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Took me long enough, huh? Sorry, writer's block, real life and other junk have been getting in the way. Plus the hiatus… I NEED MY STARGATE! (shivers) STARGATE IS GOOD FOR ANDREW!
… Ahem. Sorry you had to see that…
Anyway, as to the time differences-Mckay Daniel, Aeris, Teyla, and Ronan arrived on Spira on May 3rd. They've been on the world for two full days now, unable to operate very actively because of Sin. The Daedalus has reached the planet and entered its atmosphere on May 5th. John and Yuna's party reached Macalania on the 4th, and John wakes up at Home the next day.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
May 10th, 2006
… I'm not sure where to even begin, really. Everything that's happened is… Well… Weird even for me. For a guy who went to another galaxy, who fights space vampires, who has lived in an alien cityship a million years old on an ocean billions of lightyears from home.
Listen to my story. This may be our last chance… Tidus isn't so bad… Wasn't so bad…
Right. Getting ahead of myself… I do that a lot.
Where was I…?
We'd crossed the Thunder Plains to Macalania. It's cold here, blizzard-force winds whipping around at all hours of the day and night. Glaciers, snow beasts… Lulu kept us warm with her magic, and managed to teach me a fairly simple fire spell.
It is easily in the top ten list of most awesome things I've ever done. I mean, fire. Just by willing it!
Er, right… Curbing my inner pyromaniac now.
Anyway, we finally made it to the temple. Yuna had been pretty quiet the whole trip, but even more so during this last leg. We didn't have long to wait to find out why.
Seymour's father had been murdered… By Seymour himself. But this was only the tip of the ice berg as far as Big Bird was concerned. The real reason the Summoners keep failing to stop Sin, is because their Final Aeons become Sin, when they're used. They only destroy Sin's old body, and then their own summons turn on them. Seymour's marriage to Yuna was part of his all-over plan to first subdue Spira, and then destroy it utterly. To end the cycle of misery, death, and rebirth.
Doctor Kevorkian has nothing on this guy. Had nothing… Damnit. I keep getting ahead of myself…
Anyway, Yuna was apparently only agreeing to Seymour's deal in order to confront him, as what LOOKED like his father had given her a sphere recorder from beyond the Farplane. I hadn't gone in, neither had Rikku or Auron, so we just sat on the steps, occasionally looking back in at a world of the dead.
McKay says it's some giant monitoring room for the energies flowing around inside Spira that often take on the forms of those who have made an emotional impact on our lives. In other words, all in one's head. He's not very popular on Spira right now…
Right. Back to Seymour and Yuna. She'd confronted him in this giant icy amphitheatre within the temple, doing the typical super-villain dramatic reveal of his plans. Lost points for a less-than-convincing evil laugh-And with how easily we kicked his ass, even WITH that giant Aeon of his making us feel quick bursts of agony.
I've felt worse though… Unfortunately, before we could kill him, his attendants rushed in and carried him off. Judging by his wounds I didn't think he had long. Aside from having to still stop Sin and escape the Temple of Bird People Doom, I'd have to peg this as a win.
Until our escape brought us to a frozen-over underground cavern… Which we fell into. Things after this are sketchy… I hit my head pretty hard, but after a cure spell hit me I found myself in a warzone.
Al Bhed were all around me, in a huge building of some sort. Rikku finally found me, saying how Jecht had brought them all here (Who?), and that Yevon was attacking. We grabbed as many refugees as we could, she and I. She's a damn good shot with a pistol, and we'd cleared through the Guado and fiends in no time. This is when I met her father.
He took one look at me and turned to Rikku, saying something that made her blush. When I found out what it was later… Let's just say I haven't met many fathers who felt that way with their daughter's choice in men.
McKay is going to love this…
So we got to the thing they'd been trying to salvage when they first picked me up. It was a ship. Not a sea-going ship, or a space ship. No, this ship was for the inbetween-An airship, but it sure as hell wasn't any corporate blimp. As we scrambled on, we finally ran into Tidus, Auron, Khimari, Lulu, and Wakka. They were all okay…
Wait… We're missing someone… Shit.
Yuna! She'd been taken by the Yevon forces the day before. I quickly got past the “I've been out for a day?” thing, and immediately agreed to going in and saving her. Seymour works fast-He was holding her at a grand wedding at the main tower thingy in the Yevon capital, Bevelle. So, we made a beeline for it.
Until this giant, flying dragon thing appeared at two o'clock, apparently some kind of guardian Aeon for the city. There was only one way to deal with this thing…
Going outside… And fighting it.
… What. The. Hell? Was Rikku's dad insane?! Didn't they have weapons on this thing?
I was just about to voice my objections… When the dragon thing got the full force of a Mk. III naquada-enhanced warhead, carried by an SM-6 aerospace missile.
Launched by the one ship I'd never thought I'd see again…
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Switch to real time mode!)
Colonel Cauldwell nodded in satisfaction as the creature was vaporized, only a cloud of ash remaining that was soon swept away by the high-altitude jet streams.
“Sergeant Bunn? Can you raise Colonel Sheppard?” The woman nodded.
“Aye sir, you're patched in.”
“Colonel? You there?” A burst of static, then:
Colonel? Sir? It's been a while… Long time no see.” Cauldwell smiled and ignored the whoops from various crewmembers in the back.
“Likewise, Colonel. What's your status?”
Oh, the usual… Rushing off to rescue the damsel in distress,” Sheppard replied calmly. Cauldwell blinked… Then sighed.
“Is this another `I don't want to know' situation?”
Possibly sir. Anyway, if you could get a beam lock on me and a few others...?” Cauldwell turned to Lieutenant Kleinman, who shook his head.
“Sorry Colonel, the planet's Lifestream is interfering with the beaming technology.”
“Long story. Anyway, Dr. McKay took your team through this world's Stargate, but we haven't been able to raise them for quite some time. It looks like they may be in the vicinity of where you're headed.”
We'll see if we can find them, then. In the meantime, sir, if you'd kindly take care of the CAP?” Cauldwell turned to Kleinman.
“Looks like several dozen air defense vehicles, sir… No occupants, must be drones… And air-search radar is powering up in the city.” Cauldwell nodded.
“We'll take care of it, Sheppard. In the meantime, try not to get killed playing hero.”
I haven't yet, sir,” Cauldwell heard, and could so easily imagine Sheppard's smirk behind it. “Sheppard out.”
“Incoming, two dozen enemy drones,” Bunn reported. “Railguns armed and ready.” Cauldwell nodded.
“Open fire!”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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