Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
Astaroth held Castiel down with one hand as he wiped the angel's face down with a damp cloth with the other. He'd thought Castiel had been recovering well....until the fever had set in. Now the angel's body felt like it was on fire and the broken wing was red and inflamed. At least Castiel didn't appear to be delirious or anything, at least so far. Bleary, pain filled blue eyes slowly fluttered open and Castiel groaned.
“Castiel, can you hear me?” He asked and Castiel managed a small nod.
“You have a fever; an infection has set in the wound.” Astaroth explained and Castiel nodded again. Astaroth wet the cloth again and Castiel sighed at the welcome coolness.
“I can run you a cold bath if you don't object to my helping you. It will help lower your body temperature.” He offered and Castiel blinked before he nodded again. Astaroth headed into the bathroom to start the bath and alter it a bit to make it accommodate Castiel's wings better. Then he went back into the bedroom and simply picked the dazed angel up, carrying him into the bathroom and lowered him into the cool water fully clothed. Castiel hissed and struggled weakly as the cold water hit his skin but then relaxed, letting Astaroth care for him.
Dean watched Sam as he slept on their bed. It still felt sort of odd to not need sleep anymore but he was adjusting. And hey, it gave him more time to just lay back and hold Sam close. He tensed as he heard a noise but then relaxed as he saw the connecting door inch open. He smiled as their Dad peeked his head in and raised a finger to his lips. He gently disentangled himself from Sam who whimpered in his sleep and then hugged Dean's pillow to his chest, making Dean smile.
John watched as Dean slid off the bed and the way Sam cuddled up to the pillow, it was cute and such a Sammy thing to do that it made his heart ache. He still wasn't sold on them being his sons but he had a nice room and it was good to be away from Alistair. Dean joined him and then they went into his room to let Sam sleep.
“You okay?” Dean asked and John stared at him, seeing the genuine concern in familiar green eyes. How often had his eldest asked him that when he'd staggered in from a hunt?
“Yeah.” He muttered and Dean sighed, walking over to sit on the couch. He sat down and then patted the spot beside him. John stared at him before slowly approaching and then sitting beside him. Dean could sense John's uneasiness so he reached out and laid a hand on his Dad's shoulder, trying to sooth him with his Grace. He smiled as John relaxed a bit and then bit his lip absently, not noticing his Dad watching him.
“Why'd you do it?” Dean finally asked and John stared at him.
“I was dying and then suddenly I was fine and you were dead. Doesn't take a genius to figure out you made a deal for me.” He clarified and John looked away.
“Dad?” Dean pushed and John stared at him.
“Dad please. Do you have any idea what that did to me? And what you told me to do? How could you do that to me?” Dean pleaded and John just stared at him, eyes wide in shock before he reached out to touch Dean's face.
“Dad?” Dean whispered, sensing something was happening.
“Dean.” John whispered, staring at his son and it was his son. It had to be. He reached out and pulled his son into his arms. Dean didn't fight him but hugged him back just as tightly.
“I'm here Dad, it's me.” Dean whispered and John shuddered with suppressed sobs. Dean held his Dad close, offering him as much comfort as he could and he was actually relieved but a little scared when John broke down and began to actually cry. He could remember his Dad crying all of maybe three times so it felt weird to see the usually strong man in such a state but with everything he`d been through it wasn't all that surprising. It was also good that he was still capable of such a human expression.
“It's okay Dad, everything's going to be alright.” He whispered and John slowly calmed down, looking away in shame at breaking down like that.
“Hey, you've got nothing to be ashamed of Dad. You hear me? Nothing! You lasted longer than anyone should have been able to on that rack and even then you never fully broke. Nearly two hundred years down here and you're still human enough to cry. That's something to be proud of Dad; we're both proud of you.” Dean told him and John stared at him before slowly nodding.
Dean glanced up and saw Sam standing in the doorway, watching them with a small, proud smile. He nodded at Sam and he slipped into the room, joining them on the couch, reaching out to place a hand on John's shoulder.
“Dad?” Sam whispered when John tensed and then he turned to stare at his youngest boy. Accepting Dean was easy, he was an angel and his son but Sam? He could remember Sammy as the cheerful and curious toddler and then the sullen and moody teenager. But now....Sam was Lucifer's son, not his. And yet his heart cried out for his baby boy.
“Dad please.” Sam whispered and John wrapped his arms around him, hugging Sam close.
“I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to fight with you all the time. I'm sorry we fought in the hospital.” Sam whispered, finally getting to apologise for the last words he'd spoken to John.
“It's okay.” John answered, he hadn't blamed Sam for what he'd said at the hospital, Sam had just been scared for Dean. He knew he'd been unfair to Sam too, he hadn't done anything to say goodbye to him, just sent him off to
“I'm sorry too Sam.” He said and Sam smiled at him, revealing his dimples and John found himself smiling back.
