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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the work of Man of Action and DC Comics. All characters (that I have not created or borrowed from other sources) belong to them. This is a fan fiction, and is not intended to violate the rights of those who hold control over the Green Lantern and Ben 10 series. I have no money for legal problems and would very much appreciate it if no one tries to sue me. Thank you very much.

Green Omnitrix

Chapter One

He looked at the object which had just latched on to his wrist and was thinking, "What the hell is going on and why am I getting into the middle of it? I was just checking out an object which had crashed against Oa, only for this watch thing to pop out and get stuck upon my wrist. Now I can't get it off, or at least nothing I tried has gotten any results."

Kyle Rayner, one of the collection of Green Lantern from Earth, had just stepped into the middle of a new problem. He had an alien device on his wrist and he was trying to figure out what it was exactly. He was currently explaining it to Guy Gardner, another lantern from Earth, as well as Kilowog who was like a drill instructor for the new recruits. Each one was looking at it trying to decide what to do, Guy just staring at it while the non-human was working on the device with green light created instruments.

"I have never seen anything like it. It seems to have technology as advance as a power ring and a built in power source from the readings I'm getting. A very powerful energy source. It also seems to have access to a database of multiple unknown alien genetic material or whatever the alien uses instead. Let me get a closer look at it." said the huge pig like alien as he laid a huge hand on the watch.

"Alien DNA detects, scan completed. Adding to database... access to new alien life form allowed." said the watch as they discovered the device an artifical intelligence. The instructor lantern pulled back as he was shocked at this new development, accidently hitting a button on the watch. This caused the face to rise and display a green hologram of an alien... one who looked like a twin to Kilowog.

"Okay, this is weird. Maybe we can fix it if we push this thing down like this." said Guy as he pushed down the face back into position. All hell broke loose as Kyle could feel himself begin to change and his body warped and twisted. Once it was finished, he was staring into two very confused faces. Guy had moved into a fighting position, while Kilowog seemed to be almost... smiling.

"Okay, what did I turn into." he asked as he looked at the two of them, noting the deeper voice.

Guy used his ring to make a green tinted mirror and showed off the Bolovax Vikian's twin, with the watch's symbol on one of his shoulders.

Ten Minutes Later...

Kyle had just finished his first transformation, most of it confused and freaking out as he became a member of the Bolovax Vikian race. He could feel himself be both himself and someone else at the same time, with the second version of him wanting to get lost in a larger group. The last feeling was common with the very social aliens he had become. After a few minutes of being shocked, he was then confused as he tried to figure out how he had transformed into a different life form. Yet he was also thinking of the possibilities of being an alien.

He tried to explain the situation to his fellow lanterns as they tried to give him help with his altered state. Kilowog was happy from the look on his face, as he was somewhat not the only member of his species at the moment, while Guy just seemed to be shock and then amused at the situation Kyle had gotten into.

Then the tenth minute arrived and their was a bleeping of the watch face on his shoulder as it flashed red, followed by a blast of green light which happened when he transformed into Kilowog's lost cousin. Soon the human version of Kyle was in the place of the Bolovax Vikian version.

"Guess this thing has a time limit or something. Kyle, any hint about what this thing is before we have to see the Guardians about this. They are going to want to know about this if you want to continue to be a Green Lantern. So is it talking to you like a power ring does?" asked Kilowog as he tried to gain a measure of the situation.

"No, I'm getting nothing from the device. I don't know if it's as interactive as a ring or if it's something else at the moment." continue Kyle as they discussed the object.

"What about using the ring to hack the damn thing. It has a computer and you have that vivid imagination of yours, so you can likely develop something which can hook up with the watch's CPU or whatever." asked Guy as tried to solve the situation, even if in a clumsy manner.

The alien and the other human looked at the man who had spoken, seeing the point which he was making. Kyle took a few minutes to think of the pros and cons, before using his green ring to form some kind of technological device which linked up with the face of the watch. A screen was also added as it scrolled down the list of information it was trying to get from the watch. It also began to run a decryption program to gain access to the aspects of the watch.

"Okay, it seemed that everything is locked into a different coding of the watch. Different aspects of the watch's buttons and face can activate different aliens or abilities of the watch, discovered by twisting or pushing each part of it.

There even seem to be a different layer master code which allows greater access to the device. It seems to allow multiple changes while unlocking the time limit for being in each alien form. A higher level of access exist, but I am having trouble accessing it's design.

Trying to get to the main function of the device in the memory. Seems to be a little harder to access, might take a few minutes to bring it up. In the meantime, it seems that I can unlock some more of the aliens from this thing. More and more aliens are being unlock, and finally I'm into the memory system.

Disabling the self-destruct function of the device, cause I don't want this going off by accident. It seems to have the power to take out most of galaxy if not the universe, I don't want to get the blame for ruining everything.

It seems this device was made to allow for the better understanding between the different alien races by allow one alien to walk a mile in the shoes of another alien life form. It's secondary function is for it to act as a Noah's Ark for alien species, allowing the watch to rebirth and entire race from the DNA sample of a single member of the race. All of humanity goes extinct and this watch can use my DNA to create a new human race." finish Kyle as he concluded his sampling of the watches memories and functions.

"So you're saying that this thing can recreate my people just from my DNA sample inside of it. That would need a large amount of energy and a similar size computing power to make all of the genetic restruction of DNA for individual. So do you think it's possible for you to bring back my people?" asked Kilowog as he had hope for the rebirth of his people.

"The function is listed in there, but I'm not sure how to use it yet and I don't want to screw things up for you if I make a mistake using the watch. In this case it might be a good idea to get a Guardian's opinion on the watch before we go any further with it. They shouldn't have a problem with the device itself, given it's function, but they might have their own wisdom to impart on it. They have the collective knowledge of millions of years, so they might have some kind of experience with something like this." finished the man with the alien device.

"Wonder what they might want to do with this, once they get their hands on it. Hell, from how it looks like it work if they touch it their DNA into the thing. Wonder if they might want to do this given what happened with Parrallax and the whole entire Guardians dying except for Ganthet thing," asked Guy, as they ready themselves for the meeting with the Guardians of the Universe. Guy continued with another question, "How many aliens are in that thing any way, did you discover it when unlocking the thing?"

"About one million nine hundred, give or take a couple. I only managed to unlock a few of them before I pulled out of the device. Who knows if it has a limit since it did absorb the DNA of Kilowog here? It could have limitless space for alien DNA. It's weird, but kinda cool at the same time. Wonder if I can become a Kryptonian if I got Superman to touch it? It would be like living one of my childhood dreams to be able to be like him. To bad I couldn't absorb Batman's DNA or his butt kicking ability too. I wonder what it seems to think is alien DNA, since there's mechanical aliens in it as well as energy life forms and one with other elemental make up. A few silcon based life forms are in it too." said Kyle as the three lanterns headed to speak with the ancient bosses.