Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 5
Sam watched from his bed as Dean paced what had become their room over the last three weeks. Joshua had arrived a few days after Bobby with Caleb following a week later. Both men had been shocked to see Dean and were still being cautious but there had been no hostility much to Sam's relief. He didn't think he was up to stopping any more bullets. But tonight was when they'd finally see the truth with their own eyes and Sam was scared. Not of Dean, not after the way he'd treated him in the woods, but for him. If any of the others sided with John about Dean after actually seeing it...he didn't know what would happen.
Sam looked up as Dean suddenly froze and the spun to face him, eyes wide and face paling.
“Dean?” Sam asked, alarmed by his brother's expression. He fumbled for his crutches and staggered upright, mentally cursing the cumbersome cast as he hopped closer only to freeze as Dean backed away.
“Dean?” This time his voice wavered.
“You're afraid, I can smell it. Sammy please....” Sam frowned at Dean's words and then he realised.
“Dean I'm not scared of you.” Sam released his grip on one of his crutches and reached his hand out towards Dean. Dean stared at him, uncertainty clear in his eyes.
“Please?” Sam asked and Dean moved closer, taking Sam's hand. He smiled and then nearly fell as the unheld crutch fell but Dean swept him up into his arms and Sam automatically curled into his chest, seeking the comforting sound of Dean's heartbeat.
“Why are you scared?” Dean's voice was barely audible but Sam heard the question.
“I'm scared about the others. What if seeing tonight, they don't understand? I don't think I could stop another bullet.” Sam told him and Dean tightened his grip.
“It'll be okay Sam. No matter what happens I won't leave you again.” Dean promised and Sam tried to burrow closer, just enjoying the closeness after so long alone. When Dean shifted he raised his head questioningly. Dean grimaced slightly but kept his arms around Sam.
“The day leading up to it I feel...agitated. The wolf knows what tonight is.”
“Is there something to help you relax?” Sam asked and Dean smiled.
“I'm okay Sam, it's actually better this month.” Sam grinned and relaxed, he wasn't going to complain about Dean hugging him.
Dean turned back to the house and gave Sam a soft smile, fighting a pained grimace. The sun was setting and the moon would rise soon. Sam was leaning against the doorway with Pastor Jim beside him. Bobby, Caleb and Joshua were slightly in front of them and armed with tranquilisers. Caleb had automatically picked up a gun loaded with silver at first but Sam's crutch connecting with his head had made him drop it and give the brothers a sheepish grin.
He hadn't admitted it to Sam but he was scared, he'd never changed in front of anyone before. Sure Sam had been fine with the wolf in the forest but seeing him become said animal? He'd just gotten his brother back; he wouldn't be able to handle Sam being scared of him. When he'd smelt Sam's fear in their room it had been like John shooting him all over again. Holding Sam like that though, it had settled the wolf in a way he'd never felt before. Usually he was a mess the day of the full moon and yet as long as he'd been near Sam he'd stayed calm. Was it something to do with Sam's powers or just the fact that they were family?
Seeing the sun vanish Dean quickly stripped down to his boxers, normally he'd strip all the way but not with everyone watching him. He looked back again and met Sam's eyes. There was no fear there, only love and encouragement. He managed another smile and then the pain hit him full on. He groaned and sank to his knees.
Jim tightened his grip on Sam as the boy moved forward when Dean dropped to his knees. The kid shouldn't even be standing for so long with his leg the way it was but Sam refused to sit. All they could do was watch as Dean slumped forward, head hanging down and his weight braced on his arms. As the yard was bathed in moonlight a scream was wrenched from Dean and then his skin rippled, it was the only word for it.
“Dean.” Sam whispered and Dean's head shot up. Dean's now golden gaze locked with Sam's and he whimpered in pain as the change continued. They could hear the sounds of bones breaking and rearranging as his form slowly changed, fur flowing out to cover his body.
“It's okay Dean I'm here.” Sam called softly, trying to help the only way he could. Dean moaned and then the moan shifted into a howl as the change reached his face. Seconds later a wolf lay panting where Dean had been.
“Dean?” The animal pushed itself to its feet, never taking its eyes off Sam.
“Are you okay?” The wolf nodded its head and slowly approached, tail wagging. Sam staggered away from Jim and towards the wolf.
“Sam!” Bobby called but the teen ignored him. Caleb raised his rifle and Dean whimpered, laying down. Sam turned to glare and then hobbled to where the wolf was waiting. He managed to lower himself down beside it and reached out to run his hands through the thick dark grey fur. He laughed as Dean playfully licked his face.
