We all did as many calculations as we could and we ever reported to General Pepper, who was well aware of what was going on as well, and he asked us to report back to base immediately.
It was time for us to start preparing ourselves for the most perilous adventure of all. It was time to head for Venom…!
Once back at the base on Corneria we spent the next few days prepping the ship; upgrading it's hull, shields, and weapons so that it would be able to move closer to Venom without being affected by the pollution. Same with the Arwings too
As for us, we were also taking special suits with us. Even though the atmosphere would be clearer where we would be exploring, it would still be quite harmful. Not to mention we also were presented with new weapons.
Laser-riffles… plasma shields… even info-red-vision visors on our helmets. This remained Donny, Erin, and I about the Bounty-Hunter games we used to play back home.
“Too bad this isn't like the ion-steel.” I said, “That stuff was sweet.”
“Oh yeah I hear that…” Erin agreed.
“Yeah… but the platted-spandex was the fastest… remember?” added Donny.
Krystal couldn't understand it, “How can they be talking about video-games at a time like this?” she hinted at the fact that we were all heading on a mission so dangerous, the odds of us surviving were 50:50.
“They're trying to keep their minds steady.” Fox told her. “See… they know that this isn't a video game, and they also know that no matter how good they may seem to be that doesn't mean they can't be shot-down.”
Even Falco had to agree, “They're a strange lot those guys… but they're the finest I've ever seen, and to think, they only used to play games.”
My siblings I were feeling slightly scared, but if we wouldn't go off to fight Andross, who would? We couldn't let him win and take over the Lylat-system. Not after all the kind things everyone had done for us…
Besides… what was to say that Andross wouldn't just go off and attack more corners of the galaxy, including our own solar-system? The Earth wouldn't stand a chance against him…!
No, we couldn't let this go on any longer. The time had come to confront Andross, and put an end to his schemes for good.
Finally… the Great-Fox was ready for launch, and General Pepper was giving us his best wishes.
“Star-Fox team… X-team. The time has come!” he said to us, “You're heading directly into the jaws of the enemy. There will be no hiding from Andross, he'll know that you'll be coming, be rest assured he will go after you.”
“No one knows who or what else you will come across on Venom. At the moment, there is nothing left I can do but with you good luck, and god-speed to you all.”
Fox saluted to him, “Thank you sir!” and the rest of us saluted with him. Pepper saluted too, and then we headed off into space. Well just continued to stare down at Corneria until it was to far away to see amongst the stars. “Oh… to think we may not ever set down upon her again.” said Krystal.
Fox gently kissed her neck, and comforted her. The rest of us sighed softly. Nevertheless, we continued to monitor the equipment of our now super-ship. By the time we would reach Venom, the alignment would already have started, and the pollution on Venom would start to wear down a bit…
So for the long duration of our trip, we all spent our time exercising in the gym, and training with the virtual simulations. Then we would just ease up and rest, as overworking it would not be a wise thing to do.
Krystal also noticed that Fox was right; Donny, Erin, and I did seem to miles away in our own thoughts. “Are you guys okay?” she asked.
“We were just thinking…” I said. “Back at home, we faced a lot of super bad-guys in all the games we played. Usually when we fail, we get to come back and try again.”
Erin nodded, “But this isn't a video-game. It's real.”
“This means if we mess up here…” Donny cut in, “It's game over for everybody.”
Krystal knew how we felt, but she preferred to believe that we all could do it. After all, Fox and the others defeated Andross many times before, and the fact that ever since I and my team had first arrived we've been very helpful and successful on mission. Despite the fact that we had several close-calls, our incredible actions, and bravery couldn't be denied.
We suddenly began to feel a little better, and to be honest, ever since we had heard about Andross and his wicked way we couldn't wait to kick his miserable can… both ways. After all he was a robot now.
Andross, being equipped with sensors to simulate his psychic abilities, was indeed well aware that we were on our way. “Well, well… it seems as if we are expecting visitors.” he sniggered.
While his minions questioned him about launching an all out attack, Andross ordered against that. He was actually hoping that we would be coming, “This has presented me with yet another singular opportunity.”
