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Chapter One:
The Proposal
I let out a soft yawn as I stared at the computer screen before me. I was currently on a website with information that I needed for my research a paper for my English college class. The topic? Gabriel and his importance in religion. The research paper was due tomorrow morning and I was barely half way done.

Gabriel is the right-hand angel of Heaven. He is often God’s Messenger…

A soft groan escaped my throat as I rested my head on the edge of the computer desk. Footsteps came into the living room and I felt a pair of hands rubbing the tense muscles in the back of my neck.

“What’s wrong, Hina?” Asked a gentle voice.

I turned my blue gaze to stare at the person behind me, massaging the back of my neck a bit. Green eyes stared at me, sparkling with much playfulness that covered any signs of concern from within the male behind me. Strands of soft dirty blond hair hung over the green pools but not enough to obscure them from my view.

“Nothing’s wrong, except for the fact that every website I’ve come across on the Internet starts off with the same basic information about you, Gabby.” I closed my eyes and rested my head on the back of my computer chair as Gabriel’s hands continued to knead the knots out of the back of my neck.

He chuckled in my ear, his lips brushing against the side of my face.

“Just remember, humans don’t know the entire truth about Archangels or even Lucifer for that matter, Hina.” His voice sent shivers down my spine. It was full of mischief and mystery. I could not explain it really. It was always hard to tell whether Gabriel was teasing or being serious. Though I have known Gabriel for well over ten years and have been dating him for at least two years, I had barely even scratched the surface of the Archangel’s personality, but I knew him more than most other humans did. In addition, that was saying something on my part.

“That’s true, but what would humans like me know about the real you? Or about the others as well?” A soft sigh escaped my lips, Gabriel’s hands working their magic on my muscles. Gabriel’s lips were close to my jaw when a voice spoke out from across the living room.

“How about you two getting a room?” The voice was a mixture of irritation and teasing. Gabriel’s lips curled back into a smile of forced calm and annoyance and he turned his head in the direction the voice came from as I swiveled around in the chair. A somewhat short and tall man—OK, let’s just say he was taller than me but not quite as tall as Gabriel—Anyways, he sat there with a smug smile on his face and a beer bottle in his hand. This would be Dean Winchester, the oldest person of the three people that live in this house with me.

The other two are Dean’s younger brother, Sam, and his wife and my close friend, Gatsby. You see, Dean and Sam are hunters. No, not like hunting for game or anything like that. Although they had once told me their job was sort of like that, only it was ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings of that sort. However, after Sam had married Gatsby three years ago, they settled down (Sam and Gatsby, not Dean) and everything had become peaceful, even the demons had stopped causing trouble.

Therefore, Gatsby and the brothers had moved into the childhood home of the Winchester’s. In addition, Gats had dragged me with her as well, claiming that she could not live without me being there. Therefore, here we are, four people living not so peacefully in this three-bedroom house.  

“What’s the matter, Dean? Did Gatsby block the porn channel again?” I teased, holding onto Gabriel. Dean rolled his eyes as he took a sip of his beer.

“Yea, she blocked the porn channel and so, no one in this house can have sex until it gets unblocked.” He said sarcastically. Dean smirked at me. Gabriel, however, frowned, one of his hands absentmindedly stroking my hair as he rested an arm around my shoulders. “But seriously, Hina, you two should get a room like Gatsby and Sam.”

“Shut up and leave them alone, you ass-butt.” Gatsby walked into the living room, carrying a plate of sandwiches in one hand and a glass of water in the other. She held out the plate of sandwiches out to me with a broad smile on her lips. “Don’t listen to him, Hina, Dean’s just jealous that he doesn’t have a girlfriend to kiss and hug him.”

“Yea, right.” Dean rolled his eyes again and took another sip of his beer. I just shook my head while Gabriel just stared on in silent amusement, or maybe he was bottling up his annoyance at the said man. I reached out a hand and took one of the sandwiches.

Thanking Gatsby, I swiveled my chair back around to face my computer, “You should go out and get a girl if you don’t want to see us being all lovey dovey, Dean.”

Another eye roll and a sip of beer later, Dean let out a soft sigh, “It’s not that easy to get a girl, Hina. And besides, we can’t all be fucked by a fallen Archangel.”

My lips pulled back into a frown. Gabriel glared this time at Dean. Despite his anger and crossness, he kept his composure. I could sense that he was severely pissed at the remark.

