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Tales of Forgotten Memories

Story: Aries
Copyright: Characters created by Kosuke Fujishima
Tales of Symphonia belongs to Namco


Aireth blankly stared at the metal plated walls before her. Her hands were clutched tightly into a fist, the tone of the skin on her hands were a pale white. She didn't care much about her black suddening, like she usually did. She was paying to much attention to the noises beyond the walls that kept her here.

This chamber. She knew the four plain walls very well. She also knew the darkness that always covered her very well. It never changed, it was always this way. Four walls surrounding her, and darkness covering her.

This place, was were they kept her. Until they needed her, that is.

Aireth ran her fingers over the smooth surface of the black exsphere that was planted deep into her chest. It felt like her heart stopped whenever she touched it.

She knew, without a key crest, the exsphere is unstable. Without the key crest on the exsphere, she couldn't remove the dreaded exsphere that binds her to this place. If she did... she'd most likly end up like...

Aireth shook her head, trying to get those horrible thoughts out of her head. Yet not matter how hard she tried. They were always there, somewhere, replaying themselves in the back of her mind.

She hung her head looking blanking at the floor underneith her. Trapped in this chamber, all she could really do was think of the past. Aireth let out a weak sigh before she pressed her ear back up to the wall, once again listening to the words spoken beyond the wall.

The words were faint and hard to make out, alot of it just sounded like random mumbling to her. She knew one of the voices, all to well, it made her blood boil from just listening to him speak.

Just beyond this wall, he stood. One of the people that caused her so much pain in the past, and later trapped her here. But, she was powerless to do anything to him in the current spot she was in.

Even if she did end up killing him, she wouldn't be able to escape. They'd end up catching her, just like before.

Aireth paused for a moment, needing to take a moment of silence to notice that she was no longer paying attention to the noises beyond the wall. She sighed again weakly, and began to focus on the noises once again.

It almost sounded like, the sound of metal on metal. Someone was fighting him at this very moment. Aireth backed up a bit from the wall she was just pressed up against.

If only it could open.

This would be the perfect time to try and get away, or at least get her revenge then make her get away.

Aireth angerly kicked the wall, even though she knew that wouldn't help her situation at all. The wall opened thanks to a electronic device, she could only get out of this dark chamber if he wanted her to.

She sighed weakly and sat down on the ground and stared at the wall. Just wishing that in some way, it would magicly open for her. But she knew that no greater being, or spirit, was ever there to answer her wishes.

What greater being that hovered over her that day, she never did know.

Aireth was suddenly blinded by the light that began to pour into the chamber, disspelling the darkness. She jumped to her feet almost instantly, although her mind was spinning with questions.

She had no idea why the door was opening, was he letting her out.

No, that would never happen. He was most likly losing against whatever enemy he was currently fighting against. Wanting for her to clean up the mess she made.

"What do you want of me..." Aireth hissed angerly, wincing as she slowly stepped out of the weak shadows that were left in the chamber, "Kvar.".

Aireth scanned over the room quickly, it looked the same as usual. Although, she was right on a few things. Someone was attacking the human ranch, and Kvar was in need of her help.

She looked at the six people that now hovered over Kvar, ready to kill him. Aireth wished she could lend them a hand, but she could see that Kvar was under control.

She knew if she didn't do what he wished for her to do, he'd unlock the powers of the black exsphere that was glowed brilently in the light. It looked so harmless, just a jewel attached to her skin.

But Aireth knew all to well, what it would do to her.

"Kill the intruders you worthless maggot!" Kvar barked angerly at his slave.

Aireth looked at the group of six once again, although this time she looked them over, seeming how she thought it would be slightly better to know her enemy.

There were three males, and three females in the group. The group seemed to be lead by two of the males, who looked the most intent on killing Kvar, and now she guessed herself as well.