“Gross Dean!” Sam batted at him and Dean let out a playful sounding yip. Sam looked up at the others and smiled. Jim slowly moved over to them and Dean got to his feet.
“Can I come over Dean?” Jim asked softly and the wolf walked over to him. Jim froze as Dean sniffed him and then licked his hand before head butting him. Jim laughed softly and walked over to join Sam. Bobby was the next to join them and Dean jumped up to lick his face making the older hunter swear and everyone else laugh. Caleb and Joshua put their rifles down and joined the group, letting Dean sniff and lick them as he wanted.
Head's turned as Dean whimpered and then dropped to the ground.
“Sunup.” Bobby called and Joshua got up, grabbing Dean's jeans before coming back to the group. They watched in awe as the change happened in reverse and soon a naked Dean Winchester was lying before them. Joshua tossed his jeans to him and Dean quickly pulled them on, not making eye contact with anyone. He jerked as a hand lightly slapped the back of his head and turned to look at Sam.
“That's for licking me jerk.” Sam teased with a smile and Dean slowly smiled back.
“Can't help it if you taste good bitch.” Dean answered, standing and then bending to lift Sam easily into his arms.
“I'll get started on breakfast and then I think we could all do with some sleep.” Jim said as he stood. He clasped Dean's shoulder for a second and then headed inside.
“It always that painful?” Caleb asked and Dean nodded.
“Then you're tougher than me kid, I'd have been screaming.”
“Me too.” Joshua called as he followed Jim inside. Dean just stood there, Sam cradled gently in his arms as the men went inside, staring after them in shock.
“Told you things would work out.” Dean looked down at Sam and nodded.
“I don't care, as long as I've got you Sammy.”
“Always.” Sam told him as Dean carried him inside. There was no way anyone was ever taking his brother from him again. He was going to do as Dean suggested and practice his powers, he needed to be able to help Dean defend them from anything that tried to part them.
“Let me get this straight Winchester, you need help hunting down your own kids?” John glared at the other hunter.
“They aren't my boys anymore. Dean died nine years ago when a werewolf bit him and Sam...Sam's gone and all that's left is a demon. Only way to save what's left of them is to kill the monsters that have replaced them. You in or not Gordon?” the younger hunter nodded slowly and then grinned.
“Vampires are my specialty but I can branch out into werewolves easily enough. We're gonna need help though. Any idea where they'll head? Friends or family?”
“No family and all friends are hunters, they can't be crazy enough to think a hunter will shelter them.”
“True, guess we call around our contacts then.”
Bobby pulled his phone out as it rang and then froze.
“Bobby?” it was half question and half reprimand for his language.
“It's John.” He answered and the room fell silent. He hit the answer key and raised it to his ear.
“Thought I told you I have some salt rounds with your name on them Winchester.” Bobby growled out and Dean looked at Sam who nodded with a slight smile.
“Haven't heard from Sam since last time I saw you, why? What did you do this time you idjit?” Bobby asked, acting as if he wasn't in the same room as Sam.
“He's a what?! Are you out of your mind? What the hell have you been drinking? Sam's no demon.” Bobby yelled and Sam huddled into Dean's side. The kid could really make himself look small, despite being at least an inch taller than his brother.
“Don't ever call me again Winchester. Not unless you get your head fixed first.” With that Bobby hung up and slammed the phone down on the table.
“At least we know to expect calls from him now.” Caleb pointed out.
“Maybe, Bobby's reaction may make him think twice about calling the rest of us for help. Did he mention Dean at all?” Jim asked and Bobby shook his head.
“Was probably going to next `cept I shouted him down over Sam.” Bobby looked straight at the teen.
“You are not a demon Sam, no matter what your idiot father says. Understand?” Sam nodded and managed a shaky smile and Dean grinned at Bobby over his brother's head.
“Alright, let's get some sleep and then we can figure out what to do next. Sam's leg will need to be looked at professionally soon so we'll need some false papers that can't be traced back to any of us. We don't want John to realise we're harbouring the boys or he'll be here as quick as he can.” Joshua said as he stood and headed for his bed.
“Come on Sam.” Dean lifted him and carried his brother up to their room.
“Few weeks ago that would have looked really strange.” Caleb commented, watching Dean carry the taller male with ease.
“Yep. But strange comes with being a hunter.”