“You’d best keep your tongue, Winchester.” Gabriel replied softly, his voice full of irritation and forced calm.

Dean merely raised an eyebrow at the hidden challenge in the Archangel’s tone. He barely opened his mouth to respond when I picked up one of the books lying beside my laptop and threw it at his head. The book narrowly missed hitting Dean’s head for he leaned to the side in an attempt to avoid it. Instead, the book flew past him and hit Sam square in the chest the second he rounded the corner to enter the living room.

The younger Winchester Brother merely blinked in slight confusion, the book falling to the ground at his feet with a soft thud. Hazel eyes blinked in puzzlement, staring at the book before flickering to Gabriel and me. Gatsby was huddled forwards, holding her sides as she laughed. Sam just cracked a small smile, “Did I miss something?”

He slipped out of his coat and hung it up on the nearby coat rack before striding over to his wife. Gatsby was left breathless, unable to speak, and gasping for air from laughing so much as Sam gently slipped an arm gently around her waist and eased her to his side.

Dean was the one to answer.

“Yea, that brat tried to murder me.” He retorted as he glared at me.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I felt my mouth breaking out into a smile while a giggle threatened to erupt from the back of my throat. Strands of my sandy blond hair fell from behind my ear and to the sides of my face as I looked back at him, “Murder you? If I wanted to murder you, Dean, I’d do it while you’re asleep with a pillow.”

An awkward moment of silence fell over the entire room, save for Gatsby breathing deeply to regain her composure. The silence lasted for only a second before Dean raised an eyebrow and his lips formed into a smile. A loud laugh passed his lips and Sam’s older brother shook his head. Dean was grinning now, giving me a knowing smile.

“Everyone in this room knows that you don’t have it in you to even raise your hand to anyone unless they make you mad and going in for a bloody kill is definitely out of the question because of your squeamishness to blood.” Dean lay back against the back of the couch with a satisfied smirk.

I stared at him in stunned silence, not knowing how to react. Gabriel, however, started to go towards him, but I had grabbed onto Gabriel’s coat and pulled him back against my computer desk.

“But he’s right, you are squeamish around blood.” Said a voice from my other side after a faint sound of fluttering bird wings died off. I looked over to see the angel, Castiel, standing there dressed in his light brown-grey trench coat. His grey-blue emotionless eyes stared at me impassively.

I nearly jumped and fell out of my seat at the sight of Gabriel’s brother.

“Holy…CASSY!” I yelped. Gabriel had to catch me as I glared at the brunette haired angel.

“Can’t you Angels use the door like normal people?” I asked sarcastically.

It was Sam’s turn to shake his head with a smile. His dark brown hair followed his head’s movement as his golden brown-green eyes twinkled, boring into my baby blue ones.

“You should be used to Cas popping in and out like that. You don’t seem to mind Gabriel popping in on you while you’re in the shower.” His deep voice was teasing and friendly.

Gatsby’s mouth literally dropped open, her green eyes going wide with shock. I felt heat raising to the surface of my skin, tingeing my cheeks with a light pink color, verging on being red.

“Sammy!” Gatsby whispered in shock. She playfully slapped her husband’s shoulder as Dean busted out into a fit of laughter, as did Gabriel. Castiel merely tilted his head to the side and stared at me, narrowing his blue eyes in what could have been either anger or curiosity.

It was most likely anger because for the duration of the two years that I have been dating Gabriel, Castiel had disapproved of us dating. He may not have said it directly to me, but I have heard Cas and Gab’s quiet arguments enough times to learn what they were arguing about.

A groan left my lips, causing me to rest my forehead on my arm, burying my face into it. Everyone, save for Castiel, all busted into fits of laughter again.

“We all know it’s true, Hina! You can’t deny it.” Dean chimed in as Gabriel rubbed my back soothingly.

I lifted my head at this point and glared daggers at the thirty-two year old male. Anger was building up inside of me. I will admit, I was starting to get annoyed by Dean’s sarcastic remarks, but like Sam and Gabriel, I have a long ass fuse and it takes a lot to anger me, let alone annoy me. When I do get annoyed or mad, all hell breaks loose. At least that is what Dean said after witnessing me getting angry at Cassy one time.

“OK, that’s enough.” Gatsby took in a deep breath as the laughter died off. Sam blushed from embarrassment from having made a joke at me. Sam’s teasing I can let slide because he did not do it for the hell out of it. He did it with a lot of respect, unlike Dean, who does not seem to think about his words before speaking his mind half most of the time.

