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OK Ivory belongs to Star as does Star there rest belong to me and yes I have written permission to use her.
The Mystic Ruins Tails workshop a white Cat in a white lab coat and black skirt putting a sling on a young blue fox with 2 tails her hair in ponytail with a large bang over her face in green overalls and pink blouse a pink bow tying her hair back "well I hope you learned you lesson trying to throw a car your lucky you just dislocated your shoulder, as for you" she sees a green 2 tailed fox with 3 bangs he look like Tails only green in blue jeans and white t-shirt one tail is taped up as a bandage in the shape of X on his face. "You really screwed up listing to that diplomat" smashing that teachers car up fighting off Eggman" "well he said not to use his" "and you Faith what do you have to say!" the young kit looks as she's about to cry as her brother touches her good shoulder to reassure the twins have a strong bond "sorry but that teacher is a bitch
"Yeah" "Gust, Faith I am very disappointed in you!!" Tails all grown up 9hers in his early 20's late teens) why don't you go fire bomb Hilary Duff's Mansion or the apt where C.T. lives noo you go mess with a teacher then provoke Eggman using him to do your dirty work then your plan back fires and you and Ashley as well as Tom all fight him off well next time let C.T. handle the teachers, I'll wait till you mother gets back!!!" I wonder what C.T. is doing now any way?" "you shouldn't yell at them they had a rough day" the DR said trying to calm him down "they harass a teacher go off and almost get themselves killed what should I do just act like nothing happened!!" "here you need this more that they do" she hands him some Prozac he pops them "Dr. Ivory you understand right" said Faith " yes the part I get is the teacher being a snob that's all well I hope you behave yourselves" she hugs them and gets her bag and leaves "we will said Gust" just then another green fox with 3 bangs and long green hair with 2 tails ina white pants and blue t-shirt her shoes are sandals black, enters with some bags "what ever they did it's better I don't know" "hey Cosmo they did something stupid but they learned from it" (yes new Cosmo) out in the back a young girl tossing catch with another 2 tailed fox who looks just like his dad "Miles throw harder sweetie" they girl said tossing him a baseball "well sorry I don't works out" he smiled his white t-shirt with a photo of Eggman on it underneath it says "FREE EGGMAN!" his jeans getting faded "hey toss it to be brainaic" a black and cream colored hedgehog in all red his long quills have cream stripes as do his arms his eyes are hazel and his eyes have patches on them of the same color Thunder the hedge rabbit the son of Cream and Shadow. Along side him is his younger sister she has long ears and quills with black stripes her peach colored fur has black stripes and her patches around her eyes are black she has red chest fur bout was only seen when she was born (you people make me sick) in a faint green dress white socks and red shoes Peach Thunders little sister he almost never goes with out her.
"Don't be jealous my mussels only work on my brain your on your body" "now, now be nice" said the girl but Star she gives him a look "why don't you train each other only problem is your brain is too small" Peach giggles "I swear if you weren't my sister I would send you tot half the moon" said Thunder crossing his arm.
He pics up the ball and throws it so hard thunder catches it but has to spin his tails for flying into a tree "throw it back and show me what ya got fox!" Miles throws it with force Thunder crashes into a tree he gets up smiling "you still throw like a girl!" Peach says to herself "why did Sonic teach him how to be cocky" "yeah a girl on steroids" said Star smiling praising Miles for finally showing what he's made of.
"You herd what happened to Ms. Tramori" asked Miles "no just her car was trashed with her in it" he started giggling Peach just nods her head "yeah but Ashley was involved so was Tom as were the twins" "I though Aries and Jewelle were in France with Rouge and Knuckles" "no my big brother and sister" "really?"said Star "and I bet you did their home work too" "well they paid me 20 bucks to do it so who could say no" "your suck a fox" she smiled.
"Well what are we" asked Thunder crossing his arms "hedge-rabbits" said Star
across town in Da Hood C.T. with his kids Ashley and Tom "well you really made me proud you set that skank up" Ashley smiled since this is the first time she pleased her father by getting in trouble of course Molly shows up with a belt and pissed off.
