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Miles wakes up stiff since he hasn't slept in some ones arms sine he was a pup stretching his tails out Raine not to please that everyone bailed after they ate not after she cooked.
Lloyd with Collette feeling her stomach "I hope it's boy" Collette now annoyed but she kept to herself. Genis well he was with Tails doing some studying they seemed to hit it off since there are both smart.
Lunar and C.T. come back into the village C.T. not thrilled since he knew Raine would be on him faster than Eggman in a chicken farm. "Fuck it I warned her when we get back I'll let Molly take over." "A wise choice since you know Molly will man handle her." "All right yo Miles get you ass out here and decide who goes with you besides me." C.T. barked as Miles got his new clothes on Raine followed holding his hand (awwww looks like he found someone) "well um Lunar and dad can stay here the rest come with me!" I understand but I ask you this why stay here?" "Well you have both strength and medical training so I need you here after wards if it gets too hard to handle you come with us."
"A wise choice" "Dad I don't want to worry you so stay and work with Lunar" "make us proud son" they hug him good bye as they hop on the Rheairds C.T. morphs into powered form Raine jumps into his arm he drops her on purpose making it look like she weighs a ton "oooofffff!" Miles give him a look "what damn woman needs to loose weight I can't carry her you carry her!" "Grrrrrrrrr!" he growls at him as he lifts up Raine "she not that heavy your just weak!" C.T. just looks dumb "your making the real men look bad ambassador" Zelos says all cocky "your weak" said Persea
C.T. flies up Miles follows they head to the odd worldly gate and head into Tethe'alla and enter Meltokio Castle the area is way different the church of Martel is blocked off completely from the city. They enter the Castle C.T. powers down they meet the King who is now older and weak looking Princess Hilda is governing on his behalf.
"So you must be the ambassador from the new world?" C.T. gets on one knee taking her hand and kissing it "yes you majesty" "who is the leader here?" she asked.
"I am" Miles said getting on his knee "a mercenary yet so young speak your name yet rise." Miles does as told "Miles Davis Prowler, Crazy Thomas or C.T. the good will ambassador." "Are there any more with you?" yes my cousin and father they are in Isellia guarding the village, I heard those creeps are back causing problems."
"Yeah those bastards must be stopped" hissed Genis "me and my sister worked so hard fixing it so half elves have it better in both worlds." "This is awful" said Regal I thought we stopped them I guess we didn't expect them to live in their exsphers." "What are those anyway" asked Miles there these things that are alive but lonely and they are like parasites that live off their host they also make you way stronger and better to survive certain things however you need a key crest to hold back the parasitic properties." Zelos said somewhat concerned "wow you knew that who told you Lloyd?" Genis said in total shock "yes my 'bud' told me all he know for a less attractive guy and one who has a pea brain he knows a lot." "Lloyd is not pea brained just lazy he knows he can do better if he wants!" Raine hissed defending her student
"Whoa now my lovely half-elf I was joking!" "you have to stop playing around" said Persea Miles just looks on as Hilda gets on her knees to hug him "your so cute when you think Miles" that made him blush" Zelos looks on somewhat jealous Genis looks at him "I thing you got some competition there he's way cuter that you and knows it" "quite brat I'll have you know I trained him to be that way" "I am not a brat!!!!" Genis barked Regal got in their way "your acting like children knock it off I wont do a thing but Lunar will!" "Ok I'll be good" said Genis looking shocked Miles give them all dirty looks "have some respect here Christ!"
Everyone looks shocked "who is Christ?" asked Raine Miles doesn't know what to say "well people use his name a lot tha't all I know and he did a lot of good thing like feed 1000 people what 3 fish and 2 loaves of bread he also raised people from the dead." He said blushing and nervous. C.T. looks at him "he is the son of GOD he is worshipped by many in a church." Raine looked amazed "there are churches in your world" "there are many religions 3 I know of have one GOD the others have many God's."
The King entered old and weak aided by a servant and a cane "no need to bow for this king visitors from the other world" tell me how many came to this land?" CT said "4 I am Thomas the ambassador Miles prowler the mercenary along with his cousin and Father are here they are in Iselia at this moment." "Thomas will it bother you to receive them I would like to see them." "One more thing I prefer to be called C.T." "C.T.?" "Crazy Thomas long story short I did crazy things a lot." The King smiles "Raine come along now" Raine all excited ran to him "this isn't going to be pretty" "what is?" "Your face!" (OH YEAH I AM EVIL!) Raine was all sad looking like she was going to cry "Chaos Control!" them both vanish Sheena was surprised "damn I wonder how I could learn that"
I'm going in reverse a bit. And give you Tails and Lunar's side up till C.T. and Raine come back.
Tails up set his son didn't choose him "blasting a dead tree with his thunder attacks he was so furious he even deliberatored a dead animal and revived it "Fox Wind!" Blowing dust everywhere he went back holding the tree and filing it with power it almost caught fire but it was so badly decaying it turned to ash. Collette with Noshe saw him "calm down you son mean well but I believe he was trying to protect you" "yeah well why did Lunar train him that was a fatal mistake" "please calm down look accepting this will make the heart grow." "Ok you help us get home and I'll cam down" Noshe just whined then ran off a bunch of monsters called bear, rabbit, and wolf came and attacked Collette in her state could not fight (hey I am not that evil shame on you people me sending a pregnant girl to fight for shame!)
