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Chapter 6
Dean paced the waiting room irritably. He could feel the others watching him but ignored their stares in favour of straining his senses for any sign of Sam. The kid was finally getting his cast off and they'd find out if the pins could be removed or if Sam was stuck with them. The doctor had seemed hopeful, due to Sam's age and overall health, that the pins would be able to come out.
“Sit down boy! Pacing ain't gonna make them work faster.” Bobby finally said and Dean growled but sat rigidly in a hard plastic chair. Finally, after what seemed like centuries Sam's doctor emerged with a smile that had Dean relaxing a little.
“Sam?” Dean asked as he walked over and the doctor nodded.
“His cast came off and his leg his healing nicely. The pins should be able to be removed in another ten to twelve months. He'll need physiotherapy obviously but he's young and fit, he'll recover well.” The doctor explained and Dean relaxed.
“He'll be brought out in a few minutes. Make sure he keeps using his crutches until told otherwise by the physio.” With that the doctor left and a few minutes later Sam was wheeled out. Dean didn't know how the guys had done it but they'd had Sam's records altered under a different name to make it harder for John to track them and it would be done again for when he needed the surgery. Plus they were going to different hospitals in different states for each bit. Caleb had heard a few rumours around from hunters who had heard from John so they were being extra paranoid.
“Dean!” Sam squealed excitedly and his brother came running.
“What?” Dean scanned for danger but Sam just waved an envelope at him.
“I got in!!! To Stanford!!!” Sam said and Dean knew if the kid could walk without a crutch he'd be bouncing. Stanford....Dean felt a pang of grief but plastered on a smile.
“I don't get it though, I never applied.”
“I did for you.”Came an amused voice and they turned to see Jim in the doorway. Sam gave him the biggest grin Jim had seen from the kid in years and Jim smiled back but then it faded as he looked at Dean, something was wrong.
“At the time I was trying to give you a way to get away from John.” Jim admitted and Sam nodded.
“Thanks.” Sam said and Jim left them alone.
“This'll be great Dean! We can get a place off campus, this is a full ride offer so I can get a job and put all my wages towards rent and food and stuff.” Sam was almost vibrating with excitement and Dean mustered a happy smile and then froze, going over what Sam had said.
“We?” he asked softly, trying not to hope too much but Sam just smiled up at him.
“Of course `we' Dean. I'm not going anywhere without you, never again.” Sam told him and Dean relaxed, Sam wasn't leaving him.
“Sam...staying in one place will be dangerous, make it easier for hunters to track us. Not to mention this is in the name Winchester.” Dean said as he looked through the acceptance papers.
“Could we try? Just for a while?” Sam asked softly and Dean sighed, wrapping his arms around his little brother. How many dreams had the kid watched die because of their family? Could he make Sam let go of this one too?
“Okay. We'll talk to Jim and Bobby, see what we can do.”
“Thanks Dean.” Sam whispered as he hugged him back.
“Well?” Dean asked as Jim walked inside.
“You heard me coming miles away, didn't you?” The Pastor asked and Dean shrugged.
“How'd it go?” Dean asked and Jim smiled.
“I explained that due to some rather bad circumstances Sam would be unable to attend under his birth name. It took a bit but they agreed to keep his real name hidden. He starts in September, he'll need to pick his classes before then and send the forms in. You should probably head that way soon, start looking for work and a place to live. Bobby's going to go with you at first to give you a hand.” Jim explained and Dean nodded, glad that Sam had a chance to go for what he wanted. He knew John and others were hunting them but who would look for a demon and werewolf at a college? It may actually be a good place to hide for a while. Dean headed upstairs to tell Sammy the good news.
Jim looked outside and grinned as he heard Sam squeal in disgust as he was licked by the wolf. He watched as Sam retaliated, a nearby stick rising shakily into the air and then whacking Dean upside the head. He shook his head, smothering a laugh as the two play fought as much as they could with Sam still unable to walk unaided. Dean was making Sam train his body by turning it into a game, something John had never understood. He pitied John; his obsession had destroyed his relationship with his sons and that was something he could never truly regain. Jim doubted John would ever accept he was wrong about the boys but even if a miracle occurred and he did...he'd hurt them too badly for them to ever fully trust him again.
Jim was actually sad that they'd be leaving for Stanford in a few days. But they needed to find a place to live and jobs if they wanted to survive out there. The four of them would help as much as they could but hunting didn't exactly pay. He'd gotten used to having them around, the company was nice and they certainly made life interesting.