Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 7

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Chapter 9
Dean moaned and collapsed against Sam, his head spinning and his whole body wracked with pain, he whimpered but then he felt Sam gently lift him and lay him on something soft.
“It's okay Dean, just relax, don't try to fight it.” Sam whispered, running gentle hands over Dean's body as the angel writhed on the bed. Slowly the fit passed and Dean opened his eyes to find Sam leaning over him.
“Sam.” He whispered and Sam smiled at him, gently running his fingers through Dean's hair.
“Feeling better?” Sam asked softly and Dean nodded.
“I'm okay.” Dean answered and then coughed; his throat dry. Sam reached past him and then held a cup out to him. Dean sat up slowly and took the cup, sipping slowly and enjoying the cold water. Sam moved slowly on the bed until they were sitting side by side. Dean reached out and took Sam's hand, entwining their fingers and Sam grinned, gently squeezing Dean's hand.
“Where are we?” Dean asked and Sam could tell his Angel was nervous but that he trusted Sam.
“My suite, yours is through that door.” Sam pointed at a door on the opposite wall.
“It only locks from your side, in case you want time to yourself or something.”
“We have separate rooms?” Dean asked quietly and Sam shrugged.
“I didn't want to presume you'd stay here with me. You can if you want to.” Sam answered and Dean smiled.
“Spent the last twenty odd years sharing Sam, don't think I could sleep in a room alone.” Dean admitted and Sam smiled, reaching out to wrap and arm around Dean's shoulders.
“So this is hell?”
“One part of it. Some areas are nicer than others. These are the Royal living areas; Father's rooms are further down the hall. You can stay in these halls if you want. I'll have to go to the other areas occasionally, let everyone know I'm back and give them Father's orders, things like that.” Sam explained and Dean turned so they were sitting eye to eye, taking his time to study Sam in his home environment, needing to see that this was still the Sam he'd talked to on a mountain top for centuries and then raised as a mortal child. As if sensing that Sam raised a hand to cup Dean's face, smiling gently at the Angel and Dean felt himself fully relaxing, this was still his Sam.
“Sammy.” He whispered smiling up at Sam; brother, friend, one time enemy and maybe one day lover, and Sam smiled back, revealing his dimples. Dean could still feel old memories slowly integrating themselves but he had the feeling that everything really important was already back where it belonged. It was odd but he felt more like Dean than Deyn. He'd lived millennia as Deyn, warrior of Heaven and only thirty years as Dean Winchester and yet he clung to his life as Dean more than that of Deyn...why?
“What's wrong?” Sam's quiet, concerned voice pulled him out of his memories and Dean smiled at him.
“Nothing, still going over all my old memories.” Dean answered and then stoped as Sam chewed at his lip, looking down.
“ you regret what you did?” Sam asked quietly and Dean paled. How could Sam think he would ever regret what he did?”
“Sammy.” Dean called, reaching out to tilt Sam's face back up. He could see the changes in Samael as well; he had always been a little shy but never this quick to blame himself for things. Sam finally met his eyes and Dean wasn't surprised to find them human hazel at the moment.
“It was my choice to answer whenever you summoned me, just like it was my choice to make the Deal. I don't regret any of it. If Michael could do that to me then Heaven wasn't what I thought it was. Yes, I miss some of my brothers now that I remember them but they did nothing to help me when Michael tore my Grace out. You were the one I could talk to freely, the one that came if I called and I know you looked for me, you even agreed to be born human for me. I never want to leave you again Samael.” Dean promised and hazel slowly shifted to show Sam's true nature even as Sam threw his arms around Dean, hugging him tightly. Dean returned the embrace, instinctively remembering how to avoid Sam's folded wings.
“I missed you so much when you disappeared. Father was pleased I was actually throwing my all into any fights but all I was doing was trying to find you or someone who knew what had happened to you. Apparently I was even less fun to be around after that, even Astaroth commented on it and he rarely has anything to do with me anymore.” Sam explained.
“Astaroth....” Dean whispered nervously.
“You knew him, didn't you?” Sam asked and Dean nodded, frowning as he remembered.
“He was Michael's second before he Fell. He wasn't that bad, not quite as stuck up as Michael. I was still pretty young when he Fell though. There was a lot of talk when that happened. I know he would have been able to kick my ass in training or a full out fight.” Dean reminisced.
“You can see him if you want. He was one of my combat teachers when I was younger and while we never got really close or anything we don't fight.” Sam offered, lying down on the bed and tugging Dean down with him.
“Maybe eventually. This is's just a lot to take in. I mean I was a Seraphim, then I spent centuries being reborn again and again as a human and now I'm an angel again but one that's willingly gone to hell....”
“It's okay, there's no rush. Let's face it, I've had it easier. Every time I died I'd come home briefly before being born again as a mortal and I chose to do that, you were forced. I've had longer to get used to everything.” Sam assured him.
