Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal ❯ Trust ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hey it's me again! If you haven't beaten the game the rest if the story, while it is gonna go in a different direction then the game did its still gonna have massive spoilers. Read with caution


All his friends were dead. He couldn't do anything and he hated himself for that. All to keep his impossible dream alive, and now he was alone except for Colette. If he didn't hurry he would lose her to. Lloyd was at the last flight of stairs till he would meet Mithos face to face, and most likely have to kill him.
"Can I do it?" He thought as he ran up the stairs
"He completely destroyed us last time we fought him and that was four on one... what am I gonna do?"
He was finally at the final door of the tower and he knows what he has to do.

"Go ahead I'll hold them off here" Regal yelled as Lloyd watched in horror on the other side of the rubble
"I can't leave you Regal!"
"I won't die here, I still have some unfinished business, go without me I'll be ok, save the one you love!"
The rubble that Lloyd was watching through collapsed under its own weight and he was blind to the battle not 5 feet in front of him.
"Don't die Regal! I'll never forgive you if you do!" He yelled as he ran down the hall onto the next room.

With all his strength he pushed the door open and there Colette was connected to some machine that, if he was right, was to revive Martel and... kill Colette. He brandished both his weapons and ran into the room.

"Don't worry... I can easily make it out of this!" Sheena yelled as she was hanging on to the edge of the abyss with one hand.
"No I won't lose another person! Please Sheena let me help you!"
"There is no time Lloyd, remember when we met? I fell into that trapdoor? I can survive that fall, I can survive this one"
"Go save Colette, I'll never forgive you if you don't save her hear me?"
"OK Sheena... thanks" He turned and ran down the next hall to scared to look back, he knew she couldn't get out of there alone, but what could he do? He had to keep his mind focused on Colette if he lost her he would have no reason to live.

Mithos turned to face Lloyd as he ran towards him
"Its already to late! Finally my dear sister will be reborn!"
"I won't let you, you bastard!" Lloyd yelled as he lunged the sword at the angel's heart
"You can't kill me alone!" Mithos easily teleported out of the way and right next to the comatose Colette
"Its finally finished!" Mithos proclaimed as Colette got up and started walking toward him
"No... Colette!" Lloyd could only stand and watch as Mithos hugged his "sister"

"We can hold these guys off easy!" Genis yelled as Lloyd turned around to notice Genis Raine and Presea were separated from him by a large group of angels.
"Go Without us Lloyd!" Raine yelled as she lifted up her staff and began casting photon
"Its ok... go Lloyd" Presea said emotionless as always as she brandished her axe
"Not you to! I can't let anymore of my friends die!"
"We won't die! go save Colette!" Genis was obviously nervous, Lloyd could tell it in his voice.
"Alright I'll leave them to you I know you can do it!" Lloyd turned back around and ran down the hall
Lloyd froze when he heard the sound of an explosion, he quickly turned around and noticed that the ceiling had fallen in on his friends, He couldn't keep himself from crying anymore as he ran up the stairs.

"This is wrong Mithos... you know that" Martel said lifelessly as Mithos was hugging her
"How? I've worked so hard and now you're finally back dear sister"
"You took this young girl's life... you need to give it back before it's to late"
"What the hell are you talking about? Your not my sister!" Mithos let go of Martel and pushed her to the ground
"My sister would never say that!"
"Mithos please listen... stop this"
"No! we can go the Derris-Karlan together... please don't leave again!"
"soon this girl will be dead... please I beg of you let her go"
Lloyd heard this and ran toward them, but Mithos put up a force field and Lloyd couldn't break it
"No Colette, don't leave please!" Lloyd was yelling at Mithos as the tears flowed out of his eyes. Suddenly someone teleported into the room via the teleport next to Mithos, And before Mithos could react a sword pierced his back. he fell to his knees and fell face first onto the temple's hard floor.
"Zelos!" Lloyd yelled having no idea what to think
"Don't worry hunny I'll save you" Zelos said triumphantly as always and grabbed Martel
"Thank you... for saving her" Martel said as Zelos grabbed the Crest in her hand and put something on it. Colette collapsed in his arms.
"You saved her?" Lloyd yelled across the room
"Hey don't cry Lloyd, you can trust me remember?
"But everyone is dead... you let them all die!"
"Who said we were dead?" Regal's voice came from behind him and he quickly turned around. Standing in front of him were all his friends still alive.
"But How..." Lloyd was still crying but now it was from happiness
"This idiot saved us" Sheena replied
"Lloyd!" Genis ran and hugged Lloyd
"I'm so glad you all are alright... I don't know wh-"
"Hey Lloyd thank me later, you should come over here before Colette wakes up, you don't want her fawning over me do you?"
"Zelos... thank you"


Well this is the last chapter that will follow the game. I really didn't like what happened after this so just think of it as a alternate ending. Please people, Review the story. thanks everyone for reading and be ready for the next chapter tommarrow.