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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Every one is busy this one day Sonic was with the kids Lunar was on his way to the wolf/fox alliance Cream and Amy were with Molly Eggman along side a tall dark figure was with Raine as the dentist was re doing her teeth…
Shadow was just hanging out on Angle Island getting his head together.
Cosmo was with Luna and Aska now relieved at least one family member was back.
Lunar headed into a large building with various wolves and foxes along with the half-breeds.
As an old wolf with a walking stick approaches him. "Oh Lunar you returned tell me about this new world?" Lunar doesn’t know what to say "well it in opened by portal, also I left my cousins there so if they want o kill me so be it, but the reason I came here was.." "you need men there is war and you want to avoid if possible to bring it here I understand I shall give you a 1000 men I’m sure your government can aid you further." No need all I know is the President wants to start diplomatic relations with this world if you join as well we will have even more allies." "Understood" they close their fist and put it the their chests as a salute.
"The men are out back" Lunar leaves to find a bunch of rude, crude and unequipped rag tag group. The elder just smiles "I figured you could train them to your liking"
Lunar just gives him a look "I must say I always love a challenge, or challenge the mentally challenged" the elder smacks Lunar on the top of his head with his stick "don’t joke like that!" "gee you sound like my dad" Lunar said rubbing his head.
"You father-n-law or your real dad?" "Real dad Asgard always uses those kind of jokes" "bah were ready to *Belch* send some elves to hell!! *Burp*" one drunken wolf/fox says Lunar just nods his head "this is going to take a while" so the day begins as Luanr is now having his challenge of training a bunch of rag tag solders. "Ok toss your personal belongings into there boxes and put these on" a staff member hands out black uniforms and boxes they do as told grunting and belching.
"Ok ladies time to train" Lunar says proudly as he notices he’s still in his royal clothes everyone starts LTFAO at him as he blushes he removes the garments back to his reg grey uniform they quite down "out leader dressed like a girl" "ok wise ass since your fried opened his big muzzle all of you give me 1000 push up’s" they protest all at one but his cold stare makes them comply.
The elder along with his entourage enjoys watching Lunar train the men "your highness you think this is a good idea sending out men to a strange world and fighting a new enemy?"
"I don’t like it but if he’s right innocent people will be killed I rather risk it than worry about it if it’s false I will take full responsibly" "he speaks the truth these are half-elves were up against they should be a challenge right?" one advisor says "ha half-elves and magic users a newborn pup will be a bigger challenge."
They start with the exercise soon onto basic training similar to the Navy Seals since they’re naturally sneaky and strong it enhances their abilities. Lunar somewhat pleased as Luna along side Aska decide to greet him "what the hell man their wolf/foxes not trained seals!" barked Aska Lunar smiled at him and pulled out a fish "ok boys!" they get on their knee’s and start barking like seals "your wrong man besides Luna needs you to be with her she was having mild contractions" Luna smiles holding her stomach "it’s ok I’ll let you know when I need to see a doctor." They go back to training of course those obstacles aren’t pretty and real hell they pull thru…
2 weeks later they’re a lot stronger and can do more damage yet since there no magic users to teach them to block that might be problem. Lunar decides to head back to Tails letting the men rest. There’s no need to over work them since there’s yet a way to reenter Tethe’alla….
Lunar arrives Gust overjoyed jumps on him hugging and kissing him "oh Lunar I was so worried about you!!!" Lunar smiles and drops him "I missed you too but don’t get on me like that Luna might get jealous." "Well how is she doing anyway" "well she’s resting me and Peach were heading to the arcade?" " what does Shadow think of you and Peach?"
"Well unnn"
Flash Back
Shadow calmed down so he headed back to find Peach resting in Gust’s arms Shadow only smiled and whispered in Gust’s ear "if you hurt my daughter in anyway I will personally show you the true power of Chaos Control, I’m sure we have a good understanding right kid?" a huge sweat drop falls off his brow "y-yes Shadow" "good I wish only the best for you both."
