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P.S. Vandala, a new character I plan on adding sometime in the future, will be appearing for the first time in this fic.

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The Truce of Christmas

By Queen Breeza



It was decided two days before Christmas that the people of the Mushroom Kingdom and King Koopa would not engage in any fighting before then and during Christmas, for preparations had to be made on both sides for the holiday. To add to that, Peach made a suggestion that perhaps both sides could "work together to make this holiday the best Christmas ever! Wouldn't that be great?!"(for Yoshi's torment of course). Since King Koopa hadn't really felt like arguing with her right then,--besides the fact that he needed to get his Keep ready for the entire family bloodline--he agreed to these terms and withdrew his forces for the next three days. However, no one in the Mushroom kingdom expected him to attack anytime after Christmas due to the large task of making sure everything was in order for the next year that he would have. Plus, the Koopa family ate TONS of food at Christmas, and with the added weight of Yoshi there it would take probably ten times the extra effort to make all that food. So, things were going to go peacefully this year without any fighting, Koopa's underlings were working alongside Toads from the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi was "tolerating" Mario's existence for now, etc., etc., etc., ...

The first day...

"YOU put it there!"

"No, YOU should have to put it there! It's going to be placed on your side, not mine!"

"I'm not touching it, so THERE!"





"I still say it's your turn."

"Have you looked at that thing? The first chance it got it tried to take my blasted arm off!"

"Who grew the blasted thing, anyway? I think who ever grew it should have to place it there himself!"

"But Dad won't do it himself. That's why he's making us do it."

"Oh. Then whoever helped him grow it should have to place every single one of the others--including this one--near our rooms!"

"Hmm...that would be Kammy! But, do you think she'd take orders from us?"

"She has to! King Dad told her so...didn't he?"

"I don't know! You tell me!"

"Let's go ask."

Roy and Morton were fussing over who would have to place the new Ballistic Piranha Plants near the doors of their rooms as well as the rooms of their other brothers and one sister. The plant was originally created to help give Mario trouble, but it proved too wild and genetic to actually maintain a stable mind and follow the orders King Koopa gave it. However, each plant created had a pretty glow of color, so the plant was "recycled" as a Christmas decoration. Yet still, when placed near someone's living quarters, the plant would snap out at the one living there each time he or she passed by it. The only exception was King Koopa himself, whom the plants respected and did not even attempt to bite even if they couldn't follow orders. But lately, he's been seen as a smorgasbord to the plants, and they were getting very hungry each time they looked at him...



Elsewhere, Yoshi and a couple of Toads were putting up small Christmas trees everywhere around Toad Town. Though Yoshi was now part of the dark side, he enjoyed putting up the Christmas decorations. Christmas was his favorite holiday. He loved getting presents! He smiled when he thought about it and put an ornament on the top of the tree he was decorating by accident. Peach, unfortunately, had been watching him and walked over to him without him noticing.

"That doesn't go there. Here, let me..." Peach startled Yoshi when she spoke, but he quickly regained his composure. He watched Peach take the ornament from the tree and put it just below where it was before. Yoshi saw that the tree actually did look better that way.

" more thing..." Yoshi took a small ornament out of the bag he had with all sorts of decorations for the trees. It was a small, golden star with multicolored embedded beads on it. He placed the cone opening of the star onto the top of the tree, and it sat up perfectly.

"Perfect!" Peach applauded Yoshi. He smiled and suddenly pushed Peach so hard that she landed on the ground with a thud. "Hey! What was that for?"

Yoshi's face suddenly flushed with anger. "Don't think I haven't forgotten about that little battle we had!"

"Oh, YOSHI!! Just forget about that...for now," Peach insisted. She got up from the ground brushing the dirt off her dress. "Christmas is coming up, and do you think we really need those bad emotions on such a day? HMM??"

"Well, why not? It wasn't fair."

"IT WAS PERFECTLY FAIR!! Stop being a baby, and accept defeat!"




Peach sighed. If Yoshi hadn't went to the dark side in the first place, they wouldn't have to go through this. She never did find out why he decided to join King Koopa anyway, and Mario was infuriated when he found out about Yoshi's betrayal to Mushroom Kingdom. But it didn't really make any difference because there was nothing he could do about it. Yoshi could kick his butt any day anyway.



Near the front of the Keep's entrance, some of King Koopa's troops were trying to put tinsel all around a giant Christmas tree. They didn't really do too well with the middle section of the tree, nor the top. A couple of soldiers did try climbing the 100-foot beast, but every time they got towards the middle a branch would break or a foot would slip suddenly, and the soldiers would fall off again. Some were beginning to think the tree was cursed.