Collette shocked for her well being as well as her baby Tails jumped in the way "you want to pick on some body pick on me!" "Fox Wind!" he spun his tails at high speed causing tornado like winds lifting up the, wild beasts as they flew up in the air "White Fox Thunder!" he sent them a powerful blast from his hands causing them to smoke as they fell they scuttle away scared Tails looks on his arms crossed "now what who else wants some!" Collette went to him but tripped on a twig Tails caught her "lets get the hell out of here before they come back."
Collette holding on his arm as he walk her out of the forest.
Now time for Lunar's turn.
Tails took off Lunar was holding his sword out looking it at remembering how he got it he turned to Lloyd "you use 2 swords right is it possible to show me how to handle that technique" "yes but you startoff with wooden swords and work your way up with reg swords."
Lunar was actually good at double swords he was a fast learner Lloyd was quite surprised, he knew that however he only had one sword on him the black sword his green sword was back in the Mystic Ruins so when he returned he would now have a new power.
After a while C.T. and Raine came back she was not too please teleporting like that but heart broken knowing Lunar's wrath he said it was a joke while he still had his head.
"I told you it wasn't pretty but I was joking about your face" Raine was over the face joke but not the teleporting. "Can't we just take a Rheaird" "that's no fun" Lunar goes to him "what happened" "you and Tails need to come with me the kings wants to meet you Raine stay her" Raine gives him a look "good girl he pats her on the head like a dog.
Back in the Castle Zelos somewhat concerned "so how is the place without the church or me the handsome chosen" "not good" he said "not good at all Kuchinawa was the one who brought him back into power" "that bastard!" hissed Sheena
"Now what do we do if the Desians are back the pope joined them even though they are half- elves we might have another 1000 year war and this is not good." Said Zelos.
Just then a ball of smoke appeared it was Kuchinawa he grabbed the princess and vanished instantly "oh no" said Miles "we need to save her!" the king now worried "yes go leave me"
Be fore Miles could make up his mind a Knight in yellow appeared "who will save you traveler?" Miles was shocked to see him in all that armor his thunder stone started glowing "now! Attack!" he shoots out a thunder attack knocking out the Commander not killing him but let's just say he'll be busy for a while as he said "long live the pope!" just then an army of a papal knights arrive "the King is deemed a traitor by the Church of Martel give him to us or die!" "oh crap papal knight let do this!" said Zelos and charges them they over power him an he falls "Zelos!" screams Miles "everyone now!" Regal now angered says "this ends her and now!" "Alicia forgive me" he grabs a sword having no choice using it with ease and pride. Miles quickly takes the ill fated king to the chambers “I'll guard his majesty you take care of them.
As the others fight Lunar along side Tails and C.T. all teleport back to see everyone but Sheena and Persea fighting off the Papal KnightsLunar draws his sword.The King with Miles having a coughing fit as Miles consoles him “give us the King or feel the clod steel as you descend into hell!” a Knight shows up with the Pope “you will not hurt him!” Miles attacks the Knight only this one is in heavy armor and is not stunned he lashes out and slices Miles fore head wide open Miles screams as he falls Blood pouring over his face however the bleeding stops as his leaf stone glows his plant DNA kicks in and some what heals the wound “Miles save yourself the” King says but is kicked by the pope “shut up and die old man I should be king!!!' Just then C.T. smashes the door Lunar storms in powered form “you want to pick on some body pick on me!” the heavy armor attacks but is stabbed and falls Miles finishes him off “dammit! you idiots because of you now I'll never be king!” Lunar confronts the pope “you I swear I will kill you for this!” the pope is surrounded but teleports away as he does his words are “Ha if you are truly the sub king  then you test your self in the torment! If you fail the princess dies!”
Regal comes in bleeding from the cut to the stomach his hand trembling as he holds a sword “this is bad very bad said Regal who will lead the kingdom?” “I shall be in command” Kate shows up  “I love my father but his evil deeds shall not go unpunished”
Zelos enters next badly hurt with Sheena “you need your head examined” said Zelos “he locked you in a dungeon he used you and poisoned you yet you still side with him!”   
“Zelos!”  Hissed Sheena as blood came from her arm and stomach.”That wound you need stitches” Miles eyes fill with tears as he turns to the King who is really sick “forget my wounds treat the king” “C.T. get Raine” C.T. teleports pissed off    “Miles come with methey exit the roomtell me what happened”
“The Pope came and took his daughter he is hishalf brother and wants the kingdom please help me stop him Lunar”    Lunar hugs him “you succeeded you were out numbered and they wear heavy armor not one can stop that with simple moves you need to thrust more to stop them.” Lunar removes a kit and starts to stitch him up “not as bad as it though only 5000 stitches” Miles smiles as Lunar wipes away some of the blood the wound now beginning to heal. C.T. approaches Raine “we got a real bad emergency lets rock and roll!” Raine looks all shocked “you better hurry if you want to be with me” Raine rushes to him as they teleport.
Molly: she better not mess with my man
Thomas: trust me she won't
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