“Oh come on, we all know Hina likes Gabriel’s lollypop.” This time, Gabriel made the move to lash out at him. Dean found himself being pinned down on the couch by Gabriel’s strong fingers wrapped around the base of his throat.

I quickly grabbed onto the back of Gabriel’s shirt and gently pulled him back—or tried to anyways.

“Gabriel, calm down. Please?” I pleaded in a quiet tone. The Angel glanced back at me before shooting Dean a threatening glare. There was no calming Gabriel now.

“Why should I after what he had said?” Gabriel growled. His fingers tightened a bit. It was at that very second that Castiel rose to his feet and he walked over. His stony blue gaze stared hard at Gabriel, locking with the green eyes of his older brother. There was no telling what transpired between the two angels. They had been at ends with each other the past two or so years.

After a minute or two, a growl escaped Gabriel’s lips and Dean was able to take in a deep gulp of air as Gabriel’s fingers loosened themselves from around his throat. His dark golden green-brown eyes glared at back Gabriel.

“What the hell is-“

“Dean!” Sam’s warning tone was more than enough to quiet his older brother. The older Winchester brother just closed his mouth and looked away. The entire room fell silent and no one spoke for the longest time. I turned my head to look at Gabriel, sensing a lot of anger coming from him. However, he disappeared before I could do or say anything to him, followed by the loud sound of fluttering wings. Feeling a bit confused, I looked back at Cas, but he was gone as well.

“What the hell? Castiel! Gabriel!” I yelled out. I was about to call out again when I felt Gatsby’s hand on my shoulder. She shook her head.

“Let them go, Hina. Gabe will come back when he’s cooled down.” She said softly. I breathed deeply with a nod. I had to agree. No matter how angry Gabriel gets, he would go away for a while and come back later on.

I sat back down in my computer chair and faced the computer screen again. I stared at the white background of the Microsoft Word Document that contained my report for the next several minutes before letting out a soft sigh. I just could not concentrate on it anymore. My hand touched the smooth surface of the back of my laptop before closing it with a small snap.

Gatsby, who had settled into an armchair with Sam, looked up as I rose from my chair.

“Hina?” Her tone was quiet and full of concern.

“I’ll be back in a little while; I just need to take a walk. You know to clear my head.” I replied softly, walking to the front door.

I walked out of the house and stepped out into the cold autumn air. It was close to the end of autumn where the red and gold leaves start falling from the trees. The chilly air barely registered with me as I stepped off the stoop and started for the sidewalk. I was used to cold weather, considering it was cold year round in this small town. I ignored some of the other people on the street while making my way towards the edge of town.

The only place I wanted to be at this moment was a small church at the very edge of the town next to a field. A tall oak tree stood next to the church, its branches seeming to reach out for the small bell tower at the top. The church as a whole was roughly the size of a small old time school house from the early 1700’s, or maybe a bit later. It had long since been abandoned, left to stand here as a memorial to a well-known preacher from when it was first built. However, that is not why I had come to this church.

I came here because it was here that I had met Gabriel ten years ago. I was just ten years old back then. I was being chased by some demons when I had come across this church and Gabriel had protected me from them. He had watched over me ever since.

I finally shivered against the cold air as I walked up to the door of the chapel. The cold was finally starting to seep into my bones, but then again, I had left my coat back at the house. My body gave an involuntary shudder at the cold and I reached out with a somewhat trembling hand to grasp the equally cold metal of the door handle. I barely twisted it when it stopped. I could tell just by the way it barely moved that it be locked. Therefore, someone had finally decided to lock the place up altogether.

A blast of wind licked at my skin and I twisted the handle again, only harder. With a few twists and jerks on the door, the lock inside the door came undone and I was able to open the door. I took one final glance before entering the darkness that lay inside the church.

The church was dark with the last fading light of early evening shining through. I had to strain my eyes a bit to keep myself from tripping over some of the pews. Many of the pews or seats were worn down and covered by many layers of dust with the paint peeling off the wooden surfaces. However, of course, the entire room smelled of dust and age, and the carpet that had possibly once been a dark red color was now a faded dingy red-brown color and full of holes of being chewed on. However, it still served to lead me to the statue that stood at the back of the room.

I know most churches have either a statue of the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, but not this church. This was one of those rare churches that had a statue of one of God’s archangels and towering before me was one of them. The statue before me held out an outstretched hand, seemingly to reach out to someone and its wings spread out at full length. The angel statue was crafted out of pure white marble and it almost bore a likeness to Gabriel the hair with the small nearly nonexistent curls at the ends.