He check the planets, and the alignment was nearly in place… and then he checked his power-core container. “Poor Star-Fox… Poor X-team… ooh they are in for a surprise… Hmm, mm, mm…!”
A few days later, the planets were finally lined up, and suddenly… POW! Solar's rays began to shine they way across space, past our ship, and right into Venom. “Will you take a look at that…!” Falco said.
We all watched as the rays for Solar began to evaporate the pollution before our eyes, this allowed our new-improved scanners to take snapshots of the sector of the planet below. Even with less pollution, the very sights of the world below, “Man… what a dump…!” snapped Donny.
The planets surface consisted strongly of wastelands, and burning landfill. The skies were dark and nasty with acid clouds, and lightning flashing. There were three different kinds of lakes, and rivers, but none of which were flowing with water, but molten lava, and acid-wastes instead.
The only signs of anything close to life were Andross' machines that were about patrolling the planet. “And we've got to head into all that…?” Erin asked rhetorically, but she knew we had to…
“ROB…?” Fox called, “How long do you estimate the alignment will last for?”
ROB did his calculations, “Sensors indicate no more or less than twenty-four hours.” He said, “Once the alignment has passed, the pollution will begin to take over the planet again. I advise you return to the ship before then. If not… you will be destroyed.”
All of us had chills running down our spines, “Thanks… we really needed that.” Falco muttered sarcastically.
Regardless… now that we were close enough, the time had come to get all our weapons and gear together, and head down to the planet now the pollution was out of the way.
We all marched down the halls of the ship on our way to the Arwing-Bay carrying our riffles in one arm, and with other weapons tucked on our pollution-suits. “Fox, do you really think we'll be able to find Andross down there in all that…?” I asked.
“We might…” Fox said. “But maybe we won't have to. If he's really expecting us… maybe he'll come to us.”
We clicked a switch on our suits which activated our helmets as we climbed into the Arwings. “Star Fox check…!” Fox called from inside his helmet.
“Clear…!” answered Krystal.
“Clear…!” added Falco.
“X-team, check…!” I called to my own teammates.
“Check…!” answered Erin.
“Roger…!” added Donny.
Range clearance was given, and off we went, clearing the ship, and heading straight for Venom…
The pollution clouds were even grosser up close than they were on the pictures that we snapped back on the ship...
“The clouds are starting to get thick…” Fox said, “Activate info-red screens.”
Once the screens were changed it was much easier to see where we were going, or what lay ahead.
We cleared the atmosphere entry and were now leaving off beginning our forward flights. “All right… this is it…” Fox said, “Everyone stay close, and don't wander off.”
We all agreed at stayed alert…
Trying to fly through Venom courses was like flying through an exceeding tough labyrinth. Obstacles and hazardous conditions were everywhere; it was as if the planet itself was angry about us coming in uninvited, and trying to get rid of us…
“Man… forget about Venom; try calling this place Hazardous said Donny.
“Hazardous? Not bad… I kind of like it.” said Falco.
With the thickness of the pollution worn down, and Solar shining directly on the planet, Andross had hidden panels set on the surface that began to absorb the rays and transfer their energy directly to his base…
His power core generator was slowly gaining more power, much to his pleasure, “Hmm, mm, mm… excellent.” he hissed. “With all this power at my disposure… I can easily conquer the Lylat-System and many other star-systems beyond.”
Finally his powers core was at a-hundred percent. The time had come… he sat himself down in his throne, and hooked up wires and cables into his robot-body. He began to transfer all the power he had received into his systems…
His body jolted, and sparked, and glowed vigorously. “I can feel it…!” he thundered as his body began to morph and transform into a completely new, and stronger version… “The very power and energies are pulsating within me!”
When the transformation had finished, Andross was now larger, stronger, and even uglier looking than before…
So that was what he was absorbing power and energy for, and now that he was transformed he planned to test his new powers against the team first. “Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah…!”
He concentrated very hard, and a cosmic-glow began to shine on his hands…
Up on the surface…
The six of us were still scouting the planet, and we still could find nothing that could even possibly lead us to where Andross was hiding… when suddenly…
“What's going on…?”
Our ships were starting to move downward, and the steering controls weren't responding. “Something's pulling us in!” cried Falco.
