Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 7 ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 7
Dean grinned as Sam and his friends came into the bar, giving his brother a quick nod. Sam nodded back as he found a table and then approached the bar.
“Hey bro.”
“Hey Sammy what can I get you?”
“Three beers and two whiskies.” Sam answered, leaning against the bar.
“Who's the hot blond?” Dean asked as he filled the order.
“What? She seems to like you, that's all.” Dean answered as he put the glasses on a tray for Sam.
“Jessica, her name's Jessica and she goes to Stanford too.”
“Go get her tiger.” Dean said with a grin and Sam rolled his eyes but headed back to the table, Dean keeping an eye and ear on him.
“You know the bartender?” Jess asked and Sam smiled.
“He's my big brother.” Sam answered and Dean grinned. It never ceased to amaze him how happy Sam was to acknowledge him as his older brother. The last year hadn't been totally easy but so far the others had kept John and his friends off their trail. Sam had had surgery to remove the pins and was walking unaided and he was doing well in all his classes. They both had jobs, Dean in the bar and Sam at a coffee place, and they had a nice little apartment close to campus. Dean had every full moon off work and the two of them would head out of town for his transformation. Sam's control and range of powers had grown but he never used them unless he had to. They were trying to stay off the radar after all.
What amazed Dean the most were the changes in his inner wolf. He didn't have to struggle for control anymore and it was extremely protective of Sam. He didn't know why but it was a relief to know Sam was in no danger from him. The thought of what he could do if he slipped up.....
“How'd the date go?” Dean asked as Sam entered the apartment. He grinned as his baby brother went bright red.
“Come on Sammy, you can tell me.” He teased and Sam slowly smiled making Dean's grin soften to a smile as well.
“It was great! We're going out again next weekend.” Sam admitted and Dean ruffled his hair much to Sam's annoyance. Dean ducked the suddenly flying book with a laugh as Sam headed to his room to get some sleep before classes the next morning. Dean was still grinning as he cleaned up and headed to bed himself. It was about time Sammy started showing interest in girls, silly kid was practically a monk! Dean had a pretty good reason not to go after girls like he had as a young teen, he couldn't risk hurting someone accidentally or even infecting them. But unlike him Sam wasn't contagious so the kid had a chance for a family of his own one day.
Dean woofed as he ran and then doubled back to make sure Sam was keeping up. Sam's now six foot four frame allowed him to run almost as fast as brother's canine form but he tired quicker and Dean didn't want him to fall behind.
“Right behind you.” Sam called out, grinning at the wolf who spun and took off again, Sam laughing as he followed.
What neither noticed was the man who sat frozen, watching until they were long gone before finally breathing again. He smirked and pulled out his cell phone, hitting speed dial.
“Found them. Head for California.” Gordon told John over the phone before hanging up. As much as he'd like to he knew better than to tackle such a hunt alone. Besides, this was Winchesters vengeance, not his.
John watched the demon as it walked down the street, a pretty blond on its arm and laughing at something it had said. He swallowed hard at the sight, for one second imaging the young man really was Sam. He'd be nearly nineteen now, tall, strong and obviously smart to be attending Stanford.
“Hey Sammy!” A familiar voice yelled and John pushed himself further into the shadows as the werewolf walked towards the young couple.
“Still say you should leave him for me Jess.” The werewolf grumbled and the young woman laughed.
“Sorry Dean, but I'm quite happy with Sam here.” She answered and the smile the demon gave was wide enough to flash oh so familiar dimples. He moved so he had his arms wrapped around her waist, head lowered and obviously whispering to her, making her laugh again.
“I'm gonna be late work if I don't go now Sam.” She finally said and the demon pouted but let her go. She stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.
“I'll see you both tonight. Love you Sam.”
“Love you too Jess.” The demon answered, giving her a soft kiss on the lips.
“She is seriously out of your league little brother.” The wolf teased and John saw the demon roll its eyes.
“Bitch.” The wolf shot back and the demon laughed.
“You know if you wanna be technical....” The demon started and the wolf took a swipe at him, making him laugh. John forced himself to leave; he couldn't attack in the open with so many witnesses and possible hostages around. He froze as the wolf turned his way, frowning slightly. John stayed utterly still until the two were gone and thne headed back to the motel to plan with the others.
“Shit.” Caleb muttered as he stared at the computer screen. Grabbing the phone he dialled from memory, praying for someone to pick up.
“Hello?” A female voice answered and Caleb frowned.
“I need to speak with Dean or Sam, it's an emergency.” He said.
“Can I ask who's calling?” She asked.
“Caleb.” He answered and then heard her calling for Sam.
“Caleb? What's wrong?” Sam asked as he took the phone.
“Get out of there now. John and friends are in town.” Caleb urged and the line was silent for a few seconds.
“Have they found us?”
“Someone's been looking at your enrolment.” He answered and then grinned as Sam swore.
“Dean's at work....where should we head?”
“Bobby's will be the safest.”
“Right, thanks Caleb.” He hung up and Caleb set about ringing the others.
Sam hung up slowly, mind spinning at the news.
“Sam? What's wrong?” Jess asked and he tensed, shoving her behind him as the door opened, relaxing as he saw Dean.
“Sammy?” Dean called, instantly seeing Sam's fear.
“They've found us.” Sam answered quietly and Dean paled.
“Would someone please tell me what's going on!” Jess demanded and Sam bit his lip nervously but turned to her.
“I love you Jess, you know that right?” he asked and she nodded.
“Jacobs isn't our real last name, the school knows Sam's here under a false name for his safety. Our Dad....he sort of went nuts and wants to kill us both, along with some friends of his. We changed our names to hide but it looks like they've found us so we have to leave.” Dean jumped in to save Sam from trying to explain without giving the whole truth.
“What about the police?” Jess asked fearfully and Sam shook his head, leaning down to kiss her.
“I'm sorry Jess, we have to leave.” Sam whispered and she shook her head, wrapping her arms around him. Just yesterday they'd been talking about her moving in and now this?
“I love you Sam.” She whispered back before slowly releasing him and moving to help them pack. Dean stared sadly at the two but there was nothing he could do unless he offered Jess the chance to come with them and then she'd learn the truth about them and give up her life.....he couldn't ask that but if she offered he wouldn't say no.
They were headed down to the car with the last load when Jess screamed as the window above her exploded. Sam grabbed her, shielding her with his own body as he bolted for the car. Dean threw the bags into the back and got in the driver's seat, starting the car as Sam practically threw Jessica into the backseat before scrambling in after her and pinning her down.
“Go!” Sam yelled and Dean didn't need any more encouragement, slamming his foot down on the accelerator and tearing out onto the street. As they turned the corner he glanced back to see John and several other men leaving cover.
“Jess okay?” Dean asked as Sam joined him and his little brother nodded.
“Sleeping. How long till we reach Bobby's?”
“About five hours.” Dean answered as he moved to pay for the gas and the food Sam had dumped on the counter.
“You've got a tough decision to make Sammy.” Dean said as they headed back to the car and Sam nodded, staring at his sleeping girlfriend.
“I know.”