Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Regenerated Chaos ❯ Back Together Again ( Chapter 1 )

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Regenerated Chaos
Chapter 1: Back Together Again
“Hey guys!” Lloyd joyfully greeted his friends.
It had been almost a year since Lloyd and his friends had defeated Mithos Yggdrasill. Afterwards, they had split up to go their separate ways. Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder had left in search to destroy all exspheres. Raine and Genis Sage had gone to make life easier for other half-elves. Collette Brunel stayed in Iselia and tended to the tree of life, which Lloyd named Yggdrasill. Sheena Fujibayashi was now Chief of Mizuho. Regal Bryant used his company's resources to aid in rebuilding the destroyed worlds with the help of Presea Combatir. But a strange crow had visited them all carrying a note which read:
Gaoracchia Forest
So that is where they headed.
“Lloyd! What are you doing here?” Colette exclaimed.
“I think we all know what brought us here.” pointed out Raine.
“That crow…..” Sheena muttered.
“So I am right in saying it visited us all?”
“Yes. That strange bird weaved its way into my office with the note.” Regal nodded.
“Ah well! It brought me back to my beautiful hunnies! I haven't seen you all for ages!” yelled Zelos happily.
Genis sighed. “There he goes agin…”
“Nobody told me the brat would be here.”
“Zelos.” Presea said.
“Hmm? What is it little one?”
“Please be quiet.”
Regal looked at Presea, concerned.
“Hey I think I hear something too!” cried the former Chosen of Sylvarant. “Footsteps, heavy ones!”
“Strong ones are back. More power than before. Must fight!” a voice growled.
“It's the Elite! It's back!” shouted Regal.
There was a huge crash. The Sword dancer towered over them.
The sickle slashed down causing an impact crater. Luckily, the team leapt out of the way. The two half-elves immediately began casting a spell each. Lloyd and Sheena blasted forward. Twin swords flashed. There was a loud clang as the demon parried. The ninja began attacking from the side but was knocked aside by a giant skeletal arm. She smashed into a tree and slid to the base, unconscious.
“How could you do that!” yelled Zelos. He charged forward. “I'll show you!”
The Elite staggered under the combined attack of the swordsmen.
“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Presea swung her huge axe at the creature's legs. Amazingly it jumped up. One of its legs charged down on the axe, the other kicked the girl away. She easily flipped back to her feet before pulling out an assault dagger. The experiment jumped onto it's head and drove it into the undead's skull. It roared in pain.
It chose that moment to use it's infamous Death Spiral.
The gang were sent flying.
“Those of the infinite void, lend me your strength to destroy this eroded spirit!” Genis chanted, “You're finished! HOLY LASER!!!”
A huge beam of pure white blasted from the end of his kendama. The Elite was engulfed by it. The blast trench was hidden in smoke along with the Sword-Dancer.
“Whoa Genis! That was incredible!” Lloyd gasped amazed.
“Indeed, I am very impressed.” Complimented Presea. Genis blushed. Lloyd looked at Colette, she was standing with a look of focus and pain on her face.
“Colette, what are you doing?”
“I can't get my wings out!”
Zelos was staring into the smoke.
“Ummm, guys?”
The skeleton was completely unharmed. It slammed 1 of his swords into the ground sending a shockwave straight at his attacker…Genis!
“Ahhhhhhhh” he screamed as he was flung across the plain. He skidded along the ground and came to a stop face up, eyes closed. Raine was furious.
“Genis! I'm sorry…..Holy Lance!”
The orbs hung around it. The demon threw the 4 weapons, spinning and slicing through the trees. 4 trunks fell on the healer, obscuring her from view. But the orbs had sent their lances straight at it. Incredibly, the creature caught them with its 4 arms. Then the final attack descended from above, the monster tilted back its head. It caught it with its monstrous jaw and then crushed all 5.
“NO!” Colette screamed. Her angel wings burst out. But it was too late and she was blasted away by a purple flame. The Elite laughed.