“I feel weird Sam, it's so hard trying to get everything in here,” Dean put a hand against his head, “to go where it's meant to. And it's not just that.........”
“It's being here Dean, you're an angel again and now you're in hell. It'll eventually change you but I don't think you'll become a demon, you're a Seraphim and pretty stubborn. I guess you'll end up more like me or Father.” Sam told him.
“Oh.” Was the quiet answer and Sam gently squeezed him, smiling when Dean squeezed back.
“Get some sleep Dean, we have plenty of time.” Sam whispered and Dean nodded, curling closer to Sam. Sam watched as Dean slowly fell asleep, obviously exhausted by the day's events. It was odd to see an angel sleeping but with everything Dean had been through and his change from being human it was obviously needed. Samael was actually amazed that Dean was adjusting so well, he'd taken things worse the first time he'd died and come home. Sam slowly closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall asleep.
Dean felt like running away screaming but since that wasn't possible he just moved closer to Samael. Behind those doors was the one being he had been taught in every life to fear and fight against and here he was willingly going to see him. As if he could sense Dean's trepidation Sam stopped and then turned to face him, reaching out to pull Dean into his arms. Dean sagged in his arms, clinging as close to Sam as he could.
“It's gonna be okay Dean, I won't let anything bad happen to you. Besides, you can almost match me in a fight so I know you can defend yourself if you just trust yourself to know what to do.” Sam tried to reassure the shaken Seraphim and he felt Dean nod against him.
“Okay. I can do this.” Dean whispered as he straightened up. At least Sam had given him clean clothes, a lot nicer than he was used to wearing anymore. Getting a shirt on around his wings was new and in the end Sam had ended up helping him, it's not like he wore a shirt in heaven so he'd never had to figure it out. Samael was dressed much the same as he remembered from their mountain top talks. Black leather pants and a crimson shirt, he'd given Dean a similar pair of black pants but his shirt was a silvery grey. He'd worn white as an angel but he wasn't really one of hells so Sam had chosen colours to show his mixed feelings over his allegiances.
Samael gave him one last smile before knocking on the door and then opening it. Dean took a deep breath and followed him into the Hell's Throne Room. It was nothing like he had imagined over the millennia. Instead of darkness and shadows it was well lit and almost airy, as much as a windowless room can be anyway. Dean silently followed Samael towards the dais, noting the smaller empty throne a step down from the elaborate and occupied one. Was that where Samael sat when at home? He swallowed nervously, as Sam dropped to one knee before the dais, before copying his friend and brother. He wasn't swearing obedience or anything but he could respect that Lucifer ruled here and show that respect.
Dean glanced up and there he was, Lucifer himself reclining on his gold and marble throne. Deyn had never seen the Archangel himself, having been born after his Fall, but he had caught fleeting glimpses of him in battle. It was obvious Lucifer and Michael were brothers, their faces had the same arrogant cast but where Michael had golden blonde hair Lucifer had black. There was also something....diminished about the First Fallen that he couldn't quite put his finger on.
“Welcome home Samael.” Lucifer called out and Sam stood, Dean following him.
“It's good to be back Father.” Sam answered calmly, smiling up at his Father who actually smiled slightly back at him before his gaze went to Dean.
“So this is the one you left us for. Come closer little Seraphim.” Lucifer called and Dean glanced at Dean who nodded before slowly moving closer to the dais.
Lucifer slowly stood and that was when Dean realised what he'd spotted, the Light-Bringer was injured in some way, weaker than he'd been since he'd first Fallen. This was information that Heaven would pay dearly for, Deyn may even be welcomed back for it, but he would not use it. Samael was the only one he was loyal to now and hurting Lucifer would hurt Sam.
“Deyn, a born Seraphim, and yet you befriended my son. Why?” Lucifer asked and Dean took a deep breath.
“Deyn died the day Michael tore my Grace from me, I am Dean now. I never intended to befriend Samael, it just happened. Michael said he did what he did because he feared I would follow Sam if he asked....and by that time I would have. I hold no loyalty to Heaven, those I thought of as friends did nothing when I needed them. Samael is the one that holds my loyalty.” Dean stated calmly pulling on all the calmness he could from his time on the battlefields of heaven.
“Not me?” Lucifer asked, almost amused by the Seraphim.
“No, maybe in time but all I know of you is what I learnt in heaven and among humans. Those aren't exactly flattering tales.” Dean admitted and Lucifer laughed.
“You are not what I expected, despite everything Samael has told me over the centuries. I was prepared to go against my son and have you punished in some way for taking Samael from me when I needed him....but instead I welcome you to Hell Dean. You will be treated as an honoured guest as my son wished. I am sure you will find some you knew from heaven amongst our numbers if you wish to seek them out. I will not even ask that you fight alongside us against heaven if that is your wish. But you may not leave hell alone, you are now ours.” Lucifer commanded and watched as both younger males relaxed at his acceptance.
