Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
John stared wildly between the two beings sitting either side of him. Their was unbelievable and yet part of him wanted to believe.
“Why?” He asked and Dean frowned.
“Why what Dad?” He asked and John looked away from them.
“Why come after me? I'm not your real Dad if you're telling the truth.” John said and Sam sighed, reaching out to take John's hand.
“ are our Dad. Lucifer is my Father yes, but you raised me for eighteen years and I can't forget that. I know we fought a lot but I never stopped loving you.” Sam whispered and John slowly looked over at him.
“I never knew my angelic parents and my memories of my other mortal lives are fuzzy at best. You're my Dad; you sold your soul to save my life. How could we leave you to Alistair and his friends? We're gonna keep you safe Dad.” Dean promised softly.
“Dean and I share a room so you can have these rooms. There's a fully equipped bathroom, clean clothes, even a TV and movies. No one can get in here but us and Father.” Sam explained.
“I...this is a lot.....I don't want to be a demon. I'm a hunter!” John cried out and Sam and Dean exchanged looks. Sam bit his lip in thought.
“I can ask, see if there's a way to stop the change where it is Dad. You won't ever end up like the ones we hunted, promise.” Sam told him. John still didn't know what to think or believe but so far he hadn't been hurt and had actually been given a nice room. He could play along till he had a better idea of what was going on and whether or not these two really were his sons.
Castiel whimpered in pain as he forced his eyes open. He looked around dazedly to find he was on earth and in a lot of pain. He tried to sit up only to find hands gently restraining him. He blinked and then froze as he saw just who was there.
“What?” Castiel managed to ask and then he coughed.
“Here, drink this.” Astaroth placed the glass against his lips and Castiel took a tentative sip before drinking gratefully. He studied the Fallen Angel as he drank, remembering what had happened and then he realised what was different. The black armour was gone, not just the helmet.
“Thank you.” Castiel whispered and Astaroth nodded.
“Where are we?” He asked softly.
“Earth, a hotel in New York. You are inured too badly to attempt the trip to Hell. Prince Samael is aware of what is happening and agrees we should remain here for the time being.” Astaroth explained calmly and Castiel frowned.
“ wing.” Castiel whispered, reaching back to where he prayed it still was.
“Your wings are still there. I have splinted the injury and hopefully it will heal completely but there are no guarantees. I am sorry. The power level of the angel who did this to you may also influence the healing.” At that Castiel closed his eyes in defeat.
“It was Michael. He confronted me, found out I had let Samael take Deyn's Grace. No one did anything, they all just watched.” Castiel told him. Astaroth slowly reached out and laid his hand on Castiel's arm. Castiel tensed but then slowly relaxed as Astaroth kept his hand still.
“You helped reunite the Prince with his intended Consort and you stood up to Michael, you will be honoured in Hell. The lower ranked demons that walk the Earth may squabble among themselves and turn on each other but those of us in the higher ranks are loyal to our Lord and each other.” Astaroth assured him.
“No one will harm you there Castiel, although Alistair may hint at it. If he tries anything call for me or Samael.”
“What's it like? I only know what Michael and the others have told me.”
“Some parts of Hell are like they describe but not all parts. If you're not in the Royal Hall I'll have a room prepared for you near mine. All rooms lock if you will feel safer that way. You'll have a large comfortable bed, all the clothes and food you want. Samael even had TV and movies introduced when he was back before being born as a Winchester.” Astaroth explained and Castiel nodded, that didn't sound too bad. Of course Astaroth could be lying but Castiel didn't sense any attempt at deception. He closed his eyes and Astaroth let him lie quietly.
“How long do you think we will remain here?” Castiel eventually asked.
“Another week perhaps. There has been some improvement but the bone has not begun to heal into one piece yet. I do not want to risk moving you until it does. You should rest.” Astaroth told him and Castiel nodded, relaxing back into the pillows.
Sam watched as Dean paced their room. He didn't blame him for being agitated, sure they'd found John but he had changed a lot, they could both feel it. Sam didn't blame John for being cautious of them, it was Hell after all and who knew what Alistair had done to him. But it hurt to see John so....broken. He'd always been so strong and to see him like that hurt. It hurt Dean even more, Dean who had never known his angelic parents and had loved John a lot.
“Dean.” Sam called and Dean spun around to face him. Sam stood up and walked over to Dean, wrapping his arms around him. Dean tensed briefly before melting into his embrace.
“It's going to be okay.” Sam whispered as he held Dean. It felt amazing to have Dean clinging to him and Sam was quite happy to remain as they were forever. He raised a hand to gently stroke Dean's wings and smiled as Dean relaxed even more.
“He doesn't believe us, does he?” Dean eventually whispered and Sam sighed.
“No. But we have eternity to prove it to him.” Sam answered, moving his head to look into Dean's eyes. They were even greener now that Dean was an angel again and Sam loved the colour. He held still as Dean raised his head even further, barely daring to breathe as Dean's intentions became clear. He smiled softly as hesitant lips brushed against his. Dean froze and went to pull away but Sam cupped the back of his head gently and returned the kiss. Dean slowly relaxed again as they continued to kiss gently. Sam purposely kept the kisses gentle and let Dean lead them. He knew that Dean was still trying to adjust to the knowledge he had gained and the fact that Sam was not his brother but Lucifer's son. Sam was determined to show Dean that he was still mostly the same person, where he was raised for centuries didn't mean he had to be rough and violent like most would expect.
Dean pulled back and stared up at Sam. He was still trying to get everything in his head worked out but he knew that he wanted Sam. He'd been scared at first, not just because they'd spent the last nearly thirty years as brothers but because of everything he'd ever heard of Hell. Sometimes he half expected Sam to act like others he had fought against before Michael had banished him to Earth. But Sam had always been gentle when they sat together on their mountain and he had never really tried to hurt Dean when they were brothers. Dean knew Sam could have, he was taller and faster than Dean after all and Sam was the only one Dean had ever lowered his guard around. Dean just had to get rid of the prejudices he'd been taught for centuries in Heaven. Sammy or Samael he would not hurt him and Dean had to believe that.
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