“Foolish angel. I am far more powerful than before. You shall never beat me.”
Lloyd went to charge, but Regal got there 1st.
“Rising Great Dragon!” he jumped up and delivered a powerful blow to the skull's chin. It was so powerful that it sent the demon soaring into the sky. The president landed but jumped back up again with a, “Flying hawk!” Above the trees, the 2 combatants hung in the air. “Ariel Assault: Itawachi Style!” Regal began pummelling their old foe with a series of brilliant kicks. The Dancer fell to the ground and landed spider-like. But Regal wasn't finished. He began spinning round and round, faster and faster, until he stopped with his leg pointing straight up. He fell. “Dragon Drop!”
Lloyd and the others watched as, what seemed like a comet, fell from the sky.
The president's kick smashed into the skeleton. It seemed to explode from the shockwave. Smoke enshrouded the warriors.
As the smoke cleared, Regal walked back towards them. “Pitiful…” The fiend was immobile. The 2 swordsman gaped.
“I guess that Genis isn't the only 1 who's been training…” the twin swordsman stammered.
“Quickly! We must heal the others!” Presea ordered. Zelos snapped out of his awed state when he saw a figure rising up behind the `victor'.
“Regal look out!”
The president spun around. But it was too late. A skeletal fist slammed into his stomach. The unfortunate man coughed blood. Another fist smashed into Regal's head, sending him flying backwards. But it wasn't over. It reached out, grabbed him by the leg and flung him into the ground. Then it picked him up and threw him into the trees. The tail shot out into the darkness, pulled out an injured Regal then slammed him into the ground. Blood tricked from his mouth as he lay unmoving.
They were stunned. The creature just would not go down! 4 weapons shot back into the monster's outstretched hands. A purple magic circle appeared underneath it.
Another circle appeared underneath them. It was using 'Indignation'.
“Shit! We gotta get out of the circle.” The former chosen yelled. A jagged blade sunk into the earth. Huge stalagmites rose up in a ring around them.
“Damn, we're trapped!”
Presea began swinging her axe at the stone wall. The others understood. Then they too began slashing at the obstacle. The 4 stars neared the top. Finally Lloyd managed to smash his way through. “This way! Hurry!”
He ran out. Next was Presea. As Zelos headed towards the exit, a new stalagmite rose blocking his path.
“Zelos!” shouted the girl. The stars reached the top. There was an almighty flash as the lightning struck. The stone wall retreated into the ground. The chosen's body lay, smoking, on the floor.
Sheena awoke at the sound of lightning. The ninja gasped as she saw all her comrades' bodies. Staggering slowly to her feet, she joined Lloyd and Presea.
“What happened?”
“We are losing badly. The enemy will not die.” The axe woman said.
“Sheena, are you ok?” Lloyd asked.
“Yeah I'm fine. Now let's get rid of this thing.”
They attacked. The trio were fighting as hard as they could, but the Sword-dancer was easily fending off their exsphere enhanced skills. Purple haze seemed to have come out of nowhere and resided in the demon's ribcage. With a blast of blue flame, it sent the swordsman and guardian-user sprawling. But the 29 year child continued to attack. Then she came in eye contact with the haze. Presea froze, staring deep into the mist with great fear in her eyes.
“No….no…please no…” tears crept down her cheek. She backed away slowly and tripped. “NO!” The demon kicked her. She fell back unconscious.
“What the hell just happened?” Lloyd asked. But Sheena had already charged at the target.
She leapt, her arm poised ready to attack. She bought the spell card round and slashed across the skull. The Sword-dancer barely noticed. It retaliated by ramming its head into the ninja's stomach. The successor coughed blood and was thrown back. But her trap was set. 2 seals hovered on either side of the demonic creature's body. As she hung upside down, her palms were open, facing the seals. She clenched her fists.