End Flash Back
"He was happy for us both but I can’t do anything stupid." Lunar’s radar was on and he knew everything but Gust didn’t want to worry him but Lunar knows a fathers love since he is somewhat a surrogate father to Angle…. He checks on Luna kissed her and went back to train.
"Well looks like my work here is done too bad I didn’t get Genis instead but I can always use Raine oh well I’m sure she’s all right…" Lunar says to himself.
He returns to the alliance "well now we work on sneaking that way they cant’ see us attack."
Of course that take time and every time they fail Lunar just nods his head in disgust "this is going to take a while"
Mean while back in the base of Dr. Eggman MD. Raine wake up with her mouth stuffed with gauze as a mysterious figure stands over her she removes the bloody gauze her teeth are brand new "I wouldn’t eat just yet if I were you" the figure says as he step’s into the light. He’s tall at least 5’10 he light brown skin piercing blue eyes long black quills with red streaks on them, wearing a black leather vest shirtless, a nice bod his arms also have red stripes on them, also blue jeans that match his eyes, his name is Mantigore the long lost son of (gasps) Shadow and Maria.
"Who are you and how long have you been watching me" "my name is Mantigore I am a hedge/human (half hedgehog half human) I was here while the dentist re did you mouth you must of gotten the worst of it" he lets out a faint smile. "Where is Dr. Eggman?" She asked shocked "oh Cousin Ivo is out right now I just came back from school I was told we have guest but I had no idea one of such beauty" Raine begins to blush "oh well aren’t you a flirt but I’m a half-elf." "I’m half hedgehog like that matters Cousin Ivo found me and rescued me and raised me as his own I’m sure you have family out there I know only my father is still alive and he was responsible for the death of my mother! When I find him I will kill him!"
Just then Eggman come back with some medical supplies and food muttering "damn rabbi trying to charge me to bless the food kosher market my ass! oh hi Mantigore I see yoru friend is up, Crock called and wonder if you and the boys plan on tagging up the school and mess up the principal’s car.." "That can and will be done." Mantigore leaves. "Oh don’t mind him he had a very rough childhood since he was born."
Raine went back to lie down. Lunar now training the recruits finally getting them more sneaky than usual "well that’s said and done we can rest you got money right?" "Were poor and got GR the reason we joined was we herd we were getting paid as Mercenary’s" "oh Son-of-a-Bitch!" (That’s a good thing since female dogs are bitches) Lunar now annoyed pulled out his wallet and started handing out vouchers for free food he gets off and on from the government to help fight world hunger he then takes off as he walks down the street.
A huge limo pulls up and the president rolls down the window "get in we need to talk." Lunar does. "Look I know you were sent to a new world I would like to be of assistance, I can help if there is away to come and go count me in besides I wouldn’t mind opening diplomatic relations with this new world." "Well when I return I will do what I can but it will take some time to get back I’m guessing at least a year." "Hmmm well do what you must" the limo stop and Lunar exits "well now what I best see the Doctor" Lunar is on his way to the Eggman base when Cosmo rushes into him and crashes knocking them both down (gotta love old Cosmo too) "Lunar, Luna went into labor Gust and Aska are at the hospital now we need to hurry! She quickly got up "how…what the hell…" Lunar all shocked and confused Cosmo pulled out her cell a mint green chocolate (mmmmmm chocolate) "Shadow come quick if you know our location teleport now!!" "Oh crap tell me what happened" "well she was complaining of stomach pains so Gust figured go to hospital" "Aska was pretty hesitant figuring she might give birth in his car but she knew she wants you there so I doubt that would happen." Just then a flash of light appeared and Shadow showed up "where to Mack?" he said "the hospital the one Luna’s at.." "Chaos Control!" Will Lunar make there in time well duh!
A/N: Mantigore is another OC of mine as is Crock, Angle is the daughter of Modesty I am giving her credit to use her name she or modesty are not in this fic but will appear in another one with written permission from Star they are her characters as is Ivory the Cat.