Fury sighed and looked up to the top of the tree. It was a long way up. And if he ever got there, it would be a long way down. Not taking another moment to think of the consequences, Fury took a lot of tinsel, put it over his shoulder and started up the tree.

"Good luck, Fury!" Gilbert called out from the other side of the tree.

Oh, shut up! Fury thought. As he climbed the prickly branches of the tree, he thought about how Koopa had went to all this trouble just to please his relatives with a monstrous Christmas tree that probably cost a fortune when he could have just cut a couple of small trees from the forest and been done with it. Fury got to the midsection of the tree and closed his eyes. When nothing happened, he opened them again and started to cautiously and carefully loop the tinsel around the tree. He successfully got done with the midsection, and everyone below him clapped.

"SHUT UP!" he yelled. Everyone stopped clapping abruptly and just stared at Fury. Fury figured that what he just said really wasn't appropriate, so he added, "I need to concentrate." Everyone seemed to accept this, so he continued up the tree. Once, he almost slipped and then asked himself: Why didn't I just use a ladder? Oh, yeah. The ladder kept falling over. Bummer....stupid ladder!

Finally, Fury was near the top where the star was to be placed. He took the last of the tinsel he had and made a short and quick trip around. Everyone clapped when he got done, and this time Fury accepted the applause. However, he made the mistake of trying to bow and slipped backward off the tree. How foolish of him.

"Someone catch him!"

"Does anybody know where Yoshi is?"

"I'm not catching him! He owes me money!"

"I thought Yoshi was helping the Toads?"

"Dude, how is he going to pay you back if he's dead?"

"You guys are a bunch of idiots."

The Koopas and Koopa Troopas looked up at someone flying towards the falling Fury. Whoever it was gracefully flew under him and caught him on their back.

"Hey, it's Yoshi!" Silve cried .

"Better him than me," said a soldier.

"That's not Yoshi, you idiots!" Gilbert said.

"Alright, smart guy, who is it then?" Silve asked.

"Well, I would say he's right," said the person who caught Fury when they landed. Or rather, dinosaur. Fury jumped quickly off the dinosaur's back and walked a few feet away from whomever it was who saved him. "I'm a Yoshi, not the Yoshi."

"Who are you, then?" Silve asked the flying reptile.

"Is it really any of your business?"


"...well, I guess I might as well tell you. I'm Vandala."

"Vandala? Oh, so who did you vandalize? Get it? Vandala--VANDALIZE!!" Silve laughed at his own joke, but no one else thought it was that funny.

Gilbert shook his head. "You tard."

"I think that's why my parents named me that, though," Vandala said. "I vandalized small animals after I was born and when I was growing up. BUT, I'm over it now."

Gilbert looked Vandala over after hearing that comment. She was blue with two wings and Yoshi-type Timberlands and was wearing a Santa hat on her head. There was also something interesting about her eyes. They seemed to have two groups each of two mixtures: a mixture of red and orange that usually determines the eye's color and a mixture of green and blue for the pupil itself. There was no black in her eyes at all.

"Say, where are you from, Vandala?" Gilbert asked her.

"Well," she hesitated, "let's just say that I'm not from around here. I'm not even from this particular kingdom, whatever it's called."

Gilbert was thinking that maybe she was from some mutated land, and maybe that was the reason why she wasn't specific when she answered.

"I guess I should be going now," Vandala suddenly said. Before Gilbert could protest, she jumped a great height into the air and flew off quickly to the west.

"That was rude," Silve commented. He didn't really care that Vandala left; it's just the fact that she never told Gilbert where she was from. She didn't have to be so vague about it.

"Well, it doesn't matter now," Gilbert said. "What matters now is that we need someone to put the star upon the tree."

"I'll go get Yoshi," Silve said, "and what about the other decorations?"

"Fiery and the others can take care of those. Or, maybe someone who's not very reliable should."

"Who would that..."

Silve's voice trailed off as he looked in the direction of Gilbert's gaze. Roppa was who Gilbert was referring to. He wasn't much help at all when Gilbert, Silve, and Fiery were assisting Yoshi in his mission (or trying to). Now he could be seen in his original Para Troopa form, pitch black all over almost with dark blue wings. Currently, he was sleeping under a tree.

"Hey, Roppa! WAKE UP!" Gilbert shouted.

"...huh?" Roppa yawned and flipped over on his back. He tried to go straight back to sleep, but Gilbert rushed over and kicked him in the side. "Ow, man! What's the problem here??"

"The problem is YOU! You haven't done a thing since you got up this morning, so I think it's about time you did," Gilbert replied.

