Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Annoying, Ticklish Boyfriends ❯ Annoying, Ticklish Boyfriends ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Castiel and Sam gazed down at  Donavan and Dean - the tables were turned, and now they were their toys to play with to their heart’s content.


Cas and Sam had used Dean and Donavan's own ties to secure Dean and Donavan's wrists to the headboard, and they were stripped down to their boxers.The two laid side by side with their hands tied up above their heads, while Cas and Sam sat snugly between them, level with their hips.


Cas drew a restless finger down Dean’s side, Sam did the same thing to Donovan. Dean arched his back, while Donavan squeaked and squirmed around a little bit. 


Cas pecked a kiss to Dean's lips before he then wiggled his fingers along the side of Dean's mouth making Dean squeak. Cas’ smile grew tenfold. 'My, My human is so cute.' He thought to himself. 


The angel drummed his fingers on Dean’s belly, in thought. As Dean’s breath hitched, Cas wondered aloud. “Hmm. Where should I start?”


With his index finger, Cas booped each hunter’s nose, back and forth, while doing “Eenie, meenie, miney, mo” to choose his first victim.


To Cas’ delight, he landed on Dean, who, upon seeing he was first, started smiling hugely and tugging at his bound arms. Cas saw him struggling. “It’s no use, Dean, you’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you.”


Cas flicked a finger at the sensitive spot on Dean’s neck behind his ear, and Dean bit his lip, still smiling. Cas grinned at him, drawing his fingertip down Dean’s neck and across his collarbone, making the hunter shiver and try to twist away. When Cas reached Dean’s underarm, he started utilizing both hands so he could get both armpits. He drew tickly circles in the centers, making Dean giggle, then wiggled his fingers harshly into the hollows, making Dean buck his hips and yelp, bursting into bright laughter.


As Cas kept tickling Dean’s armpits, he glanced at Sam, who was smiling at his brother - but Cas could sense that he felt left out. Cas stilled his fingers and closed his eyes so he could focus - focus on making his wings physical in this dimension. When he succeeded, they unfolded; proudly, but also a bit menacingly, considering their intentions, from his back.


Dean didn’t have time to gawk, because Cas started up his armpit tickling again, sending Dean back into hysterics, eyes squeezed shut in laughter.


Sam, on the other hand, was looking wide-eyed from the wings, to Castiel, and back again. The younger hunter shrank back into the mattress with a nervous grin as he watched the dark, smooth feathers fluttering on Cas’ wings. Castiel watched Sam’s reaction, quirking an eyebrow.


“What’s wrong, Sam?” he asked over Dean’s laughter, the tip of a wing moving, ever so slowly, closer towards Sam’s side.


Sam giggled. “Y-your wihihings!”


Cas chuckled darkly. “What about them?”


“They-they’re gonna tickle really bahad!” Sam exclaimed.


“They tickle?” Cas looked at his feathers. “Really? I didn’t know that… Are you sure, Sam?”




“Hm. I still just don’t know, Sam. I think I should test it out, if you really say so.”


And Sam didn’t protest, just giggled harder as the wing approached, feathers finally making contact with his bare side.


“Gah! Ahahahaha Cahahahahas!”


Cas happily observed Sam’s scrunched-up nose and mirthful smile for a moment, before turning back to Dean. He kept his feathers brushing over Sam’s side as he worked his fingers down Dean’s ribcage, taking his precious time to wiggle between each pair of bones, then raking up and down the entirety of Dean’s ribs. The angel watched on lovingly as Dean twisted and jerked away from his tickling fingers, arching his back again and pressing his head into the mattress as he laughed, clear and loud and beautiful.


Cas turned his attention back to Sam, this time bringing his hands with him. He let a wing move over to Dean to keep him occupied by tickling around his belly.


Cas clawed both of his hands and dug them into Sam’s tummy, wriggling against the softest part in the very center. He made sure he got a finger worming into Sam’s belly button as he went. Sam sucked in his stomach and thrashed around, kicking his feet as his giggles spiraled up into desperate, bellowing laughter.


When both Winchesters were short of breath, Cas temporarily drew back his fingers and feathers to give them a break. As they gasped and gulped in deep breaths of air, Cas smiled down at them.


“I still can’t get over how unbearably adorable humans are,” Cas stated. “Especially you two. You Winchesters are probably the cutest the human race has ever seen. Your…sensitivity is just too endearing.”


Sam and Dean had caught their breath, but Cas didn’t let them answer as he started up his tickling anew, devoting one wing to Sam and one for Dean, brushing his feathers up and down the lengths of their abdomens - from their necks, all the way down to their hips, and then back up to their necks again, back and forth.


