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Note: This is a one-shot I had to get out of my system before continuing my current TOS fanfic. Though similarly titled, it is set in a different universe that The Swordsman and the Summoner. If response is favorable I may try my hand at other one-shots or short series. Let me know what you think.
Tales of Symphonia:
The Swordsman and the Six-week-old
Colette's Child
Two years into reunification
The baby nestled tightly in Lloyd's arms stirred just long enough to smile up at him before the warmth from the fireplace and the gentle motion of the rocking chair lulled him back to sleep. Lloyd stared at him in amazement and for a moment became philosophical. The boy, he decided, symbolized a beginning and an ending. The beginning--new life. Certainly not the first new life born into the reunified world, but he was the first born to a member of the Chosen's group (or rather, two members). Lloyd grinned. The ending, well...
Your dad won't be traveling much anymore, will he? That's okay. You and mom are worth staying home for. And there will be others to complete his quest.
The boy was...beautiful? Could you say that about a boy? Lloyd wasn't sure, but it felt right. With hair blonde and straight like his mother's and eyes even more brilliantly blue that reminded him of a clear summer sky and a frozen waterfall both at the same time, the boy was indeed beautiful.
Lloyd always wondered what a child of his would look like, and whether he would resemble his mother or father. He could practically hear Genis teasing, "His mother if he's lucky." He almost said, "Shut it!" before realizing Genis hadn't actually said anything.
As a boy, Lloyd had often held a picture of his mother beside a mirror, hoping to discern which of her features he inherited. The chin, definitely, and perhaps the ears. They stuck out a bit. He had tried to develop a mental picture of his father, basing it on the features that didn't match Mom's. He gave up long before meeting Kratos, so he was never certain whether the plan would have worked. After Kratos gave him the locket with pictures of both parents, he tried it again. He was quite pleased to discover he had his father's nose.
Lloyd concluded that if he ever had a daughter, he wanted her to take after her mother as this child had. He thought of his wife and felt a warmth in his chest. He could sit and stare at her for hours.
"You have such a way with him."
Lloyd smiled. "Hi, Colette. I didn't hear you come in."
"I tiptoed. I didn't want to wake him."
"Good call."
Colette was more beautiful than he had ever seen her. She was glowing, and it had nothing to do with her angel wings. As she reached the center of the room, her husband put an arm around her waist and pulled her close. She smiled at Lloyd and he returned it twice over. He placed the baby in her free arm, kissed her on the forehead, and headed for the door.
Before he left, he turned and said, "I've got to go. Sheena will be waiting for me. Collete, Genis, congratulations. You're going to be wonderful parents."
Did I fool you? Sorry.