The first male, looked to be around the age of sixteen or so. He had brown hair, which was spiked upwards, and matching brown eyes. He was dressed in a outfit composed of mostly red and grey tones. He wore a red jacket, which had studs visable along the seems. Two, long white scarf like ribbons were attached to the collar of his jacket. He wore a pair of red gloves, which matched his jacket. A blue-toned exsphere was visible in his left hand. The male had a pair of suspenders that held up his grey pants. Around his waist he had two belts that held on to the sheaths of his katanas, which were currently in his hands. He also had on a pair of red boots, which matched his jacket and gloves. The boots had multiple silver buckles on them.

Another male stood just behind him, he looked to be a few years younger then the first, just looking at the size difference. The younger male had white hair, and dark blue eyes. His outfit, was mostly made up of blues and white tones. He wore a light blue short sleeved-shirt, which had white trim on it. The sleeves of the shirts had small slits in the as well. He had a visible dark blue exsphere on his right hand. He wore a light blue pair of short, that basicly matched his shirt. The shorts had white trim on them. It looks like he had some sort of belt like accessory, although it was hidden underneithe his shirt. Underneith his shirt, and shorts, he has a dark blue one-piece slip. He wears a pair of cloth like shoes, that are a mix of light and dark blue. The light blue piece is attached by a belt that is around his ankles.

A woman stood beside the younger boy, she looked to be some sort of realitive of the boy, and she looked to be somewhere in her twenty. She also white hair, and a blueish purple tone for her eyes. Her outfit was almost like the one her supposedly little brother was, although her's is made mostly of orange and black tones. She wore a orange jacket, with white cuffs on end of each sleeve. The rest of the trim of the jacket is black. Underneith the jacket, she wears a white shirt, which has a thin purple trim around the collar. She also wears a pair of black pants. She also wears a pair of pale grey boots, with white trim on them. The top of the boots have a odd, raised spiked-edge to it.

A young lady stood not to far away from the white haired woman, looking around the same age as the first male. She had long blonde hair, and large kind blue eyes. Around her neck she had a golden necklace, although it was really a key crest. It was visible that she had a red exsphere attached to her necklace, although there was something different about this exsphere. She wore a white shawl over her shoulders, that had blue trim on it. There were two golden buttons on the left and right side of the shawl, looking like somesort of crest was encraved into them. She also wore a matching white dress, which had blue trim as well. There were more golden buttons visible on the cuffs of her dress. She wore navy blue stalking, or pants on her legs. Then she wore a pair of white boots, which also had two buttons on each of them.

Then, there was another woman who stood beside the blonde maiden, she looked slightly older, seeming how much 'bust' she had. She had her black hair tied back with a small pink ribbon, and brown eyes. Her outfit looked slightly, seeming how no one around these parts wore anything of the sorts. She wore a purple, kimino like top, which was cut around her neck and chest. Her chest was covered up by some sort of white artical of clothing. She had a pink bow tied around her waist, the bow and extra ribbon fell behind her back. She wore a pair of long purple gloves, that reached above her elbows. The trim at the top was a white tone, while the trim around her wrist and hand was a pale blue tone. She wore black pants, which covered up her bare legs. She wore a pair of purple and black boots, which reached slightly higher then her ankles. Along the side of the boots, were mutliple blue and silver buckles.

The last man, who stood in the front along side the first male, looked around to be one of the older members of the group, perhaps being in his late twenties. The man had brownish red hair, with matching eyes. His outfit was mostly made up of the colour purple. He wore a shoulder pad, or cloak like piece of clothing on his shoulders. It was a dark purple in colour, with blueish purple for the trim. Many buttons lined the edge of the cloak. He wore a matching dark purple sleeveless battle suit. The same trim was visible on the top part of the piece of clothing, making a cross over top of his chest. Around his waist, he wore two blueish purple belts with silver buckles on them. He had a pair of matching belts around his ankles. On his arms he had a pair of long gloves. The top part of the glove that covered in forarm was a deep purple, and the trim was white. A matching white band circled around his wrists. The lower part of the glove was the blueish purple colour, which had golden buttons on each knuckle. His boots were a white colour, although the toe and heel of the boot looked like a grey metal tone.

Aireth was silent and motionless. She stared at the last man, with most likly the most surprised look on her face.

She knew him, or at least someone who look very much like him.

She began to bite at her bottem lip, just the thought that he was the person she remember made her uneasy. She couldn't fight him, even though she hated him, or at least what he did to her.

