Super Mario Brothers: Peach-hime Kyuushutsu Daisakusen Fan Fiction ❯ Kaltek: The Beginning of the End ❯ Part One ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Miscellaneous Saga

Author’s note: Kaltek, a Magikoopa that I made up, does not appear in any other Sagas besides the Miscellaneous Saga. He is only mentioned briefly in Betrayal Saga I: Yoshi’s Darkside, but I thought he needed more emphasis than that. So, as I kept thinking about him, this story hit me. It will be the first and maybe the last story that Kaltek appears in. This story may have a bit humor, but it’s mostly about a tragedy and how it first came to be. Now...on with the story...

  Kaltek: The Beginning of the End, Part One A Magikoopa named Kaltek is promoted to Second in Command of King Koopa’s regiment. It just so happens that a war is about to begin at the same time... By Queen Breeza    

Congratulations on your promotion, Kaltek!”

“Thanks, Grandma,” replied a Magikoopa.

Kaltek, a Magikoopa with a force to be reckoned with, had just gotten promoted to Second in Command of the entire Koopa Army. King Koopa, the thick-shelled Koopa who had given him the promotion, was the leader of the entire army, First in Command. He also ruled the Darkside, and lived in a menacing Keep in the Mushroom Kingdom. No one but his soldiers would venture into the Darkside for fear of meeting their own death. King Koopa’s army was not something to take lightly.

Kammy, another Magikoopa, though not as strong as Kaltek, was the grandmother of the new Second in Command. Kammy had taken care of Kaltek ever since his parents died of a deadly fungus called Kiroshungi, meaning “suffering death”. It took Kaltek’s parents fifteen days to die of it. Luckily for Kaltek and everyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom, Kiroshungi was extremely rare and hard to contract. The fungus could only grow in 120-degree temperatures, and it only got that hot in the Darkside once. Since the day Kaltek’s parents had gotten the fungus, temperatures had remained stabile. However, Kaltek had only been three months old when it happened, so Kammy had to take care of him. She remained his teacher from then on till now, starting him at the basic skills of Magikoopa magic at age three. At an early age, Kaltek had showed a gift for learning spells and mastering them immediately after he had seen it demonstrated once. When Kammy had moved on to the intermediate spells, she only had to tell him what to do and no longer had to demonstrate the technique to him. When Kaltek was older, Kammy just gave him the book for the spells he would need to learn.

“When’s your first assignment?” Kammy asked.

“Today, actually,” Kaltek answered. “Turns out I get to lead the army in the battle with Mario.”

“The-the battle with M-Mario?!” Kammy stammered. She was surprised King Koopa would have given Kaltek such a heavy burden on his first day as Second in Command.

“Don’t worry, Grandma. I got this,” Kaltek replied with a smirk.

“Don’t underestimate that plumber, Kaltek,” Kammy said sternly, looking Kaltek narrowly in the eyes. Kaltek quit smiling and flinched. “He may look like a pushover, but if that were the case King Koopa himself would have defeated Mario long ago! So, don’t take this lightly! UNDERSTAND?!”

“Yes, Grandma!” Kaltek fell backwards as his mentor screamed the last word. Then suddenly they both turned their heads to look outside the Keep through a window in the room they were in. Thunder just sounded, and five seconds after that, lightning flashed near the Keep. A storm was brewing.

“Uh, I think I’ll go get the other troops ready,” Kaltek got to his feet quickly and headed out the room. “See you at the battle, Grandma!”

Kammy didn’t respond. She just hoped everything would go smoothly at the battle site. She didn’t care if they lost again. She wanted to make sure Kaltek would be all right. Kammy sighed and headed out the room the same way her grandson had, only not as eagerly.

He’ll be all right...



Hey, where’s my shell?”

“Your shell?! Why’d you take it off?”

“‘Cause I went to sleep! Sheesh.”

“Anybody seen my shoes?”

“I think I saw Fury with them. He said he needed them for...something.”

“Well, he better bring them back! Or else I’m gonna be late!”

Inside the armory and locker room, soldiers were gearing up for the big battle of the year. It was December 30, 1994, and the soldiers were still recuperating from the Christmas party they had made on the 25th and 26th.

Roppa, a pitch black Para Troopa who liked to sleep a lot, came in the locker room and slumped down on a chair near the bathroom. He put on some dark sunglasses, crossed his arms, and went to sleep.

“Dude, wake up!” A Koopa soldier with half his T-shirt on nudged Roppa, but he didn’t even stir.

“I wouldn’t worry about him, man,” said a Goomba. His name was Gootra, and he was also the leader of the Goomba Squad. “He’ll wake up when Kaltek gets here.”

“That guy is too modest,” commented another Goomba about Kaltek. “I haven’t seen him brag ONCE since he got the promotion! Had it been me, I would’ve rubbed it in you guys’ faces!”

“Maybe that’s why it wasn’t you getting promoted,” said a red Para Troopa at the entrance of the locker room. His name was Fury, and he had that name for a reason: Atomic Flame Attack. It was his specialty. Mutants attracted King Koopa like moths to a flame, and the tyrant made sure he had gotten to Fury before anyone else had. “Anyways, whose shoes are these again?” Fury held up a pair of gray, spikers (they’re spiked shoes ;) ).

“They’re mine!” A soldier wearing a blue helmet ran over to Fury and grabbed the shoes. “What took you so long???”

