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Huh, usually I'm too busy to come out with proper chapters this fast. Oh well!

“Okay, maybe it's me… But don't you people have laws against leaving killer robots out on the street?” Lulu rolled her eyes at Sheppards comment, as she blasted another Al Bhed machine to sputtering, sparking debris. Khimari whipped around his spear at another, shattering its metallic head and sending it flying into a nearby wall. John opened fire on the last machine, his P90's armor-piercing rounds blowing right through the ancient weapon and rendering it scrap metal.
“Yevon forbids machina like this… But the Al Bhed do not follow Yevon's teachings,” Lulu explained, though with less exasperation than she had demonstrated towards Tidus. John raised an eyebrow.
“Still doesn't explain why nobody's called the cops… Police... about killer robots prowling around,” the American pointed out. Lulu nodded with a sigh.
“Most Yevonites avoid the Al Bhed at any cost… We usually only meet through blitzball.” John nodded thoughtfully, blowing apart another Al Bhed machina with his sub-machine gun before taking off in a run, managing to keep up with Khimari despite the Ronso's larger stride. Lulu lagged a bit behind, having to hold up her heavy dress and run at the same time.
“Dock 4, right?” John asked Khimari. The Ronso nodded, and used his spear like a pole vault to leap over another set of machina, before driving his spear through it's back and chest in a single, smooth movement. John raised his P90 to take out a second robot, but Lulu's lightening blast took care of it before he could fire. His eyes widened as he looked back at Lulu.
“Down!” Secretly John was glad Lulu trusted him enough to follow his instructions without question; he opened fire on a machina that had been sneaking up behind the black mage from its hiding place in a cargo crate. The robot squealed and sputtered as it blew apart under the onslaught, and Lulu rose again with her customary grace after Sheppard stopped firing.
“Boat leaving,” Khimari growled in his broken speech. John turned and ran flat-out, leaping over and between cargo crates and boxes to get to the departing ship. Khimari pole-vaulted again, leaping effortlessly to the back of the Al Bhed ship… Only to be knocked off the aft end by yet another machina and into the developing gap between the dock and the boat with a terrific splash. John leapt next, barely grabbing onto a railing ringing the deck of the Al Bhed vessel and pulling himself under, before rolling to avoid the machina's strike.
“Swell… Why is it always down to me?” John muttered.
Because none of your teammates are as reckless as you are, except maybe Ronan.
Not now, brain, John ordered silently, blowing apart this machine with a short burst of weapons fire like the ones before. The deck shuddered, and John looked up to see a machine the size of an SUV standing on the deck. It's thick armor plating opened up to reveal several machine guns.
“Oh sh-“ Sheppard began, as he rolled behind the only cover available-a decrepit-looking crane-as the machine opened fire. Bullets whizzed past his head as he ducked out of his cover long enough to fire a short burst. He saved his dismay that the P90 couldn't cut through the machina's armor until he had ducked out of harm's way once more, the bullets of the weapon bouncing off the crane with a high-speed pinging.
“Okay, that's not good,” he muttered to himself. Looking around him, he saw the crane and slapped his forehead. Duh!
“-ohn? John, can you hear me? John?” Startled, John felt around for his radio, amazed that someone was calling him on it.
“Uh, yeah? Who is this, over?” There was a confused pause on the other end, then:
Lulu. You dropped your pack when you jumped onto the ship.” John looked back at the dock and groaned when all he could make out of Lulu and Khimari were a pair of slightly-differently colored blobs. Luca City was swiftly moving out of sight. The machina's onslaught paused, and John peeked over the crane to see the machine begin to reload its ammo. John leapt into action, beginning to press several controls on the crane… Which did nothing.
“Lulu! Do you know how to work a crane? Over?”
Just turn it on and move the joystick. Why, what's wrong? … Over.”
“This one isn't working. Maybe it's broken?” John asked. “Over.”
Stand back. I'm going to try something. Over.” John obliged, thankful that the armored machina apparently took so long to reload its ammunition. He yelped when a lightening bolt struck the crane, and its motor began to start up.
“Oh… Right. Power.” John grabbed the controls and clumsily maneuvered the crane arm over the machina. Unable to find the control to make its claw open, Sheppard shrugged and swung the crane to knock the machina off the side of the boat, where it swiftly sank out of sight due to its weight. John sighed, and tucked his P90 into a special back harness he'd gotten in Killika. He then pulled out his two 9 millimeters, knowing that close quarters combat could get really ugly if your weapons were too cumbersome…
Abruptly, the hatch on the back of the ship opened, and Yuna stepped out, looking calm and collected. A blonde man wearing goggles fell out behind her, as she smiled shyly. John blinked.
“Um… hi,” John said intelligently. Yuna nodded and smiled at him.
“… I'm, er… Here to rescue you…” John shrugged. Yuna giggled.
“Thank you! I'm glad.”
“Yeah, but, uh… You seem to have everything in hand,” John commented, looking at the beaten Al Bhed with a wince. “Ouch… What exactly did you hit him with?”
Yuna spun her staff around in answer. John whistled.
“I, er… Also used the gun,” Yuna explained, looking a bit guilty. “Just, um… What did you call them? Knee caps?” John nodded.
“Good. They didn't hurt you, did they?” Yuna shook her head. John nodded, and pressed the talk function on his radio.
“Lulu, Yuna's allright. We're going to find a way to turn this boat around. Send the signal to Wakka, over?” A burst of green light flashed over the dock in the distance, announcing Lulu's reply. John nodded and turned back to Yuna.
“So, uh… Do you know how to pilot this thing?” Yuna shrugged helplessly.
“Sorry, no…” John nodded.
“Guess we'll have to wing it, then.”

The Al Bhed ship crashed into the dock, sending debris and cargo containers flying everywhere before it ground to a halt. Lulu and Khimari peeked over the small stone wall they'd taken cover behind, and moved when they saw John and Yuna clamber out of the pilothouse and over the debris.
“Did you hurt them?” Lulu asked of Yuna, motioning to the ship. Yuna looked down and blushed, muttering in the affirmative. Khimari snorted at John but said nothing more, simply taking up a position next to the Summoner. John follow the other three as they headed back to the stadium. John looked up at the sphere screens and whistled.
“Nice… We won, huh?” Lulu nodded.
“Wakka wouldn't play to his full potential, but they were leading them 3 to 2 when I sent my signal. After that, they scored two more times and the game was over. They're facing the Luca Goers for the championship.” Yuna held up her fingers to her mouth, and blew a loud whistle, startling her guardians. She grinned.
“I did it! I got it!” She exclaimed happily, smiling at them all. John couldn't help but smile back, the young Summoner's good mood was infectious. He couldn't help but wonder if being stuck here was all that bad…

Next chapter, the crew of Atlantis, having narrowly saved the world from the Wraith once more, start looking for the good colonel, while Yuna and her Guardians battle Sin Spawn attacking the Luca Stadium.