"What are you waiting for maggot?!" Kvar snapped angerly, although he seemed extremly worried as well.

Aireth didn't respond, and just hung her head. If it was really him, would he remember her? He had forgotten so easily about herself before. Why would now be any different?

"It seems like your body guard isn't taking your orders, Kvar." the man dressed in purple said sternly, he pointed his blade at Kvar.

"This maggot will do what I want her to do, one way or another." Kvar snapped bitterly back at the man dressed in purple. Kvar spun on his feet and quickly turned a knob on the control panel behind him.

A thick black glow began to emit from the exsphere on Aireth's chest. She suddenly felt so helpless, knowing what was going to soon come back to her.

The memories.

Ever if they were always truly in the back of her mind, she had come to be able to deal with them. Even if they were the only thing she could focus on. She had come to know, that they'd be there, always.

But this was different. Kvar had been able to take her memories and pain and put it into this creation. In a moment, she could see everything, like it was happening once again. In a moment, she could feel the pain and anger moving through her body. She couldn't stop it. It was almost like she was that helpless child once again.

Aireth fell to her knees. It felt so hard to breath, she wanted to kill Kvar, just like she always did whenever this took place.

But she knew, when she was placed into this state. When she was over come by anger. The black exsphere would take her anger, and reflect it into a tangable form.

Aireth could feel the ripping from her insides. It wanted to get out. The creation of her black exsphere, the creator of her anger.


Sheena watched the odd girl that Kvar was planning to attack herself and the others with. She currently looked like she was kneeling over in pain, but Sheena couldn't really see as to why.

She looked at the others, to see if she could see if they knew what was going on. But truly, they seemed as puzzeled as she did, even Raine.

"Well, if Raine doesn't know what's going on..." Sheena thought to herself, "Then I guess I have no chance of getting what's going on.".

"I don't get it..." Lloyd commented bluntly as he watched the girl, "How is she supposed to fight us, if she can't even stand up?".

"Enough of your games, Kvar." Kratos said, looking ready to cut Kvar's head off at any moment now.

Kvar smiled bitterly, and laughed before saying, "You're all fools. Someone's pain, consentrated and released at a certain moment can be a powerful weapon.".

Sheena paused, looking over at the girl as she began to try to get back on to her feet. So Kvar was somehow planning on using that girls pain as a weapon.

"What ever you're planning," Lloyd said as he got into a battle position of some sort, "It won't be strong enough to defeat us!".

"You shouldn't say things like that..." Kvar said weakly with a evil grin on his face, "Until you've seen the other players hand as well.".

"Stop..." Sheena could hear the girl mutter weakly. Although, what happened next, Sheena nor the others had any idea.

It looked like something was crawling underneith the girl's skin, clawing, wanting to get out. It wasn't long, before her skin began to rip apart. Blue liquid, perhaps some sort of blood came from the wounds.

But not only the odd coloured blood came from wounds. From her forarms came to bone like blades, covered in the blue blood. From her back came multiple fins and spikes. The rags she were wearing melded into her body, why her skin sealed back up and began to turn a black tone, matching the black exsphere on her chest.

"What's... going on?!" Sheena gasped, being the first of the group to be able to find their voice.


"This, is the power I have under my control." Kvar said with a grin, "When in this state, her mind is completly under my control!".

"No..." the black rage-monster, Aireth, said weakly, almost like somewhere deep inside she fought to remain under control of her own body.

Kvar turned around to face the black monster, a stern and slightly surprised look on his face. He looked slightly confussed as to why Aireth could still speak, or something along that line.

"No... longer." The raged filled Aireth claimned angerly, "Will I... listen to you!".

It was so odd.

She was still able to control herself somewhat. Usually she'd have gone into a rampage by now, and she'd only remember once she had awaken once she had converted back to her normal self.

"How dare you... worthless maggot." Kvar said angerly at Aireth, "Getting a back-bone because you think someone is here to save you.".

"What--" Aireth muttered weakly, backing up a bit, feeling like she was suddenly becoming very small, "That's... not true.".