"Hey put that belt down woman the only ass you better whip is Ms.Pollyae!" "the kids almost got a teacher killed as well as them selves you want me to praised them" look here's my deal I'll settle this once and for all when we head to the meeting I'll ruff her up my self and cal lit a draw" fair but no more horse play or else you will be NWA not with out ass welts!" they hug their mother she hugs them back "I trust you."
Later on Tails and Cosmo along with Gust and Faith Miles is with Shadow and Cream as well as Thunder and Peach C.T. and Molly show up with Ashley and Tom
An straggly old Japanese lady in a flowered dress and black shoes in coke bottle glasses her hair raggedly due to the many dye jobs her face uglier than Eggman's Ass
She greats them with a smile of camels teeth C.T. give her a hard stare.
"Well I'm glad your all here after what happened last night I was luck to have my life." Tom flaps his gums mocking her.
"See this is the kind of behavior he need to stop" "and?" he says defending his kids "look they only were defending them selves so who care if you were killed!" "hey don't act like that was good" C.T. says "I remember 6th grade" then he raised his hand and slapped her so hard she flew into the black board he then punched her in the face hard kicked her in the ribs and every one left Cosmo looking at him all funny twitching her tails "what you want to beat her up too?" "no that is wrong how she hurt you I understand" everyone surprised.
C.T. looks at Molly and playfully pushes her "Molly get the table!" she gets one puts in the class where the teacher is crying out for help as she lies there the table set up then next thing you hear is a crash he leaves "ok who wants ice cream" everyone leaves
Now kids I know sonic will hate me but say sorry to Eggman everyone gasps "now I know your crazy" hissed Tails "got ya" Tails now irate "just for that I want sprinkles!" "me too" said Faith "if she gets them so do I" barked Gust "fine get what ever you want just don't be surprised if one of y'all need to siphon gas!"
Every one leaves 3 hours later they head back home Tails stops to get Miles "so what happened" "well lets just say you might get a new teacher" Miles looked out of those blue eyes wondering what happened "C.T. had a grudge lasting over 12 years he finally settled it" he hugged his son "too bad I wasn't' there but Thunder got the Nintendo Wii"
"Why do you hate her?" "Because she hurt Peaches feelings and when Thunder stepped in he was treated like a fool I stepped up and got in trouble I missed recess because of her." "Well if this helps C.T. beat her up and put her thru a table." "Well he just softened her up I can live with that hey can you maker a system better that the Wii?"
"you got a PS3 and want something more powerful I would have to build a time machine to make that your as crazy as a fox!" Miles smiled "sure I'll do my best and you can help."
"Well what's with Gust and Faith?" he hands him a bucket of ice cream "they got you this" he's all excited to bad thunder isn't here of course a red light pops out of nowhere Thunder and peach show up "well I knew you got some goodies" "don't just stand there get us some spoons" said Miles at his dad "do I look like your servant" "yes" Tails gets them mumbling (I wish C.T. was here he know what to do)
Faith now trying to take off her over alls but is having a hard time "Gust you mind?" Gust closes his eyes as he unhooks them "your on you own" he turns away "it's not like your going to go blind" "I want to keep it that way" "you typical sacred of girls" "the first and only time I ever saw you naked was when you were born out of that pod I want to keep it that way, besides you my sister that's wrong" "you and Miles change together all the time" "were guys if you were a guy it wouldn't matter" "hand me that nighty" he gets a sky blue night gown hands it to her she hissed s she put it on slowly "some help you were" Gust looks dumb "sorry I'm not like that" she sit on the bed removing her overalls with much difficulty *sigh* "fine" he yanks them off with force
She falls back "ouch watch it" "sorry" he gets his pillow and puts it gently under her arm "better?" "Thank you" she said as she lies down "how are you going to sleep?"
"I got one tail I'll use it" "well night" Faith falls to sleep Gust kissed her fore head and put the blanket on her
Miles along with Thunder and Peach sharing the ice cream Gust and Faith got Them playing in the PS3 "motion sensors my ass" hissed Thunder "what happened" Cosmo asked confused "well the PS3 has the same type of motion sensors as does the Wii
But the Wii rumbles this don't!" "I had to ask" " that's because Sony made some people mad they used it as an excuse" said Peach
"Still at it eh" Gust comes in still not dressed for bed "you know how late it is?"