“I do have a question Father. John Winchester, he made a Deal to save Dean's life nearly two years ago. Do you know what has happened to him?” Samael asked and Lucifer frowned slightly. His son sighed and then opened his mind to him, letting Lucifer see that yes, Samael and Dean loved and cared for John Winchester but that Lucifer was still Sam's Father. But if it hadn't been for John Winchester Samael would not have Deyn back...Lucifer sighed but nodded.
“I do not keep watch over every mortal soul that comes here. I do know he caused a stir about a century ago, around the time that the Gate opened. I also know Alistair took...personal interest in him. He may be a fully fledged demon by now.” That answer made Sam swear softly.
“Thank you Father.” Samael answered, bowing again, Dean imitating him. Lucifer nodded and dismissed them.
As soon as the doors shut sagged against the wall, breathing heavily. Sam leant next to him and then laid his head on Dean's shoulder. Dean leant his head to the side so they were touching and smiled as Sam took his hand.
“You okay?” Sam whispered and Dean nodded.
“He's a bit...intense, worse than Michael even.” Dean admitted softly and Sam laughed.
“Really? I've never really interacted with Michael other than the few times he was trying to run me through.” Sam admitted and this time Dean laughed.
“It's pretty obvious they're brothers.” Dean commented as he straightened up but didn't let go of Sam's hand. They headed back towards Sam's suite, walking slowly only to freeze as another figure appeared at the end of the hall. Sam squeezed Dean's hand in comfort and then gave a respectful nod to the approaching male.
“Astaroth.” Sam greeted and the demon bowed.
“Prince Samael.” He answered and then his gaze went to Dean and he frowned before his eyes widened.
“Deyn?” Astaroth asked hesitantly and Dean nodded.
“It's Dean now. It's um, nice to see you again...” Dean faltered and Astaroth actually smiled at him.
“I assume you will be in a better mood now my Prince?” The Grand Duke of Hell asked and Sam laughed.
“A good assumption my old teacher. You deal with Alistair on occasion in your duties?” Sam asked and the Duke nodded.
“Would you know of one of the souls he had in A man named John Winchester.”
“Yes, Alistair has been most obsessed with breaking him....” Astaroth trailed off as he realised what was going.
“The mortal father of your latest life.” He stated and Sam nodded.
“As we were brothers he was our Dad, we'd like to know what has happened to him.” Sam answered and Astaroth nodded.
“I will let it be known. It is good to have you back Sire and good to see you again Dey...Dean.” With that Astaroth headed towards the throne room to report to Lucifer. Dean turned to see him walk away, chewing his lip in thought.
“Dean?” Sam called and he shrugged.
“He looks....very different to what I remember.” Dean admitted quietly and Sam nodded.
“Yes, he wears armour given to him by Father pretty much all the time since coming here. I've never asked him why and the few who could be to make him look more intimidating or something.” Sam shuddered and Dean nodded, he wouldn't ask.
“So now we have to find J...Dad.” Sam said, making himself call John for Dean's sake.
“I know he's technically not our Dad, Sammy. But I...Michael and the garrison raised me and never spoke of who my `parents' were. I wasn't one of the Seraphim created by God, I inherited my rank.” Dean admitted painfully and Sam pulled him into a hug.
“I didn't know Dean....I'm sorry. Maybe Father or Astaroth would know if we asked.” He offered and Dean shrugged, letting Sam know the subject was closed for now.
“So how to find bet is to go to Alistair's domain and start looking. Um...guess you can settle in, explore these corridors while I start looking.” Sam offered and Dean frowned.
“You don't want me to come?” he asked and Sam shrugged.
“I...I didn't want to push you into going out into the nastier sections of hell and Alistair's section....he's one of the top torturers for a reason Dean. If...if you'd been a normal person making a deal, you'd have ended up in his hands once down here. And....he specialises in torturing Angels, he was the one torturing the Angel that spilled what had happened to you.” Sam admitted softly and Dean nodded in understanding.
“This is something we need to do together Sammy. I'm not defenceless and you'll be with me. Besides Lucifer said I'm to be treated as a guest, right? It'll be okay, I promise not to pick a fight with anyone, unless they're torturing Dad or something.” Dean told him and Sam smiled, glad Dean wasn't going to stay in the royal corridors forever.
“So when do we start?”
Castiel stared resolutely ahead as he heard Michael approaching. He felt a shiver of fear but squashed it immediately as he felt and saw the others approaching.
“What are you hiding Castiel?” Michael asked softly and Castiel sobbed as he felt the Archangel begin to search through his memories.