"He forgot about you, so what makes now any different." Kvar muttered coldly, "There isn't anything left for you anyways.".

Aireth stared at Kvar for a long moment, she then finally said, "You should never turn your back on your enemy.".

Kvar paused for a moment, and looked behind his back to see if the others had a made any sort of move. But they still seemed slightly shooked by Aireth's transformation. All of them but, the man dressed in purple.

Although, that wasn't what Aireth had meant at the time. She stepped forwards, and grasped Krav tightly from behind. One of her bone arm blades were placed up against his neck, while the other was against his stomach.

"What do you think you're doing maggot!" Kvar said bitterly, even though it was clear he knew all to well that Aireth was intending on killing him.

Aireth looked at the others over Kvar's shoulder. "What are you waiting for?" She asked them weakly, "Kill him.".

The others quickly exchanged glances among each other. Finally, the male dressed mostly in red stepped forwards. He held his katana's tightly, he look extremly determned.

"This is for my mother!" He shouted angerly as he stabbed his katana into Kvar's chest. Aireth looked a bit uneasy, like she was trying to decide something as she watched the blade enter into her 'master's' body.

The man dressed mainly in purple stepped up almost as soon as the male in red had pulled his katana from Kvar's body. "Feel the power," the man said angerly as he too stabbed his sword into Kvar, "of those worthless beings!".

Aireth, didn't paused for a second this time though. She then thrust her own body forwards, pushing the blade through Kvar's body, and into her own.

She then doubled back when she felt the pain shotting through her body from her chest. "Please, let me die one I return to my normal self... I don't want to die like this..." she thought to herself before she passed out.


Kratos stared downwards at the girl before him, then looked at his blade. Now, it was not only covered with the murderous blood of Kvar, but now her blood also stained his blade.

"Did she just try to get stabbed by your blade?" Lloyd asked weakly, he looked happy yet slightly sad at the time. Who would blaim him really, he had just taken revenge for his mother.

"No, she didn't..." Kratos lied weakly as her kept staring at the monsterous girl, "I must have hit some sort of bone... for my blade slipped.".

Lloyd was silent for a moment, he didn't really seem to completly believe Kratos, seeming how he was right there to see what happened. "Professer... can you heal her?" Lloyd asked his teacher, Raine, as he turned to face the others.

The elf seemed slightly worried as she walked beside Lloyd and looked down at the girl. "I'll do my best I suppose..." she said weakly, "But before we do anything, I think we should set the ranch to explode.".

"Wa-wait." Sheena said, sounding slightly surprised, "You're going to blow up the human ranch.".

"That's what we did to the last one as well." the white haired, Genis, commented.

"Well... I guess it's alright seeming how we already released the prisoners..." Sheena muttered weakly.

Kratos walked over to the girl's body laying on the floor. She knelt down and picked her body up, she was surprisingly light.

"I wonder what Kvar was talking about..." Lloyd said weakly, "It sounded like he ended up destoring her life in some way..."

"Perhaps she'll tell us when she wakes up." Colette said as she walked to Lloyd's side, with a weak smile on her face.

Kratos was silent as he stared down at the girl in his arms. He could see that the black tone of her skin was slowly changing back to her normal skin tone. "Maybe it's too painful for her to take..." he muttered weakly.

"Alright, that should do it." Raine said as she stepped away from one of the near by control panels, "This ranch is now set to explode, so let's get out of here.".

The group quickly moved themselves to the safe region outside the human ranch. Then they sat back and watched as it began to self destruct. Once the explosions had gone off, the ranch fell to the ground. The materials left of the human ranch were weakly smuldering, from the heat of the explosion.

The hatered, and memories made there were perhaps baried for many. The nightmares it's persence simply gave off. The revenge recieved. It all brought this chapter to a end.

But can all people move on so easily?

~End of Prologue

AN: I hope you've enjoyed the prologue to my Tales of Symphonia fanfic. This is kind of like a self-insertion... yet then again it isn't. Had fun decribing everyone
-_-;; I won't be describing Aireth in detail until she has her 'normal outfit'. Other original characters will be making their appearence in the first chapter.