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A Planet Called Neverland
Prologue: Separation and Destruction
The girls were inseparable. Best friends for years, it seemed the only thing separating them was the Distance. Living with at least one State away from each other, they only managed to get together on weekends like this.
The convention wasn't one of the larger ones in the United States, but it was enough that some of the B-list actors {although it was mostly C or D-list} were in attendance as Honored Guests. The hotel was nice enough, and the Con was making plenty of money, if the crowds were any indication.
Okay, so "Inseparable" was probably the wrong word to describe them. They each had their own little quarks, and like all girl friends, they differenced on opinion of 'who is hot, and who's not', although there were one or two where they were in agreement.
It was one such situation that found the dark haired Egyptian-Fanatic on her own wandering the convention site. The three had agreed to meet up for lunch, so the other two went and did their thing, and she had headed off to the dealers room. She moved slowly, ignoring the crowd for the most part. She was patient, it was only Saturday. Coming across a jewelry vender, her eyes lit up when she spied a pendent with the jackal form of Anubis on it.
It was an immediate purchase. No questions asked. Once paid for, the necklace was immediately around her neck. Touching the sterling silver charm with reverence, she smiled almost tenderly down to it, before going on her way.
That was when the disturbances started.
A sudden explosion followed by screams. She looked around herself in confusion as people started running in random directions, trying to get away. What did she do? Stupidly stand there in confusion, what else? Turning her gaze this way and that, she looked around herself in confusion until she came face to face with the working end of a split and glowing staff.
Blinking, she looked from it, then up to the person holding it and paled. Holy shit... she thought. Oookay. Never again will I eat Taco Bell in Washington, DC..... This has -got- to be some kind of nightmare.... But she was intelligent enough to put her hands up in an 'I Surrender' gesture and back away slowly towards the ground of people these strangers had rounded up.
As she let her gaze flitted from one Terrorist to the next, she noticed they weren't what she expected from Terrorist groups. No, these guys were.... Born into Fighting... There was just something about their Aura. It was more then Pride in themselves and a Belief they were right...
Of course... She never expected the fact that these guys didn't even LOOK HUMAN!!! Then again, if the metal plating was any indication, those things were helmets; but the intricate detail and the resemblance to the Egyptian gods made her mouth water with wanting to get a closer look. Her hands itched to touch the find craftsmanship, but she held herself at bay...
It wasn't hard to behave, honestly, if the holes in the walls were any indication. She was certain the US Government would *looooove* to get their hands on their weapons...So unique.
Why do those look familiar? She wondered idly. Maybe they stole the design idea from the hieroglyphs, like they did the Faces of the Gods... She narrowed her eyes at this... For all the beauty in the design... they were giving her one passion a Really bad name. She was smart enough to keep her mouth shut, though, when one of those staffs trained in her general direction again.
She prayed her friends were okay, she didn't see them anywhere.....