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Celsius and Asgard are now the proud grandparents as Luna is resting quietly and Lunar and Gust are with her Aska well he's boasting how he aided Sonic like a total jackass.
Back in Tethe'alla Miles is getting ready as a group of royal guards and mercenaries "lets haul out" Regal and Sheena follow.
They arrive at Kvar's new Ranch as he is starting from scratch.
Miles arrives as a sniper lies in wait "pfft sending a child to handle this work, well let's see how you handle the roll of captain"
"Ok spread out we hit hard a fast and stop this bastard, Regal you take the back Sheena and I will take the front! everybody else take charge if they want hell lets give it to them!"
He raises his sword and lets out a faint battle cry. As they charge they are met by the Desians who seem to fight them off till Sheena summons Gnome and it's over.
"Kill who you want but Kvar is mine." Miles heads inside to be met by the sadist Grand Cardinal "so you little brat invade my ranch kill my men now why you must be punished." "No your evil ways won't go undone you shall be punished!!" Miles said with authority.
"Very well when you get to hell tell Rodile I sent you" just bring it Miles drew his sword as Kvar drew his ax as 2 drones show up.
"Don't think you can win against me" smiled Kvar "I don't think, I know I'll win!" said Miles ready an attack. "Lighting Strike!" he unleashed an attack of lighting Miles just stood there smiling Kvar was shocked and fell back some what you still alive and un hurt what the hell!"
Miles just smiled my turn "Vine Whip!" Kvar now tangled in vines struggling as they drones attack Miles he slices them down, Kvar now not moving as the vines tighten their grip.
"Time to go to hell!" Miles removed the exsphere and turned it to dust "Lord Kvar!" a badly wounded mage shows up and frees him but he's all ready dead and his exsphere is no more "you bastard!!!!! You killed Lord Kvar!!!" the mage was not only upset but also vengeful. "You die next!" Just then Regal stormed in and kicked the mage to the ground before kicking him in the ass.
"I'll drag you down to hell with me before I let you hurt a child!" the mage is no more as Miles hears a bone break. "Well we did it now lets destroy this place" said Regal as Sheena come s in with a cut on her cheek "whew I think there gone 1 down 2 to go" smiled Sheena as she collapsed "Sheena!!" Regal screamed as he went to her side. Miles touched her side of the neck "she's alive but she is badly hurt let's take her back to Ivory" Miles lifts her up as Regal hits the self destruct switch and leaves the other take off as well collecting the bounty of war.
"Well done Miles" one knight said as he flew off back to the castle. "Pfft he just got lucky" said the sniper. Regal looked around "well we delivered a heavy blow to them once again but be on guard."
Regal walks away. Miles files as fast as he can "hang on don't leave me too." He arrives at the castle as Ivory and Zelos watch the sunset Tails and Faith are in the garden Zelos grabs Ivory's ass and the next thing you know he's on the ground with a nasty scratch across his face "next time you be using your foot!"
She goes back to the sunset. As Miles files by he crashed into her "calm down what happened?" she gets up "you tell me she just collapsed" Ivory checks her out "well she lost a-lot of blood and her mana is real low what else do you want to me to say?" "you can save her what else!" Ivory gets her bag and begins to work on her.
Miles looks down and sees Zelos his face all scratched up "I rather not ask" he approaches Princess Kate "well we took out one ranch but Sheena got hurt."
"Well that's good news any other info on the Pope" "sorry no luck" Kate let her head sink as if she's disappointed "well you did what you could I'm just worried" Miles takes off C.T. appears now drunk stumbling around "yeah I'm the ambassador *hiccup* I kick ass!" he then falls down.
Miles takes off as Zelos gets up uses first aid and goes away sulking. Ivory is almost finished as she finds a dart in Sheena's side "hmmm" she sniffs it "well that's good to hear" she was drugged Ivory cleans her up and lets her rest as she takes off.
Miles is now with Genis "well we stopped him once again I say we take on Forcestust!" he's an easer target."
"Very well" Genis said all depressed "look I know your sister is gone but she wouldn't want you to sulk around besides what would of happened if you got sent to that world a magic user is hard to find these days."
Genis then realized Miles was right and looked hard before the Desians were to strike back they needed a plan and Lunar gone it was up to Miles.
"So what's your plan?" said Genis "well we need a break you know any hot spots?" Smiled Miles slyly ask Zelos he knows plenty but I'd advise you not to bring the ambassador he tends to get rowdy" "oh don't mind him he always is like that."
They both stand united "ok let me get my dad and sister." Miles takes off to another part of the castle.
Tails and Faith tending to the garden "you really think Lunar abandoned us?" said Faith checking out some roses "I rather not talk about it" said Tails "that's on you since it was on my chest for so long." "Dammit you and you kind heart fine spit!" barked Tails not in a good mood.
"Very well. Lunar went to save Raine and Genis but was sucked into the portal with Raine however since he was depressed about missing Luna and the birth of his kids I believe he made the right choice." Tails had a faint "ha you think I mad about that hahahaha!! I'm mad he didn't take us with him we could of gotten home instead of this hell hole that's why I brand him a traitor" Tails falls to the ground banging his fist on the ground "dammit why am I stuck here in some war I don't even know about why!" Faith goes to him and hugs him she never seen her dad like that at all "it's ok were here you can talk it out." Don't bet on it he had a choice sure I support him but I had time to think he came back I will accept his help but that's it. Too bad Raine and Genis didn't fall in and Lunar stayed behind. But then again he would have missed the birth of his kids if he didn't all ready." Miles stated.
Genis on the other side of the garden herd it every word he left as tears fell down his cheeks "how could he want that to us how I though he was my friend how could he say that!!!"
Just then Zelos appeared "hey brat what happened any way you found out the foxes were too cleaver." Zelos trying to make a joke what does it matter why did they come here anyway if they didn't want to be here" " what did they say? What are you talking about" "Miles he said me and Raine should have been sucked in that portal and let the big one stay here of at least leave us and go back to wherever there from!!"
Zelos now feeling bad wrapped his arm around Genis look kid there home sick and say things they don't mean. That happens ok look just use my old saying what ever will be will be."
Genis looked up wiping away his tears "you know what your right. That is the smartest thing you ever said that I could think of."
They walk off. Miles with his father and Sister decide to leave Ivory in town shopping for some gels since they seem to work. C.T. well he's just laying there out cold.
Lloyd and Collette are busy with new task parenthood. Of course Lloyd rather fight of 5 Dragon Knights that change a diaper only he keeps that to himself.
Well once again there back in Sylvrant after the next 2 chapters back in Station Square.