Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ What in the Worlds? ❯ I'm Where? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Tales of Symphonia: What in the Worlds?

Chapter 1: I'm Where?

"Why is Henry Flagler importent role concerning Florida, mmm, Bobby?"

The sleeping teen suddenly sprang to life,"Um, he introduced oranges to Florida!"
The whole class erupted with laughter!

"No, Mr. Bobby, he didn't introduce oranges, sleeping again, huh? Well looks like you're spending today in detention again. Now, Miss Sophie, what was his role," Mr. Palmer asked calmly.

"He helped build Florida up into a tourist spot, because he built railroads and hotels," the bright red head answered.

"Good at least someone is paying attention in class, instead of sleeping," the teacher praised Sophie, while glaring at Bobby!

'Yeah, well you would be tired after scrapping gum off the underside of desks for hours at a time, before you go home and spend half the night on your homework,' Bobby brooded angrily at his desk.

Later, after school in detention, Mr. Palmer was reading at his desk, while Bobby was cleaning the classroom. He had flipped all the desks over and was cleaning off the dried gum. He was getting tried of cleaning gum.

"Everyday I do this and still there is so much gum, I mean come on!" Bobby raised both hands in desperation.

"Shh, no talking in detention," Mr. Palmer said without looking up from his book.

"Okay, sheesh!"

Much later after Bobby did his regular routine of cleaning the classroom,"Good bye, Mr. Palmer!"

Bobby began to race to the classroom door and just as he got to the threshold, "See you tomorrow, Bobby. Also don't for get your project on an acient civilization, it's do tomorrow!"

Bobby was outside when those words sank in, he stopped moving and stood there very still, the wind blowing his messy grey hair. Suddenly he took a deep breath and shouted, "Fu-!" Brids flew from the trees miles away, dogs began to bark uncontrollably, and Mr. Palmer said, "That was the loudest curse of profanity, I've ever heard, he must of forgot, hmhmhm."

Bobby jumped down and threw his backpack away, after five minutes he calmed down and gathered his things and headed to the library. Bobby was walking down the city streets of Miami, about five o'clock, there wasn't anyone outside, and the sun was setting.

"What the hell? Where is everyone? It's like a ghost town," says Bobby thinking out loud. Bobby was freaked out, alone and scared he calls out for someone, "Hello is anybody there?" Nothing, "Damn!"

Suddenly a whirling sound of wind is heard and a few mystical chimes of tiny bells. A glowing vortex of mystical energy appears in front of Bobby.

"This is some scary crap!" Bobby felt himself being pulled toward the energy and tried to run! His feet slipped and he went face first into the pavement, now with a bloodied nose he tries to crawl away! The pull is getting stronger and Bobby is trying to hold on. Various things from the street is being pulled in. A stop sign nearly kills him, "Whao, crap!"

Suddenly a trash can clocks Bobby in the back of the head and he blacks out! His limp body rolling into the blue void!

The next thing Bobby could feel is sunshine and a major headache. "Ow, where am I?" He looks around seeing a huge plain of grass and flowers. It was breath taking, very beautiful! He gets up slowly and takes in more of the scenery. Nothing, but endless plains in three directions and a dark forest in the other.

"Okay, lets go in this direction," he heads west in the plain because the sun was setting, suddenly he hears a wolf howl and see a pack of them heading towards him from the west.

"Oh crap!"

He ran back into the dark woods to escape them, jumping over logs and running through streams, the wolves howling for blood, "Jesus," he screams, but wonders who that is. That moments distraction cost him, because he fell into a clearing. Just as the wolves were about to rip him up, men in red and brown uniforms ran up to him and dragged him inside a giant building. They held whips in there hands and wore helmets on there heads.


"Quite inferior being," said one of the men as he whiped Bobby.


"Lord Magnius will deal with you!"

"Where am I, please," Bobby begged.

"The Palmacosta Human Ranch and quite or we'll really hurt you!"

Bobby kept quite in fear of his life, "just who is Magnius and what is a human ranch," Bobby pondered.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia or am affilated with, I'm using it without permission from nintendo. This story is made from my brain and is completely made up just for fun for me and any others who want to read it! Chao!