"it's Friday besides Faith is tired not me pain pills are for babies" "what are they doing up" "well your father gave him ice cream you bought for him" "hey faith bought it too don't point at me!" "Your up she's not besides because of you that teacher was hurt by C.T." "Why are you making it look bad"
"I give up" Thunder, Peach your parents know you're here?" "of course he knows where I teleport to" " I see well carry on" Cosmo leaves Tails in his work shop looking up plans for a system more powerful than the Wii or PS3 no one really bother the 360
Tails falls asleep on the table using his tails as a pillow and blanket Gust joins the others playing "oh hell naw you did not just do that" Peach pulled out an action replay and winks
"Typical" said Gust Thunder's cell rang a shiny back razr "hello, no dad I didn't see the remote try under the couch, yes Peach is with me , yes we plan to sleep over I don't care that C.T. put that teacher thru a table, well you tell him and his consulate to kiss my ass! Ok love you too dad kiss mom for us."
"Aw so me won wuvs ther daddy" Gust said making a kissing sound "fuck you" Thunder hissed "you love you parents too" Cosmo herd that "Thunder! Such language" Thunder now turning red "s-s-sorry ma'am just Gust was making fun of my relationship with my dad and didn't know what to say" "well just say this she whispers in his ear" (I wouldn't talk bout that because…)he smiled "thanks Mrs. Prowler" he said "try and watch you mouth you have manners like your mom but the speech patter of you dad."
Cosmo head down into the basement where she sees Tails all asleep on some blue prints above him a photo of an album cover showing C.T. and Tails labeled `The Pimp and the Diplomat'
"Wake up Tails" she said softly he replied with a snore "Tails wake up" he snored louder now annoyed she lifted him up dead weight and carried him up to bed
(In tails becomes a dad Cosmo was reborn as a fox so that's what she is not a plant creature)
"Well don't mind Faith she's asleep" "with those happy pills she will be out a while" Cosmo gives him a stare, then leaves. Hours later now passed 3am Gust gets all sleepy and head to bed as does Miles thunder and Peach turn off the TV and curl up together (awwwwww) thunder and Peach are really the only siblings that really look out for each other.
Way later in the morning Gust stiff since he sleeps on his belly rather his back mumbling as she gets up Thunder and Peach still asleep in balls Thunder just ignores them and turns on the TV they both jump up as an announcement all loud "YOUR NOW WATCHING FOX!"
Thunder annoyed "is that all you ever watch" "gee if there was a net work called hedgehog I would watch that" "all you mainly watch is networks after animals Fox, NBC, the WB" Peach ignored them.
Miles got up smacking his lips and left to his parents room Tails wasn't there but in the basement Miles enter and see him drawing some blue prints "hey dad you busy" no come here Miles climes on his dad lap and kissed his cheek "your just in time you can help me with these blue prints I was busy getting the paper but that's old news" I thought I was going to make the system" "your way to smart to make that that's why I figured make the blue prints first."
Back in the room Faith trying to get dressed on her own (bad idea) she removes some khaki shorts and has a hard time putting them on "dammit" she hissed she was able to get her socks on with ease she want to get her shoes on but that pain in her arm and shoulder was so much she sat on the edge and started crying softly.
Back in the basement Miles got off his dad. "Let me get ready I heard Star and Ivory are coming over" "you are obsessed with that girl" "no I'm not!" " Wait till I have grand kids then you'll shut up!" "no way I can't have kids I have to much to do!" "we'll see bout that" Tails smiled.
Miles heads upstairs to the room he sees Faith crying with a pair of shoes on the bed he goes to her and hugs her "don't worry everything is going to be fine" he then kissed her cheek. "Thank you Miles" she said softly he wipes away her tears himself he then put her shoes on for her she smiled "your the best brother I could ever have" she wraps her good arm around him "look there's a secret I was hiding" "you can tell me" he gets off the bed heads to the closet and removes a heal unit "OMFG where did you get that!" "be quite I ordered it online" "well who are you going to use it on me or Gust?" "Both" he runs to the living room "hey Gust come her a sec" "this better be good Earth Quake just crushed Hulk Hogan's Ribs!"
Gust follows his younger brother "ok sit next to Faith" Gust does "if you take a camera out you'll be sorry" Mils smashes the heal unit Faith has full use of her arm and it no longer hurts Gust has the use of his tail now he can fly again. "Your that best" said Gust as he hugs him Faith does the same he hugs them back as they kiss him at the same time.
