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Lunar returned to the village holding 2 katz by their throats making sure they donít attack they were out cold and turning blue "what should I do with them?" Genis came out "hey let them go your hurting them!" "they tied to hurt me!" "donít just leave them here take them to katz village itís on an island north of here" "before I do hold on get me some rope" Genis does and he hog ties them "now who will go?" He looks at everyone "Miles you can go you think you can carry theses 2?"

Miles looks almost shocked "me why me?" "because your not a child anymore besides you need more responsibility your in charge Captain" Miles felt honored as he gave a 2 fingered salute lifting them up was not easy but he did and spinned his tails as he flew off with the dead weight. "You sent a child out on his own?" "no in the wolf/fox you are no longer a child as of age 4!" "Your insane!" "call me what you will but remember Iím half fox so donít bother calling me crazy."

Tails just looked on proud at his youngest son C.T. checking out the forest in powered form.

Miles tired and panting all he could think abut was Star every few islands he stopped to rest but made it there on 30 min dragging them into the village a katz asked "meow what did they do this time meow?" "t-t-they w-were f-fighting." "meow you look tired rest a bit meow." Miles lies down resting a bit when an old brown katz with a grey moustache meets him.

"Meow I am the mayor of this village so you brought back Rex and Manx meow. They always bring problems where ever they go meow" "yeah I see" "you name is young fox meow?"

"Miles, Miles Prowler" the 2 wake up hog tied hissing and meowing trying to get loose. "you 2 never learn you got fired from the pay meow!" "hiss itís hiss fault hisss!" "hiss no youíre the culprit!!! Hiss!!!"

"guards gag them and put them in the water when they decide to behave let them go meow" 2 katz in armor drag them away and well I rather not say damn ASPCA will be on my ass!

Just then Vidarr a large guy wearing raggedy black shorts metal boots a helmet covering his eyes and head but his mouth and lower face with 2 long elephant tusks coming out wielding a mace (a giant spiked ball on a chain) swinging it around violently the residents terrified they guards in vain to fight him off are tossed up like a salad (mmm salad) swinging his giant mace he almost hits poor Miles who jumps out of the way tripping on a fallen tree.

Vidarr removes his hammer ready for the kill "I came for the katz but a fox fur will be nice for me hahaha!"

Yeah I am evil sending young Miles against himÖ..

Miles ready to face his fate when all of his friends and family cheer him on in his mind "your not a kid any more" an image of Gust appears handing him a Leaf Stone "so give him hell" "yeah you really care for us show him what the plant foxes can do" Faith hands him a Thunder Stone she then kisses his cheek and leaves Thunder and Peach as well as Violet and Rusty along side Ashley and Tom with Aries and Jewelle all cheer him on "Miles!! Miles!! Miles!!" he gets up "all right bring it bitch!" he swings and hits him hard on his cheek piercing him blood on his with muzzle he yelps but gives him swift kick that really doesnít do much but piss him off he removes his hammer slamming the ground swinging his mace again Miles grabs it "Fox Thunder!" sending a volt of electricity thru the behemoth making his drop his weapons however he removes his sword slashing Miles shirt lucky fox Miles concentrates summoning plants binding him as he tails whips him (2 tails = double the pain)

He breaks the vines but is dropped kicked "Fox Thunder" "Wolf Blade!" he then starts punching him forcing him to retreat as much as he can "not again I can't believe I lost to a bunch of kids..." just then 2 ogres arrive one says "ready for a real fight" the other grunts laughing "oh crap!" Just then Zelos and Raine arrive "oooh yeah back up! I bet you love me now!" Raine just looks on "not much of a specimen" of course more enemies arrive a witch and 2 druids

"Oh crap more enemies suck on this light spear!" Zelos being more cocky that ever "Photon" Raine blasting her light attack after wards swinging her staff around violently "ready?" "Ray! Wolf Blast! Victory Light Spear!" they did the unison attack knocking out the ogres.

The druids however werenít so easy one of them chanted "Mana, root of all creation, gather before me!" "Destroy the enemy before me!" "Wolf Blade!" "no!" the witch and other druid left.

"Zelos stated his well know fact "See that? Super Zelos' attack is invincible." Raine looked at Miles his cheek was still bleeding "So who should we fight next?" asked Miles "How about that red-headed Chosen Guy?" smiled Raine "Whoa, whoa, you're kidding right?" "are we?" they mayor came back out as did the villagers "you saved our home! Meow!" "please stay meow." "Weíll pass" said Raine "you got any cute hunnies?" asked Zelos "well if you need anything just ask meow" "why are these people attacking this land?" Asked Miles wiping the blood off his cheek "good question" said Raine "meow they wanted our hides as well as a plan to keep us as pets meow." "Who was responsible for this madness" "a man named Vidarr meow he thought if making katz more than helpers more money would be made meow."

"Crap let us return we need to stop this mad man" said Raine "as long as I am not in danger go ahead" Raine looked at him "I need you to protect me" "ooohh yeah am I loved or what?"

