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Authors Note: Yes I'm adding to the ever growing Tamao - Nagisa Fan base with this fic, Hell there's probably a fic out there with a story line that's the same (god I really hope not) But if there is, I am by no means attempting to copy there's. This fic takes place during the Etoile Elections at the end of the anime series. I'm not following that time line. In fact this is 100% AU. Some of the characters will be OOC at times. But it's my hope to keep them IC as much as I can
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Chapter 1 - And the Etoile is?
Over looking a snow covered chapel nestled with*in the forests of Astraea Hill, many have gathered to witness the selection of the new Etoile. Students from St. Miator, St. Spica, and Le Rim await the final* votes to determine if St. Spica's Amane Ohtari, and Hikari Konohana or St. Miator's Tamao Suzumi, and Nagisa Aoi will be chosen as the new Etoile.
Tamao and Nagisa stand to one side holding each other's hand nervously waiting for the final results. Tamao turns towards Nagisa and asks, “Nagisa-Chan are you nervous?”
Nagisa looks over at Tamao and grips her hand tightly and unwearyingly releases the breath she had been holding, “Y-yes I'm pretty nervous Tamao-Chan,” Nagisa let's out a small sign, “And I really hope we are chosen as the next Etoile!”
Meanwhile on the Opposite side of the chapel Amane and Hikari have been staring into each others eyes nervously yet lovingly. “Amane-Sempai, I'm really nervous about all of this.” Hikari says while breaking eye contact with Amane.
“Relax Hikari, I'm just as nervous as you!” Amane whispers as she reaches up to Hikari's face, lifting up her chin so she can once again gaze into Hikari's blue eyes.
Outside of the chapel, Shizuma Hanazono the former Etoile is sprinting towards the chapel. After spending much time reflecting upon her feelings for Nagisa Aoi and comes to the realization that she does love Nagisa with all of her heart, she thinks I hope I'm not to late, please let me make it before she is chosen! She begins to smile as the doors to the chapel are now within sight, with a spark of excitement in her golden hued eyes she continues to sprint towards the chapel even faster.
Back inside the chapel standing in front of the dais are the three student council presidents, Miyuki Rokujo of St. Miator, Shion Tomori of St. Spica, and Chikaru Minamoto of Le Rim. As the three await the total votes from all three schools they all have a common thought amongst them. Where is Shizuma Hanazono? Little do they know that she is very much on her way to the chapel with a surprise for all!
Shion and Chikaru both glance over to Miyuki as if she knows where the former Etoile is, Miyuki turns to look at her fellow student council presidents and sighs. “Just to stave off the question that I know is on both of your minds I have no idea as to the whereabouts of Shizuma right now!” Miyuki takes a breath after seeing that her two companions are mostly satisfied with her statement.
After what seems like several minutes the students gathered in the chapel continue to talk in hushed tones amongst themselves, until they see Sister Mizue Hamasaka approaching with a silver tray with an envelope on it. As she makes her way over to the three student councils presidents, all the talking come to a complete halt and a silence is all that remains of the once quite chatter. Sister Mizue Hamasaka stops in front of Miyuki Rokujo and says, “I've brought the results of the voting for the Etoile election.” Sister Mizue Hamasaka hand the envelope to Miyuki.
Miyuki takes the envelope from Sister Mizue and thanks her for her part in the election with a nod, she turns back to her companions and begins to open the envelope and removes the piece of paper that is folded inside. Upon opening the paper she reads to herself the names on the paper as well as show them to the other Council members. After all three look at the names written on the paper, they all nod in agreement Miyuki, Shion, and Chikaru begin to address the student body.
“We the Student council presidents would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you for voting in this years Etoile election! All three take a short breath. All of the votes are in and have been counted. It is our great pleasure to announce this years chosen Etoile!” There is a short pause as there fellow students are waiting on the edge of there seats for the names to be declared. “This year's Etoile elected by all of you is Tamao Suzumi, and Nagisa Aoi.” The chapel erupts with excitement and cheers.
After hearing their names announced as the new Etoile's Tamao and Nagisa are both awestruck having been elected. Tamao turns to Nagisa and hugs her excitedly, “Nagisa-Chan we did it! We've become the Etoile.
Nagisa returning Tamao-Chan's hug with tears of joy flowing down her face and sputters out, “T-Tamao-Chan! Our hard work paid off. And yet it feels like a dream. Tamao-Chan we finally did it!”
While the students continue to cheer for Nagisa and Tamao as Miyuki places the ruby pendent necklace around Tamao's neck, and Chikaru places the sapphire pendent necklace around Nagisa's neck, the doors to the chapel begin to open all eyes turn to the creaking sounds of the doors opening, standing there just outside of the doors is none other then the silver haired beauty Shizuma Hanazono with a very shocked expression on her face as she realizes that she is to late.
“NO!” Screams Shizuma who is walking towards Nagisa, “I can not let this happen, Nagisa…I love you.” Tamao now standing just feet from Nagisa, whom now has a look of shock upon her face from Shizuma's declaration of love.
Tamao grabs Nagisa from behind choking back a slit sob and whispers to her. “Go to her Nagisa-Chan, it's what you've wanted!” She gives Nagisa a shove towards Shizuma while grabbing the red ribbon tied into Nagisa's azure hair pulling it out.
Nagisa stumbles a bit after being pushed by Tamao but manages to get her footing back as she turns around to look at Tamao staring down at the red ribbon with small traces of tears on her face Nagisa takes a breath, “Tamao-Chan?” She stutters out tears threatening to fall from her garnet colored eyes.
Tamao looks up from the ribbon to see Nagisa on the verge of crying, “It's ok Nagisa-Chan, go to her.” She stutters out as she turns to start walking away.
Shizuma seeing Tamao turning to walk away, she closes the distance to stand behind Nagisa and places her hands the girls shoulders in hopes of offering support. “It's ok Nagisa-Chan, I'm sure Suzumi will be f..” Shizuma never finishes as Nagisa lunges forward out of her grasp reaching out to grab Tamao.
“Tamao-Chan!” the tears falling down Nagisa's face in torrents as she beseeches, “Tamao-Chan please stop!”
Authors Note: Yes I'm leaving this as a Cliffhanger, Also as of now it's not been pre-read, I'm posting this 100% raw. Hopefully the reviews that I might get will point them out for me. However if others want to PM me any grammar mistakes, misspellings and all the other good stuff feel free to do so. I will also strive to get chapter 2 Written very soon.
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