Street Fighter Fan Fiction ❯ Street Fighter 3: Truth of Deception ❯ Chapter one ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As the rain drops at a field, two men posed in their fighting stance, waiting for one of them to make a move. Thunder claps loud, lighting flashing bright. The noise and the light can scare even the bravest animal in the planet. None of them were intimidated from the distractions of mother nature. They are only focusing on each other and only focusing in victory. As one of them bounced, preparing for his attack, the other wonder what attack is he going to use. Suddenly, the feet started to stampede towards his opponent. A huge stomp, launching him to the sky to surprise his opponent, forcing him to look up in the air and change his plan. Once he started to dive towards him, he throw a kick that is going directly to his face. His opponent blocked it with both of his arms, preventing him to damage his face. However, he moved his eyes towards his right to see a round house coming out of nowhere to his face. Surprised from the kick, he barely got his arm up to block the kick. Sliding from the kick, he looked up to see him charging for an energy blast. Gust surrounding him as he charge up for his special attack, his opponent does the same as electric sparks circles him. They both charged up until they felt it's enough to finish them off. "ROARING...." They both shouted, taking a step forward to complete their blast. "LION!!!!!!" "TIGER!!!!!!!" A huge ball off energy shot out from their palms, crashing towards each other. The energy ball fuse with each other, and just like an overloaded machine, it exploded in a bright light. Pushing both of them away in a distance. After covering up from their blast, they put their arms down and looked at each other. "Nice one T." Toshiro smiled from their fight. "You're getting better then before Luis." Luis smiled back but decided to stop since he wanted each other to be in one piece for the Street Fighter Tournament that is coming up. Toshiro grabbed his wet jacket and cover up from the rain. Luis did the same and tighten his cap so the wind wouldn't blew it away. "Race ya back home Toshiro?" Luis smirked, attempting to cheat if his brother accepted. "You know you won't beat me Luis." Luis laughed as he started to run without a fair start. Toshiro started to chase Luis back to the cabin. Luis felt as if he was back in the Southern part of America. Thou Toshiro have won there and also in the race they had. Laughing from the race, Luis sudden awake from his sleep. "Ladies and Gentleman, we thank you for flying with us this afternoon. We are going to land in about 15 minutes. So please buckle up and prepare for landing as we are going to arrive at our destination." ( was a dream again.) Luis was disappointed that it was a dream from his past and not a real thing. (I really hate dreams. Makes you feel like it's real in which it's not. Especially if it's something in the past.) Luis sighed. Buckling up and getting ready to land, he looked outside to see the city from Russia. He smiled to see how Russia looked. The plane starts circles around, looking for the lane to land. A figure stared at the plane. He breathes as if he was Dark Vader thru his metal plate. He turns away from being spotted by anyone else and starts to walk away. The plane landed and passengers started to gather their bags from the plane. Luis started to gather his bag from the top closet. His back accidentally bumped into an African women making her bounced forward to avoid arguments. "Oh Sorry." He said getting his bag. "It's ok she said." Her blue eyes looked at him as he didn't even bother to look at her. She smiled knowing that she'll meet him soon in the tournament. She hopes she can be his friend since she believe that fighting makes them friends. Luis continue to walk until he reached to the baggage claim his pick baggage . She followed him to the same place and stood next to him smiling. Luis took a peek to see her. She continue to wait for her baggage and peeked at Luis. Feeling shy and scared, his eyes quickly turned away from her, looking at the ground instead. "Don't worry. You're not offending me if you wondering who I am." She said. Hearing her speak gave Luis some confidence in himself and look at her. "Sorry. I don't really like to look at people eye to eye if we never met before." "That's nothing. It's nice to meet new people and make new friends while you're traveling." "Yeah true. So um...what''re name?" Luis knew who she was but somehow couldn't remember since he had several amnesia in his past missions. "I'm Elena. And you are?" "Zeno. Luis Zeno Jr." Luis gave a small bow to Elena which made her giggle. "You're pretty funny." "Thanks." Luis looked away to hide his blush. (Wow, she looked sexy. I mean...) He looked at her body from top to bottom. He even stared at her boobs for a couple of seconds before shaking it off. (She looks like someone I know from before. But her's still knocking my head trying to make me remember who she were.) "Is something wrong?" Elena asked. "Oh no no no no no no!" Luis said, his voice went slightly high while denying her question. The bell sounded for the baggages to be brought to their owner. Elena and Luis looked for their bags and waited until they it came towards them. They both didn't pack much than one bag, so they easily grabbed their bags and walked out to grabbed a taxi. Once they walked out, Luis started to shiver from the low temperatures that Russia has to offer. "Man it's cold out here!" Elena was already prepared for this type of weather, but was a bit intimidated from it too. "Yeah. I haven't been to any place that has been this cold before." Luis rapidly search for his coat in his baggage and put it on quick before he could get catch a cold. He sighed as he started to warm down little by little. He looked at Elena and was a bit upset that he was going to be separated from her. "Well um...maybe I'll see you next time?" She smiled, showing no sign of being sad or angry. "Yes. We will meet next time." She leaned over and gave Luis a kissed in the cheek. Luis stood their frozen as a statue. Blushing hard from the kiss he received. Elena laughed when she looked at Luis' face. "You are a funny friend." She called for a taxi as it pulled over and popped the trunk. Putting her bags in the trunk, she waved to Luis before getting into the taxi. "Bye." She said, leaving him stunned and frozen. (She....she....she kissed me) Meanwhile in Mexico City, Toshiro looked around the ruins. Searching for an answer as to what is going on with Gill and his organization called the Illuminati. He wiped the dust and spider webs off of some sculptures to reveal ancient scriptures. "Ok...this looks important." He remember that he was holding a camera so that he could take some pictures of some of the artwork. "This could help us in a way to defeat Gill." Toshiro took a couple pictures before he felt that it was enough to defeat Gill. Just as he was about to walk away, a man in a business suit stopped him. "Where do you think you are going with that camera?" Toshiro turned to see him. "Aw What's wrong Urien? You don't want me to come to you family reunion? You're brother would be glad if I come along with you." Toshiro annoyed Urien with his remarks. Urien chuckled a bit after hearing what Toshiro said. "You got some spunk boy. I give you that. But I'll be the one whose going to kill me brother and take what's mine. So back off or I'll kill you!" "If I let you kill your brother and have you take over this Illuminati group of his, then that means two things. One that I am the most dumbest man in the world. And two, you are the most evilest man in the world." Urien's clothes disappear, leaving him wearing a Greek thong, and his skin darkens. He posed in his fighting stance, ready for a fight. Toshiro put the camera away and prepared for his match against Urien.