Roppa got up and stared at Gilbert. Neither one said a word. Finally, Roppa asked: "So, what do you want me to do?"

Gilbert smiled evilly. "See that tree over there?" he asked, pointing to the monster-plant. "It needs the star. You can do the other decorations after you've put the star up first."

Roppa scaled the beast from bottom to top and top to bottom. How come I've got the feeling I'm being conned?

"Better get climbing, buddy!" Silve tossed the star to Gilbert, and he handed it to Roppa. Roppa sighed.

It would be a long way down if he fell...



The second day...

"NO!! STOP!!"

"Deck the halls with bows of holly~!"

"Stop it, now! You're ruining everything!"

"Fa la la la la, la la la la!"


"'Tis the season to be jolly!~"

"My lab!...."

"Fa la la la la, la la la la!"

"I'll never forgive you two!!"

"My, someone sure doesn't have any Christmas Spirit, huh Iggy?"

"Yep! He sure doesn't, Larry!"

The singing was done by Larry and Iggy; the protester, Ludwig. The two infamous troublemakers were wreaking havoc in Ludwig's lab, thinking that it needed a whole new "makeover" as they called it. They were taking Christmas decorations and jumping across the lab tables and counters to put them in various places. Along the way, they were knocking over glass tubes, flasks, watch glasses (the scientific type), and entire experimental setups. But now that Ludwig had said he wouldn't forgive them, they had stopped and stood wherever they were to hear what else he had to say.

"This was my Christmas present from last year! You two knew that King Dad had gotten it for me because Yoshi destroyed my other lab two years ago! And now, everything is ruined! YOU IDIOTS!! You put those stupid Christmas decorations back in their box right now, or I'm telling King Dad not to let you have your Christmas presents this year!!" Ludwig said.

The two Koopas looked at one another, blinked twice, and grinned evilly. Larry, who was holding the tinsel, gave one end of the long decoration to Iggy. Then the two placed their evil gazes upon Ludwig.

"...uhh...what're you guys doing? No--wait!! Ahhh!" Ludwig screamed as Iggy and Larry pounced upon him and began tying him up rapidly with the tinsel. Then they both picked him up and ran out the lab.

"Stop!! I've changed my mind--I won't tell! Really!" Ludwig pleaded, but his attempt to be set free failed.

"We know," the Koopa kidnappers said in unison.

"Hey, no violence on Christmas!!"

"It's not Christmas yet, stupid!"


My, what a tangled web the Koopa children weave...



"Hey! Where are the cooks?"

"You knocked 'em out, remember?"

"Knocked them out?? How'd I do that?!"

" DID throw that atomic stink bomb at them, you know..."

"Oh, I forgot."

Just as Roy had said, Morton had thrown an atomic stink bomb at the cooks when they were outside, and they hadn't regained consciousness yet. Morton and Roy were had been sent by their father to give the food list to the cooks, but now it was useless unless they woke up. Which would probably be a long time anyway.

"So, what do we do now?" Morton asked his older brother (I think he's older).

"We'll have to make it ourselves, stupid!!" Roy shouted.

"Don't be so mean! It's Christmas!"

"Not yet!!"


Roy went to the sink in the kitchen and knelt down to look in the cabinet underneath it. He took out every pot, pan, lid, and skillet he could find and placed them on the kitchen table.

"Dude, why'd you do that?" Morton walked over to the table and examined everything. He scowled. "They're all dirty!!"

Roy looked up from his counting of the utensils he had just placed beside the first load of cookware. "Then get to washing!"

"Ugh," Morton went to the faucet and put the stopper in the sink. He then turned the water on and added soap to wash the dishes. After that, he left the sink to look for any food ingredients there might be in the pantry.

Roy got done counting the utensils and went to the sink to check the water. "MORTON!!"

Morton ran back to the sink in a flash. "What?!"

"This water is cold!!"

"Then turn the faucet on hot!"

Roy grumbled as he changed the water's temperature. He's STILL washing the dishes!

"Hey, uh, Roy?"

"What now??"

"Who's going to cook?"

"We are of course!"

"...but I'm not sure that I can."

"We'll find out then, won't we? Now you get busy with these dishes!"



"So, another Yoshi was here? Wow, wish I could've seen her. What'd she look like?"

"She was blue with these multi-colored eyes. She wasn't from the Mushroom Kingdom, and I don't think she was anywhere near being a "good girl". Well, besides catching Fury when he fell off the tree."

"Heh, wish I could have seen that, too."

"Umm, guys?"

Gilbert and Yoshi looked at Silve, who currently had a leg tied up by a Baby Lava Piranha's vine. Yoshi sighed in disgust. Gilbert just shook his head. How could Silve not watch out for himself in the Lava Lands?