“Uh, I had to get...something...with ‘em.” Fury walked back out of the locker room and headed to the meeting hall. Unlike the other soldiers, he had already gotten dressed and equipped for the battle. Fury wasn’t one to lag behind.

“I wonder what he did with the shoes...” A Koopa wondered out loud.

The soldier with the shoes still in his hands smelled them, but then quickly turned away. “Ugh! They stink!”

“Know what? I don’t even what to know anymore.”


Wow, there’s only five people here, Fury thought. He was in the meeting hall where the army would leave for the third major battle with Mario. There were many battles in the course of a year, but only one would either end the tyranny in the Mushroom Kingdom or declare it official for the time being. Most of the time, the latter won, and King Koopa would have to start all over again from scratch. Darn that Mario! Darn him to heck...

“Hey, Fury!” A Koopa called out. Fury turned his head to see a fellow recruit with no wings running towards him. “Hey,” Fury said.

“Where’s Roppa?” the green Koopa asked.

“Asleep. He’ll wake up sooner or later. He’s in the dressing room,” Fury responded and then cocked his eye. “Where are your wings?”

“Someone clipped them off...” Koopa touched his back where his wings used to be.

“Let me guess: you ate King Koopa’s Oreos again, right?”

“Yep. That was the last straw, I guess.”

“Gilbert, you need to get over that chocolate habit of yours. Soon it’ll get to where you never had wings at all.”

“I know, but I can’t help myself...”

“Whoa! This is all whose ready for battle?! What’re the others doing?”

Gilbert and Fury turned their heads to see Kaltek, the one who would lead them to a victory--which was unlikely--or a defeat.

“They’re still getting ready,” Gilbert answered.

“I knew we shouldn’t have had two Christmas parties in one year! I’ll go see if I can’t make them move any faster. We’ve only got five minutes until departure.” Kaltek headed off to the armory and locker rooms.



People, let’s move it! Come on! YOU’VE GOT FIFTEEN SECONDS TO GET OUT HERE, NOW!!!” Kaltek order.

Immediately, soldiers began piling out of the armory and lockers rooms, some of them not even fully equipped. Kaltek shook his head and watched as the soldiers ran past him to the meeting hall. The final one was a Koopa who was somehow trapped in his shell. Kaltek just kicked him along down the hall despite the warrior’s woes.

When Kaltek got back to the meeting room, all the soldiers were in their proper orders according to rank. It was no surprise, really. King Koopa was there.

“Ah, Kaltek,” King Koopa greeted the new Commander, and Kaltek bowed in return. “Why not come up here to the front and give your fellow recruits their orders for this battle?”

“Yes, sire.” Kaltek marched professionally and confidently to the front of the platoon. He saluted, and the soldiers followed the example (the Goombas had to flip once). Kaltek ended the salute, and the soldiers did the same.

Kammy entered the room just then, but no one dared to turn their head to look at her. Kammy was immediately impressed by her grandson. She swiftly walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Kaltek immediately blushed. “Grandma...

The other soldiers began laughing out loud. Even King Koopa snickered a bit. But when Kaltek gave the army a menacing frown, all laughter stopped. King Koopa did the same, but not because of Kaltek’s effectiveness on the army.

“Attention, soldiers!” Kaltek began. “Each regiment will be given specific orders in infiltrating the castle and in conquering the mushroom kingdom. Listen closely because I will only say this once. First, the Magikoopa regiment will attack the castle. This will draw out whoever’s in there, and will also attract Subject M’s attention. After you have done significant damage, the Hammer Bros. will begin a barrage on the enemy. The Goombas at this time will sneak through the back door of the castle. That should lead you directly into the kitchen. By the way,” Kaltek paused and looked at the Goombas, “don’t eat anything. This is not the time for food. Now, after that, the Para Troopa regiment led by Gilbert--”

“Yes!” Gilbert blurted out, interrupting Kaltek’s planned sequence of orders. Gilbert noticed that it had gotten deafly quiet in the room. He looked around but the first face he took note of was Kaltek’s, which displayed no emotion. Even worse, Kaltek’s scepter was aimed at him. Gilbert grew pale and stayed quiet the rest of the time.



Man, Gilbert, you almost got killed back there! I mean, jacked up, shattered, fricasseed--”

“Okay! That’s nice, Fury, really! I really needed to hear all that from you, jeez!!” Gilbert yelled. It was more like a quiet yell, though as the two Para Troopas were currently flying through the Mushroom Kingdom headed to Peach’s Castle. There was supposed to be absolute silence when the march was going on below them because Kaltek, heading the front of the battalion, was meditating before the big fight.

“Well,” Fury continued, “at least you still got to lead. If you were dead, I don’t think the rest of us could have been good leaders. Roppa sleeps too much and doesn’t take things very seriously. Silve’s took vane, and would probably forget about the rest of us to save his own skin, and me--well, I’m not too bright.”

And you’re just now figuring that out? Gilbert thought as he rolled his eyes.


“What what!??” Fury responded looked down as he did so. He saw Kaltek with his eyes open and pointing to a stone.

“There’s a spy over there! Fury!” Kaltek commanded. “Take him out! NOW!!”

The entire army had stopped marching soon after Kaltek had first hollered. Fury, knowing not to waste any time, flared up and prepared to launch his attack...