He kept his wings wiggling further up, staying in one place where, thanks to the size of his wings, his feathers could get at Sam and Dean’s armpits, collarbones, necks, and ears, all at once. He kept up his tickling there on both brothers, while simultaneously clawing a hand into both tummies, relishing in the gorgeous mix of laughter he got in response. Castiel savored the moment as he felt them squirming and flailing against him.


Cas changed tactics after awhile, giving the brothers another quick oxygen break, before reaching his wings back to get their feet. Both pairs of feet were kicking around and flinching away, but Cas’ wings easily followed them and continued their tickling. Dean drummed his feet into the mattress, while Sam curled his toes and scrunched his feet.


Castiel snuck a hand underneath both hunters, holding them at the smalls of their backs and lifting up a few inches. Cas lifted their bellies higher up toward his face, which, in the process, stretched them slightly to make them even more exposed and vulnerable. While his wings attacked the brothers’ feet, Cas leaned down and blew a raspberry against Dean’s stretched-out tummy, then Sam’s, then Dean’s, then Sam’s.


Then Cas was pecking and fluttering tiny kisses all over Dean’s belly, especially around his more sensitive lower stomach and hips, making him squeal. When it was Sam’s turn, Castiel instead focused his kisses to linger around Sam’s belly button, which was a worse spot for him.


Cas drew his wings back and folded them in, out of the way. He let go of the hunters and reached behind him, wanting to get in a few quick foot tickles of his own, before going in for the grand finale.


He tugged Sam’s right and Dean’s left leg - the two legs that were in the center, that he’d been sitting between - and pulled them together, adjusting himself to sit on top of them at the thighs. Having one of each hunter’s legs pinned, he unfolded his wings back out toward them, not touching skin yet, but close.


Cas positioned a hand over the hip above Dean’s pinned leg, also reaching back to place a hand over the knee of Sam’s pinned leg. He saw the hunters’ eyes widen, then quickly scrunch up as they both started smiling in anticipation.


“What’s got you two all smiley?” Cas asked, wearing a gleeful smirk of his own. “It’s not like you’re extremely ticklish here or anything, are you?”


Dean shook his head and shut his eyes, unable to stand the anticipation.


“Like I said,” Cas said with adoration, “Too adorable.”


With that, the angel set his plan into action. He squeezed torturously at Dean’s hip and Sam’s knee, while one wingtip tickled that little sensitive spot by Dean’s ear and his other wingtip flicked at Sam’s armpit. And - at the same time as all the other tickling - Cas leaned down and resumed his previous action of blowing raspberries back and forth onto each tummy in front of him.


Castiel was in love with the sounds that only he had the privilege of ever hearing - the Winchesters truly laughing, freely and uninhibitedly happy. Dean’s current laughter was at a much higher pitch than he’d ever admit to, a shriekingly helpless, but still beautiful, cackle. Sam’s laughter was gorgeously deep, yet still light and excited and desperate. Both brothers would scream with mirth when it was their turn for a raspberry, and they’d both have wonderful, bright spikes of clarity in their laughter when Cas’ feathers or fingers hit a sweet spot.


It was music to Castiel’s ears. And, coincidentally, he did sort of feel like he was playing instruments when he tickled Sam and Dean - in the sense that, depending on where and how he moved his fingers against the hunters’ skin, they produced different types and intensities of laughter. But Sam and Dean’s laughter was far more beautiful than any music, and they were clearly cuter than any actual instrument.


“Aww, I’m sorry, does this tickle?”


All Cas got in response to his teasing question was crazy laughter and frantic nodding.


“Is it too much? Do you need me to stop? Are my adorable little humans too extraordinarily ticklish?”


More frantic nodding and joyous screams.


“Okay, I really don’t want to stop, but…I guess I will.”


Cas withdrew his fingers, concentrated hard for a moment to make his wings once again invisible this plane, then untied Sam and Dean’s wrists, rubbing and kissing each one soothingly in turn.


He brought both of his humans up into an affectionate embrace, before falling down on the bed beneath them, smiling as they both wrapped their arms around him.


Cas noticed Dean’s exposed armpit as he wrapped his arms around him, and the angel couldn’t stop himself from quickly prodding a finger into it. Dean squeaked and tried to glare, but he only succeeded in looking silly; furrowing his brows, squinting his eyes “menacingly,” but still wearing a ridiculously big, delighted smile. Sam chuckled from the other side of Cas at Dean’s hilariously adorable face as well.


Cas held up his hands in surrender to show he was done tickling, and both hunters snuggled back down into their angel.


Castiel was more than happy to lay there the rest of the night, his humans’ arms wrapped around him, warm bodies pressed against him, listening to the soft sounds of their breathing and heartbeats