"A little help would be nice!" He exclaimed as he kept tugging a the little vine to let go. The Piranha thought it was a game, so it tugged right along with Silve. They weren't getting anywhere.

"Well, like I said," Gilbert began, ignoring Silve's cry for help, "she was very different from any Yoshi I've ever seen. You think she came from Yoshi Island?"

"Not likely with a description like the one you gave me. I heard those Yoshis are pretty commonplace. Nothing strange ever happens over there, and especially no abnormal Yoshis being born there. Yo'ster Isle might be in question, but the only strange thing that happened over there was a pair of multi-colored color Yoshi twins."

"That's all the Yoshi islands?"

"No, there might be another one, but it may just be a rumor: Saurus Island. Not much is known about it."


Yoshi and Gilbert once again looked at the damsel in distress, and this time he was hoisted in the air by his leg.

"Okay..." Yoshi was dumbfounded. He wondered why Silve couldn't free himself from a baby. It was too easy!

"Say, wanna go get lunch?" Gilbert asked, breaking Yoshi from his thoughts.

"Yeah. Let's go."

Silve was being swung into the air, and once in a while he was slammed into the warm dirt of the Lava Lands. "Wait! Come back! It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!" Silve pleaded.

"Not yet, it isn't!" Gilbert and Yoshi yelled back in unison.


So much for the season of kindness...



The third day...

The last day of the truce had finally came. King Koopa had waited for this day......not that he was going to do much after the truce was over, but still. Truces were agonizing to him. They made him feel as though his ultimate goals in life had been downsized, and finally he would be free from the bondage of...PEACE!

But there was still more work to do. Today, Even though it was Christmas morning--4:00, by the way-- he had to check up on progress around the castle and see who actually did anything. He would first check the Ballistic Piranha Plants that two of his children were supposed to have placed in front of certain rooms...

"KOOPALINGS!!" Koopa bellowed.

No one stirred for a while. Then he yelled again.


"Yes, Daddy!" (Wendy) "Coming King Dad!!" (Morton and Roy) "Coming Father Dearest!" (Iggy and Larry, jokingly) "Presenting myself!" (Lemmy)......Ludwig didn't show up.

"Where's Ludwig?!" Koopa asked his children.

"Uhh...I don't know," answered Wendy.

"Don't know, Dad," answered Roy.

"Me neither," Moron, er, Morton answered.

"I haven't seen him since yesterday," answered Iggy.

"Same here," Larry answered.

"I am 'present-eded'!" Lemmy said. Iggy was recovering from some of his craziness of last Christmas, but Lemmy was still taking pills. To help with Iggy's recovering, King Koopa wouldn't let him hang around Lemmy for a while until he started showing progress. So far, nada. That's why Iggy hangs out with Larry now.

"Where did you two see him last?" King Koopa demanded to know from Larry and Iggy.

"In his lab," they answered.

"What was he doing?"

"Uh, chemical...chemistry...stuff."

"Really?" Koopa sounded like he didn't believe them.

"Yeah, and he told us to go out, so we did. And that's all."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep!" they lied.

King Koopa sighed. He knew those two were lying in his face, but he just couldn't prove it. "Fine. I'll go check his room, and if he's not in there, we'll just have to wait until the Christmas party to look for him."

"Huh?!" Larry asked, surprised.

"Christmas party?" Wendy asked.

"It was part of the written half of the truce," Koopa explained.

"Oh," the siblings said.

Koopa started to head to other areas, but then he turned and looked at Iggy and Larry. "You two, come with me."

Iggy and Larry followed, but in suspicion. They figured their father had found them out, but they didn't say anything. Suddenly, Koopa stopped again. "Oh, and Morton, Roy?"

"Yeah, King Dad?"

"Finish setting up those Ballistic Piranha Plants."


Koopa left, and the rest of the Koopalings went about their business. Roy and Morton kept wondering how their dad knew to pick them for the Piranha Plants in the first place.

"I bet it was Kammy who told him!" said Morton.

"Let's pay her a visit," said Roy.

The two left, and the area around the Koopalings rooms was quiet.

For a little while.

Yoshi, having been awake since King Koopa had bellowed, stepped out of his room, which was the guest room near Wendy's (not to be confused with the food place :P!). He found the Ballistic Piranha Plants all bunched in a corner and began setting them out.

"I know those two aren't going to EVER get around to them, so I might as well do it," he said to himself. Surprisingly, none of the plants seemed to want to take a bite out of him. "Lucky me."