I stared at Gabriel’s statue for a minute before taking out a box of matches. It was starting to get dark now and since four candle stands were sitting or placed at the foot of the statue, I was going to light them. Pulling out a single red tipped match, I struck it on the side of the matchbox before proceeding to light the candles. Each of the candles bathed the entire room in a yellowy golden glow, though the light itself barely reached the nearby pews closest to the statue. I almost felt like I was in some kind of protective barrier with the candles lit up around me like this and that the dark was some large shadowy monster or demon waiting to swallow me up.

I know that sounded a bit childish, but I am a bit scared of the dark but then again, if you’ve hung around the Winchesters like I do, then you’ll definitely come to the realization that there are supernatural things out there. Things that go beyond the boogieman, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. However, not everyone would believe me if I had said that.

I quietly got down on my knees and clasped my hands together in a prayer. I did not say any words aloud or even quietly, because I have heard some people say that our hearts are what truly got the messages through. I became engulfed in silence as I knelt there, eyes closed and praying in the empty silence. I had stayed like that until a voice spoke from behind me.

“I didn’t know you were so religious, Hina.” The voice was joking and somewhat teasing. It was only border lining sarcasm. I saw the outline of Gabriel standing behind me out of the corner of my eye. The light of the candles’ yellow flames made it seem like Gabriel was enveloped in a golden glow or something, even his green eyes had a golden tint to them. Alternatively, it could have just been my imagination.

Breaking free of my prayer, I rose to my feet and swiveled around on the balls of my feet to face him.

“I just thought that I would pay some respect to your statue. You know I’m not religious, Gabby.” I replied in an irritated tone. Yes, I was a bit upset at him. I was upset because of him losing his temper earlier and then leaving without saying another word to me. It seems childish to be mad at a former Archangel of God for something as stupid as a fight, but Gabriel should have known better than to be worked up over something so petty. Then again, Dean carries stuff too far sometimes. To me, Gabriel has had a short fuse a lot these days, not towards me but to anyone who teased me or so much as raised a hand against me.

Gabriel let out a soft laugh, his irritation returning somewhat, but he just smiled at me, his eyes flashing with much mischief.

“I don’t have a right to defend you? Is that what you’re saying, Hina?” He took a step closer to me. His hands hung loosely at his sides, swinging a bit as he stopped directly in front of me.

I shook my head, making my hair move a bit.

“No, that’s not what I meant. I was just saying that you should not have been so miffed about it, let alone try to kill Dean. We both know he’s rude and not very good at controlling his words or actions.” For some reason, I felt a bit nervous being here in Gabriel’s presence. I was sensing the hidden irritation from him. I know he was not mad at me or anything but Gabriel definitely has not cooled off yet. “It was…unlike you.”

Gabriel had taken a step closer to me, one hand slipping around my waist as my eyes locked with his.

“You know how I feel about Dean, Hina. He was making you uncomfortable and what he said was unwanted and rude.” Again, his green eyes flashed with anger and there was a sharp edge to his voice.

I shook my head again.

“That’s still no reason to try and kill him, hurting him maybe but not threatening him with death. The only thing I don’t understand, Gabby, is why you’re being so touchy when you’ve probably handled worse insults from others.” I did not pull away from Gabriel. Instead, I just allowed him to ease me closer to him little by little. Gabriel’s face was close to mine, our noses barely touching.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Gabriel whispered those words to me. Up close, I could see the light of the candles’ flames reflected in his green eyes. It painted the green pools with a touch of gold. His lips gently brushed over mine in the lightest of kisses before trailing to the corner of my jaw.

“Gabby, you’re up to something.” I whispered back to him, but I did not really care now because Gabriel’s soft kisses were comforting. Gabriel chuckled quietly against my skin before gently easing me onto the floor. I watched him in confusion as he grinned at me. His eyes flashed again.

“Oh? And how can you tell, my dear?” The Angel joked gently, staring down at me. His lips were curled into a Cheshire like grin, eyes full of that deviousness that made him Loki in Norse Mythology. I just rolled my eyes at his words, giving him a smile.

“You’re almost always up to something, Gabriel. I know you better than most humans, so I definitely know when you’re up to something.”

