Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Faith the the rescue ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Faith out side the area they were taken with a out world reader Ivory was with her, her silver eyes were the look of concern Faith found a signal and stopped everything “Dr. Ivory I found something!” Shadow was there as was Sonic “heh you think we can teleport there and rescue them or what?” said Shadow as Sonic looked on worried Faith runs in side and runs out in her adventure gear some navy blue overalls and pink t shirt with a back pack and chaos emerald “Gust watch mom for us this is better if we go!” “yeah right” says Gust as he is with Luna and Cosmo ”we trust you kid“ smiled Luna Ivory looks on “I knew this would happen I just knew it!” lets go Dr.Ivory!” “good luck and be careful” said Shadow “Chaos Warp!” Shadow holds out the emerald and forces open the portal Ivory looks on but is grabbed by Faith as they run into the vortex there are gone “are you sure they will be all right?” said Sonic now real concerned “of course Faith can fight and Ivory is a DR so there fine.” The 2 land in front of a large fortress that is grey and looks like a prison of course Ivory lands on her ass hard “ow that wasn't pleasant” she hissed rubbing her self as she looks up Faith is hovering over her “try flying with this bag on” Ivory smiles as Faith lands and helps her up. “you got my medical bag right” “yes” Faith digs in and pulls it out. Just then a stocks short guy with long red-orange dreads with scares on shows up “who the hell are you and what are you doing at my ranch!” Magnius appeared with several men “were here to find my brother we mean no Harm” said Faith calmly “Ha you think I will be fooled by inferior being again I was almost killed but now I am back hahahaha!” the guards attack. Faith flies away dodging the attacks landing a drop kick to one knocking him out cold she grabs his staff tossing it to Ivory who rips the ends of her skirt to looses it up as she fight them off “ fox wind!” she sends a devastating attack knocking them down Ivory seems to handle them on her own Faith sends vines to bind them Maginus sends a fire ball to free them but they run away.
“Dammit! You worthless idiots! How could you let them defeat you!” “very well must I do this my self!” he draws a big axe “You really think you're gonna live through this?” “Fox Thunder!” Faith lashes out a thunder attack and binds him he struggles to get free “hell hound!” he unleashes his own attack but Ivory dodges it and smacks him with the staff hard “ow” he barked he now was real pissed off “You damned little - enough of this crap!” he now sends various fire attacks at them Fait counters with thunder one as well as wind ones. Maginus was defeated “I lost...to a bunch of kids?!” no you lost to a Doctor and a young adult! Said Ivory, Faith had a huge look of joy on her face. “I must warn lord Forcystus...while I can.” He then runs off Faith hears some sobbing noises “you hear that?” “yes it's coming from that fortress” “maybe it's Miles!”
“Don't get your hopes up but who ever it is be careful” Faith takes off tot eh bars and looks inside she sees a guy with green hair in a pony tail his face covered in his hands while another guy with reddish brown hair is across the room “crying like a baby wont help us any better Yuan.” Faith is watching them Yuan notices her “and just who the hell are you?” “I'm here to rescue you” ”heh about time” said Kratos “being saved by a little girl how low is that” “Vine Attack!” Faith sends vineseverywhere around the bars “stand back this is not going to be pretty.” “Thunder Fox Shock!” she sends a volt of electricity to the vines causing the walls to crumble Kratos exited Yuan got their stuff and left “your welcome” Faith said flexing her bangs. “Don't mind him he's having one of those days” Kratos says “I AM Kratos one of the 4…” “cut the crap it's starting to rain lets find a hotel or something” “Yuan you need to relax.” Just then it starts to rain “just my luck” says Ivory Faith sneezes Ivory takes off her coat and covers Faith in it “I rather not risk getting the only key fighter ill” she says. Yuan is goggling over her nice frame now that she's wearing a black skirt with a small slit, and white blouse carrying a Dr's bag she sees him stare at her like a kid “ what are you looking at?” she hissed Yuan just looks dumb Ivory now annoyed releases her claws “you better put those eyes away or else I'll scratch them out!” Yuan turns away sadly.
“You're cold Dr. Ivory?” Faith says concerned as she grows some elephant ears Kratos holds it along side Yuan the 4 are now covered from the rain. After a while they reach a small inn “finally a place to rest.” An old innkeeper shows up “That's 400 gald a night.” Yuan not too pleased “Stun Spore!” Faith creates ball that explodes in his face and he falls out. Yuan smiled “not bad” as he digs thru his pockets and takes some stuff out after grabbing his ass one last time (I am nasty at times) they finds a room and crash in it for the night Faith takes off the coat and hangs it up to dry Ivory lies on the floor Fait lies her head on her lap (awwwwww) Kratos and Yuan take off to another room.
“Well at least there's one bed here” “we can share it.” “But first lets get out of these clothes” Faith looks at her all uncomfortable “relax I'm a Dr I seen it all.” Faith removes her shoes and socks as well as her overalls she's only in a pink t shirt and shorts (hey you sick people no way will I type that!) Ivory removes the blouse and skirt wearing a black bra and underwear as she hangs them up. Her fur some what damp “I hate the rain!” Faith reaches into her bag and removes a towel “here get dry I don't mind the rain as much maybe it's because of my plant side. Dr. Ivory? “Yes dear” you think of me as a daughter right?” “at times but in reality I consider you as a baby sister but I would love to have you as a daughter.” Ivory kissed her fore head and told her “get some sleep we will need it I still can't believe we came to this world.” In the other room Yuan is trying various ways to ask her out “so you aren't wanting to go out I know a greattheater dammit!”
“You want to grab a bite I know a cave real romantic” Kratos now annoyed in his boxers get some sleep damn just ask her out sheese “talking to a girl is more easer that taking candy to a baby.” “You mean stealing candy from a baby and no its not!” “just go to sleep!” “Grrr!” he does dreaming about Ivory (Star since I got to borrow her don't mind this scene) Yuan's dream He walks down a field Ivory in a long white gown she looks him down and pounces on him I want to rip your clothes off!” She rips his shirt off with her claws and starts licking his chest he is enjoying that Yuan, Yuan wake up! He hears and is awakened to find Kratos and the others dressed about to leave he looks at Ivory she folds her ears back and hissed at him spooking him a bit. “Nice dream” Kratos says smacking him on the back “shut up!” “well lets get breakfast first” “so you want your stomach pumped” “we have a Dr now besides Raine should have done better in her cooking I hope.” “We need to find the king and warm him what happened also we need to find her brother” “Faith looks saddened not jut just my brother but father and cousin” as she wipes tears from her eyes Ivory lends her a hand. Ivory is being there for her (awww) very well the least we can to is find them. “On to Meltokio” yes I know its short. But enjoy…. The next one will be longer
Ivory: you better not do what I think your going to do
Thomas: I won't sheese but get me some more happy pills
Ivory rolls eyes
Ivory: morphine it's always you and the morphine
Thomas: hehehehe
Ivory shoots him up with the stuff
Thomas passes out all happy