"Remember don't say a word" said Miles "if anyone asks it's my problem" "we won't they say" "well now I can change do you mind?" Gust and Miles leaves respectively "looky, looky your now back to normal gee you think you can jack off with that tail?" Gust gives him a stare "no but I will choke you out with it" he removes the splint and wags it. "Glad to see you back" Faith exits in a white t-shirt khaki shorts white socks and blue shoes "well you can now change" Gust and Miles go back 5 min later they exit in blue jeans and red t-shirts. Miles heads back to the basement as Cosmo comes out ready to fix breakfast "I see you're healed, I rather not ask but don't do any thing stupid ok!" "Yes Mom" they say" "that goes for you 2 Thunder, Peach" "I am the son of the ultimate life form I think I am more careful than that." "Very well." "Ohhh that looks painful" Earth Quake sat on poor Hulk Hogan.
"I bet I could take him on" said Thunder "you can't sorry" said Peach sadly as a tear left her eye "are you worried about me?" "Well yes but he's dead." Thunder now feeling bad "oh well I'll take on Hulk Hogan" "I remember when Tails took on The Undertaker, not pretty." Said Cosmo stirring some eggs.
The door bell rang "I'll get it" said Peach it was Ivory she hugged Peach "how are the twins" "much better" she sees Gust jumping up and down trying to make the ground shake what this Thunder does it and makes the ground shake only he used a faint Chaos Blast.
"Faith your arm tell me how did you heal so fast" Faith says nothing "Gust? His reply is the same. She heads down stairs where Miles and his dad are drawing blue prints " Miles did you use a heal unit on them?" "I promise you won't get in trouble if you tell me the truth." She looks at him softly with those silver eyes "yes I did I ordered it on line I only have a receipt" "see I told you your not in trouble but I'm disappointed in you for using that it's only used in serous lifer or death situations." "I'm sorry only Faith was in a lot of pain and those pills were making her out of it, it wouldn't be fare to Gust so I used it on him too." Tears filled his eyes Ivory got on one knee wiped them away and kissed his cheek "your very brave to tell me the truth, but next time you get one wait till something serious I know you meant well." He smiled. His dad looks on concerned. "How did he get them?" "Online but places like that shut down after the sell so they wont be traced."
Ivory leaves "well you better not try a stunt anytime soon" she sees Gust sitting on Thunder as Peach counts "1-2-3" "silly boys"
The door opens it's Star in fancy black dress "hey kids" Gust hollers "yo Miles your girl friend is here!!" Miles flies up the stairs as fast as he can jumping in her arms as he gives her a big wet kiss "I missed you too" she said hugging him "why you all dressed up" "well I found some one a great guy were on a date I stopped by to show you how happy I am" Miles heart sank after hearing that not knowing how to react is this guy good or bad or what he did the closest thing he could, swallow his pride and be happy for her "I'm happy for you" he smiled "if he does you wrong let me be the first"
"You bet you're the only one I really trust" she smiled kissing his soft cheek "well I'm surprised he took it so well" said Ivory "I guess he's growing up."
Just then a blast of light covers the Mystic Ruins and a portal opens up this I got to see Cosmo looks out an sees it "oh shit Tails come quick" Tails comes out "oh shit is right" I'll check it out he runs out side and is sucked in "Dad!!! screams Miles as he jumps from Star's arms and runs out after him Miles no screams Cosmo and Star but it's too late everyone in a state of shock when a beam of light enters the house every one stood still Lunar along side C.T. "what the hell is going on asked C.T." not good cried Cosmo Tails and Miles got sucked in a portal!!!" "dammit I feared this would happen" barked Lunar we found out there is another world some body must of toyed with the void!" watch Luna for me Lunar exit and is sucked in "screw that they need a good will ambassador" "what if they don't know what that is" said Star C.T. looks at his gun "I'll show them" he exits and is sucked in after ward the portal closes.
"Ok guys we need to do some research now" said Gust Thunder you know Chaos Control takes us to Sonic, Mom don't worry Dad and Miles are fine be strong for them " I will" she said now trying to be strong They just stand there as the remaining kids all teleport.
What happens now you ask with till Ch 3…..