“Oh and what if I’m not up to anything?” Gabriel asked gently, his smile growing. I blew a raspberry at him. Shaking my head, I rested my hand on the side of his face and flashed him a knowing look.

“Because the look in your eyes.” I retorted.

He laughed and kissed me again before moving down to my jaw line again. This time, Gabriel had clasped my hands into his, pinning them above my head. This action surprised me somewhat because Gabriel never pins me down. This meant that he was approaching our relationship in a different manner now.

I frowned and squirmed a bit. I did not like being pinned like this.

“Gabby, you know I don’t like being held down like this.” I could not beat the strength of the former Archangel as he laughed again.

“I have something to ask you, that’s why I’m pinning you down. So you won’t run away.” Gabriel whispered. He nipped at my lips gently before looking down at me again. “How would you feel about us getting married, Hina?”

“Say, what now?” I felt myself becoming tense as surprise rippled through my body, stopping at my face. I studied Gabriel’s face carefully to see if he was joking or not. He was not. Every line, every crease in his face was smooth, twisting his facial features into that of a serious look. Even his eyes were lacking the casual playfulness that I am always used to. I felt somewhat confused at his words. Sure, this was not exactly a marriage proposal but Gabriel asking me this question alone was a serious matter. If I were to marry him, then that would mean that Gabriel would be tied down by my mortal ways for however long I live but…

What would that mean for Gabriel as an Archangel?

God clip his wings and turn him into a mortal?

Or would I go be damned to hell for even considering marrying one of the highest-ranking Angels of Heaven?

I have thought of this situation before, but it always ended up with me refusing to marry him. I sat up, managing to free my hands in the process. I gently pushed Gabriel away a bit, as I did so.

“What brought this up, Gabby?” I asked in a curious tone, giving him a hard stare.

Gabriel just smiled more at me. There was a hesitant and slightly reluctant look on his face as he looked at me. I could tell that he was searching for the right way to explain whatever thought was dancing in his head to me. His green eyes twinkled again as he finally relaxed. My boyfriend kissed my forehead before reaching into the pocket of his coat. What he pulled out really shocked me. Lying in the palm of his right hand was a ring with small blue sapphire on it. It was at that moment that I knew what he was up to.

I shook my head at the sight of the engagement ring. Gabriel was planning on proposing.

“No!” I whispered quietly. Tears started to burn at my eyes, blurring my vision. There was an aching pain in my heart as I uttered that single word.

“Yes, Hina.” Gabriel nodded, his smile faltering a bit. “I want you to be my wife.”

Again, I shook my head. Why would he choose to be tied by the sacred bonds made by the very mortals that he often found to be selfish, rude, ignorant, and yet sympathized with? What made me any different?

“Why me?” I whispered to him. I only looked away after asking that question.

Why would he be willing to do away with his own beliefs all just to marry me?

Wasn’t it he who had told me that he would never be tied down by marriage?

Gabriel reached out a hand and placed it on the side of my face, wiping away a tear with his thumb. His face softened as he smiled warmly at me.

“Because you deserve to be, Hina. I only want you to be my wife.” He said softly, “Do I need to list off every little reason that I want to marry you?”

I shook my head.

“No, but you would outlive me, Gabriel. I would grow old and die. If anything, I’d figure you’d want to marry someone else who is immortal like you.” I whispered quietly. I was on the verge of crying at this point. I knew it was harsh putting myself down like this. It was hurting Gabriel too. I could see it in his eyes.

“No, I want only you for my wife.” Gabriel whispered. He held the ring out to me. “I don’t care about you being mortal, Hina. You are already training to become a part of the Garrison anyways, so it would not matter whether you will die one day or not. So, how about, Hina? Will you marry me?”

I could feel my heart racing in my chest. Many thoughts were running rampant in my mind as I sat there, looking at him. Half of me wanted to accept his proposal while the other half of me wanted to refuse, but the first half won. Taking in a deep, I closed my eyes for a minute to gather my courage before opening them once more. Smiling, I nodded.

"Yes, Gabby, I...I want to be your wife..." I answered quietly. I did not know how else to says, or if my answer was convincing enough for him.

A smile tugged at Gabriel's lips again and he pulled me back to him, laying me back onto the floor again. His green eyes narrowed again, not from anger, but from love.

"I was hoping you'd say yes." He whispered gently. The Angel brushed his lips against mine in a gentle kiss. It was just as the lights of the candles began to die down that I felt him slipping the ring onto my finger.

"Remember, Hina, I'll always love you..."

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

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