We all continued to try the controls, “It's no good, they're frozen…!” cried Krystal. “They won't work!
We were heading towards the ground fast, and it looked as though we were going to crash, and event the ejection units weren't responding “Everybody, hang on!” cried Erin.
We all braced ourselves for impact, but just before we collided with the ground, a secret gateway on a mechanism opened wide and swallowed our ships right in, and down a long shaft...
Finally our ships had landed on by themselves Is everybody okay…?” Fox asked. We each responded, but neither of us had any idea where were.
“Wherever it is… I don't like it one bit.” Donny said.
We all departed our ships, “There's got to be a way out of here somehow…” Krystal said as we looked around for another way out.
Then suddenly, POW… everything seemed to light up, and we realized that we were in some underground refinery. “You're not going anywhere Star-Fox team… nor are you X-team…!” a sickening voice hissed throughout the air.
Fox recognized it anywhere… “Andross…!” he sneered under his breath.
As for Andross, wherever he was out there in the refinery, his voice continued to call out to us, “You've foiled my plans for the last time. Now I have you all exactly where I want you. It's time for you to answer to my NEW-FOUND POWER…!
From within his throne-room, Andross opened his mouth wide and released a huge fireball that soared through out the refinery, leaving small burn marks everywhere it went.
“Uh… anyone get the feeling that we're in trouble?” Falco asked with concern.
Then suddenly, I saw it, “LOOK OUT...!” I shouted, and I jumped out of the way to me left, but all the others moved to the right where the fireball had landed and POW… trapped them within a large fire-cage.
“Mykan…!” cried Erin.
I tried to cool down the flames with my staff's ice element,, and Krystal did the same from in the cage, but the flames didn't even seem to flicker, but instead grew larger and hotter.
“Yo' guys are suit-temperatures are rising!” cried Donny as he checked his wrist-computer. What made matters worse was their suits were only built to withstand pollution, but not the flames themselves. So they wouldn't be able to run through the fire…
And to top it all off, the flames were getting hotter by the minute, and soon they would all be roasted to nothing. “Mykan…!” Fox called to me, “You… you have to go… find Andross! HURRY…!
Even though I knew that was nearly suicidal to venture forth all by myself, but if I wanted to save the others I had no choice. “Okay guys… try and stay strong!” I said as I ran off into the refinery.
The flames were growing hotter every minute, even the ice element from Krystal's staff didn't cool them down. “Mykan, you must hurry!” she cried.
“Hot!” Donny groaned, “Too hot!”
Even though I was out of range for the suit-communicators to work, I could still hear the others crying out over the distance. I wasn't bound to let them down, not for anything.
Even though I had never been in this refinery before, I seemed to be able to tell where I was going by the burn marks on the walls, and the sound of Andross' wicked laughter echoing along the walls…
This not only informed me where he possibly was, but it also led to believe that there was a breathable atmosphere in here, otherwise how would the fire, or Andross' voice be able to travel smoothly along the air.
So I deactivated my helmet and continued to rush forth into the unknown, “Where are you…?” I yelled, “Show yourself!”
Andross laughter was getting the louder, which could only mean I was getting closer. So I continued to run down the way. I kept going, and going, and finally I stopped in my tracks when something caught my eye in the chamber I just passed…
I backed up a little and walked into the chamber, and there he was, sitting on his throne laughing deeply. “Hu, hu, heh, heh, heh…! Welcome to my lair, Mykan McClian.”
My eyes narrowed him, and I gritted my teeth, “At last we meet, Emperor Andross!”
Andross nodded his head, “Hmm, mm… yes. I've been wishing for this day for quite some time.”
I angrily showed my fist, “Be careful what you wish for, or you might just get it.”
“Oh… I'll get what I wish for all right. Too bad you can't say the same.” Replied Andross, Then he summoned forth his army of robot-guards, “Now attack!”
The robots charged after me with their blasters, but it was a good thing for me that one of my suits functions was it was impervious to small ray-blasts, and I still had all my other weapons on me…
My laser-riffle… which I used to knock out some of the droids.
My smaller blaster, which came in handy when my riffle gave out, and of course I still had my staff to take out the last ones. Then I turned to face Andross, “Okay big guy, your turn!”