“Explosive Seal activate!” The 2 cards exploded, greatly damaging the beast. It roared angrily then charged. But instead of attacking Sheena, it slashed at the swordsman. He made to block, but his blades were knocked aside by its cross slice attack. Lloyd crashed into the ground with 2 huge slashes on his chest. With a dark laugh it turned its empty eyes to the ninja. Unwillingly, her eyes were drawn to the gas in its chest. A pair of orange eyes stared back at her. Volt.
Sheena was 7 years old. Volt hovered in front of her, waiting. Her adoptive grandfather laid his hand her shoulder to stop her trembling. She saw the other Mizuhoans rounding up the other monsters. Igaguri stopped walking with her as custom. But her greatest friend continued to walk with her until she was right in front of the inactive seal.
“You can do it sport.” The 14 year old boy said, crouching down to her eye level.
“But what if I can't? I'm scared Ken.” The little girl trembled.
“Just do it as planned and everything will be fine. If it comes down to it I'll protect you. Me and Corrine won't let him harm.” He held up 3 fingers, the sign of an eternal promise. She smiled broadly at this. The young summoner walked more confidently as Ken stood up.
“Oh Hammer of Godly Thunder, I ask thou to lend me thy strength.”
“V…volt?” she saw Ken's hand reach for his sword. “Please?”
“…” Suddenly lightning struck the crowd. Electrical energy surged from the summon spirit, striking down her fellow ninja. The whole room was flashing with purple lightning. Sheena screamed as ninja after ninja were killed. Friends, rivals, enemies, all dead. She watched as Volt headed to her grandpa.
Energy began charging up. Igaguri whipped out 3 seals which began spinning around him. The spirit fired. The chief was covered in smoke. “GRANDPA!!!” Sheena cried.
But as the smoke cleared it revealed the head ninja safe underneath a protective green dome. Volt began powering up again.
“You shall never strike me down Volt!”
This time however he blasted the ground in front of him. A circle formed beneath the chief. Lightning shot up from it, electrifying Igaguri. The dome vanished. He collapsed, never to rise again for 10 years. Sheena screamed again.
Volt turned to her. The enraged spirit began generating a ball of electricity. Tears trickling down her face, she cowered away. It was launched. The young ninja froze as the lightning shot towards her. Something blurred in front of her. It was Ken. He was struck by the blast head on. His whole body was illuminated by the flash.
“K…Ken.” She whispered. He looked at her over his shoulder.
“I…won't let him harm you…that is…a promise…never.” With his last energy, Ken made various hand signs, and sealed Volt back into slumber. “Hehe…told ya…!” they were his last words before he collapsed to the ground, dead.
“NO!!!” she screamed repeatedly, even as they carried her back to Mizuho, she mourned for her best friend.
She was 17, making a pact with Volt a 2nd time. Corrine leaping into the way of the oncoming attack. And like her first best friend before, dying. These were real images from her past. But now, new images came. Volt's energy surged through Regal's body, killing him. Raine blasted away by the purple mass of electricity. Collette shot out of the sky. The ground crumbled underneath Presea so she plummeted to her doom. Genis fired a powerful spell only for it to get deflected, wiping him out instead. Zelos attacked repeatedly until he no longer moved. Lloyd's torso pierced by an electric spear. Everything faded so it was just her and the spirit. He began charging up power again, ready to strike down the defenceless ninja.
In reality, the sword-dancer was getting ready to breathe its deadly blue flame. Flames poured from its mouth as it attacked. A young man flashed in front of her, a strange sword in his hands.
Volt attacked. Unable to face her death, she turned away. The blow never came. Surprised, she turned back. A man was blocking the attack with his sword. He turned to look at her over his shoulder. It was Ken. The background came back. She was once again in Gaorachhia forest.
Sheena watched as the teenager's sword absorbed the demon's attacks. He then charged forward and slashed the creature with immense power. The skeleton crumbled so all that was left was the purple haze. He thrusted the sword into it. There was a strange cry then it too was sucked into the blade.
That was the last she saw until she passed out.