"Alright, you two! Where is he??" Koopa questioned the duo in a darkened room with only one light.

"Not sure," they said.

"You're not allowed to open your Christmas presents until you tell me the truth! I might just give them to Yoshi..."



"Okay, okay! We'll talk, we'll talk!!"

"Iggy and I were decorating Ludwig's lab..." began Larry.

"...and we were Christmas caroling at the same time!" said Iggy.

"But then Ludwig told us to stop..."

", we did."

"We listened to him talk: 'Blah, blah blah...'"

"...and then he said he was going to tell you not to give us our presents because we 'ruined' his lab!"

"So, we decided to tie him up with tinsel!"

"And we put him the dungeon!"

"And that is truthfully all that happened!" they ended with a sigh.

"THE DUNGEON???" King Koopa asked with fear.

"Yes, dad. Is there a problem?" Iggy asked with confusion in his voice.

"I put my Flesh-eating Piranha Plants in there so I wouldn't have to deal with them till next year!" He explained. Koopa rushed out of the dark room to get Ludwig out of the dungeon.

"Wait for us, dad! We'll help!" Iggy and Larry ran after their father to rescue their brother.



The party finally began. Food from both sides of the truce was presented on the same long table, and no one was sure who had made what. Surprisingly to Peach, the Koopa family actually had food to offer, and it looked delicious! She had never seen what type of food they ate, so she was pretty much naïve in that area. Koopa's relatives also surprised her. He had expected his mother, for instance to be as evil as him, but she was a lot nicer than she had expected. And Koopa barely even resembled her. Her skin didn't show scales like his did, but instead her skin seemed to look softer and salamander-like. With all her niceness going around, Peach felt like she had just been given some competition.

"Attention, everyone!" King Koopa called. "This year has been...well, let's skip all the crap. Pass out the presents!!"

Yoshi and some of the soldiers began calling out names for those who were receiving gifts. Ludwig was smiling eerily at Iggy and Larry, who were crying because Koopa decided not to give them their presents after all. Ludwig felt no empathy.

When the soldiers were done giving presents to everyone except Iggy and Larry, there were still quite a few gifts left. Yoshi picked one up and read who it was for. He smiled; it was his. He picked up another one and found it to be for him also. Then he picked up a third. Also for him. Then another. Then another. This continued until he got down to the last one, which was from someone he didn't know.

"What language is this?" he asked a soldier.

"Can't tell. I worry about who it's from though. There's a truce going on, remember?" the soldier said.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that," Yoshi said. He decided to open this one first. It was pretty big, so he figured it must be something really fun to play with (he still liked getting toys!). He never excepted to find the same go-cart like the one he had several years ago. In fact, it was an exact replica of the one he had before. "Wait a minute; this IS my old go-cart! I thought it was destroyed! I couldn't find it anymore, so I quit looking."

"Who was it from, Yoshi?" Gilbert asked.

"I couldn't read the language. My name was written in a language I could understand, but this one seemed warped like the one who gave me my go-cart was foreign." Yoshi examined the go-cart and found that it had been polished since he last saw it. The wheels looked new and the seat was set correctly for his composition. The last time Yoshi had it, the seat was a bit wobbly, and it pointed upwards a bit because he had ridden in it so much.

"Hey, look in the box, Yoshi! A note!"

Yoshi found the note and immediately read it. He hoped it would tell him who got him the gift or at least give him a clue, but it only confused him more.

Dear Yoshi,


I don't know you that well, but I hope to someday. I've heard so much about you, yet I've never seen you before. I found this go-cart in the swamp near my home, so I decided to make use of it and give it to someone. I cleaned it up, so I hope you like it. I won't tell you who I am, but I'll tell you what I look like: I am a blue Yoshi with mysterious eyes and permanent wings on my back. I like to travel a lot, and I don't really stay at home too much.


That is all I will give you. Merry Christmas.


"Huh, 'mysterious eyes'....," Yoshi's voice trailed off as he looked at the note. Maybe he would see this mystery Yoshi soon...

Outside the Keep where the party was being held, Vandala hovered in the air like a helicopter and just glided away from the Mushroom Kingdom. She took one look back and sighed. A small smile crept up on her face.

"Merry Christmas, Yoshi...whoever you are..."

Inside the Keep, Ludwig was about to open his gift. Iggy and Larry watched in anticipation and excitement. They had already been banned from opening their Christmas presents, and now this. Their crime: a giant Mezzobomb set to explode as soon as the gift was completely unwrapped.

Ludwig was almost done now. Just one more piece...

"Merry Christmas to all--" began Iggy.


"And to all...hack...a good...night!..." finished Larry.


"Uh oh..."