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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lunar punched Shadow in the stomach with sheer force Shadow fell to the ground coughing up blood.
He lifted his head "is that all you got Peach can punch harder than you."
"Your right let us respect each others power and lets transform to see who is the better man."
Lunar removes his shirt revealing the Chaos armor he removes that as well as his radar. "I fight fair this time." Lunar said smiling Shadow removes a case and removes all 7 Chaos Emeralds as they both look at each other "this place isn't big enough for us to brawl I advise we use the depths of space as our arena."
Shadow said removing his gold bracelets "let's do this" Lunar said as he and Shadow trans formed into their super forms Lunar now golden with black hair Shadow creamy lemon, with red streaks in his quills.
"Chaos Control!" they both leave the ark in a flash of green light out side Shadow looks at Lunar "don't hold back" Lunar uncrosses his arms and gets into fighting stance "same to you!"
They begin to throw punches as well as various kicks of course they both dodge each others moves till Shadow unleashes "Chaos Control!" causing a drift in space
Lunar only smiled "is that all you got!" he cupped his hands together "Wolf Fang Thunder!" and a beam of thunder crashed into Shadow in the image of a wolf. Shadow did fall back a bit.
"Stop punching like a girl you'll waist strength!!"
"Just try and play nice then!" smirked Lunar "Chaos Blast!" Shadow unleashed an attack that did make Lunar shut his mouth but it didn't stop him from unleashing "Fox Wind!" a devastating attack the sends Super Shadow flying thru space at high speeds.
Shadow quickly Chaos Control's from the gusty winds but is sent into shock by "Wolf/Fox Thunder!" a less powerful attack but more efficient.
Shadow now dazed and stunned as Lunar approaches him and punches him dead in the stomach, Shadow clutches it in pain and grinds his teeth but soon after was holds out his hand
"Chaos Spear"! Hitting Lunar in the face but doing very little if in fact any damage due to the fact his metal plate is still in tact "damn you must he a hard head to not feel that" hissed Shadow.
But Lunar was feeling funny his armor on his face was briefly stunned and was being rebooted of course his will to fight was stronger and he landed a punch to Shadow's face.
Shadow fell back but flew up and gave Lunar a drop kick however Lunar unleashed "Wolf/Fox Thunder!" A massive attack. Shocking Shadow to the bone. Now both of them are somewhat exhausted "is…that…all…you…got?" Shadow said panting heavily
"I'm…just…getting…started." Said Lunar.
"Chaos Control!" Shadow unleashed a time stop and kicked Lunar in the head with sheer force and respected authority.
Lunar fell down but quickly flew back up "Wolf/Fox Thunder-Wind-Fang!!" the most powerful attack Lunar has so powerful even in Mega Form he gets tired as Shadow was blasted by both with and thunder he knew this was going to difficult but that's how he liked it.
"Come on now and hit me hard!!" Shadow barked at him Lunar quickly flew behind him and cupped both hands together and `BAM!' sent shadow flying with a massive blow to the back of the head. Shadow now really dazed and feeling it "you sneaky fox!"
"Chaos Spear!!" Shadow unleashed an attack sending Lunar flying but he only came back.
"Damn just give up all ready!" barked Shadow "winning is everything 2ndplace is death! I plan to keep it that way!" yelled Lunar.
They are now in hand-2-hand combat dodging various kicks and punches.
"Chaos Blast!" Shadow blasted Lunar that only seems please him since they're in super form.
"Fox Wind!" Lunar sends gusts of wind attacking Shadow who only seems to barely dodge it
"Haaa! That all you got, please!!!" Shadow said now quite exhausted "helllll noooooo!" Lunar said
"White Fox Thunder!" Lunar unleashed a simple attack used mainly by Tails and the kids it's effective but terrible at far range.
Shadow shocked once again this time barely able stay in super form the damage is almost sever. "Chaos Spear!" Shadow unleashing another attack in vain only stunning him barley.
Shadow is getting weaker Lunar dazed but still standing, Shadow knew Lunar was more powerful but had a weakness of course Lunar was betting exhausted and without his radar he couldn't detect all attacks he had to think of something fast for Faith and everyone he could not loose.
"Chaos Blast!" he hit Lunar with another attack "Chaos Control!" quickly froze time "Chaos Spear!" this time hitting him effectively. "Ha bout time, you start hitting like a man!" Lunar now weakened getting cocky trying to save that world and theirs as well as Faith.
Lunar on the other hand has great respect for this rather than fight on earth where people will protest this fight or try and stop it they fight where no one can find them (well almost no one)
"Fox Wind!" Lunar unleashed another wind attack Shadow dodged it and gave Lunar a massive homing attack sending him crashing into a meteor. Lunar grabbed a piece and threw it at Shadow with sheer force. Shadow was hit head on "aaaaaaaaaa you bastard!!!" he hissed as he began to charge up his power his hands began to glow. "Hey I never said I wouldn't use space junk!"
"Chaos!!" "You got to be kidding right…." "Blast!!" Shadow unleashed a chaos blast so powerful he sent Lunar flying to the farthest region of space. Shadow now panting heavily.
Almost about to turn back to reg Shadow some how keeps his super form as Lunar comes flying back a few min later "you dirty little hedgehog!! When I get my hands on you, I plan to slap the black off you!!" Lunar now exhausted from that attack feels just like Shadow exhausted and is some how holding on to his super form.
"Well you have big mouth so I'd advise you to keep it shut or I'll shut it for you!!" Shadow said very cocky.
Lunar unleashes one final attack "Wolf/Fox Wind!!" Shadow unleashes one last attack Chaos control they even each other out now both exhausted. They only rely on hand-2-hand combat.
As they punch and block each other's attack, Lunar stops and looks in amazement and points out ward (hey what's that?) Shadow curious turns around and Lunar slaps him in the face with sheer force so hard he pulls his hand back, clutching it. "I never back out what I say."
Shadow now covered his cheek looking sad as if he's about to cry (awwwwwww) "How could you" he said Lunar felt bad went over to him but Shadow playing opossum quickly punched Lunar in the stomach "made you look!!! Monkeys Uncle!!"
Shadow taunted him, Lunar just gave a sadistic look "your now acting like a fox sneaky and decisive, I like that." Lunar reaches out his hand and grabs Shadow by the throat and starts to choke him out "but you'll never be a true fox!!"
Shadow kicks Lunar in the groin "I never planed to be one I am a hedgehog!!" Shadow now broke free.
As they continue to exchange blows their power is weakening they know the only this left to do is return to the ark if they power down in space they both will die falling back to Earth.
But that doesn't stop them from trying to kill each other, Shadow now slowly returning to his normal color as is Lunar.
"Looks like we have to continue this at another time." Said Shadow as a flash of white light appeared.
Leah appeared in a white slit skirt and matching top revealing a nice mid section her blond hair blowing in the wind she was also wearing thigh-high white boots with a wreath on her head with 2 wings one on each side holding a staff. She looked like a Valkyrie "ok that's enough you 2 I shall keep you both alive but first make up"
They shake hands and both scoff in protest "Shadow I know how you feel but even I hate to admit it but Lunar must destroy Derris-Karlan, go and aid you friends they need you Leah then touches him and he becomes Mega Shadow, white with black streaks. "Chaos Control" they both leave.
Lunar returns to the ark and rests before he commits the ultimate act ever genocide. Against the angles.
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