Sam smiled as he rolled them over so that Dean was lying on top of him. Dean grinned back and then leant in to kiss him. Sam tightened his grip and deepened the kiss, making Dean moan but then he pulled back to just smile down at Sam.
“So is Dad going to be okay?” Dean asked and Sam nodded.
“Now that he's over the whole `you can't be my sons' thing he should be okay. I asked Father about somehow stopping his transformation and he said he'll sneak a peek at him sometime soon to see what can be done.” Sam answered and Dean grinned.
“Good. Heard from Astaroth?”
“Cas spiked a fever for a bit but he's doing better so they should be here soon.” Sam answered and then ran a hand through Dean's hair.
“Anything else needs clarifying?” Sam teased and Dean laughed but shook his head.
“Good.” Sam whispered and tugged Dean back down for another kiss. Sam rolled them again so that they lay on their sides, facing each other. They continued kissing even as Sam slowly slipped a hand under Dean's shirt to rest against his stomach, feeling Dean's muscles tense under his palm. He left his hand there, waiting to see what Dean would do and smiling when Dean's hand came to rest on his stomach. Hesitant green eyes met his and Sam pulled back enough to see Dean's whole face.
“Whatever you want Dean.” He whispered and Dean relaxed, nodding but then he bit his lip.
“What about you?” He asked and Sam grinned at him.
“I'm just happy being with you Dean, whatever we do.” Sam answered, his grin turning to a gentle smile. He hugged Dean and then lay still, showing Dean that the next move was his. Dean grinned slightly and then tugged at Sam's shirt. Sam nodded and yanked it off, glad he had his wings hidden. Dean's grin became firmer and he pulled his own shirt off.
“Have you ever....been with a male?” Sam asked as Dean explored his chest slowly, shivering slightly at the soft touches. Sam moved back onto his back, spreading his arms and grinning at Dean who leant over him to continue his explorations.
“No.” Dean finally answered and Sam nodded.
“Have....have you?”
“A few times but years before I met you. After that....” Sam trailed off and shrugged, blushing slightly and Dean grinned at hearing Sam hadn't done anything after meeting him.
“What about in your human lives?” Dean asked and Sam laughed.
“It was odd, even though I didn't remember you.....I would find someone attractive but I could never follow through. Oddly enough they were always people who looked a lot like you. I did occasionally get together with females and you know that but it was never permanent.” Sam explained, knowing Dean needed to know how deep his feelings for the angel ran.
“What about Jess?” Dean asked, frowning slightly. Sam had said they were never permanent but Azazel had indicated Sam was ring shopping.
“Jess.....I loved her as more than I've ever loved anyone that wasn't you. At first she was a cover, a way to appear more normal and to fit in. I know what Azazel said in the cabin but...I hadn't decided yet and was actually getting cold feet at the idea of taking the next step but I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was because of all the lies between us plus I was still feeling things for my big brother that I knew were wrong. Those were four rather emotionally confusing years.” Sam explained and Dean nodded, accepting it. Dean took Sam's hand and put it back on his chest so Sam took the hint and went back to touching Dean even as Dean continued to touch him.
Sam smiled as Astaroth appeared; Castiel curled up in his arms, whimpering from the disorientation of the trip. Sam opened a door and Astaroth followed him into the nicely appointed suite to find Dean pulling back the bedding. He lowered Castiel to the bed and blue eyes flew open, wings twitching in agitation.
“It's alright Castiel, you're safe.” Sam soothed and Castiel stared up at him and then around the room.
“Samael?” Castiel whispered and Sam nodded, smiling at the angel as Dean came up beside him and Castiel looked at his fellow angel who smiled at him.
“Deyn.” Castiel whispered and Dean grinned at him.
“I decided to stick with Dean. I'm glad you're doing better.” Dean told him and Castiel nodded.
“These are your rooms Castiel. Mine and Dean's are through that door if you need anything. Astaroth is a few halls away but that door leads to his rooms.” Sam pointed to a different door and Castiel nodded nervously.
“No one is going to hurt you.” Sam assured him, reaching out to sooth Castiel's hair back from his face.
“Just rest, the trip is bad enough when you're I full health. I have to go see my Father.” Sam stood and looked at Dean who nodded.
“I'll keep him company.” Dean said as he sat on the edge of the bed.
“I will see you later; I too need to report to my Lord.” Astaroth said, replacing his helmet but not before smiling slightly at the two angels.
Sensing the rooms occupant was asleep Lucifer silently opened the door to get is first look at the man his son had spent a mortal lifetime calling Dad. He looked around the room first, happy to see that at least the man was neat or perhaps too scared to do much to the room. He knew as well as anyone the sort of things Alistair delighted in doing to the souls in his care, especially those of people like John Winchester. He could feel the demonic taint that had corrupted the soul, but not fully. Amazingly he still clung to some humanity, despite everything he had been through. Finally Lucifer approached the bed and looked down at its occupant only to freeze in shock. How could it be?