Andross simply grinned wickedly at me, and the motioned for me to even try. So I charged towards him, but he shot me with a blast from his eyes, and I slammed into the wall. “Ha, ha, ha… looks like you missed me.”
I got right back up tot my feet for another stab at him, only to have him shoot me again, and I hit wall a second time. “Missed me again…”
I was really steam-up now, but this time when I charged him, instead of blasting me, he used his telekinetic powers to pick me up and hold me in midair. You might as well give it up, Earthman!” he sneered at me, “Your pathetic skills are no match for my power. Your friend's should be withered away to nothing by now, and soon you shall join them… Ha, ha, ha…!”
I gasped, and realized that the others were still in danger…
The flames had become so unbearable; the others were collapsing to the floor. “My-kan… help… us…!” squeaked Erin.
“I can't… take the heat…” cried Fox.
Falco was nearly passed out already.
The thought of the team losing it because of me only inflamed my strength and determination. “You'll never… UGH… beat us… MMM… Andross…!” and suddenly I was moving; defying Andross grip on me, “What…?
I managed to raise my Staff, and blast him right in the eyes, “B-ARGH…!” this caused him to completely lose focus, and freed me entirely from his telekinesis. “I… don't understand it…” Andross said, “You shouldn't be able to over-power me. GRR! I must have this strength of yours!”
It seemed as if I had finally discovered Andross' one weakness, “You'll never possess what I have Andross. Even if you weren't an android…” I said to him, and I place my hand over my chest. “My strength doesn't come from my weapons, or my vehicles, but my strength comes from within… the strength of believing in myself and in my friends… I HAVE A HEART…!”
My anger had finally reached its peak, “It's time to end this… once… and for all!”
Andross growled angrily and tried to blast me again, but this time, I evaded his every blow, and even caused him to shoot at the controls causing them to spark, and flare up. Even some electrical wires were dangling loose. “Heh…!”
“DIE, EARTHMAN…!” Andross roared, but as he tried to shoot me again, I leapt high up, somersaulting over his head, and grabbed the wires. “TAKE… THIS…!!” I shouted as I pressed the wires hard on his metal body causing the electrical currents to shock him violently…
The fire cage around the team dissolved. “Hey… Mykan must've done it.” said Donny.
Suddenly, the whole refinery began to shake, and the walls began to flare up and explode. “Whoa… I think he really did it!” cried Falco.
“Quick…! To the Arwings!” cried Fox.
Without Andross' controls holding them down, the ships were free, and the others were able to escape…
Andross wasn't going to stand for this! As his android body began to break up, he reached over and pushed a big red button on his chest that was still working …
The five Arwings managed to escape from the base just as it went up in a big blaze of fire, and they touched down on the surface and hopped out. “We made it…” cried Krystal. “But wait…! Where's… Mykan?”
More explosions erupted from the area of the base, and everyone had a sickening feeling in their stomachs. “MYKAN…!” Screamed Erin.
“BRO…!” added Donny
Fox held back his tears, and angrily threw his blaster hard at the ground. “GRR-AGRH…! No! We survived… but he didn't!
But just then… I hopped down from a pile of rubble, “Hey guys…!” I called. “I made it…!”
Everyone looked up and their features and emotions changed, as they ran towards me, “Mykan…!”
The girls collided into me with a huge hug, and the guys bopped my back. “Hey! Way to go Mykan!” Fox cried for joy.
I slapped him a high-five, “Yeah… I guess that's the last we'll see of Andross.”
“I wouldn't bet on that…!” thundered a huge voice from above as giant shadow fell over us. We all looked up and saw Andross as a HUGE HEAD… and two humongous hands. “Haaa, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!”
“You only destroyed my fortress. So I shall return the favor and destroy the whole Galaxy, and I think I know just where to begin.” And with that he began to head off into space shouting out, “That's correct McClain's… I'm heading for your home planet!”
Donny, Erin and I all gasped hard. “He's heading for Earth?” Donny cried.
“He can't… we can't let him!” added Erin.
“ANDROSS…!” I shouted up to him. “YOU WON'T GET AWAY…!”
But he was already out of sight…
To be continued