"are you right or left handed?" asked Miles "why you ask?" "To see who loves you more." "ouch thatís cold"

They leave on a Rheaird Miles flies behind after a while they return to Iselia Lunar and Lloyd swords drawn a young sea katz with them.

"I take it you herd what happened" said Lunar Miles looks at him holding his cheek "damn I donít have any heal units" "here allow me" Raine touches his cheek with her staff and it heals leaving a scar that looks like an "0" Tails comes out "Dad! I was in a huge fight against 10 ogres!" "oh you lie like a dead dog" Lunar growls at him "heh, heh no offence" "there were at least 30 and if it werenít for me you would be some ones fur coat"

"your both liars there were only 2 ogres 2 druids and a witch Miles here took on the boss and won but was hurt we came by because a katz said her village was under attack so me and Zelos decided to check it out!" snapped Raine "boys will be boys" said Lunar "I can under stand him boasting like that itís his first real battle so no harm done right Tails" "I guess so"

"Well we need to go back there is important business to take care of" said Raine.

"But first some one need a make over." Said Zelos "you make him look like a pimp Iíll rip your skin of and make a funny hat" said Lunar boldly "oh yeah the big bad wolf/fox and Iím Little Red Riding Hood." "While your still in it!" "Ok, ok I promise on my good word as the chosen I will make him a star!"

"Why do I have the feeling and sudden urge to kill you" "Lunar now is not the time to kill people I promise before we get home you will kill some one." Said C.T. "we all feel that way" said Lloyd "you are loved a lot" said Tails "ouch that hurt so bad I want to cry" Zelso said sarcastically.

Letís go kid Miles hugs and Kisses Tails and Lunar then leaves with Tetheíallaís chosen.

Lunar looks at Tails C.T. comes back "damn canít scratch that crazed woman off me thanks Tails I could have lied and say Iím gay." "Oh Thomas I made you some cookies" Raine comes after him Lloyd eating those cookies might kill you so your in luck" "Lunar can you revive me if they kill me?" "that all depends" C.T. give him a look "oh there you are baby I realized you came here because you hate your wife and need a good girl" C.T. takes a cookie and eats it he turns green "woman learn how to cook first if you didnít realize a manís heart is thru his stomach!!!!"

"Hey donít talk to my sister like that!" Genis barked at him "Iím sorry but after seeing my life flash before my eyes well I hope you can understand." "Your over your self again here if the child canít handle a little spicy then lets a man handle it." "Ha if it was spicy I could handle it I bet you 5 bucks you will get sick" they shake hands Lunar eats it and turns green "why do I feel funny?" Tails eats one and feels the same. "Why canít I find a man" Raine said sadly.

Lloyd with Collette cuddling (awwww) "I hope there isnít a war I some how have the felling that Lunar and the other were sent here to save this world and theirs." Said Collette

"No matter what Iím not leaving you or our child" Lloyd said hugging her. Regal training near some trees Raine approached him "can you teach me how to cook?" "That is not something you can learn cooking is a form of art you must treat it as making fine art the potter controls the clay to make a vase the chef controls the food to feed the people. Yes I will be you teacher although itís ironic the that teacher is now the student."

Raine was filled with joy. C.T. Lunar and Tails now recovering when the katz approached them "meow you were sent to un do the damage meow?" C.T. looks at Lunar who has the urge to growl "yes we stopped Vidarr but I know there is a greater threat he was a mere test to handle" Lunar said speaking on Miles behalf.

An hour passed a hooded figure wearing a long leather cape white pants with a black buckle on the right thigh black armor made of super hard leather a sword on his left hip leather boots cuffed and leather gloves cuffed al the leather was a light brown he pulled down his hood revealing it was Miles his bangs held back by what looks to be a du-rag.

"Did I do a good job or what?" he said boldly "or what" Tails said making Zelos look like he was about to cry.

"You look nice Miles" Lunar said "may I see your sword" Miles removes it itís Excalibur a fine blade Zelos removes his Lunar slices it in half "how sad not one sword is worth my time"

"Not everyone has the black arms sword or made with Chaos Crystal" the crazy diplomat said.

"Let the fun begin Iíll train you Miles" Lunar said as he laid down his sword "Zelos pick it up" he tried but canít "what is this made of it weighs a ton!" "Wrong it weighs only 175 lbs" (in wolf weight thatís 17,500 lbs)

"then why canít I lift it" "because only one of the wolf/fox alliance can wield a sword like that" (only because it weights so much you need to be one or super form)

Lloyd with Collette arrive "Lloyd loan my a sword" "why so you can break it?" "no I plan to train my young cousin and I want him to have a fair chance, if I use the black sword his will break" Lloyd hands him an angles tear they take off to train "well letís head to katz village Tails will you do the honor" "Collette wait here" said Lloyd C.T. turns into his power form Tails grabs Lloydís arms and flies upward Genis hold on to Lloyds legs "you need to loose some weight" Lloyd said "bite me!" "hey what about me?" Zelos whined "Get Sheena and Persea and the Rheairdís" "oh yeah the hunnies" they fly off the katz village.

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