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Haruka liked shiny things.
That was a fact that everyone was well aware of. Kantaro would bring him interesting trinkets form wherever he went. Rosary and Yoko brought empty bottles or simple children's games that had bright and shiny colors. Even Muu-chan had taken to bringing little bits of glass or anything she found that shined in the light. Everyone knew he liked shiny things.
So it was no surprise that he would notice them.
Granted, it took him a while. What with the whole Ibaragi, kill Kantaro, turn back into Oni-kui thing, he was a little preoccupied. But once all of that managed to sort itself out, Haruka had gotten bored. And that was when he noticed them.
Yoko screeched and jumped back as Rosary's face contorted into yet another hideous creature. With a sigh, Kantaro smacked another fuda on her head and the monster disappeared. Haruka ignored the girl and her aradama problems, and the writer who constantly had to fix them. If truth be told he basically ignored Yoko too. At least, he ignored almost all of Yoko. The parts he watched twitched, sparkling with golden sunlight, and his fingers twitched along. Deep in his subconscious he could hear them calling him. `Pet me! Pet me!' And he was inclined to concede.
He pushed himself to his feet and in a few long strides had crossed the room. By now all attention was focused on him. A six foot something tengu striding determinedly across a room is not something that is easily ignored.
He came to a sudden stop directly in front of Yoko. With a quick motion, not caring that the other three were looking at him as though he had announced he was going to be Raiko's accountant, he reached out and grabbed a fox-ear in each hand. He tugged once or twice, pulling them forward and back and inspecting from all angles. Then he gave a satisfied nod and retreated to his corner of the room where he would once again try to see how far down a glass bottle he could push his finger without getting it stuck.
There was utter silence in the room. Soon Haruka noticed. He looked up at the three curious stares and shrugged.